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Query 576
Submitter:  Mary L. Hanson  (
08 Mar  2010

Is Sarah Stillman Andrews, born ca1838 in SC buried in the Rocky Mount Cemetery in Calhoun Co. MS? Her parents: Thomas Stillman and Mary Ann Ward Stillman are buried there.


Sarah first married a Hasseltine and later, David Wright Andrews in his old age. David W. Andrews had a daughter Frances D. Andrews that was in Sarah's household in the 1880 Fayette Co. AL. Census. In the 1900, Fayette Co. census, Sarah was a widow, age 62. David Wright Andrews died in 1887 in AL.

Query 577
Submitter:  Mike  (
Date: 11 Apr  2010
I am seeking information about Mary SHEPHERD,
In 1870 Calhoun Co MS. U.S Census, pg 19 - Township 12 Range 2, my 4th great grand-dad, William M FOSTER  69 y/o from SC and his wife, Elizabeth (Surname unknown) 65 y/o from VA, had a little girl living with them named Mary SHEPHERD, age 10, white, age 10 years born in MS and going to school.
There is no SHEPHERD name in the FOSTER family. All of William’s kids have moved out by this time. Also I can't find William M FOSTER's last resting place, in 1880 he was 80 y/o in Calhoun Co MS. Thanks to all.  “The Foster Family from Arkansas

Query 578
Submitter:  Roma P Seward  (
11 Apr  2010


I am looking for the parents of Mary O. MILLER, who appears on the Calhoun County Mortality Schedule of 1860 as follows:

Mary O. MILLER, female, age 1, died July, 1859 of scarlet fever following 5 days of illness.     Thank you,

Query 579
Submitter:  Spencer Hill  (
1 Feb. 2011


SPENCER – I am looking for any and all available information on my great grandfather, Curtis Lamar SPENCER. My searches have given very little on him to this point. I would like to know about him and if possible his parents, along with important dates such as birth, death etc of his parents as well as where they were from. All I know for sure is Curtis lived in Calhoun City, was married to Clara Vinie Reedy, had 3 children Betty, John Frank, and Donald. My best guess from info gathered was that Curtis was born around 1910 and died around 1972, possibly in August.

Query 580
Submitter:  Terri Bradley  (
Date: 1 Feb. 2011

I am looking for my great grandfather.  His name was Dan Pearson he was born and died in Calhoun County MS I believed he lived in Big Creek MS.  He was married to Ann Reedy and the oldest son was George Washing Pearson also born and died in Calhoun City MS.


Thank You, Terri


Query 581
Submitter:  Donna Sparks  (
Date: 29 Oct. 2011

I am looking for information on John Jasper SPARKS. Especially if there is any information on his parents and brothers and sisters. I know he married Harriet Cornelia “Nellie” Daves and I have their children’s names.

I also would like any information on his youngest son William Thomas Sparks and the person he had a child with, Johnnie Lee Myers. They had William Thomas Sparks Jr. I don’t have any information on her at all. William Thomas Sparks and his son William Thomas Sparks Jr. lived with his mother, Cornelia, and his step-father, Moses Neal, on the 1930 census. Cornelia married Moses Neal sometime after John Jasper Sparks died.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Donna Sparks

Query 582
Submitter:  Sandra A. Merchant  (
Date: 17 Nov. 2011

I am seeking death and burial information on Jim and Edgell (Jenkins) Merchant, last known to have lived in Calhoun County, MS. Jim's date of birth varies from 1882-1889, but he was born in Lee County and lived in Oklahoma and Michigan. Edgell was born in 1886, in Calhoun Co. They had one daughter, Jewel Helen m. Lingenfelter. I know Edgell died in 1965, but I cannot find anything on Jim's death, nor can I find burial information on Jim, Edgell, or Jewel Helen (d. 1983). Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Query 583
Submitter:  Patricia Hannan  (
Date: 30 Dec, 2011

Looking for the parents of George W. Armstrong, a mulatto.-He was born in MS in Dec. 1839. In 1900, he is enumerated with wife, Jennie Reeves Armstrong and 5 children in Webster Co, MS.  Between 1900 and 1910 – Jennie Reeves Armstrong died probably in Calhoun County, MS. In 1910 – George W. is enumerated as a widower with 5 of 7 children in Calhoun Co, MS. On 31 July 1920 – there is a George W Armstrong who died in Lucas County, OHIO record 3347, certificate 49279… is this the same guy?

Some of the Armstrong family moved to Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.  Also, there may be an Armstrong family cemetery in Calhoun County.   

[This is not my family, but I am researching for a friend, P.H.].

Query 584
Submitter:  AD Armstrong (
Date: 10 Jan 2012

CORBITT-I am looking for any information on Dandy C Corbet/Corbitt (1854-1930) and Silema Mhoon (1860-1900?). The 1880 census shows them in Calhoun County with two children. The next reference in the 1900 census shows him with Ellen Corbet (1866-?), 10 children, and married for 16 years. What happened in between?  
Are there any records for these marriages? When did they die? Where are they buried in Calhoun County?

STOVALL-I am looking for any information on Will Stovall (1891-1969) and Nemmie Corbitt (1894-?), daughter of Silema/Ellen. Please see if you can find any birth, marriage, children, and death notices or references.

Thanks for your help!


Query 585
Submitter:  Kevin Kemper (
Date: 8 Feb 2012

Looking for any info on HEZEKIAH LOGAN b. 5/3/1894 and d. 1/14/1955 in Calhoun Co. 1st marriage possibly to "Winnie". Second marriage to Cora Forsyth in 1940 in Calhoun Co. Father of MARTELLA MAE LOGAN


Query 586
Submitter:  Kay Griffin (
Date: 16 Aug 2012

Katherine Cotton Collums 1819-1900 on her stone in Collums Cemetery.  Her husband is Henry C Collums (no children) and they are listed near his kinfolks on the 1840 census.  He arrived in the Pitts community about 1836 from around Fayette, Ala. I am interested in anyone who has a Cotton genealogy.


The only family story I have is that she inherited a slave girl and it was the end of the war. The girl had nowhere to go and Henry and Katherine gave her a home. My grandmother remembered her.  Years ago I researched her and came to a dead end. Where is my Cotton family?


Query 587
Submitter:  Tricia Pate (
Date: 7 Jan 2013

Searching for ancestors of John G. YEAGER, 1839-1902 and Mary O'Barr.  They lived in Calhoun County, MS and are buried at Poplar Springs.

Their children are Katherine Yeager, Susan Yeager, Sam Yeager and Claud Yeager.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


[Notes from Poplar Spring Baptist Church Cemetery Records:

John G. 18 Aug 18394 Jan 1902;

Mary 10 Aug 184625 Nov 1905; 

Thomas Lee Yeager 14 Aug 19076 Jan 1908]


Query 588
Submitter:  Howard Sparks (
Date: 17 Mar 2013

I am interested in information about a Patrick Doler family.  Patrick apparently died by accidental freezing ca 1859 in Calhoun County, where they lived at that time.  He was born in Ireland ca 1800.  I believe he married Nancy Susan? Sherron - who was born in SC ca 1813.

They lived in AL, and GA, and Lamar County, Alabama then in Calhoun Co., MS.  Their children were: Mary Dolar, b. 1837, AL, Sarah Doler, b.1839, GA, James Alexander Doler, b. Sept 1843 - d. 1921, AL, GA, and Susan Rebecka Doler, b. 1846, GA, - d. 1927-29.   ** and James Dollar, b. 1846, AL,  Jackson W. Doler, b. Sept. 5, 1848, AL, - d. January 15, 1893, MS, William Doler, b. 1850, AL, - d. 1893, Thomas Doler, b. 1850, AL, - d. 1893, MS, Richard Doler, b. 1858, AL and Isaac Doler, b. 1859, MS

Found in the 1860 Calhoun County Census is Susan Doler (born ca 1813) with Sarah (born ca 1839), another Susan (born ca 1843) and James age 15, Jackson age 12, William age 10, Thomas age 6, Richard age 2 and Isaac age 1.

Matthew Sparks married a Susan Sherron or Dolar on March 13, 1867.  They had the following children, of whom James Samuel is my grandfather.  (Somewhere I have better records for these children)
        M.E. b, 1868
        John W., b. 1870
        E. R., b. 1872.

        Frances Evelyn (1873/4 - 1969)
        James Samuel (1875 - 1961)
        L. Fleta/ey b. 1878

        Earl, b. 1881
        Nellie, b. 1882
        Lela, b. 1865  


{Susan is believed by many to be my great grandmother, but my oral family history and a later death certificates say Matthew's wife was a Sherron.  One oral source says she married an "old man Dolar" before she married Matthew Sparks.  I am looking for any source to confirm or deny this.}


Query 589
Submitter:  Judith A Newton (
Date: 11 Feb 2014

I am looking for a Wayne Emery (Emory) Brown that was born in (probably) Calhoun County, MS in 1903. He is found in the 1920 census in Calhoun County living in a household as a farm hand. He is in TX in 1930 till his death in the 1980's. No sign of him, or quite a few other Brown's, in the 1910 census. 


Family oral history is that he was from a large family and one of his sisters was named Myrtle, who lived in far west Texas (Shamrock).  From additional oral history, I have tracked Myrtle down to being Myrtle Brown (married name -might also be maiden name) who was married to Frank (or Frankland) Brown in Calhoun County, MS. Both Frank and Myrtle were buried back in Calhoun, County after dying (old age) in West Texas.


Note: A Frank O. and Myrtle Brown are buried at Poplar Springs Cemetery (Reid Community)






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