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Civil War

Mississippi Confederates

Interred at Point Lookout Cemetery, Maryland

Harris, W K 1 Miss. Cav.
Birmingham, Joshua M. C 2 Miss.
Fears, Andrew J. H 2 Miss.
Hedden, John S. F 2 Miss.
Biggers, James W. G 11 Miss.
Broadfoct, William G. E 11 Miss.
Brown, J. T. D 11 Miss.
Cook, Thomas M. D 11 Miss.
McKee, Wm. A. B 11 Miss.
Pierce, James K 11 Miss.
Ponder, James T. C 11 Miss.
Shell, Thomas C. I 11 Miss.
Vincent, John F 11 Miss.
Vincent, John J. F 11 Miss.
Williamson, Hardy D 11 Miss.
Bradley, Jos. T., 1 Sgt. A 12 Miss.
Gray, John A., Corp. I 12 Miss.
Workman, Jas. F. F 12 Miss.
Kelly, J. W. G 13 Miss.
Lee, C. R., Sgt. H 13 Miss.
Russell, Ebenezer B 13 Miss.
Blanton, Chas. D. H 15 Miss.
Little, Madison H 16 Miss.
Wilson, J. J., Corp. C 16 Miss.
Duvall, Perry J. C 18 Miss.
Flower, James F 18 Miss.
Gilmon, J. L. C 18 Miss.
Pearson, Moses K 18 Miss.
Martindale, Jesse K 2 Miss.
Sargent, John C 2 Miss.
Pullin, H. O. B 4 Miss.
Lawrence, T. J. G 20 Miss.
Taylor, James H., 1 Sgt. B 20 Miss.
Hyde, Saml. L. D 20 Miss.
Moore, Peter P., Sgt. C 21 Miss.
Hamilton, Thos. J., Corp. F 22 Miss.
Crabb, Jos. H 26 Miss.
Mayo, Jas. G. E 26 Miss.
Stallings, Willis B 31 Miss.
Butler, Fountain W. C 33 Miss.
Hamilton, Wm. H. H 33 Miss.
Rushing, Jacob D 33 Miss.
Sandifer, L. J. B 33 Miss.
White, Jas. F. E 33 Miss.
Stuart, John M. F 36 Miss.
Magee, W. G., 1st Sgt. A 39 Miss.
Church, Marcellus, Sgt. F 42 Miss.
Green, Jas. M. B 42 Miss.
Knox, John D., Sgt. F 42 Miss.
Lawhorn, Alex. A 42 Miss.
Ragsdale, Wm. E 42 Miss.
Ridgeway, Abner C. B 42 Miss.
Smith, G. W. E 42 Miss.
Smith, W. Henry, Sgt. D 42 Miss.
Sturdivant, Francis M. C 42 Miss.
Wall, M. H. D 42 Miss.
Wilkins, Geo. W. F 42 Miss.
Parish, James A. C 43 Miss.
McClean, J. W. D 47 Miss.


Interred at Point Lookout Cemetery, This is a list of names that were converted from the text listings in Edwin Beitzell's book. The names appear as they are listed on the Pt. Lookout Cemetery Monument., Accessed May 3, 2010.

Point Lookout POW Camp for Confederates, by Edwin Beitzell.

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