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Civil War

Mississippi Confederates Interred in Illinois

Bond County

Hug Cemetery
Ragland, Isaac Monroe, Pvt. Co H. 28th MS INF

Zion Cemetery
Scott, James U. Pvt.Co F 34 MS INF

Coles County

Huckaba Cemetery
Case, Phillip Brizendine, Pvt. Co H, 30th MS INF

Cook County

Oak Wood Cemetery see Camp Douglas Prison
Ryan, John George, Capt, Co B 12 MS CAV
Stweart, Ramsey Hans, Pvt. Co C 12 MS INF

Rosehill Cemetery
Coffey, Holland, t. CAPT, Co A 48 MS INF

Unknown Cemetery
White, Jere S. PVT Co G 2 MS CAV

Hardin County

Lavender Cemetery
Crabb, Thomas Westley, PVT Co K 32 MS INF

Jackson County

Hiller Cemetery
Haney, James CORP Co B 6 MS CAV
Haney, John PVT Co A 6th MS CAV
Haney, William M. PVT Co G 3 MS INF

Oakland Cemetery
Caldwell, Isaac Hodgen PVT Co C 1 MS CAV Parrish Cemetery
Hack, Christopher, PVT Co C 2 BATT MS STATE INF

Macaupin County

Giarard Cemetry
Fish, Charles E. 1st LT Co. H 1 MS LT ART

Marion County

Elmwood Cemetery
Clayton, I. M. PVT Co C 41 MS INF

Massac County

Odd Fellows Cemetery
McDaniel, Marshall, PVT Co H MS INF

Montgomery County

Wares Grove Cemetry
Epps, Gales Bedford, PVT Co C 14 BTN MS LT ART

Piatt County

Bement Cemetery
Phillips, Marion Clark, Pvt. co A and Co G 33 MISS INF

Saline County

Scott Cemetery
Wise, John B. Pvt. Co C. 2nd MS INF Rgmt.

Shelby County

Ridge Cemetery
Barden, John Pvt. Co A 12 MS INF

Union County

Anna City Cmetery
Carlile, Robert W. Pvt 3rd MS INF Rgmt

Jonesboro Cemetery
Cozby, Thomas C. Pvt. CSA born in MS

Hatfield, Joseph, PVT Co G 3 MS INF


Genealogy Trails Confederate Graves Project, Compiled by Gale F. Red, Project Coordinator, Originally Transcribed and Formatted by Kim Torp and Judy Anderson , ,
Accessed April 30, 2010.

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