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Holmes County, Mississippi
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Holmes County
created 1833

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The Holmes County, Mississippi
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September 16 2006

Holmes County, Mississippi
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Cemeteries of Holmes County
 Information from United States

Department of the Interior, USGS, GNIS
Many thanks to Marjorie Norris!

For Holmes County Cemetery Lookups please email Dudley Rinicker

Cemetery Name   Lattitude Longitude Township Name Online
Acona #1 Cemetery  331605N 0900108W        Black Hawk Online
Acona #2 Cemetery  331605N 0900108W        Black Hawk Online
Albino Cemetery 331248N 0901353W        Tchula    
Bailey Cemetery 331436N 0895950W        Bowling Green  
Barksdale Cemetery      330710N 0895353W        Owens Wells Online
Beall-Stigler Cemetery  331417N 0900305W        Lexington North Online
Bethesda Cemetery       330812N 0895648W        Bowling Green Online
Bethlehem Cemetery      325602N 0895653W        Goodman    
Boatwright Cemetery     330640N 0900740W        Howard   Online
Boyd Cemetery   331057N 0895925W        Bowling Green  
Brantley Cemetery       325939N 0901026W        Zeiglerville   Online
Brister Cemetery        330803N 0894914W        West   Online
Brister Cemetery        330737N 0895704W        Bowling Green Online
Brooks Cemetery 330528N 0902040W        Thornton   Online
Brooks #2 Cemetery - - -   Online
Broughman Cemetery      331134N 0900815W        Tchula   Online
Buck Cemetery   330430N 0900343W        Lexington South Online
Bush Cemetery   330613N 0895251W        Owens Wells Online
Cade Smith Cemetery - - - - Online
Calvary Cemetery        331252N 0900824W        Tchula   Online
Central Cemetery        325531N 0900108W        Ebenezer   Online
Clifton Cemetery        330809N 0901100W        Tchula    
County Line Cemetery    331334N 0894950W        West   Online
Coxburg Cemetery        325957N 0901236W        Zeiglerville   Online
Crawford Cemetery       331020N 0895022W        West   Online
Cunliff Cemetery        331132N 0901003W        Tchula   Online
Damascus Cemetery       330208N 0895349W        Owens Wells  
Dixon Cemetery  331456N 0900126W        Lexington North  
Downer Cemetery 331344N 0895536W        Bowling Green Online
Durant Cemetery 330349N 0895210W        Durant   Online
Durant Cemetery 330401N 0895130W        Durant    
Durham Cemetery 330300N 0895839W        Owens Wells Online
Ebenezer Cemetery       325828N 0900515W        Ebenezer   Online
Ebenezer Cemetery       325833N 0900522W        Ebenezer   Online
Emory Cemetery  331537N 0895514W        Murdock Lake Online
Emory Cemetery  331513N 0895502W        Murdock Lake  
Eubanks Cemetery        330822N 0895444W        Bowling Green Online
Falls Cemetery  325713N 0895828W        Goodman    
Franklin Cemetery       330158N 0895939W        Owens Wells Online
Gages Springs Cemetery  330316N 0895733W        Owens Wells  
Good Hope Cemetery      330453N 0901842W        Thornton   Online
Good Hope Cemetery      330541N 0901815W        Thornton    
Green Cemetery  325922N 0895450W        Goodman    
Green Cemetery  331135N 0895616W        Bowling Green  
Gulledge Cemetery       330132N 0895353W        Owens Wells Online
Hall Cemetery   331248N 0895510W        Bowling Green  
Harlands Creek Cemetery 325938N 0900933W        Zeiglerville   Online
Hebron Cemetery 330402N 0900808W        Howard   Online
Hickory Springs Cemetery        330251N 0900338W        Lexington South Online
Hillcrest Cemetery      325829N 0895441W        Goodman    
Hines Memorial Cemetery 331737N 0900442W        Black Hawk  
Hodges Cemetery 330750N 0900252W        Lexington North  
Holly Grove Cemetery    331724N 0900522W        Black Hawk  
Hooker Cemetery 331150N 0895714W        Bowling Green Online
Hopewell Cemetery       325546N 0900345W        Ebenezer   Online
Horring Cemetery        331027N 0900312W        Lexington North  
Jenkins Cemetery        331003N 0895831W        Bowling Green  
Johnson Cemetery        330934N 0901102W        Tchula   Online
Johnson Cemetery        331255N 0900229W        Lexington North  
Jordan Bailey Cemetery  331404N 0900157W        Lexington North Online
Keirn Cemetery  331542N 0900403W        Black Hawk Online
Lennard Cemetery        331821N 0901542W        Montgomery Online
Liberty Grove Cemetery  330526N 0900630W        Lexington South Online
Liberty Hill Cemetery   330150N 0900426W        Lexington South Online
Macedonia Cemetery      330157N 0895533W        Owens Wells Online
Malone Cemetery 330026N 0901023W        Howard   Online
Marcella Cemetery       330800N 0901911W        Marcella    
McGee Cemetery  330945N 0895425W        Bowling Green  
Megee Cemetery  331030N 0895609W        Bowling Green Online
Meggs Cemetery  330035N 0900742W        Howard   Online
Melton Cemetery 331338N 0895949W        Bowling Green Online
Melton Cemetery 330655N 0895104W        Durant   Online
Montgomery Cemetery     331056N 0895739W        Bowling Green  
Moorehead Cemetery      330948N 0895131W        West   Online
Mount Olive Cemetery    331344N 0900620W        Lexington North  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 331406N 0895245W        Bowling Green Online
New Zion Cemetery       331302N 0901315W        Tchula    
Oak Grove Cemetery      330244N 0901301W        Howard   Online
Oak Grove Cemetery      330532N 0900412W        Lexington South Online
Odd Fellows Cemetery    330700N 0900202W        Lexington South  
Old Rankin Cemetery     330647N 0901114W        Howard   Online
Olive Cemetery  331117N 0900336W        Lexington North Online
Oregon Cemetery 330823N 0900641W        Lexington North Online
Owen Cemetery   330541N 0895757W        Owens Wells Online
Pickens Cemetery        325317N 0895811W        Goodman   Online
Pinchback Cemetery      331743N 0900850W        Cruger   Online
Pinecrest Cemetery      331021N 0901122W        Tchula   Online
Pinkston Cemetery       330816N 0900247W        Lexington North  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 330824N 0895631W        Bowling Green Online
Pluto Cemetery  330314N 0902300W        Silver City Online
Porter Cemetery 331427N 0895641W        Bowling Green Online
Quiet Ridge Cemetery    325316N 0895811W        Goodman   Online
Reeves Cemetery 331600N 0895900W        Murdock Lake Online
Rhynes Cemetery 331040N 0900010W        Lexington North  
Rocky Springs Cemetery  330753N 0895127W        West   Online
Rogers Cemetery 331246N 0895741W        Bowling Green Online
Rogers Cemetery 325923N 0900329W        Ebenezer   Online
Rose Bank Cemetery      331145N 0901046W        Tchula Tchula  
Rule Cemetery   325805N 0900410W        Ebenezer   Online
Saffold Cemetery        331132N 0895850W        Bowling Green Online
Saint Johns Cemetery    330901N 0901436W        Tchula Tchula  
Salem Cemetery  330446N 0895446W        Owens Wells Online
Shady Grove Cemetery    331006N 0900707W        Lexington North  
Shady Grove Cemetery    330100N 0895442W        Owens Wells  
Smith Cemetery  325701N 0900555W        Ebenezer   Online
Spoll Cemetery  330202N 0900440W        Lexington South  
Spring Hill Cemetery    330820N 0895420W        Bowling Green Online
Springhill Cemetery     330407N 0900116W        Lexington South  
Sproles Cemetery        330425N 0895356W        Owens Wells Online
Stigler Cemetery        330440N 0900516W        Lexington South Online
Stokes Cemetery 331010N 0895544W        Bowling Green  
Sweetwater Cemetery     331144N 0900128W        Lexington North  
Thornton Cemetery       330504N 0901931W        Thornton   Online
Thurman Cemetery        331312N 0895940W        Bowling Green Online
Thurmond Cemetery       331055N 0895707W        Bowling Green  
Tolar Cemetery  325746N 0900924W        Zeiglerville   Online
Tredwell Cemetery       330432N 0901103W        Howard    
Truly Cemetery  325842N 0900359W        Ebenezer   Online
Valley View Cemetery    331851N 0900848W        Cruger    
Vanhoughton Cemetery    331526N 0900148W        Black Hawk Online
Wade Cemetery   331008N 0900054W        Lexington North Online
Wade Cemetery   330738N 0900308W        Lexington North  
Wadell Cemetery 331124N 0900333W        Lexington North  
Wanlaw Cemetery 331409N 0900520W        Lexington North Online
Watson Cemetery 330213N 0901015W        Howard   Online
Watson Cemetery 331042N 0895414W        Bowling Green  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery  330400N 0895426W        Owens Wells Online
West Cemetery   331154N 0894644W        West   Online
West Grove Cemetery     330224N 0900411W        Lexington South  
Whelin Cemetery 331118N 0894847W        West   Online
Wilkins Cemetery        331103N 0895402W        Bowling Green Online
Wilks Cemetery  331246N 0895151W        West   Online
Wyatt Cemetery  331023N 0901042W        Tchula   Online
Zion Hill Cemetery      330916N 0900836W        Tchula    


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