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These links are offsite pertaining to Mississippi Civil War materials on the following subjects.

MSGenWeb Archives - Counties

AHGP Civil War website

AHGP - Civil War - Mississippi - County Formation

Civil War Mississippi Ancestry Message Board (cross posts to mailing list) MS-CW-L

History Sites - Mississippi in the Civil War

Mississippi Civil War eBay

Freedmen and Southern Society Project -

*ALHN Civil War website (A GeoCities website.
MS ALHN Civil War website

Mississippi Civil War AHGP WebRing - Join a webring for the AHGP Mississippi Civil War

Mississippi US-CENSUS - Census transcriptions.

Newspapers - Mississippi from The Olden Times

Mississippi Migrations

Mississippi Mailing Lists - A Jim Fuller List (R.I.P.)

Civil War Pensions - This is a transcript from Tallahatchie County MS USGenWeb Archives of the entire state of MS Census which was conducted in 1890 of Civil War Veterans and Widows.1890  

USGenWeb Pensions Project - Civil War - Mississippi -by Mark Anderson

Mississippi Unit Histories - Mississippi Sons of Confederate Veterans

Mississippi Civil War Rosters

Mississippi Confederate Grave Registry - by Dan McCaskill

Civil War Stamps Vicksburg - by William S. Parks

Mississippi Library Holdings - A listing of titles available concerning "Mississippi Civil War" through the MS Library Commission and virtual library holdings. A link list of libraries in Mississippi: public, college, university and special libraries.

Mississippi Civil War Maps - USGenWeb Civil War Maps - Mississippi
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - National Park Service

American Civil War Battle Ships - not a complete listing of ships.

Cyndi's List - Civil War

Civil War Traveler in Mississippi

Civil War Interactive Newswire - Mississippi Tags

Georgia's Blue and Gray Trail - The Civil War in Mississippi

Mississippi Civil War Trails Project - Mississippi Department of Archives and History

MDAH | Historic Preservation
Civil War Preservation Trust: Saving America's Civil War Battlefields

Mississippi Units by County of Origin

This site is wonderful in that the units are arranged by county and was created by Dan A. McCaskill. The following list of units by county was compiled from the records at the Mississippi State Department of Archives and History and H. Grady Howell's "For Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand". Units in blue are linked to sites with muster rolls. If you see any errors, please email: Dan A. McCaskill .
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Counties in Mississippi

Links to county MS Civil War AHGP websites will become active, as each county in the MS Civil War American History and Genealogy Project is adopted.

Battles in Mississippi

Civil War Battles took place in the following counties: Warren, Hinds, Alcorn, Prentiss, Union, Tishmingo, Claiborne, Jackson, Lauderdale, Chickasaw, Lee
16 Battles took place during the Civil War in Mississippi - and MS Troops were involved in over 700 skirmishes or military engagements.

Battle Map - Counties involved - WebRing created 7/10/2000 Mississippi Civil War hosted by Mississippi Heritage Resources Preservation and Education League,MsHRPEL; and Ms. ALHN.

Civil War History in Mississippi - Visit Mississippi Battlefields

Mississippi Unit Histories - Mississippi Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans: Infantry, Calvary, Artillery.

Mississippi Civil War Message Board

Mississippi Researchers

The Civil War in Mississippi

The Civil War Index

The American Civil War Homepage

Civil War Talk Forum

American Civil War Forum

Civil War Interactive Forum

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