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Query 426
Submitter: wayne law (
Date: 01 Nov 2001

James Riley LAW married Eliza Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM. His father was James G. LAW marred Mary Jane NARON. Looking for the LAW family

Query 427
Submitter: Charles H. Dawkins, (
Date: 27 Oct 2001

Looking for any info. on Charles A. LEWIS, living in Calhoun Co., 1857. Thanks

Query 428
Submitter: Norma Pearce (
Date: 29 Sep 2001

I am searching for the marriage certificate for my grandfather and grandmother. William Benjamin MAY married Anna Mittie Lena MURPHREY (it could, of course, be spelled a number of ways) on December 17, 1884 in MS. I believe the county to be Calhoun county. I would like to know if this certificate exists before I order one. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place, but I couldn't seem to find a general 'look up' place. Thanks

Editor's Note: There will probably not be one since the Courthouse Fire of 1922 burned all those records.

Query 429
Submitter: Vivian White (
DATE: (unknown)

I would like to place a Query for the heirs of Hettie (Hattie) Richards. She married Moses Hughes about the year 1869 probably in Calhoun or Chickasaw County. She was a widow when she married Hughes.

Query 430
Submitter: Crystal Hinkle (
Date: 11 Sep 2001
URL: Dunavant Genealogy

I am looking for information on John Thomas HOOD b.1875 (MS), married to Martha Ann ODOM b.1882 (Calhoun Co, MS). She was the daughter of Tobias B. ODOM & Francis Elizabeth LAY, and grandaughter of Thomas G. ODOM and Eliza. John Thomas HOOD & his family lived in Calhoun Co. until sometime between 1912-1916 when they apparently moved to Tallahatchie Co, MS. Thank you.

[NOTE: See also Query 132 on Page 6]
{Change the 18 in the address bar to 6 and then "enter" the new address.}

Submitter: Lisa Tucker (
Date: 20 May 2001

Looking for information on the ancestors and descendants of Wyatt POE and wife Elizabeth POE. Wyatt was born around 1823 in MS according to the 1880 Calhoun Co census. I am a descendant of his son James Franklin "Frank" POE. I would be greatly interested in any old photos especially Ben and Ada BOLAND POE who are my great-grandparents who I never met or have never seen an photo of.

Submitter: Lisa C. Tucker (  Note different address
22 Jul 2002
I am a descendant of Ben & Ada BOLAND POE.
Ada died around 1969 in Calhoun City. Ben died 1970. I have their obt. but I have never seen a photo of them. They have one daughter living in Calhoun City, Sybil COKER. She does not have any photos of them either. I am desperately seeking a photo of my great-grandparents. Lisa Clements Tucker

Query 432
Submitter: Nancy Hernandez (
Date: 30 Aug 2001

I am looking for information on William Shelton EIDSON b: 1823 d: 23 March 1847 in Calhoun County,MS. He was marriedto Mary Adaline WEBB. William is buried at Spring Hill Cemetary in Calhoun County. I'm interested in any possible connections to the EIDSON's or WEBB's in this aea.

Query 433
Submitter: Geraldine Simmons (
Date:10 Aug 2001

I am searching for the burial location of Courtis Mason LAMB (b unknown/m 5/10/1899/d ca 1940-50) and Anna Cornelia WEEMS LAMB (b c 1878/d before 1959). She was born Clarke Co., MS. I believe he was born Calhoun Co., MS. They lived in Derma, Calhoun Co., MS in 1920 (census) 1930 (census) and 1931 (a siblings obit). There may also be a young daughter, Mildred LAMB, less than 10 yrs old, buried in same location. Would love to know dates of birth and death of all 3 also. Thank you for any information.

Query 434
Submitter: Curtis Harding (
Date: 06 Aug 2001

Hi, I'm trying to find Blackhawk, Mississippi. I've traced some of my Relatives to Calhoun County and I've been told that the BOSHEARS side AND maybe the HARDINGS, too, came from there. But I can't find Blackhawk on any state map. If anyone knows and would let me know, it would be appreciated. Thanks again. Curtis

Editor's Note: If you will go to this link, you will find two towns named Black Hawk

I'm looking for any information, about Joe Beason HARDING who was married to Sarah ODOM, One son, William Martin HARDING, was born in
Cahoun County in 1865. They had another son Joe Lee HARDING, born in Warren Cty. in Feb., 1864. Other children were Frank, Leonard, Cleveland, and Belle. I have no idea where were born or what years. If anyone has any information or records of these families please let me know . Joe Lee HARDING was my grandfather, He married Mary Lavonia BOSHEARS in Arkansas or oklahoma aound 1889. Family lore was that Sarah ODOM was Choctaw. Thanks many many times C. W. Harding in Arkansas

Query 435
Submitter: Kim Williams (
Date: 23 May 2001

Looking for anyone who might know anything about the sons of William Franklin Pierce ANDREWS and wife Margarette Elizabeth. Sons names Charles Edward ANDREWS and wife Mary, Benjamin Franklin ANDREWS, and Robert J. ANDREWS. Daughters Sarah Rebecca married Garland LUCAS, Mary Jane married Thomas MCINTYRE, Martha Adaline married William MORRIS, and Florence Alabama married Nickolas MORRIS. William, Margarette, and all daughters lived and died in Calhoun Co. There was a daughter, Louise Elinor who married a WOMACK, does anyone know his first name and where they lived? Thanks for any information that you might have. Kim

Query 436
Submitter: Yvonne White (
Date:30 Jul 2001

I am trying to locate the Sulpher Springs Cemetery, near Reed/Reid, MS. William A. White's second wife, Martha Hill White, died in 1921 and is supposedly buried there. Any info is appreciated!

Query 437
Submitter: George Naron (
Date: 20 Jul 2001

I am looking for info on my grandfather GEORGE FRANKLIN NARON, born Sept. 7, 1885 and lived in Sabougla. His sister (?) was GEORGIE L RAY. Any information would be appreciated.

Query 438
Submitter: Sam Blair (
Date: 12 Jul 2001

I am looking for information on Abner B. THOMPSON, married to M. A. ADAMS. Children: Robert M. THOMPSON, Margaret THOMPSON. Robert was born around Bruce or Calhoun City in 1880. Family was originally from Alabama. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Editor's Note: Calhoun City became a town in early 1900's and Bruce became a town in 1920's.

Query 439
Submitter: Linda Hollowell (
Date: 25 May 2001

I am trying to find information on REEVES, Dallas, my grandfather I never met. He possibly died in the late 1950s or maybe in the 1960s and was buried in Calhoun County. Any information would be appreciated.

Query 440
Submitter: JAMES E CLARK (
Date: 01 Jul 2001

Looking for info on the WILLIAM WASHINGTON BAILEY, SR AND JR families of Calhoun Co., Miss. Any help would be appreciated. This family does not connect to the HAYMAN BAILEY of Calhoun Co that I know of.

Query 441
Submitter: JAMES E CLARK (
Date: 01 Jul 2001

Looking for info on SARAH THERRELL of Tusc. Co, Ala who married JOHN A WINTER (in 1840's) there and moved to Calhoun Co, Miss and is buried in New Liberty Cemetery

Query 442
Submitter: Linda Jenkins (
Date: 27 Jun 2001

I am looking for info. on the TOAL family who lived in Calhoun Co. in 1870, 1880....Mary Ann TOAL and children Henry, Martha, Thomas, Joseph and Willie were there in 1870. In 1880 Henry and wife Eliza (HUTCHINS) TOAL were living there. Also looking for info. on the Henry HUTCHINS family and the Thomas J.

Query 443
Submitter: Bobby W. Bayless (
Date: 21 Jun 2001

I am looking for information on BAYLES/BAYLESS, McLANE, GEORGE, TURNER & VICKERY. My family moved to Yalobusha Co., which later became Calhoun Co., circa 1838. The children of ELBERT BAYLES & bro. LUCAS BAYLES married a GEORGE, VINCENT McLANE, ALBERT B. "BENT" VICKERY. JOSIAH TURNER & wife MARGARET (BAYLES) moved there about the same time. I will gladly share any information. Bobby

Query 444
Submitter: Dan Seale (
Date: 18 Jun 2001

I am looking for Sidney Bounds that married Elizabeth Wiley and lived in Calhoun County, MS. They had at least one child -- Lola Ray Bounds abt 1901 married Roy C. Howell. Also interested in Elizabeth Wiley and families - if you have info.

Query 445
Submitter: Juanita Johnson (
Date: 18 Jun 2001

Can anyone help me with Alice P. BLOUNT that I find on the 1880 Calhoun Co, MS census as a widow with the following children, Loula, 10, Mattie, 8, Effie, 6, Ella 3, Jimmie 1. Was she married to one of the children of Claude BLOUNT who is living in Yalobusha Co or related to Isaac BLOUNT who is on the next page of the Calhoun Co census?

Query 446
Submitter: Brenda Latham (
Date: 06 Jun 2001

I am looking for information on the John Jasper SPARKS/Harriet DAVES family. I have almost no information on John Jasper, but do on Harriet DAVES, his wife. Her parents were Fielden Oakley DAVES and Darcus HOWTON.

The children of John Jasper SPARKS and Harriet DAVES were: Frank O. m. Julia Ann CHRESTMAN, children: Christine and Earline; Minnie m. Alton CANNON, children: Gertie, Bertha, Harmon, Ruth, Bobby, Dorothy, Beuron, Marjorie and Norman; John Edgar m. Idell MASSEY, children: Vanda, Clara May, Virginia, Hellon and Haggard; Lillian m. Dr. R.A. HAGGARD, son R.A., Jr.; William Thomas (nothing known).

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am at a deadend on John Jasper SPARKS. My mother is almost 80 and I would love to be able to show her her heritage. Thanks--Brenda Brower Latham

02 Jun 2001
I am looking for information on my g-grandfather, John J. Sparks, b. July 1863, died December 1914, lived in Sarepta when my grandfather Frank was born. Wife's name was Harriet Daves, parents Fielden Oakley Daves and Darcus Howton.

John J. was born in Mississippi, his father was born in Illinois, his mother in Alabama, but I don't know their names. Also looking for information on my g-grandfather Reuben Chrestman married to Elizabeth Gullick, daughter of John Denton Gullick and Mary Jane Chrestman, daughter of Samuel Widener Chrestman. Have no information on my g-grandfathers and would love to find any avenues to search for them.

Reuben Chrestman had several brothers and sisters, so I've been told, but haven't been able to find any names as yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Query 447
Submitter: Ann Coleman (
Date: 05 Jun 2001

I need a listing of the burials in the Shiloh Baptist Church cemetery in the Big Creek area of Calhoun County. My particular interest is in the CARPENTER and SMITH families. e-mail me direct if you can help.

Query 448
Submitter: Eugenia Erber  (
Date: 02 May 2002

I am searching for someone descended from William Clyde GREGORY. I understand he was a farmer and liveD in or near Woodland, MS for about 50 years, and died at age 82. I believe he was married to Gertrude Criddle, and they had a son named Cecil who also lived in the Woodland or Bruce area. Sorry I have no dates. I am told he was a member of the Church of God in the area of his residence. If you have information, please contact me at:
Editor's Note: If this reference is to
Woodland, MS - then that is in Chickasaw County.

Query 449
Submitter: JAMES E CLARK (
Date: 28 May 2001

Looking for info on OSBURN MARTIN----had family around Driver Flat, Miss in Calhoun Co-----in 1850 lived in Itawamba Co, Ms----do not know where he was in 1860----Osburn was a carpenter and Preacher-----Osburn and one of his wives is buried in Paris Cemetery in Lafayette Co, Ms

Looking for info on HUGH KERR MARTIN----was in Calhoun Co, Ms for a short time---Lived and worked in Water Valley, Miss---he was a lawyer there----need info on wives and children----did he have a child named JOHN C MARTIN b/abt 1854

Query 450
Submitter: Barbara Ballard  (
Date: 12 May 2002

I am interested in contact with any one who is a descendant of Charles C. Bowen of Calhoun Co. Miss. He married my Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Gentry after her first husband, Thomas Gordon died. They were from the Calhoun Co. area and also spent some time in Oklahoma, Indian Territory. Please e-Mail me @

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