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Beach Family Cemetery



The Beach Family Cemetery is located near Roxie, Mississippi.  It is not far from the intersection of State Highway 33 and US Highway 84.

Driving directions from that intersection:  Travel South about 1 mile on State Highway 33 to the first road to the right. This is Beach Road.  Travel down this road about 5 miles, (it will turn to gravel after a while).  The cemetery is on the right about 100 yards off the road in a clearing visible from the road.


This small family cemetery is in a lovely little clearing on the edge of the forest and is guarded by an Indian Spirit Pole built and placed in the corner of the cemetery next to the woods.  The Spirit Pole was placed there by Trent Beach shortly before his tragic death on his wedding day in a car accident on March 31, 2000, shortly after his 26th birthday.


Cemetery Census by Ann Allen Geoghegan on June 1, 2001


John Harrison Beach June 12, 1899

Agnes Cox November 01, 1922 March 16, 1924
Audrey Faye Cox November 01, 1922 March 16, 1924

        deceased daughters of John J. & Lillian Beach Cox

        (homemade double marker)

Sidney Jackson April 10, 1895 July 13, 1895

     son of Daniel and Susie Jackson

Infant Cox October 15, 1895 November 5, 1895

     son of Thomas and Lurenna Cox

Richard Cox September 30, 1896 January 13, 1897

     son of Thomas and Lurenna Cox

Hattie Albritton October 16, 1895 February 15, 1897

     daughter of B.F. & M.C. Albritton B.F.Albritton married

     Maggie Jackson 10/31/1897

Myrtis Beach (no dates)

Bernice Beach (no dates)

Nellie Jackson June 20, 1901 September 14, 1904

Lewis Jackson January 03, 1900 September 13, 1903

Lourenna Cox May 16, 1878 January 13, 1906

     wife of Thomas Cox
John Beach (no dates) Company G Powers Miss Cav CSA

J D Beach October 17, 1880 May 12, 1917

Delia Beach Holmes January 3, 1881 January 14, 1964

Victor Baker Beach August 24, 1907 April 24, 1970

Michael Dion Beach July 18, 1970 January 27, 1997

Leatrice A Beach July 01, 1930 February 02, 2000  Double Marker with

E(dwin) Lamar Beach April 09, 1937 (living)

Spurgeon Trent Beach February 14, 1974 March 31, 2000

       (Trent died on his wedding day in a car accident)

Spurgeon Beach August 22, 1912 January 28, 1982

Myrtle Beach July 28, 1917 February 18, 1996

Wanda Louise Whitehead March 27, 1931 December 02, 1931

Raven Whitney Beach-Murray March 26, 2000 April 22, 2001


The following graves are located on the Old Jeremiah Beach home place, located about 2 miles down the road past the main cemetery. These graves are hard to find as they are back in the woods.  If you don't have one of the Beach relatives with you, you'll never find it!


Jeremiah Beach (no dates) (no dates) Grandpa
Eunice Beach (no dates) (no dates) Grandma
Patience Beach (no dates) (no dates) wife of George Beach

Contributed by Ann Allen Geoghegan - Copyright 2002 by contributor

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