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Hello! Come on in! Sit a spell and enjoy our peaceful Homochitto Forest!  Franklin County is located in the heart of  southwest Mississippi. Our Neighbors are Amite, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, and Wilkinson counties.  On this site you will find all kinds of helpful information for researching your Franklin County family.  Just click on the enter button below to visit our site index!  If you have anything you would like to contribute, let me know!

Ann Allen Geoghegan

AHGP Coordinator

For Franklin County, MS

"In the South, perhaps more than any other region, we go back to our home in dreams and memories, hoping it remains what it was on a lazy, still summer's day twenty years ago."

----Willie Morris, Mississippi Author of "My Dog Skip"




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"In the South, the breeze blows softer...neighbors are friendlier, nosier, and more talkative. (By contrast with the Yankee, the Southerner never uses one word when ten or twenty will do)...This is a different place. Our way of thinking is different, as are our ways of seeing, laughing, singing, eating, meeting and parting. Our walk is different, as the old song goes, our talk and our names. Nothing about us is quite the same as in the country to the north and west. What we carry in our memories is different too, and that may explain everything else."

--Charles Kuralt in

"Southerners: Portrait of a People"




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