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September 16 2006

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Contributed by Dudley Rinicker
DIRECTIONS: 1DIRECTIONS: 1. From the intersection of US Highway 51 and Mulberry 
Street, in Durant(Mulberry Street becomes Castalian Springs Street), go 3.5 
miles to crossroads. (Note: Castalian Springs is at 3.0 miles). Turn left and go 
0.4 miles to unmarked gravel road to the left. Turn left and go 0.15 miles to 
cemetery. 2. From the intersection of Interstate 55 and MS Highway 12, go west 
0.9 miles to West Hill Rd. Turn south on West Hill Road and go 2.8 miles to 
unmarked gravel road to the left. Turn left and go 0.l5 miles to the cemetery.

HISTORY: The battle of Shiloh, Tennessee was fought on 6-7 April 1862. There 
were more than 10,700 casualties, on the confederate forces. In an attempt to 
provide necessary care for the casualties, the confederate army loaded some of 
them unto trains, that were sent south into Mississippi. The trains stopped at 
each town, to see how many of the wounded could be cared for in that town.
An unspecified number were unloaded in Durant. They were carried by wagons, 
carts and carriages to the former hotel/health spa at Castalian Springs, which 
was located 3 miles west of Durant. This hotel was converted into a hospital.
Records indicate that 90 soldiers died there, from April 1862 to November 12, 
1863. They were buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery in unmarked or temporary marked 
graves. They were never permanently marked and were finally lost.
In the 1990’s, tombstones were secured for each of the 90 soldiers and were 
placed at the cemetery, in a symbolic military manner.

ABSER, George W. PVT d. Jul 11, 1862 Co D 23 ALA CSA
ALSTON, George W. PVT d. May 11, 1862 Co D 26 ALA INF CSA
BALES, T. J. PVT d. Sep 15, 1863 Co B 54 ALA Inf CSA
BARNES, William d. Nov 1862 Co H 3 MO INF CSA
BARNES, William PVT d. Nov 1862 Co K 41 TENN INF CSA
BARRETT, Reuben PVT d. Dec 19, 1862 Co F 40 MISS INF CSA
BATES, George W. PVT d. Apr 25, 1862 Co A 4 KY INF CSA
BECKWITH, Robert PVT d. Jun 1, 1862 Co D 26 ALA INF CSA
BELLAH, J. M. d. Jan 19, 1863 Co H 37 ALA INF CSA
BORDENAVE, Victor d. Oct 3, 1862 Co G, 3 LA INF CSA
BRADLEY, Pyron d. 1863 Co E 1 TENN BATT CSA
BRADY, John M. PVT d. 1862 Co B 6 MISS INF CSA
BRIDGES, William d. Apr 22, 1862 Co G 4KY MTD INF CSA Note: There is a bronze 
flat marker on this grave that says, "In Memory of William Bridges, Jr Co G 4KY 
Brig CSA b. Oct 3, 1834 d. Apr 22, 1862 Of Trigg County, KY"
BROWN, James A. PVT d. Dec 3l, 1862 Co C l5 MISS INF CSA
BROWN, Thomas d. May 14, 1862 Co C 4 Ky INF CSA
BUSH, Dayton F. d. Dec 2, 1862 Co E 12 LA INF CSA
CARTER, John d. Nov 30, 1862 Co K 43 MISS INF CSA
CASH, James C. d. Aug 8, 1863 Co G 62 TENN MTD INF CSA
CHADWICK, Moses d. Nov 2, 1862 Co E 35 MISS INF CSA
COCKRAM, James T. d. Mar 19, 1863 Co K 37 MISS INF CSA
DAVIS, Zias L. PVT d. Nov 1, 1862 Co A 36 MISSD INF CSA
DEAN, C. S. PVT d. Jun 25, 1862 Co A 17 TENN INF CSA
DINGLE, James H. d. 1863 Co B ALA INF CSA
DOBBS, R. H. PVT d. 1863 Co L 43 MISS INF CSA
DOLLAR, Cornelius PVT d. Apr 13, 1863 Co I 20 MISS INF CSA
DOLLAR, H. T. d. Oct 7, 1862 Co C 43 MISS INF CSA
DONAHO, James PVT d. Oct 29, 1862 Co E 33 MISS INF CSA
DOWDLE, Samuel P. d. June 12, 1862 Co D 24 MISS INF
DUNNAVANT, George A d. Mar 12, 1863 Co A 54 ALA INF CSA
DUNNAVANT, Thomas R. d. Mar 22, 1863 Co A 54 ALA INF CSA
ELLISON, John d. 1862 Co E 4 KY MTD INF CSA
EWING, Abel R. SERG d. Jul 7, 1863 Co E 3 MO INF CSA
FERGUSON, William T. d. Jul 12, 1862 Co D 1 MISS LT ARTY CSA
FIELDS, Isiah M. SERG d. 1863 Co H 30 GA INF CSA
FORGET, Adams F. d. 1863 Co L 1 LA HVY ARTY CSA
GOODSON, Hampton d. Nov 12, 1862 Co K 43 MISS INF CSA
GRANTHAM, Francis M. d. 1862 Co F 42 ALA INF CSA
GRANTHAM, William P. d. Dec 1862 Co E 42 ALA INF CSA
GREER, John J. d. Jul 12, 1862 Co D 1 MISS LT ARTY CSA
GRIMES, Willis H. d. 1863 Co K 37 ALA INF CSA
HALEY, John d. Nov 1862 Co K 42 MISS INF CSA
HALL, John M. d. May 23, 1862 Co H 31 MISS INF CSA
HARRIS, Benjamin J. d. 1863 Co F 35 MISS INF CSA
HELMES, Dolomon E. d. Jul 6, 1862 Co D 19 ALA INF CSA
HOLLAND, H. A. PVT d. Dec 20, 1862 Co A 14 MISS INF CSA
HOUSTON, John SERG d. Dec 3l, 1862 Co E 40 MISS INF CSA
HULL, M. E. d. Apr 20, 1862 Co A 6 KY INF CSA
JAMISON, John d. Nov 10, 1862 Co D 38 MISS INF CSA
JENKINS, L. P. d. Apr 1862 Co B 6 KY INF CSA
JOHNSON, J. P. PVT b. 1846 d. 1862 Co G 1 MISS ARTY CSA
JONES, William H. d. June 15, 1862 Co A 9 TEXAS INF CSA
JORDAN, Jeremiah PVT d. Nov 12, 1863 Co L 25 GA INF CSA
KEETON, James PVT d./ Aug 4, 1862 Co C 50 ALA INF CSA
KING, William B. d. Apr 26, 1863 Co C 3l MISS INF CSA
LANE, John d. Jul 15, 1863 Co A 41 TENN INF CSA
LINSEY, J. d. 1863 Co I 42 ALA INF CSA
MANIER, John d. Apr 1862 Co H 4 KY MTD INF CSA
McCARTY, James d. 1863 Co E 42 ALA INF CSA
McKINNEY, Hiram D. PVT d. 1862 Co E 42 Ala INF CSA
MOODY, A. C. d. 1862 Co H 33 MISS INF CSA
MOORE, D. H. E. PVT d. Mar 26, 1863 Co E 7 KY INF CSA
MORRIS, Z. O. d. 1863 Co C 25 GA INF CSA
NELSON, Orthaniel d. Jan 3, 1863 Co F 3l MISS INF CSA
ODEN, H. C, d. Jan 1, 1863 Co F 43 MISS INF CSA
ORZON, Samuel d. May 16, 1862 1 ARK BN CSA Note: This grave is out separate from 
the other confederate soldiers. His mother requested that he be buried in this 
manner. In case she or any of the family could visit the cemetery, they would be 
able to locate his grave.
OWENS, George C. PVT d. Dec 5, 1862 Co C 12 LA INF CSA
PACE, Joseph C. d. Jun 20, 1862 Co A 4 KY INF CSA
PHINAZEE, John B. PVT d. Jun 6, 1863 Co F 30 GA INF CSA
QUINN, W. E. d. Nov 12, 1863 Co E 33 MISS INF CSA
REA, A. M. SERG d. 1863 Co G 27 ALA INF CSA
REID, R. J. d. 1862 Co I 42 ALA INF CSA
RICH, I. J. PVT d. May 19, 1863 Co G 23 MISS INF CSA
ROGERS, R. O. d. Nov 20, 1862 Co D 38 MISS INF CSA
RUSSELL, William B. d. 1863 Co I 15 ARK INF CSA
SANDIFER, Absalom d. Nov 10, 1862 Co B 36 MISS INF CSA
SIMMONS, James S. b. 1823 d. 1862 30 MISS INF CSA
SIMPSON, William M d. Jul 4, 1863 Co B 545 ALA INF CSA
SISTRUNK, S. A. PVT d. Dec 4, 1862 Co F 40 MISS INF C
SMITH, John d. Dec 1, 1862 Co I 40 MISS INF CSA
SUMMERAL, James PVT d. 1863 Co E 42 ALA INF CSA
SUMRALL, Levi d. Apr 15, 1863 Co I 20 MISS INF CSA
TRACY, Solomon d. May 1862 Co H 4 KY MTD INF CSA
TURNER, M. D. PVT d. 1863 Co K 20 ARK INF CSA
WILLIAMS, William S. PVT d. 1863 Co E 42 ALA INF CSA
WOOD, Robert PVT d. Jun 12, 1862 Co D 24 MISS INF CSA

CONDITIONS: Many of the tombstones are toppled over and/or broken.

ARNOLD, Katie d. July 25, 1861 Age 4 yrs 4 mo.
BROWN, E. C. b. April 12, 1827 d. July 18, 19ll
BUSH, W. B. b. Aug 18, 1812 d. Jan 18, 1859
DALE, James W. b. In County Antrim, Ireland d. Abt 1858 Age 50 yrs. Mother – Martha Ellen Dale Father – Hiram Moore Dale
CHESNEY, Tabitha E. d. April 21, 1861 Age 2l yrs 10 mo & 26 da. Wife of S. O. Chesney and dau of S. J. & M. D. Guerry
DAVIS, Cornie T. b. Nov 13, 1840 d. July 18, 1872 Wife of H. P. Davis
DAVIS, Mary Bessie b. Feb 24, 1871 d. Sept 27 1873 Dau of H. P. & C., T. Davis
DAVIS, Susie Howard b. July 26, 1866 d. Sept 1868 Dau of H. P. & C. T. Davis
ELMORE, David C. b. April 1, 1851 d. Jan 3, 1877 Son of David & Jane Elmore
ELMORE, Jane E. b. Sept 15, 1815 d. July 12, 1885 Wife of David Elmore
ELMORE, John E. b. Mar 9, 1853 d. Jan 4, 1877 Son of David & Jane Elmore
GODFREY, Anna d. June 23, 1872
GUERRY, Mary b. June 1, 1797 d. May 18, 1855 Wife of Theodore Guerry
HUDSON, Bethel Wood b. May 21, 1877 d. July 11, 1877 Son of H. C. & M. S. Hudson
HUDSON, Rebecca B. b. Nov 19, 1879 d. Aug 31, 1884 Dau of H. C. & M. S. Hudson
HUDSON, Wm. Roberts b. Jan 3l, 1875 d. July 10, 1877 Son of H. C. & M. S. Hudson
JORDAN, Thomas P. d. Dec 6, 1866 Age 48 yrs 8 mo & 1 da.
McGEE, Hester Ann b. Jan 6, 1834 d. July 22, 1856 Wife of Levi McGee
McLELLAN, Birdie b. Sept 16, 1880 d. April 28, 1884 Dau of J. W. & J. E. McLellan
McLELLAN, Mary Ophelia b. Mar 12, 1878 d. Nov 26. 1879 Dau of J. W. & J. E. McLellan
McLELLAN, Nina b. June 1, 1874 d. Feb 6, 1875 Dau of J. W. & J. E. McLellan
MOORE, Dr. Benjamin W. b. Aug 11, 1820 or 29 d. April 21, 1875vb
MOORE, Martha P. b. Feb 20, 1804 d. Oct 31, 1868 In Loving Memory of our Mother
MONTGOMERY, Claramond b. Nov 30, 1830 d. June 15, 1859
MORRIS, J. b. Edgefield Dist. S.C. Mar 11, 1811 d. Feb 12, 1875
MURPHY, Bird d. Dec 25, 1860 Age 2 yrs 10 mo Only son of Dr. C. T. & A. E. Murphy
MURPHY, Mrs. Jane E. d. July 1848 Age 36 yrs. Wife of Dr. C. T. Murphy /dau of Dr. I. Finch
MURPHY, Johnnie b. Sept 14, 1844 d. April 11, 1869 Wife of Robert M. Murphy
MURPHY, Lottie d. Sept 21, 1857 Age 16 mo. Dau of Dr. C. T. & A. E. Murphy
MURPHY, Robert M. b. April 25, 1834 d. Oct 21, 1882
PANKEY, Dolilah d. Feb 25, 1854 Age 1 yr 8 mo 19 da. Dau of S. & R. Pankey
PANKEY, Rachel Williams b. Dec 10, 1816 d. Dec 14, 1861 Wife of Stephen Pankey
PANKEY, Stephen b. Dec 19, 1815 d. Feb 19, 1857
RAY, Wm. Henry b. Jan 30, 1938 d. Mar 8, 1872
RED, Anna Gray b. Mar 19, 1867 d. April 25, 1869 Dau of S. W. & E. J. Red
RED, Elizabeth b. June 5, 1826 d. Aug 21, 1870 Wife of S. W. Red
STEVENS, J. W. b. May 8, 1843 d. Feb 23, 1882
STEVENS, Mary Shanks b. 1840 d. 1911
WEATHERBY, Rev. Benjamin d. Sept 12, 1856 Age 72 yrs 3 mo 19 da.
WEATHERBY, Edgar Lee b. July 29, 1872 d. Feb 15, 1879 Son of J. S. & A. A. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, Ida B. b. July 22, 1867 d. Sept 17, 1868 Dau of J. S. & A. A. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, James P. b. Dec 16, 1865 d. Sept 20, 1866 Son of J. S. & A. A. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, Jessie d. May 22, 1877 Age 2 mo & 3 da. Son of J. S. & A. A. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, Laura I. B. Mar 3, 1863 d. May 16, 1866 Dau of J. S. & A. A. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, Mildred b. Feb 3, 1789 d. Nov 15, 1857 Wife of Ben Weatherby
WEATHERBY, Oliva b./ July 7, 1869 d. Oct 9, 1871 Dau of J. S., & A. A. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, Robert Wesley b. May 5, 1863 d. July 31, 1873 Son of S. W. & N. D. Weatherby
WEATHERBY, S. W. b. Oct 1, 1824 d. Oct 31, 1873
WEEMS, E. H. b. Jan 8, 1837 d. Dec 28, 1862 Wife of John M. Weems
WEEMS, James Albert b. April 16, 1869 d. Dec 7, 1870 Son of James M. & Jane C. Weems
WEEMS, James M b. Oct 8, 1809 d. Dec 3, 1873
WEEMS, Jane C. b. Mar 16, 1813 d. May 27, 1874
WEEMS, Samuel b. Sept 26, 1856 d. Oct 14, 1857 Son of S. W. & B. P. Weems
WESTON, C. H. b. Dec 2, 1832 d. April 7, 1873
WESTON, Mary Eliz. B. Mar 1, 1862 d. Aug 5, 1863 Dau of C. H. & B. P. Weems
WILLIAMS, Eugenia Pankey b. April 4, 1855 d. Oct 10, 1919 Wife of Giles Williams
WILLIAMS, Giles Bright b. April 15, 1844 d. Aug 21, 1925 Co E 51st N. C. Reg
WILSON, John W. b. Nov 22, 1848 d. Jan 31, 1876 Son of Robert & Nancy Wilson


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