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Polk County, Texas - Mississippi Confederate Burials

Polk County, Texas Mississippi Confederate Burials

Adams William A. 1847-1931 Pvt Co A Hodges Miss Cav CSA MY
Bilbro Patrick Henry 1837-1915 Pvt Co B Cleburne's Brig 6 Miss Inf CSA BDS
Birch W. H. 1840-1924 Pvt. Co E Hebert's Brig 37 MS Inf CSA US
Bryant Ashley 1833-1905 Pvt 40 Miss Inf CSA Nowlin
Burgess David Franklin 1847-1916 Pvt COC Villepiques Brig 39 Miss Inf CSA BDS
Collins James Madison 1842-1923 Pvt Co F 7th Batt. MS Cav Chalmer's
Brig Bragg's Corps CSA Collins
Collins Morgan Columbus 1846-1926 Pvt Co F 7 Miss Inf CSA BW
Collins Thomas J. 1839-1899 Pvt Co F 7 Miss Inf CSA BW
Edwards J. E. 1844-1922 Co. C 39 Miss Inf CSA JP
Gay Thomas Samuel 1834-1915 Pvt Co G 6th Mississippi Inf. Thornton's Regt.
Grayson Thomas J. 1840-1901 Pvt Co C Hebert's Brig 37 MS Inf CSA US
Cleburne's Brig. CSA Gay
Hill Thomas F. 1843-1910 Pvt 33 Miss Inf CSA PG
Jones Edward Ward, Sr. 1838-1923 Pvt Co A Miss MTD Inf. CSA JP
Jones Robert B. 1844-1928 Pvt Co A 28 Miss Mtd Inf CSA JC
Jones Dr. Virginius Erskin 1835-1908 Pvt. Co A 28 Miss MTD Inf CSA JP
Knight Willis S. 1820-1890 Co B 3 Miss Inf CSA BS
Lewis Stephen 1931-1915 Co B 5 Miss Inf CSA PG
Marshall James 1815-1902 Capt Co A 1 Batt Miss State Troops CSA OC
McCraney W. J. 1848-1937 Pvt State Troops Miss Inf CSA H-G
Miller William Died-1931 Pvt. 35 Miss Inf. CSA FH
Moore David A. 1847-1889 Co C Yerger's Regt Mississippi Cav CSA US
Pierce Jessie E. 1836-1924 Pvt Co K 4th Miss Inf CSA Stryker
Smith Albert J. 1830-1908 Pvt Co G 39th Miss Inf Price's Rebels CSA H-D
Smith William W. 1832-1912 Pvt. Co. B 39th Miss Infantry Oates
Tucker William 1835-1920 MM#1-Civil War Veteran CSA of Virginia MM#2-Pvt. Co K13 Miss Inf CSA HG
Warren John George 1825-1878 Pvt Co A 3rd Miss. Cav Reg CSA Stryker
Wilson Samuel ------ Co G 36 Miss Inf CSA MC


Confederate Veterans Buried in Polk County Texas,, ~ Beverly Munson Tucker Evins , Accessed April 12, 2010

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