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Excerpts about Mississippi


By Rev. John H. Aughey

"Approaching the polls, I asked for a Union ticket, and was informed that none had been printed, and that it would be advisable to vote the secession ticket. I thought otherwise, and going to a desk, wrote out a Union ticket, and voted it amidst the frowns, murmurs, and threats of the judges and by- standers, and, as the result proved, I had the honor of depositing the only vote in favor of the Union which was polled in that precinct'. I knew of many who were in favor of the Union, who were intimi- dated by threats, and by the odium attending it, from voting at all. A majority of the secession candidates were elected. The convention assembled, and on the 9th of January, 1861, Mississippi had the unenviable reputation of being the first to follow her twin sister, South Carolina, into the maelstrom of secession and treason. Being the only states in which the slaves were more numerous than the whites, it became them to lead the van in the slave-holders' rebellion." -- Rev. John H. Aughey.

"I had the charge of three churches Poplar Creek and French Camp, in Choctaw county, and Nazareth, in Attala county. French Camp was twelve miles from my home, and Nazareth twenty- eight miles distant." -- Rev. John H. Aughey.


TUPELO , by REV. JOHN H. AUGHEY, A.M., AUTHOR OF "THE IRON FURNACE," "THE GRAMMATICAL GUIDE, "SPIRITUAL GEMS OF THE AGES," ETC., AND CHAPLAIN UNITED STATES ARMY. c. 1888, Accessed April 2010 John H. Aughey (John Hill) 1828-1911 Tupelo Illustrations from Tupelo, Accessed April 2010

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