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Civil War

Mississippi Confederates

Interred in Oak Wood Cemetery, Cook County, Illinois

In A Mass Grave - Dedication May 30 1895 Ramsey H. Stewart, Chairman, 12th MS INFANTRY

This transcription was taken from photographs on the 115th Anniversary of the monument dedication. Photo of monument.  Plaque dedication.

Abraham, M. Co B. 45 MISS
Ayres, W. T. Co D 3 MISS
Bates, Jeff Co. F 37 MISS
Ainesworth, S. Cog G. 37 MISS
Alston, W. W. Co g 14th MISS
Anderson, JNO. W. co K 14 MISS
Archa , A. L. Co f 33 MISS
Armstrong, A. Co f 33 MISS
Bailey, Ezekiel M. Co f 20 MISS
Bailey, Wm. H. Co B 22 MISS
Bankson, O? P. Co D 37 MISS
Barnett, J. W. Co C 3 MISS
Barton, John W. Hoskins MISS BATY
Bates, Jeff Co. F 37 MISS
Batters, A. A. Co G 14 MISS
Beard, Alex Vicskburg MISS Baty.
Beard, W. H. Co A 3 MISS
Bellair, J. T. Co E 1 ALA, TENN & MISS
Berry, W. R. Co K 14th MISS
Berryhill, M. V. Co K 9 MISS
Bishop, James Co A 6 MISS
Blackwelder, WM. Co f 18 MISS CAV
Blair, John, Co I 14 MISS

Blair, Johmn L. SGT Co F 14 MISS
Bowman, Jno. H. Co E 41 MISS
Bradberry, W. J. Co D. 3 MISS
Bradford, J. W. Co I 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Brandon, J. B. Co H 1 ALA TENN MISS
Brane, J. M. Co H 1 ALA TENN MISS
Brannon, J. T. Sgt Co C 37 MISS
Bridges, E. H. Co E 3 MISS
Bridges, H. O. Co D. 5 MISS CAV
Bridges, M. H. Co I 3 MISS
Briggs, G. H. Sgt. Co D 3 MISS
Broomfield, Geo. H. Co I 6 MISS
Brown, Joshua Co. I 14 MISS
Browning, Dewitt Co H 4 MISS
Brownlow, I. N. Co C 5 MISS CAV
Buckley, T. P Co F 39 MISS
Bullard, L. G. Co G 10 MISS
Burgess, Stephen Co D 3 MISS
Burks, Wm. co K 20 MISS
Burton, Thos. Corp. Co A 35 MISS
Butler, W. W. Co H 46 MISS
Byrd, Chas. M. Co E 45 MISS
Campbell, R. J. Co A 4 MISS
Campbell, W. D. Co I Adams MISS CAV
Carr, E.D. Co G 37 MISS
Carroll, David Co D 3 Confed Inf (?)
Carroll, John co E 4 MISS
Carroll, Thos. P Co C 1 BATTN MISS S. S.

Carver, Marion Co G 33 MISS
Costello, eo Co B 37 MISS
Cates, Thos. Co F 7 MISS
Clayton, D. W. Co F 14 MISS
Clayton, Jas. W. Co G 14 MISS
Coaker, John Co A 24 MISS
Coats, Wilson P Co C 36 MISS
Coley, M. C. Co G. 3 MISS
Collins, R. F. Co E 1 ALA TENN MISS
Collins, R. J. L. Co H 35 MISS
Coly, James R. Co G 3 MISS
Cooper, D. H. Co E 23 MISS
Cooper, Thos. Corp. Co F 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Corder, Eleazer B. Co G 45 MISS
Cotton, John W. Co F 1 MISS CAV
Cottrell, J. A. Co C 14 MISS
Cousins, G. Co C 1 ALA TENN MISS
Cowan, John C. Co D 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Creel, Reuben Co H 14 MISS
Crouch, Geo. W Co H 1 MISS
Cuendet, Eugene Co E 20 MISS
Dacy, Thomas Co H 14 MISS
Dancey, S. C. Co D 10 MISS
Daniel, Jas. W. Co H 1 Confed INF (?)
Darden, N. J. Co I 3 MISS
Davis, E. W. Co I 8 MISS

Davis, T. E. Co E 3 MISS
Dean, F. W. Co E 5 MISS CAV
Deloach. W. D Corp Co D 3 MISS
Depyester, R. F. Co C 1 ALA TENN MISS
Dewberry, J. A. Z. Co C 3 MISS
Dooly, Robert F. Co C 3 MISS
Douglass, Henry Co D 7 MISS BATTN
Duke, P Co K 45 MISS
Duke, P. J. Co K 35 MISS
Duncan, Edw. K, Sgt. Co K 14 MISS
Easterwood, Wm. Co d 3 MISS BATTN
Eaton, W. M. Co K 1 ALA TENN MISS
Edwards, I. N. Sgt. Co I 26? MISS CAV
Edwards, J. M. Co E 1 ALA TENN MISS
Egan, John C. Co I 20 MISS
Elkins, Andrew J. Co A 14 MISS
Elkins, Henry Co K Prentices Confed BATTN (which state?)
Elliet M. Co B 3 MISS
Elliot, W. S. Co B 20 MISS
Ellzey, Lewis N. Co E 33 MISS
Ember, E. J. Co K 9 MISS
Esters, F. D. M. Co F 14 MISS
Etheridge, L. B. Co G? 4 MISS
Evans, David Co B 35 MISS
Evans, J. R. Co D 3 MISS
Evans, Stephen Co H 43 MISS
Evans,Thos. B. Co A 14 MISS
Evans, William J. Co g 33 MISS
Ewbanks, F. M. Co E 3 MISS
Ezell, Francis R. Co B 8 MISS
Farned, W. P Co E 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Ferguson, J. J. Co H 4 MISS
Ferrill, Danl. Co F 37 MISS
Finch, W. M. Co A 5 MISS CAV
Fincher, Jos. W. Sgt. Co F 40 MISS
Finley, Jefferson R. Co H 31 MISS
Flanegan, Jno. S. Co B 39 MISS
Flemming, Alex Co D 14 MISS
Fletcher, G. W. Co C 3 MISS
Flowers, Milton co K 45 MISS

Ford, James M. Co E 3 MISS
Franklin, Charner Co I 40 MISS
Franklin, Edmond Co K 22 MISS
Freeman, Thos. Co K 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Gaines, James Co F 36 MISS
Galloway, Phillip Co I 16 Confed. (state?)
Garaway, Isam Co D 9 MILLER's MISS CAV
Gatuin, J. H. Co C 3 MISS
Geno, Jno. Co E 3 MISS
Gibbon, S. B. Co C 1 MISS
Gibbs, JNO. F. Co A 17 MISS
Gibson, Eli Co K 37 MISS
Gibson, L. J. A. Co G 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Gibson, Wm. Co G 27 MISS
Gill, Daniel Co B 39 MISS
Gillespie, Wm. Co E ADAMS MISS CAV
Glenn, Wm. Co A 5 MISS
Glisson. W. H. Co K 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Goff, Thomas P. Co A 20 MISS
Gooding, Gorn's Co H 4 MISS
Gray, J. O. Co I 20 MISS
Gray, John H. CORP Co H 35 MISS
Green, Abner H. Co H 43 MISS
Green, Andrew B. Co B 12 MISS
Green, J. J. Co A 3 MISS
Green, John Co H 35 MISS
Gregory, Jno. C. SGT Co I 31 MISS
Griffin, T. D. Co D 36 MISS
Guess, Augustus A. Co D 40 MISS
Gunter, Wm. Co K 1 CONF INF
Hagerman, Robt. co D 20 MISS
Haguewood, M. D. Co F 40 MISS
Hainston, J. Co A 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Hall, G. M. Co H 3 MISS

Hamaker, David Co K 43 MISS
Hamilton, Josiah P Co C 20 MISS
Hamm, J. W.Co C 14 MISS
Hamner, T. B. Co H 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Hannah, James Co F. 6 MISS CAV
Hansford, Wm. Co A 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Hardee, Jno. T. Co D 14 MISS
Harding, D. Co K 30 MISS
Hardy, J. E. Co E 3 MISS
Hargrave, J. R. Co D 3 MISS
Harlin, T. J. Co C 20 MISS
Harrell, B. F. Co H 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Harrie. Wm. Co H 12 MISS
Harris, Robt. Co I 43 MISS
Harris, W. T. co F 35 MISS
Harrison, Calvin MYRICS MISS BATTN.
Harrison, S. L. Co B 4 MISS
Harrison, W. J. Co B 4 MISS
Hart, Jas. Co A 14 CONFED CAV. (state?)
Harvey, S. Co H 57 MISS
Harwell, Wm. J. SGT Co K 22 MISS
Hataway, Cain Co F 40 MISS
Hatcher, W. P. Co G. 3 MISS
Hayes, John E. Co a 14 MISS
Haygood, J. A. Co C 7 MISS
Henderson, J. C. Co C 14 MISS
Henson, And. J. Co I 3 MISS
Henton, J. H. Co F 7 MISS
Herndon, T. W. co A 20 MISS
Herring, Lewis Co C 30 MISS
Herring. M. B. Co C 35 MISS
Hethcock, J. K. P. Co H 3 MISS
Hicks, Robt. Co B 4 MISS
Hill, C. W. Co I 3 MISS
Hipp, Rufus M. Co K 22 MISS
Hisaw, Jas. Robt. Co F 14 MISS
Hitt, H. M. Co K 16 CONFED
Hobson, Samuel R. co F 40 MISS
Holbrook, Austin P. Co K 44 MISS
Holland, A. Thomas Co K 30 MISS
Holley, H. T. Co C 3 MISS
Holloway, J. M. 2 SGT Co E 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Holloway, J. P. Co E 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Holloway, S. M. Co K 3 Confed Cav

Holmes, Robt. M. Co I 24 MISS
Hood, T. Co I 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Hoover, Berry C. Co K 29 MISS
Hopper, J. A co G 3 MISS
Horn, Joh, H. SGT Co F 1 ALA TENN & MISS
House, Nicholas Co A 27 MISS
Houston, John Co. G. 37 MISS
Hoyle, D. L. Co I 3 MISS
Hubbard, Allen Co I 1 ALA TENN MISS
Huckaby, J. M. Co D 37 MISS
Hudson, John Co C 27 MISS
Humphries, J. D. Sr. Co H 24 MISS
Hurt, John co K 29 MISS
Huskerson, J. M. Co C. 36 MISS
Ishee, Ely co A 7 MISS BATTN
Jackson, J. C. SFT Co A 1 MISS P.R.
Jackson, James M. Co H 20 MISS
James, B. F. Co A 23 MISS
James, N. T. Co A 23 MISS
Jameson, John co A 20 MISS
Jay, George Co ? 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Jenkins, Henry O Co B 3 BATTN MISS
Jennings, Robt. M. Co G. 4 MISS
Johnson, Elisha L. Co I 36 MISS
Johnson, Hugh S. Co C 37 MISS
Johnson, J. E. Co A 8 MISS
Johnson, John. Co B. 1 BATTN MISS S. S.
Johnson. S. Y. Co I 3 MISS
Johnson, WM. Co H 14 MISS
Joiner, W. M. Co H 12 MISS CAV
Jones, Allen M. Co I 5 MISS
Jones, N. R. Co A 30 MISS
Jones, R. H. co B 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Kelly, S. C. Co E 14 MISS

McCraw, Jas. A. Co I 3 MISS
McDaniel, Thomas Co F 1 ALA TENN MISS
McGiveney, H. Co K. 4 MISS
McGowan, James Co A 20 MISS
McKay, Jas. O. G. Co G. 11? MISS
McKinney, J. V. Co E 14 MISS
McMackin, Thos E. Co D 24 MISS
McRae, Alex. co B 5 MISS
Mahan, Joel Co D 24 MISS
Marshall, Johm J. Co F 14 MISS
Martin, W. N. Co B. 28 MISS CAV
Maulden, John W. co B 45 MISS
Maxoey, E. N Co E 45 MISS
Mays, John. J. CARP co H 40 MISS
Mays, W. F. Co I 4 MISS Cav.
Medlin, John J. Co B. 3 MISS
Milam, John B. Co I 23 MISS
Miles, W. H. SGT Co H 20 MISS
Miller, J. S. Co H 14 MISS
Miller, Ransom Co F 39 MISS
Millington, Edw. Co b 14 MISS
Mitchell, Geo. M. Co B 3 MISS
Montgomery, A. B. Co G 24 MISS

Moore,Olin Co H 4 MISS
Morris, W. W. Co I 20 MISS
Myers, Cader Co B 6 MISS
Nabors, J. M. Co E 4 MISS
Nance, C. M. Co C 3 MISS
Nance, James R. Co C 3 MISS
Newman, R. W. Co K 35 MISS
Nichols, Gibbs Co D 8 MISS
Nicholson. Wm Co F 10 MISS
Norris, J. L. Co B 23 MISS
Norton, L. J. SGT Co I 35 MISS
Norwood, Jno. M. Co D 43 MISS
Odom, Jacob Co A 46 MISS
O'Neal, James A co H 20 MISS
O Neill, Jackson Co E. 20 MISS
Oswell, B. R. Co E 3 MISS
Pace, James F. SGT Co K 23 MISS
Pannell, Alonzo Co H 3 MISS
Parker, H. O. CORP Co F 7 MISS BATTN.
Parker, J. B. Co K 5 MISS
Parker, Thos J. Co D 14 MISS
Parks, James M. Co G 14 MISS
Pate, Wm. A co A 30 MISS
Patrick, John M. co C 39 MISS
Patterson, R. H. Co D 41 MISS
Payton, James Co A 1 CONFED MISS

Pearson, J. H. Co A 23 MISS
Pecock, B. F. Co B 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Pecock, Wm. L co D 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Perkins, Saml. H. Co F. 36 MISS
Peters, W. A. Co C 14 MISS
Petty, Joseph Co E 3 MISS
Petty, Sylvanos Co E 3 MISS
Pigg, Geo W. Co H 40 MISS
Pirrie, Jas. Co a 43 MISS
Pitner, F. P, 2 CORP Co H 3 MISS
Poe, Benj. S. Co G 33 MISS
Pollock, Wm. S SGT Co A 5 MISS
Pool, James Co I 37 MISS
Powell, Thomas J. Co E 20 MISS
Powell, W. R. E. WHITES CO 1 MISS
Powell, Wm. E. co K 14 MISS
Pressley, J. M. Co c 6 MISS
Price, B. co E 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Putnam, Andrew J. Co F 20 MISS
Ragan, W. W. Co C 3 MISS
Ralph, Jas. M. co C 3 MISS
Randell, F. M. Co H 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Randell, J. J. Co H 1 ALA TENN MISS
Randolph, John L Co B 14 MISS
Ratcliffe, F. M. Co B 33 MISS
Ray, Thos. J Co c 3 MISS
Read, Jno. M co B 3 MISS
Recister, W. D. co D 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Renfrew, M. J. Co G 3 MISS
Renneau, Thos. F. Co F 3 MISS BATTR.
Reynolds, G. F. Co D 3 MISS
Rhodes. Issacc. F. Co a 3 MISS
Rhodes, T. J. Co F 3 MISS
Rice, Bryant C. CORP Co A 3 MISS
Rice, Thos . J Co G 14 MISS
Richardson, J. H. Co C 3 MISS

Ritter, E. J. Co C 3 MISS
Riter, W. M Co c 3 MISS
River, John E. co G 14 MISS
Roach, Thos H. Co H 3 MISS
Roberston, R. W. S SGT Co A 3 MISS
Roberts, Daniel K. Co H 20 MISS
Roberts, Stephen co A 3 MISS
Robertson, Geo. W. Co K 43 MISS
Robertson, WM. Co G 14 MISS
Robinson, Wm. Co A 3 MISS
Rodgers, V. B. Co H 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Rogers, James Co G 39 MISS
Rogers, Jesse Co A 37 MISS
Rook, J. F. co K 20 MISS
Rowell, H. B. co G 3 MISS
Rushing, Silas C. Co E 33 MISS
Sanders, Geo. W. Co K 5 MISS
Sanders, Willis J. Co D 16 MISS
Saxon, Alexander Co A 14 MISS
Schroeder, Wm. H Co F 10 MISS
Seely, G. R. Co B? 20 MISS
Seely, Green M. Co H 20 MISS
Shaw, Irvig D. SGT Co C 20 MISS
Sherrin, H. G. Co B 43 MISS
Shoemaker, Geo. W Co I 35 MISS
Sims, T. P. 5 SGT Co D 3 MISS

Skinner, Jno. W. CORP Co E 40 MISS
Skipper, A. J. Co C 1 ALA TENN & MISS
Sloan, A. J. Co I 20 MISS
Smith, A. W. Co A 39 MISS
Smith, F. M. Co A7 MISS BATTN.
Smith, James Co G 14 MISS
Smith, Jasper N. Co H 20 MISS
Smith, W. A. Co G 23 MISS
Sneed, M. M. co C 27 MISS
Snowden, E. R. Co ? 9? MISS
Snowden, J. J. Co G 9 MISS
Spears, B. F. Co B 14 MISS
Spears, D. H. Co B 14 MISS
Spencer, Wm. Co B 15 MISS
Spurlock, Allen Co A 39 MISS
Stafford, Edward Co H 14 MISS
Standard, Robt. M. Co E 46 MISS
Stanton, Isaac B. SGT Co H 11 MISS CAV
Straughan, G. W. Co B 14 MISS
Swaim, Chas. F. SGT Co K 22 MISS
Sweeney, W. B. Co E 14 MISS
Tabb, Lewis B. Co C 14 MISS
Taylor, Daniel R. CORP Co E 29 MISS
Taylor, Jas. W. Co H 1 CONFED INF
Taylor, Joseph A. Co C 34 MISS
Taylor, Milton Co D 1 ALA TENN & MISS

Tedder, Robert Co D 14 MISS
Thomas, Mason M. Co H 35 MISS
Thompston, Henry L. Co C 3 MISS
Timms, Jackson Co D 37 MISS
Thompkins, Silas B. Co M 20 MISS
Turnan, J. W. co B 20 MISS
Turner, Jno. P. Co L 24 MISS


Valentine, W. P. Co F 7 MISS BATTN
Vance, T. J. Co E 4 MISS
Wadlington, B. Co H 4 MISS
Walker, Freeman CORP Co A 6? MISS
Wallace, Nathan Co G 3 MISS
Walters, G. W. Co K 8 MISS
Waltman, Jas. R. co A 14 MISS

Ware, Wm. A co G 40 MISS
Watson, Caleb Co A 3 MISS
Watson, Davis L Co C 14 MISS
Watson. H. W. Co D 3 MISS
Weatherall, J. A. co C 14 MISS
Webster, D. H. Co A 20 MISS
Wells, J. Wiley, SGT Co B 11 PERRINS MISS CAV
West, Felix Co G 23 MISS
West, J. D. Co G 45 MISS
West, James R. Co A 3 MISS
Wharton, And'w J. Co I 33 MISS
Whitehead, E. W. SGT Co K 44 MISS
Whitfield, W. A. Co E 14 MISS
Whitten, Irwin S. Co A 8 MISS
Whittington, H. W. Co C 37 MISS
Williams, CGT's A Co K 14 MISS
Williams, Winf'y Co I 88? MISS
Williamson, J. H. Co D 8 MISS
Williamson,Ric'd Co 8 35 MISS
Woodward, O. H. Co H. 27 MISS
Woodward, Wm. O Co B 14 MISS
Word, Alex S. Co I 11 MISS
Yelvester, Wm. R. Co K 37 MISS
Zollicoffer, J. L. Co K 20 MISS


Matt Hucke photographs,, Accessed April 30, 2010.
Please note that mistakes are likely made in this transcription. Company notations of "Co C" may also be "Co G".
115th Anniversary of the Confederate monument dedication May 30, 2010
"The camp dead, (Camp Douglas Confederate POW camp, Chicago) were first buried at the prison but then moved to Lincoln Park. It was admitted that some of bones may have been left behind. They were then removed to Oak Woods Cemetary. However, some are in the parking lot of an African-American owned funeral parlor. The owner flew a Confederate flag over his lot until his death in 1996 to honor the men, not the cause, he said. A further 200 are buried in Rosehill Cemetary. These were primarily from the battles of Ft. Donelson, Shiloh, and Vicksburg." - [ Accessed April 30, 2010.]

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