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Chisolm-Coward Cemetery


Chisholm-Coward Cemetery is located north of the Bogue Chitto and West
of the McCall Creek Road in Franklin County, Mississippi The cemetery
is approximately seventy-five yards East of the Store at the intersection
of the roads.

Chisholm-Coward Cemetery was indexed November, 1998, by Nick Denley, 1005 West Monroe, Grenada, MS 38901

Allred, Aara-/ 02-21-1900-/ 03-19-1904/ Dau. of James E. & Cora Allred.
Allred, Blanche-/ 01-26-1898-/ 09-08-1898/ Dau. of James E. & Cora Allred
Allred, Infant-/ 03-29-1894-/ 03-29-1894/ Son of David & Cola Allred

Bowlin, Myra-/ 08-26-1823-/ 03-26-1899
Bowlin, Jessie-/ 1872-/ 1904
Bowlin, Bob-/ 1897-/ 1905
Bowlin, W. H.-/ CO. H> 39th Miss. Inf. CSA, no dates
Bowlin, Emily-/ died 09-27-1893/ Wife of W. H. Bowlin
Bowlin, Alive V.-/ 04-24-1874-/ 08-15-1874/ Dau. of W. H. Bowlin
Bowlin, John-/ 05-19-1865-/ 08-11-1865/ Son of W. H. Bowlin
Bowlin, Zirilla C.-/ 01-30-1856-/ 08-16-1864/ Dau. of W. H. Bowlin
Bowlin, Marian C.-/ 10-24-1860-/ 08-06-1862/ Dau. of W. H. Bowlin
Bowlin, Infant-/ 11-08-1856-/ 11-08-1856
Bowlin, Mary-/ 11-16-1862

Chisholm, David D.-/ 02-28-1928-/ 04-25-1984. CPL U.S. Army, WW II, Korea
Chisholm, Infant-/ 10-25-1890-/ 10-25-1890/ Dau. of David & P. F. Chisholm
Chisholm, P. F. -/ died-03-09-1906/ age 55 yrs./ Wife of David Chisholm
Chisholm, Infant-/ 10-15-1885-/ 10-15-1885/ Son of David & P. F. Chisholm
Chisholm, Annie D.-/ 06-29-1891-/ 10-03-1971
Chisholm, Jessie H.-/ 03-18-1891-/ 01-30-1974/ Miss. PVT. U.S. Army, WW II
Chisholm, Walter-/ 07-29-1894-/ 09-13-1965/ PVT. CO. E. 116 Inf. WW II
Chisholm, Dannie V.-/ died 10-06-1896/ age 9 years old.
Chisholm, David Keith-/ 08-09-1956-/ 03-11-1999

Coward, Ellen-/ 06-27-1866-/ 09-0-19-1875/ Dau. of N. & M. L. Coward
Coward, Noah-/ CO. H. 39 Miss. Inf. CSA/ no dates
Coward, Elijah-/ 10-23-1858-/ 09-01-1875
Coward, Newton Jacob-/ 10-23-1859-/ 08-24-1868/ Son of N. & M. L. Coward
Coward, Mary Lowen-/ died 10-23-1868/ age 49 years old

Dykes, James B.-/ 09-13-1918-/ 06-04-1963/ Miss. CPL. U.S. Air Force, WW II

Lewis, Elish A. V.-/ 1838-/ 06-30-1904
Lewis, Sarah Tarver-/ 05-27-1848-/ 12-21-1902/ Wife of E. V. Lewis
Lewis, Margaret D.-/ 10-30-1871-/ 08-02-1877/ Dau. of E. V. & Sarah Lewis

Nettles, S. P.-/ died 08-20-1901-/ age 77 years old/ Wife of J. W. Nettles
Nettles, Elvinline-/ 1868-/ 1925
Nettles, John W.-/ 1865-/ 1948

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