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Families of Choctaw Co
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        If you have a Choctaw Family connection and would like to have your family information posted here, please submit to Jackie Rhodes. Because of server space; gedcom and large files can not be posted. However, if you have a personal family site, a link to your personal site can be posted and researchers can find your information.

Thomas N. Davis, Added Oct 27, 2006
John Knox Thompson

John B. Lanthrip Family
 Celia Peebles Bailey Diary Iteresting reading of daily life in 1851

Mary Ellen Drane Wells Stewart
Rockett's Genealogy Web, a recommended website of the History Channel
Lisle, Mayo Family Page:  Searchable database with over 3,000 individuals in over 1,100 family groups. Choctaw
         Co surnames include Ferguson, Fulgham, Hamilton, Holland, Ray, Stallings, Williams and others. For
         information, you can contact Ellen Mayo.

Lloyd & Valerie Campbell Home Page  1727 Choctaw Co individuals listed...Check this site for your Choctaw Co
         ancestoral names

 Lon Sanders Family

Pryor Family Research A site dedicated to Pryor research with some Choctaw Co Pryor family connections
William G. Latham Webster Co, MS Family; also has family ties to Choctaw and Oktibehha Counties.

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