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Sunnyside Plantation Cemetery


Unsure of the name of this cemetery that I am calling Sunnyside Plantation.
It is on private property and is on the old Sunnyside Plantation west of Roxie off of Hwy. 84.

Driving directions are: From the Franklin & Adams Co. line on Hwy. 84 go
east for 1 & 1/4 mile to the drive way on the right side of the road
before the RR track overpass. Turn there and go in drive till you see the
old hwy 84, turn right and go to a small dirt road to the left then cross
the RR tracks and follow dirt road till you see the cemetery on the left.
The dirt road does have a gate on it that is sometimes locked, so permission
to enter would be needed. This cemetery is small but has one nice size
tombstone in it and it is fenced in.

List of tombstones:

Dr. M. C. Johnson
Born: Fairfax Co., Va. Sept. 28, 1826
Died: Jan. 23, 1887
(to the west side of this same tombstone is another inscription)
Mrs. Sophia Johnson Drake
Born: Franklin Co., Miss.
Died: July 1, 1896

These stones simply read:

Our Father
John Smith
erected by: Sophia Johnson

John Ray
erected by: Sophia Johnson

Our Mother
Ann Ray
erected by: Sophia Johnson

Our Brother
John B. Smith
erected by: Sophia Johnson

Son of John L. & Lida O. Calcote
Born: May 5, 1875 Died: May 11, 1876
aged 9 months and 11 days

Daughter of John L. & Lida Calcote
Born: Mar. 7, 1877 Died: Jan. 28,1878
Aged 10 months and 21 days
( tombstone is broken in half and hard to read)

Little French
Son of John L. & Lida O. Calcote
Born: Jan. 17, 1881 Died Jan. 17, 1885
aged 4 years

Our Walter B
Son of C. N. & A. Ratcliff
Died May 16, 1885
Aged 1 year 3 months and 26 days
( a small stone at the end of grave has his initials W. B. R.)

Infant daughter of Jerry and Lizze Mock
Born: Nov. 24, 1874 Died Dec. 12, 1874

Walter A.
Son of J. & M. A. Mock
Born: Aug.9,1854 Died Aug.30, 1856
aged 2 years and 21 days

Jeremiah Mock
Died: July 8, 1865
aged 75 years
( inscription reads) " He Died As He Stood A Pure Upright Man"

Martha Ann Smith
Wife of Jeremiah Mock
Died: June 5, 1907
aged 82 years

Martha Ann Baker
Born: Oct. 31, 1895
Died: Feb. 1, 1989
aged 93 years
(metal marker)

Next grave is a metal marker that can't be read.

Jerry Mock
Born: May 13, 1852
Died: Jan. 6, 1933

Marmaduke C.
Son of J. & L. M. Mock
Born: Jan.17, 1875 Died: June 21, 1898

Next grave is a metal marker that can't be read.

Mary Christine Baker
Born:June 19, 1933
Died: June 5, 1988

The large grey stone of Dr. M.C. Johnson's reads
" A friend to the friendless
Take them, O Father , In thine arms
And may they hence forth be a
Messenger of peace between our
Human hearts and Thee."

Contributed by Angela Arnold   Copyright 2002 by Contributor

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