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Smylie Cemetery


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The Smylie Cemetery has been adopted and is maintained by Ann & Archie Geoghegan


The Smylie Cemetery is located between Roxie, Mississippi and the Kirby community.  It is not far from the intersection of State Highway 33 and US Highway 84.


Driving directions from that intersection: Travel East on Hwy 84 about 1.5 miles to the paper mill road.  Turn left on the paper mill road and go about 5 miles down this road.  Just before the gravel turns to blacktop, (if you reach the blacktop, you need to turn around and go back about 1/4 mile!)  look to the right and you will see a little road.  Go down this little road about 300 yards and the cemetery is on the right.  It is fenced and kept mowed.  The cemetery is located on private property belonging to the Whitehead descendants.  You should ask permission but they usually don't mind.



Anders Henry G. 10-5-1900 5-21-1902 Son of J. H. and India Aldridge Anders
Anders John H. 3-16-1859 3-5-1915 Married India Aldridge 12-22-1886

Cowart Zachariah M CO A 7th Miss Inf CSA

     brick vault next to his maybe his wife

Cunningham Lambert Eugene 1855 1936 Father Lambert was born May, 1855

Cunningham Sallie A. 8-7-1863 6-25-1908 w/o L.E. Married L.E. 4-26-1883

Cunningham Alphie Bell 1892 1974 daughter of L.E.& Sallie-Never married

Cunningham Donie B. 12-3-1896 7-1986 daughter of L.E.& Sallie-Never married

Cunningham Kate 1890 1956 daughter of L.E.& Sallie-Never married


Dickson J. A. (Sr.) 1865 1923 brother of Sallie Dickson Cunningham

Dickson Elizabeth (Seale) 1877 1908 wife of John Dickson

Dickson Vada M. 8-19-1969 FHM-Laird & Foster age 82 years

Ellerbe Agnes L. 7-29-1864 3-22-1891 Dau of R.T.McLemore-

     married P.H. Ellerbe

Farmer Clarra 8-12-1889 6-17-1890 d/o G W & F D

Fleming Hattie Amelia 9-22-1848 1-5-1924

(Mrs. Amelia Robertson md M B Fleming 1-30-1898)

Freeman Mary O. 6-16-1878 7-19-1896


Gates George W. 5-15-1856 10-11-1931 married 10-20-1878
Gates Eleanor A. 12-24-1857 8-9-1942 wife of George W. Gates


Haley James A. 9-1867 7-1957 married Rosa Etta McLemore 7-20-1890

Haley Rosa McLemore 1868 1933 Wife of James A. Haley

Haley Margo M. 6-10-1891 9-30-1891 d/o J A & R E

Hester Daniel B. CO E 3 Miss Inf Sp Am War
Hester William T. Co E 12 Miss Inf CSA
Hester Sue 9-11-1843 11-23-1934


Higginbotham, Sallie Smylie 1-25-1890 12-21-1908

(1st wife of Quantrell Higginbotham)

Hill Joel (Daniel) 12-4-1832 8-29-1912 Married Sarah McLemore
Hill Sarah 3-1-1841 2-29-1912 Wife of Joel D. Hill

Hill Jane 7-10-1859 9-20-1902

McLemore (William) Brown 11-30-1871 8-6-1894

     Son of R. T. McLemore originally copied in 1971

McLemore E. E. 3-9-1893 3-9-1920

McLemore Ephraim Hester 12-9-1865 10-12-1919

Married Hester G. Higdon 12-19-1889


McLemore Eva Huey  12-24-1907 8-15-1933

McLemore Hester 2-26-1874 2-20-1958 Wife of Ephraim H. McLemore

McLemore John 4-8-1867 7-25-1939
McLemore Adonia 10-14-1870 (death date not inscribed)

     wife of John McLemore

McLemore Mack 11-6-1873 6-16-1879 marker originally copied in 1971


McLemore Oscar H. 7-4-1906 12-19-1906 s/o E H & Hester

McLemore Richard 9-8-1837 1-21-1913 Married Lucy Freeman

McLemore Lucy (Freeman) 9-13-1843 7-6-1897 wife of Richard McLemore

McLemore T.(homas) C.(raven) 8-22-1880 5-31-1935

     Married Arie Isaphene Seale 1-19-1899

McLemore Arie I. 3-22-1880 3-7-1907 Wife of Thomas Craven McLemore

Rowland Laura Louise 7-9-1914 12-27-1919

dau. of Sarah Jane Coward Rowland and Robert Davenport Rowland


Seale Elizabeth 5-1-1909 5-1-1909 twin of Edith Seale
Seale Edith 5-1-1909 5-28-1911 twin of Elizabeth Seale

Seale Paschal 6-1-1829 12-12-1913 Married Almedia Hammack 7-26-1869

Seale Almedia (Hammack) 12-20-1844 4-6-1936 wife of Paschal Seale

Seale William W. 4-18-1875 6-3-1925

Smylie David W.(indfield) 10-21-1847 9-1-1934

     Married Catherine Aldridge 2-9-1881
Smylie Kate A. 10-5-1854 1-1-1917 wife of D.W. Aldridge

Smylie James M. 1-5-1848 2-26-1898 Married E.E. Claughton 11-11-1874

Smylie Eliza E. 1-17-1856 12-8-1903 wife of James M. Smylie

Smylie Lennie 7-22-1877 8-12-1878 d/o J M & E.E.

Smylie Dollie 11-7-1881 12-25-1882 d/o J M & E.E.

Smylie William Edgar (Mr. Ed) 10-1864 11-29-1957 FHM originally copied in 1971


Smylie, John Culver  2-18-1852 9-22-1917


Temple Sallie V.(Smylie) 11-1-18?? 10-22-1888 w/o Charles S.

     married Charles S. Temple 1-21-1887

Whitehead T.(illman) R. 5-12-1835 11-25-1908 Married Sarah Jane Freeman

Whitehead Sarah J. 11-3-1836 4-10-1898 wife of Tillman R. Whitehead

     md.2-22-1855 Copiah


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