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September 16 2006

Co A, 29th Mississippi Cavalry

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

Chronology of Service 

4 Jan 1862 Co. A enlisted at Grenada
24 Feb. 28th Regiment formed, (Starke's Cavalry).
14 May  Encamped at Jackson, Miss.
May - Aug. Guarding flanks of the fortress at Vicksburg, operating from Vicksburg.
Sept. Camp Burrus, Bolivar County.
2 Aug. Skirmish near Totten's plantation in Coahoma County.
14 Sept. Skirmish near Prentiss in Bolivar County.
19 Sept. Attacked transports at Niblett's Landing on the Mississippi.(opposite Island No. 10)
Oct. - Dec Operating from Panola.
Dec. Confronted the Federal expedetion under Gen. Steele near Panola.
Jan 1863 Assigned to Cosby's Brigade, Martin's Div., Van Dorn's Army.
Feb. Moved from Okolona to Columbia, Tenn.
5 Mar. In reserve at Battle of Thompson's Station
9 Mar. Skirmish at Thompson's Station.
10 Apr. Engaged in attack on Franklin.(Led the charge through the town, heavy losses)
17 May  Departed Tenn.
7 June Arrived Mechanicsburg, Miss. Assigned to Gen. W.H. Jackson's Div.
22 June Engagement at Birdsong's Ferry on the Big Black. (Maj. McBee commanding the 28th regt.( Known as "Battle of Bear Creek")
7-16 July Skirmished with Sherman's advance near Jackson, fought off Cavalry charge near Clinton.
17 July- 30 Aug. Operated out of Clinton.
Sept. Moved to Brownsville.
10 Oct.  Engagement near Port Gibson.
14-18 Oct. Confronted the McPherson expedition from Vicksburg to Canton at several locations. 
Oct. - Dec. Operated between the Big Black and Pearl Rivers.
Jan. 1864 McBee commanding the regiment; Stark's Brigade, Jackson's Div., Gen. S.D. Lee's Army.
4 Feb. Engaged Hurlbut's Column near the Joe Davis plantation.
5 Feb. Continous skirmish with Sherman's army over the 18 miles between Jackson and Canton.
14 Feb. Engagement near Meridan with Sherman.
27-29 Feb. Heavy Skirmishing with Sherman at Sharon.
Mar. Starke suceeded by Armstrong as Brigade commander.
5 May Moved from Carthage to Montevallo, Ala.
17 May Engagement at Adairsville, Ga. with heavy losses.
20 May Engaged as Cassville. Crossed the Etoah, and moved to Dallas, skirmishing.
28 May Dismounted in trenches at New Hope Church, made the infamous "feeling out the enemy" charge which resulted in heavy losses. After this they skirmished continualy as the army retreated to the Marietta line (Kennesaw Mountain). Skirmished in the rear of the federal lines near Powder Springs, met Rousseau's expedetion at West Point on 17 July.
28 July Battle of Ezra Church.
30 July Skirmished at Herring's Mill.
6 Aug. Engagement (place not given)
30 Aug. Battle of Jonesboro.
16 Nov.-6 Dec. Crossed Tennessee River into Tennessee. Armstrong's Brigade, Jackson's Division, Forrest's Army. Fought at Lawrenceburg, Campbellsville, Columbia, Spring Hill, and Franklin. Followed the Federals to Nashville.
7 Dec. Assault on Murfreesboro.
17 Dec. - 28 Dec. Played major role under Gen. Forrest in preventing Thomas's forces from capturing Hood's army as they retreated from Nashville. Major engagements at Columbia, Warfield's, Richland Creek, Pulaski, King's Hill, and Sugar Creek.
28 Dec.  Crossed the Tennessee River enroute for Tupelo.
March-2 Apr. 1865 Began movements southward in Alabama to meet the Raid of Gen. Wilson, cut off from Selma, they were unable to join up with the rest of Forrest's army. Moved to Livingston and went into camp.
22 May All troops under Gen. Forrest are surrendered at Gainesville, Ala.

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Capt. J.T. McBee Brown, S.T. Holmes, Jonas O'Leary, Pat
Lt. P.C. Richardson Capshaw, Dr. C.C. Holt, W.H. Patterson, Bevine
Lt. W.H. Ray Carter, Jas. Hooker, A.C. Patterson, Wm.
Lt. J.A. Kimbro Cartwright, Wm. Houghston, W.H. Perry, ? ?
Sgt. L. Richardson Caruthers, Brown Howard, Sam Proctor, Malcomb
Sgt. Pink C. Garrett Corregan, Peter Ingold, Peter Quimby, Robert
Sgt. Wm. Scarborough Crowley, Jack Jackson, W.P. Ray, William
Sgt. Ross Nesbitt Darnell, Abe Johnson, A.C. Reed, J.D.
Cpl. T.A. Lunsford Darnell, Joe Johnson, Chas. L. Reed, Richard
Cpl. Geo. G. Fryer Davis, John Johnson, I.R. Reed, Thomas
Adams, George Donovan, Pat Johnson, Joe E. Saxby, William
Alexander, G.W. Eakin, F.W. Johnson, Miles Shipp, W.W.
Alexander, Licurgus Eakin, Thomas A. Johnson, Post Simmons, Ben
Anderson, Dave Evans, James M. Johnson, Press Sorrells, F. M.
Anderson, George Evans, John C. Johnson, W.P. Spellman, D.
Anderson, James Fahah, ? ? Jones, Dr. ? Stafford, ? ?
Anderson, Levi Garvin, ? ? Jones, E. W. Stockwell, ? ?
Arnold, ? ? Gilliam, Wilson Jones, Joe Street, Marcina
Austin, Henry Gormillian, Andy Jones, Robert Thomas, Wm.
Baker, Marshall Goss, Hiram Jones, V.E. Trainer, Thos.
Baughn, Henry Goss, John Jordan, Pleas Tyson, Wm.
Baughn, Robt. F. Grace, Walker Jordan, Wm. Vanderburg, C.G.
Bayliss, T.A. Graham, Jeff Jordan, Wm. H. Wall, Sandy
Boatwright, Walton Graham, Thomas Kennedy, Pat Walton, J.P.
Boone, J.M. Griffin, B. Frank Land, Thomas Webster, Albert
Boswell, Thomas Hale, Wm. Lyon, L.L. West, A.
Botters, John Hardings, Sim McAlister, ? ? West, W.A.
Boyle, Wm., Jr. Hargrave, Thomas McCarty, John Whittington, J. Wash.
Brock, Allen Harrowitch, Jake McDonald, A.W. Whittington, J.W.
Brock, E.R. Helmer, Joe McKinnie, ? ? Wilson, Baxter
Brock, W.D. Helmer, X. Mercer, James W. Wilson, James
Brough, George Herndon, Wm. Montgomery, J.G. Wyatt, F.A.
Brown, L.D. Hewett, W.H. Moseley, J.T. Wyatt, Robert
Bunch, ? ? Holly, ? ? Neal, Wm. Wyatt, W.W.
Burt, Wm. Holmes, A.M. Norwitch, Solomon -
Captains of Co. A: J.T. McBee, W.H. Ray, C.L. Johnson, J.G. Montgomery.

1st Lt.'s: W.H. Ray, A.W. McDonald, W.W. Wyatt, A. West.

2nd Lt.'s: J.A. Kimbro, A.W. McDonald, C.L. Johnson, J.G. Montgomery.

3rd Lt.'s: A.W. McDonald, W.H. Hinston, W.W. Wyatt, A. West.

Copyright 2006 John Hansen. All material provided is copyrighted to the public domain for non-commercial, non-profit use only. No commercial use is legal without permission of the/all author(s).