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September 16 2006

18th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

Capt. E.R. Burt of company K was elected regimental commander and promoted to Colonel. Joseph F. Sessions was elected captain of Company K
Chronology of Service

22 April 1861 Co. K mustered in at Jackson. 
7 June Regiment organized 
10 June Departed for Virginia 
18 June Arrived at Camp Walker near Manassas Junction 
18-21 June Battle of Manassas 
Jul.- Dec. On duty around Leesburg 
21 Oct.  Battle of Ball's Bluff 
Jan.--Mar. 1862 On duty around Leesburg 
Mar. Transferred to Yorktown 
5 Apr.--3 May Under seige at Yorktown 
3 May Began retreat up peninsular 
29 June Battle of Savage Station 
1 July Battle of Malvern Hill 
July--Sept. On duty around Richmond 
12-15 Sept. Battle of Harper's Ferry 
17 Sept. Battle of Sharpsburg (Antetiam) 
Sept.--Nov. Encamped at Winchester, Va. 
11 Dec. Battle of Fredericksburg 
Jan.--Apr.1863 On duty around Fredericksburg 
2-6 May Battle of Chancellorsville 
1-3 July Battle of Gettysburg 
20 Sept. Battle of Chickamauga 
October On duty at base of Lookout Mountain 
Nov.--Dec. Involved in movements prior to Battle of Knoxville 
Jan.--Mar. 1864 Encamped in East Tennessee 
18 Mar.--4 May Encamped at Gordonsville, Virginia 
6 May Battle of Wilderness 
7-8 May Battle of Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania Courthouse 
8-20 May Battle of Spotsylvania 
3-12 June Battle of Cold Harbor 
13 June Battle of Malvern Hill 
15-24 June Battle of Petersburg 
12 Aug. Ordered to the Shenandoah Valley 
25 Aug. Joined Gen. Early's Army at Front Royal 
26-29 Aug. Drove Federal Army back to Harper's Ferry 
3 Sept. Battle of Berryville 
19 Oct. Battle of Cedar Creek 
18 Nov.  Arrived in Richmond and went into winter quarters 
Jan.-- 2 May 1865 Remained in defensive position between the Darbytown and New Market Roads. On 1 March the regiment had only 100 men and five officers left. At the Battle of Manassas it had began with over 800 men and officers. 

Capt. J.F. Sessions Co. K., Burt's Rifles
 Eggleston, William Co. K

Lt. Cass Oltenburg Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Forbus, James Co. B

Blake, William Co. D.
 Forbus, John Co. B.

Boling, John H. Co. D.
 Foster, James Co. D

Bullock, ? ? Co. D
 Herbert, Dozier Co. K, Burt's Rifles

Caradine, S.G. Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Herbert, Dr. John Co. K, Burt's Rifles

Carter, S.S., Dr. Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Horton, Wm. Co. , 

Eggleston, J. S. Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 McLean, Garrett Co K, Burt's Rifles

Cowan, William Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Meade, D.K. Co. K, Burt's Rifles

Cunliffe, J.R. Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Pamplin, William Co.K, Burt's Rifles

Cunliffe, W.C. Co. K, Burt's rifles
 Riley, James S. Co. D

Cunliffe, Richard Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Sample, Harvey Co. K, Burt's Rifles

Dickerson, W.B. Co. B
 Smith, W.Z. Co. D

Doyle, Arthur Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Tidwell, W.J. Co. K, Burt's Rifles

Dyer, Joe H. Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Williams, Carroll Co. K, Burt's Rifles

Eggleston, Charles Co. K, Burt's Rifles
 Wilson, M.T. Co. D

Capt. E.R. Burt of company K was elected regimental commander and promoted to Colonel. Joseph F. Sessions was elected captain of Company K.


Copyright 2006 John Hansen. All material provided is copyrighted to the public domain for non-commercial, non-profit use only. No commercial use is legal without permission of the/all author(s).