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Native American Research --Choctaw Scrip Allotment

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Leo (Buddy) Pergson ~Mko~ Legal Representative

Su-Quah-Natch-Ah Band, Choctaw Nation, Carroll County, Mississippi.



Special Announcement ---Government Land Office Records has now, finally, been able to upload all the Choctaw & Chickasaw Indian Scrip records back up online.


Certified copies of each Indian Scrip Certificate can be requested from


Authenticating Indian names within each personal heritage record containing Indian names are only applicable per Indian Allotment written instructions.


Choctaw Scrip (5 Stat 513) was adjudicated under the 14th and 19th article of the Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in lieu of those Choctaw Indian lands ceded by the Choctaw Nation Mississippi under said 1830 Treaty.


Under the Aug 23, 1842 Choctaw Act amended the said 1830 Treaty adjudicating only one half of those reserve-promised Choctaw lands in Mississippi and the half only after removal west of the Mississippi in (4) states: Mississippi, Ala, Ark and LA.


The Choctaw scrip issued in Mississippi was under said 14th Article 1830 Treaty compliance, stating: that after signing of the treaty within six months after the ratification of the Treaty and only after agreeing to living on the lands for five years promising to become US Citizens.


Those who remove within said five years would not lose Tribal citizenship but would lose Tribal annuities.




Also, attached to each Choctaw Scrip (5 Stat 513) if you click on the name of the scrip holder (For example William Boyd Choctaw Scrip #941.



MS ††††† Neshoba,†††††††† Newton †††††††††† 3/15/1851

Columbus †††††††††††††††††† 941 †††††††††††††††† MS2590__.184


Attached to Williamís name is "Under Authority by": Choctaw Act Aug 23, 1842, to adjudicate those Choctaw Cases left undetermined by the Secretary of War, meaning they were Certificates that were given to those Choctaw reservees in lieu of those promised Choctaw lands that had been disposed of by the United States and now have to be adjudicated out of "Public Land Sales".





Go into

under the first past click Standard,

Then in the drop down menu, click on the State of Mississippi

under the Authority; find Aug 23, 1842 (5 Stat 513)

click search, you don't need a name or anything else just click Search and all the original Choctaw Scrip Reservees will come up on screen,, most are Indian names,


#1 >>Standard.

#2. >>Authority find Aug 23, 1842 (5 Stat 513)(May take a little time to find this title)..

#3. >>Search

It will go to page 40 -- Scrip Titles are still being uploaded, overall we still have 135,000 Land patents to complete and upload online, and we're also trying to make the site User Friendly.



If you do not see where your family took Scrip then they were not given Scrip in lieu of those lands given to Choctaw reservees.


There were 2,238 Choctaw Scrip adjudicated to Choctaw Reservees in "Fee Simple", lands taken out of "Public Land Sales",


There were Choctaw lands adjudicated that were "Cash Sales" but you would have to show other related Choctaw documents like Homesteads or related documents you could access out of the NARA,


If they weren't adjudicated Land Scrip (5 stat 513) then your probably not going to find your Indian connections in Mississippi under the Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.


The rolls in Oklahoma were completely separate than the Choctaw Scrip,


They were given scrip in Mississippi if they didn't remove to the Indian Territory and stayed in Mississippi (under the 14th article to remain in Mississippi) promising they would eventually later remove to the Indian Territories.


The amendment to the 14th Article was the Aug 23, 1842 Choctaw Act, stating that those promised Choctaw lands had been disposed of by the United States and now only one-half to be given out of "Public Land Sales" and only in Mississippi, and if you ever removed, the other half to be given West of the Mississippi, in Ala, Ark and LA.


The Dawes Rolls actually penalized the Dawes applicant because if you were adjudicated Choctaw Scrip (5 Stat 513) in Mississippi --the Dawes were not to enroll those that had already been adjudicated Indian Lands in Mississippi.







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