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Mississippi Confederate Burials in Illinois

Mound City National Cemetery - est. 1864 - Mississippi Confederates

Biggs W. J. Pvt C 3 Miss Inf Aug 21, 1862 Grave No. 4539 Mound City Nat. Cemetery

Fleming John T. Pvt F 20 Miss Inf April 6, 1862 Grave No. 4529 Mound City Nat. Cemetery

Potter M. G. Pvt C Miss May 20, 1863 Grave No. 342 Mound City Nat. Cemetery

Smith W. C. Pvt B 40 Miss Inf June 12, 1863 Grave No. 4207 Mound City Nat. Cemetery

Thomas K. H. Pvt B 37 Miss Inf No date of death Grave No. 425 Mound City Nat. Cemetery

Camp Butler National Cemetery

Wells, Wm P, SGT CO H 23 MISS CSA, Name Insc Mon Conf Soldiers & Sailors Pow & Died Camp Butler; Ill, Plot: 650,
Wells, Wm P, d. 07/10/1882, SGT H 23 MISS INF, Plot: 650,
Wilson, W W, PVT I 3 MISS REG, Plot: CONFE644,
Wilson, Wesley, d. 04/01/1863, PVT G 10 MISS INF, Confed Section, Plot: 280,
Wolf, Geoff, d. 06/29/1882, CPL E 26 MISS INF, Cofed Section, Plot: 674,
Bromley, S W, CO F 41 MISS CSA, Confed S/S While Pow Died At Cp Butler Ill, Plot: 354,
Bromley, S W, d. 04/01/1863, PVT F 41 MISS INF, Orig Bur Section Confed, Plot: 354,
Middleton, Levi E, CO E, 7 MISS CSA, Confed Sold/Sail Died While P/W At Camp Butler, Ill, Plot: 338,
Therrill, Reuben J, CO G 8 MISS CSA, Plot: 401,
Therrill, Reuben J, d. 03/31/1863, CORPL G 8 MISS INF, Plot: 401,
Estel, C B, CO I, 30 MISS, CSA, Plot: 320,
Estel, C B, d. 04/13/1863, PVT I 30 MISS INF, Confed Section, Plot: 320,
Johnson, J L, d. 04/19/1862, PVT C 4 MISS INF, Confed Section, Plot: 58,
Marshall, G T, CO E 14 MISS C S A, Plot: 588,
Hawkins, J W, d. 03/25/1863, PVT CO F 9 MISS INF, Confed Section, Plot: 306,

Rock Island National Cemetery

Crump, N B, d. 06/21/1864, PVT CO F 44 MISS, Plot: 1261
Cummins, Wm M, d. 01/01/1864, PVT CO D 30 MISS, Plot: 99,
Cummins, Wm, d. 01/01/1864, 30TH MISS REGT CO D, Confed P/W
Cunningham, W R, d. 01/13/1864, 5TH MISS REGT CO F, Conf Pow
Cunningham, W R, d. 01/13/1864, PVT CO F 5 MISS, Plot: 187
Cupet, Danl A, d. 02/26/1864, CPL 17TH MISS REGT CO E,
Cupit, Daniel A, d. 02/26/1864, CORP CO E 7 MISS, Plot: 630,
Cureher, Thos W, d. 08/15/1854, 34TH MISS REGT CO E,
Derriean, Jesse R, d. 02/14/1864, 38TH MISS REGT CO D, Confed P/W,
Belcher, Wm, d. 02/06/1865, 27TH MISS REGT CO C, Confed P/W,
Belding, Thomas, d. 10/24/1864, PVT CO K 44 MISS REGT, Plot: 1580,
Beldon, Thos, d. 10/24/1864, 44TH MISS REGT CO K, Confed P/W,
Bingham, Hiram, d. 03/19/1864, SGT CO C 24 MISS REGT, Plot: 870,
Warren, C W, d. 12/20/1864, 34TH MISS REGT, CO F, Confed P/W,
Warren, Joseph, d. 06/18/1864, 27TH MISS REGT, CO C, Confed P/W,
Washington, J D, d. 02/02/1864, 9TH MISS REGT, CO G, Confed P/W,
Tate, Thos, d. 02/01/1863, 34TH MISS REGT, CO A, Confed P/W,
McCarty, Robt, 29TH MISS REGT CO B, Confed P/W,
Lagrone, David, d. 10/01/1864, 41ST MISS REGT CO K, Confed P/W,
Rayburn, Elisha T, 7TH MISS REGT CO F, Confed P/W,
Barfield, Johu, d. 12/31/1863, PVT CO G 30 MISS REGT, Plot: 94,
Pool, Warren W, 44TH MISS REGT CO A, Confed P/W,
Poole, Warren, d. 01/17/1884, PVT CO A 44 MISS, Plot: 216,
Pearson, W B, d. 09/16/1864, PVT CO C 41 MISS, Plot: 1512,
Evans, A H, d. 01/05/1864, PVT CO D 41 MISS, Plot: 120,
Morris, J L, d. 12/23/1863, 29TH MISS REGT CO H,
Collins, Jackson E, d. 01/24/1864, PVT CO C 34 MISS, 1 24 1864, Plot: 262,
Colson, Jefferson J, d. 07/26/1864, PVT CO E 34 MISS, Plot: 1345,
Dacy, John, d. 07/06/1864, PVT CO H 30 MISS, Plot: 1298,
Daughdrill, J H, d. 10/10/1864, PVT CO F 24 MISS, Plot: 1557
Daughrill, Jas, d. 10/10/1864, 24TH MISS REGT O F,
Houpt, Louis, d. 01/20/1864, PVT CO A 17 MISS, Plot: 314,
Howle, Geo W, d. 04/19/1864, PVT CO E 29 MISS, Plot: 1068,
Hughes, Jos, d. 01/17/1864, PVT CO H 30 MISS, Plot: 220,
Hunt, Jno W, d. 09/12/1864, 9TH MISS REGT CO C, Plot: 1500,
Hale, W B, d. 09/08/1864, PVT CO D, 32 MISS, Plot: 1485, *
Mahan, Alexander, d. 02/29/1864, PVT CO D 24 MISS, Plot: 667,
Marshall, Jas W, 29TH MISS REGT CO K, Plot: 1869,
Quinn, Jno C, d. 01/18/1864, PVT CO D 45 MISS, Plot: 221,
Woods, Wm C, PVT CO H 34 MISS, Plot: 1528, bur. 09/23/1864,
White, James W, PVT CO K 27 MISS, Plot: 418, bur. 02/10/1864,
Brooks, Jas C, d. 09/13/1864, PVT CO C 10 MISS REGT, Plot: 1503,
Stepp, Solomon, PVT CO I 29 MISS, Plot: 878, bur. 03/20/1864,
Slanton, Thos J, d. 12/05/1864, PVT DAVENPOSTS MISS H GDS, Plot: 1641,


Confederate Burials in Mound City National Cemetery - The list of names below was extracted from National Archives and Records Administration's, microfilm publication M918 [single roll], "Register of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Citizens Who Died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North, 1861-1865." Accessed April 30, 2010.

Mound City National Cemetery, by Fonda Baselt, Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly, XXIII:4 (Winter 1991), pp. 227-229.

Rock Island National Cemetery - Accessed April 30, 2010.

Camp Butler National Cemetery - Accessed April 30, 2010.

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