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Johnson Island Prison - Ottawa County, Ohio

History of Johnson's Island
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Cemetery Photos - Ohio Division, of the United Daughters of the Confederacy

Johnson's Island Prison also held over 10,000 Civil War P.O.W.s during its use and held several commands including: Mississippi's 23, 4, 15, 14, 26, 1, 7, 20, 10, 1st Bat. Cav., Issaquena Art.
Lt. J. T. Duckworth a Covington County, Ora, Mississippi native, became a P.O.W. of Johnson's Island having served with Co B 46th Mississippi and being captured at the Battle of Franklin [Nov. 1864].

Interred at Johnson's Island Prison, Cemetery - Ottawa County, OHIO

J. P. Nolan, lieutenant, English's Mississippi battalion.
J. A. Campbell, colonel, 27th Mississippi.
R. G. Love, first lieutenant, Company K, 1st Mississippi artillery.
Peter Mackin, lieutenant, Company I, 16th Mississippi.
John J. Cobeau, lieutenant, Company B, 10th Mississippi.
A. J. Frazer, Company H, 15th Mississippi.
William Peel, lieutenant, Company C, 11th Mississippi.
Charles H. Mattock, colonel, 4th Mississippi.
W. W. Davis, private, 35th Mississippi.
J. N. Williams, captain, 6th Mississippi.
F. G. W. Coleman, lieutenant, 7th Mississippi.
James Lawson, lieutenant, Company C, 18th Mississippi cavalry.


Campbell James P. Lieut Col. 04-Feb-1864 MS 27th Mississippi Inf. 152
Coleman Fleming GW. Lieut 08-Dec-1863 MS 07th Mississippi Artil'y 119
Davis W. W. Private 14-Jan-1865 MS E Co., 35th Mississippi Inf. 102
Fraser Albert F. Private 12-Dec-1864 MS H Co., 15th Mississippi 143
Gobeau John J. Lieut 26-Feb-1865 MS B Co., 10th Mississippi Inf. 148
Keys J. H. D. Lieut 12-Jan-1863 MS B Co., 1st Mississippi 134.5
Lawshe J. H. Lieut 25-Dec-1864 MS C Co., 18th Mississippi Cav. 124
Love R. C. Lieut 1st 03-Mar-1864 MS K Co., 01st Mississippi Artil'y 162
Mackin Peter Lieut 17-May-1865 MS I Co., 16th Mississippi Inf. 176
Maxwell T.S. Private 22-Nov-1864 MS C Co., 28th Mississippi Inf. 197.5
McWhorter Samuel Captain 29-Aug-1862 MS I Co., 23rd Mississippi Inf. 67
Mullins J. M. Lieut 07-Sep-1863 MS D Co., Ham's 1st Mississippi Cav. 18
Nash Charles B. Lieut 15-Feb-1864 MS H Co., 30th Mississippi Inf. 158
Noland Phillip J. Lieut 06-Nov-1864 MS English's Batty Miss. L. Arty 196
Peel William Lieut 17-Feb-1865 MS C Co., 11th Mississippi 129
Williams J. N. Captain 04-Dec-1863 MS B Co., 6th Mississippi Inf. 117


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