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Elmira Prison New York

Bowman, W. H. Citizen of Miss. 02/12/65
Byrd, John F. Sgt. D 17th Miss. 12/02/64
Cobb, Stephen C. 12 Miss Co. K 04/09/65
Crosby, J. N. 48th Miss. Co. B 09/26/64
DERRING,John 42nd Miss Co. K 12/13/64
HARRIS, Joseph 10/10/64 MS A,15th
HOOTER John W. 12/17/64MS A,Wood's Cav.
PHILLIPS Jeremiah 03/01/65 MS K,42nd
STURGEON H. 04/05/65 MS E,10th Bat.
TREADAWAY Elijah 11/12/64 MS G,26th
* 7 unknown.


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