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Several years ago I met a very nice man named Johnny Earl Smith. He had gathered information on this family for many years by talking to the ones that have long since passed, and going through old court house records. He pointed me in the right direction, so........with much digging and a lot of help from Johnny Earl Smith, this is...
The Harbard B. Smith Family
by: Robin Adams Latham
 Harbard B. Smith was born ca1812 in Georgia. He died August 16,1885 in Franklin Co. Ms. and is buried at the old Demascus Cemetery. He was the son of Everett Smith and Elizabeth Furr.
   Harbard's first wife's name is not known, although I have been told by some that it may have been Betty, and that she was Indian. They had two dauhgters,
        1. Elizabeth Rosanna Smith ca1834 Copiah Co. Ms. married John C. Wilson
            in Franklin Co. Feb. 8,1855. John was born July 4, 1833.
        2. Catherine Smith ca1836 Copiah Co. married George L. Martin in Franklin Co.
            Feb. 11,1855.
   Harbard's second wife was Nancy Wooley and they married in Franklin Co. on June 18,1837. Nancy died soon after the birth of her last child in 1846. They had four children,
       3. James Monroe Smith was born ca1837 Copiah Co. and died before 1898, married  
          Frances Jeanette Cupit in Franklin Co. May 25,1858.
       4. Granberry Smith was born ca1838 Copiah Co.
       5. Amanda Smith was born ca1841 Copiah Co.
       6. Harbard Brunson Smith was born Feb. 2,1846 Copiah Co. and died Feb. 22,1936 La.
          married Mary Linder in Franklin Co. March 18,1865.
Harbard's third wife was Frances "Fannie " Johnson and they married in Franklin Co. May 20,1846. Fannie was born ca1815 and died 1865. She is buried at the old Demascus Cemetery. In 1850 Harbard and Fannie were living in Copiah Co Ms. Within a few years they had moved to Franklin Co near McCall Creek. I was told that around 1860 Demascus Church was built on Harbard's property near where the old cemetery is located. In later years when the church began to deteriorate, a new Demascus Church was built nearby where in now stands. I have eight children for Harbard and Fannie, but according to their son Isaiah's grave maker there were two other daughters, Blanch and Ruby.       
       7. Nancy Smith was born ca1847 Copiah Co. married Robert Wooten in Franklin Co.
           May 4,1865.
       8. Everett Smith was born Feb. 4,1850 in Copiah Co. and died May 23,1919 in Franklin
           Co. He married Decia Ann "Decie" Linder in Franklin Co. Aug.28,1870. Decie was
           born April 30,1854 the daughter of Samuel & Decia Linder. She died Jan.26,1936.
           They are buried at Demacus Church Cemetery in Franklin Co. They had abt 20 children.
       9. Sarah Jane Smith was born Oct 7,1851.  She married Nicholas Lazarus
           in the spring of 1867. Nicholas was born ca1830,  the son of Edward P. & Malinda
      10. William Isom "Bill" Smith was born May 29,1852,  and died June 24,1905.
            He married Matilda Elizabeth Rodriguez (date unknown) Matilda was born July 18,1852
            and died Aug.27,1917. She was the daughter of Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elizabeth
            Rebecca "Becky' Lazarus. Bill and Matilda are buried at Demascus Church Cemetery.
       11. Isaiah Smith was born Dec.30,1854. He married Mary S. "Teenie"
            Rodriguez born March 6,1865. She was the daughter of  Dr. Jose Rodriguez & Elizabeth
            Rebecca "Becky" Lazarus.  They are buried at Demascus Church Cemetery. Graves
            marked by a pipe that at one time had a metal plate that read.. "ISAIAH SMITH FAMILY
            last time that I was at the cemetery the inscription on the pipe marker was gone.
        12. Robert Jeptha "Jep" Smith was born Jan.24,1856 in Franklin Co. He married Lucy
              Martin in Franklin Co. Jan.17,1875.
        13. Mayberry "Britt" Smith was born Oct.6,1857 in Franklin Co. and died in 1928. He
              married Rosalee Jenkins in 1886. Rosalee was former wife Granberry Smith, son of
              Maryberry's brother James Monroe Smith. (Granberry and Rosalee divorced in 1886)
              They are buried at Demascus Church.
        14. Malona "Lonie" Smith ca 1862 Franklin Co. married Joseph Campbell. Lonie is buried
              at the old Demascus Cemetery in and unmarked grave.
Harbard's fourth wife was Eliza Jane Linder sometime in 1869. She was born Sept. 14,1843 and died April 13,1899. She is buried at the old Demascus Cemetery. They had one child,
         15. Cynthia Rosella Smith was born Jan.9,1869 in Franklin Co. She married William L.
               "Willie" Furr. He was born June 10,1874 and died Nov.2,1938. Hw was the son of
               Henry Furr and Barbara Anding.
  According to census records, Harbard was a black smith by trade.

                Compiled by: Robin Latham


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