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Parks Naming Committee Roster

Bill Boyd, Co-Chair
Memphis City Councilman
125 N. Main, Room 514
(901) 576-6786


Pastor Keith Norman
(901) 323-2429

Harold Collins, Co-Chair
Memphis City Councilman
125 N. Main, Room 514
(901) 576-6786


Jimmy Ogle
Shelby County Historical Commission
(901) 604-5002

Dr. Beverly Boyd
(901) 678-3376


Michael Robinson
(901) 435-1433

Douglas Cupples
(901) 832-3150


Larry Smith
Park Services
(901) 636-4277

Becky Muska
(901) 876-3363




This letter does not have to long, be polite and direct.  If sending this via email and you live in the city,  make sure to include your Memphis address so that they will know you are a citizen and voter in Memphis. You may also consider sending the email to the Memphis City Council and the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

Parks Naming Committee Sample Letter

Dear Committee Member,

The Civil War parks should not be renamed.  They should keep their historic names or Forrest Park,
Confederate Park, and Jefferson Davis Park.  (Insert any reason you wish)  Conclude with, Please leave the names alone.  Thanks for your help and support.



Civil War Tourism is a huge money generator and could be a factor in keeping these parks.  Enhancing the parks to including learning materials about the War they will be an asset.  With the River Boat Cruise industry and the new Bass Pro Shop on Mud Island this would be a real plus and maybe add an extra day to our visitors stay in Memphis.  Douglas Cupples, one of the committee members, has great ideas on keeping the names and  the expansion of the parks.  He needs our support to make it happen. 

Renaming parks that represent a war that 700,000 men lost their lives in is ludicrous.  The Civil War touched every  person's life that lived here during that time.  Please send emails and letters, we can make make a difference and continue to honor our heritage.  

Please forward this to anyone you know that it is interested.


Melissa McCoy-Bell

If you would like to donate to the Parks Legal fund:

Citizens to Save Our Parks

PO Box 241875, Memphis, TN  38124


Tippah County Confederates, Tippah, Benton and Union County MSGENWEB Coordinator

Jeff Kemp
MSGENWEB State Coordinator

Denise Wells and Jackie Rhodes
MSGENWEB Asst. State Coordinators

Sample letter provided by Lee Millar