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Mississippi Confederate Soldiers Buried in Winchester City
Cemetery, Winchester, TN.

3rd Batt. Miss. Infantry
Pvt. William Pennington Co. B 11/12/1862
Pvt. Robert W. Boston Co. B 11/09/1862

8th Miss. Infantry
Pvt. John Powell Co. K 1843

9th Miss. Inf.
Pvt. M.L. Martin Co. K 1863

24th Miss. Infantry
Pvt. Riley Glidewell Co. K 11/27/1862

27th Miss. Infantry
Pvt. G.W. Pitts Co. G 11/24/1862
Cpl. James M. Booth Co. C 12/04/1862 Bethpage Cem. Estill Springs, TN

30th Miss. Infantry
Pvt. Thomas Fitzgerald Co. G 12/18/1862
Pvt. Elizah Harrell Co. G 12/04/1862

32nd Miss. Infantry
Pvt. A.C. Savage Co. D  11/15/1862
Pvt  E.S. Cochran Co. F 32nd Miss. Vols 12/14/1862
Pvt. J.W. Lauredale Co. C 11/12/1862
Pvt. G.W. Suiter Co. D 1835/1862
Sgt  Presley Bryson 1830/1862
Pvt. Thomas Welday Co. G. 1835/1862   not found
1st. Lt. Archibald White Co. B 1829/1862
Pvt. Joseph Allen Co. D 1842/1862
Pvt. Z.M. Bartlett Co. D 1830/1862
Sgt. W.B. Moore Co. C 1830/1862
Pvt. A.C. Hall Co. C 11/28/1863
Pvt. J.W. Garrett Co. C 1820/1863
Pvt. James Kellum Co. E 11/08/1863
Pvt. Jefferson Rhinehart Co. I 11/11/1862
Pvt. John Nash Co. I 11/22/1862
Pvt. John Hardy Co. K. 11/13/1862
Pvt. S.K. Hurst Co. C 1/27/1863
Pvt. L.B. Hicks Co. A & F 11/27/1862   not found
Pvt. Benjamin Dodd Co. E 12/05/1862
Pvt. William Duncan Co. E 02/14/1862
Pvt. John Cox Co. E 11/13/1862
Pvt. W. R. Hawkins Co. F 03/28/1863
Pvt. George Allen Co. D 11/25/1863

34th Miss. Infantry
Pvt. John Austin Co. B 12/08/1862
Pvt. Richard Hix Co. K 12/05/1862

41st Miss. Infantry
Pvt. W.H. Jackson Co. A 11/22/1862
Pvt. G.H. Parr Co. B 12/01/1862
Pvt. William T. Gibson Co. E 1840/1862

Thanks to Mark Hodges for submitting this information.

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