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Civil War

Mississippi Confederates in Virginia

Old City Cemetery - Lynchburg, Virginia

Barksdale, J. H. - Co. F, 10th [16th?] MS
Benson, W. C. - Co. E, 2nd MS
Berkley, J. - Co. F, 18th MS
Bevel, J. M. - Co. F, 16th MS
Bizzell, F. M. - Co. J, 17th MS
Blount, William J. - Capt. FLETCHER's Co., 13th MS
Buckhalter, C. - Dan RUSSELL's Regiment, 20th MS
Burge, C. W. - Captain, Co. A, 19th MS
Button, J. J. - Co. K, 16th MS
Buzheart, E. - Co. B, 13th MS
Carrin, M. - Co. C, 19th MS
Carter, H. C. - Co. E, 16th MS
Cassells, C. T. - Co. I, 18th MS
Chambers, C. H. - Co. K, 2nd MS
Champion, G. W. - Co. C, 2nd MS
Childress, J. L. - Co. E, 17th MS
Clemmens, J. R. - Co. A, 18th MS
Cobb, Green B. - Corporal, Co. H, 2nd MS
Cole, D. F. - Co. F, 1st MS
Dilly, R. W. - Co. B, 12th MS
Downer, J. N. - Capt. MASSIE's Co., 20th MS
Emmons, James - Co. D, 11th MS
Epps, W. - Co. H, 13th MS
Evans, J. H. - Co. B, Jeff DAVIS Legion, MS
Farmer, Daniel - Co. D, 12th MS
Feemster, R. R. - Co. F, Capt. WEIR, 19th [11th?] MS
Ford, Thomas P. - Co. C, 16th MS
Frazier, T. J. - Co. A, 19th MS
Gilmer, R. F. - Co. K, 11th MS
Govins, Joshua - Co. F, 18th MS
Gunter, Joseph - Co. D, 16th MS
Hancock, George - Co. H, 21st MS
Hanford, George - Miles McGEHEE Rifles, 20th MS
Hargett, William - Co. F, 42nd MS
Harris, J. G. - Co. K, 19th MS
Hays, B. J. - Co. A, 13th MS
Hunney, T. J. - Co. A, 2nd MS
Jackson, J. B. - Co. K, 19th MS
James, William - Co. F, 16th MS
Johnson, R. P. - Co. K, 16th MS
Johnson, William - The Cooper Guards, Capt. PATTERSON, 20th MS
Jones, Daniel P. - Morton Pine Knots, Capt. PETTAS, 20th MS
Jones, E. - Co. F, 17th MS
Jones, H. - Co. E, 19th [16th?] MS
Jones, J. T. - Corporal, Co. A, 18th MS
Kelly, John - 2nd MS Battalion
Kennedy, T. P. - Co. E, 18th MS
King, David - Jasper Rifles, 20th MS
Leftwich, Grandison G. - Co. B, 11th MS
Lewellen, S. - Co. H, 17th MS
Lightner, W. H. - Capt. MILLER's Co., 12th MS
Loper, O. H. P. - Capt. CARLTON's Co., 13th MS
Marlow, J. S. - Co. A, 18th MS
Maxwell, H. C. - Co. A, 17th MS
May, B. - Co. F, 2nd MS
McClure, W. H. - Co. G, 19th MS
McElvany, Augustus - Capt. READ's Co., 20th MS
McFadden, Thomas B. - Co. D, 42nd MS
McFail, Isaac - Co. F, 16th MS
Middleton, N. G. - Co. F, 2nd MS
Milford, J. E. - Co. E, 17th MS
Mills, H. H. - Co. F, 18th MS
Morris, O., of 2nd MS
Morrison, J. T. B. - Co. F, 2nd MS
Owen, G. W. - Co. G, 17th MS
Page, Robert - Co. A, 16th MS
Philly, W. C. - Co. B, 31st MS
Poe, C. F. - Co. D, 13th MS
Price, J. M. - Co. E, 13th MS
Rasberry, W. J. - Co. C, 2nd MS
Riddle, Ariel - Capt. BROMLEY's Town Creek Co., 2nd MS
Riley, R. M. - Co, K, 16th MS
Roach, Michael - Co. L, 21st MS
Roberts, B. C. - Co. C, 26th MS
Roberts, D. H. - Co. C, 17th MS
Robinson, James A. - Chickasaw Guards, 11th MS
Rodgers, D. W. - Co. K, 19th MS
Ross, W. - Co. L, 48th MS
Russell, James - Capt. HARDIE's Co., 16th MS
Shell, R. L. - Co. A, 17th MS
Shelton, Patrick - Co. H, 2nd MS
Short, R. L. - Co. B, 2nd MS
Simmons, J. D. - Co. F, 13th MS
Smith, J. S. - Co. J, 2nd MS
Smith, R. - Co. J, 18th MS
Still, C. E. - Co. D, 16th MS
Thomerson, C. H. - Co. F, MS Cavalry
Thompson, J. D. - Co. D, 4th MS
Tucker, J. L. - Co. B, 17th MS
Tucker, W. S. - Co. K, 17th MS
Vanwinkle, J. A. - Co. H, 18th MS
Walker, H. H. - Miles McGEHEE Rifles, 20th MS
Walker, T. L. - Co. F, 2nd MS
Wallace, D. W. - Co. H, 18th MS
Wallace, James - Co. K, 19th MS
Williams, G. B. - Co. A, 2nd MS
Williams, J. C. - Co. C, 2nd MS Battalion
Williams, James J. - Co. K, 30th MS
Williams, L. B. - Capt. PETTIS' Co., 20th MS
Wright, W. P. - Co. D, 16th MS
Yarber, James Co. F, 16th MS


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