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September 16 2006

29th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

Chronology of Service 

1862 No record of prior organization of Company K of the 29th.
11 April 29th Regiment organized under Col. Walthall at Grenada
17 May Engagement with Sherman at Russell house on the Monterey Rd.
24 May Skirmish near Corinth
28 May Skirmish near Corinth
29 May Skirmish near Corinth
Late July Transferred to Chattanooga
Aug. Manuevors into Kentucky and Middle Tennessee
12 Sept. Captured Proctor Station on Louisville & Nashville R.R.
14-17 Sept. Battle of Munsfordville. Occuppied for several weeks.
17 Nov. 30th Infantry Regiment becomeaspart of Walthall's Brigade.
28 Dec.-2 Jan.63 Battle of Murfreesboro
22 Jan 1863 Took position on Shelbyville line.
Early July Fell back to Chattanooga, with other movement into northwest Georgia
Aug. Reserve camp near Chickamauga
18--21 Sept. Battle of Chickamauga (194 of 368 killed or wounded in the 29th Regt.)
22 Sept. -- 20 Nov. Encamped in line before Chattanooga.
20 Nov. Took positions on Lookout Mountain
24 Nov. "The Battle above the Clouds" fought almost entirely by Walthall's Brigade.
25 Nov.  Battle of Missionary Ridge
7 May 1864 Alt's Gap
13-15 May Resaca
19 May Cassville
25 May -- 2 June New Hope Church
3-9June Big Shanty
27 June Kennesaw Mountain
28 July Lickskillet Road
31 July Jonesboro
15 Oct. Engagement at Snake Creek Gap
20 Nov. Engagement at Columbia
29 Nov.  Engagement at Springhill
30 Nov.  Battle of Franklin
15 Dec. Battle of Nashville
26 Dec. Crossed Tenn. River enroute to Tupelo, upon arrival , furloughed until 15 Feb.
15 Feb. 1865 Assembled at Meridan and began movement to join Gen. Johnson in SouthCarolina.
26 April Surrendered at Greensboro, N.C.

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Company K (Dixie Rifles)


Capt. I.F. Harrington Crenshaw James Hughes P.G. Roberts Phelps
1st Lt. Eugene Cowan Dees John Hurst John Roberts T.H.
2ne Lt. Wm. Barksdale DeLoach Joe Lamey John Rogers J.B.
3rd Lt. F.A. Pope Doty J.B. Lindsey T.N. Shanks John
Sgt. W.H. McGruder Doty Julien T. Lloyd L.B. Shine J.L.
Sgt. Herman Mayo Edwards George Lomax W.W. Simmons H.G.
Sgt. I.R. Pickens Edwards Jack Lomax William Smith William
Cpl. W. H. Williams Emmons Dock Mc Lellan Sam Sproles J. W.
Cpl. P.S. Roberts Gage Matthew McBride, Daniel Stewart S.G.
Cpl. Elisha Sproles Gage Robert H. McGee L.T. Stigler E.B.
Cpl. Charles Dowsing Gray J.M. McLean J.B. Stigler J.H.
Alexander James Gray Jas. A McLellan Henry Stroud Moses B.
Barnes J.L. Gulledge Joel McLellan J.C. Swinney E.
Barnes W.G. Harthcock T.G. McLellan Robert Tate Robert
Bennett Frank Henley William Melton E.J. Thomason Richard
Brown Wallace Hines Felix Melton J. T. Thurmond Wade
Burnes John Hines T.J. Melton W.H. Wallace J.F.
Callahan Pat Holloway Robert Mills, W.H. Walton James
Campbell W.D. Hoover W. H. Mitchell, Uriah Walton James M.
Clark G.W. Horton Steve Morgan T. C. Walton John T.
Clark Henry Horton Vergil Noel, Wm. L. Walton N.B.
Covington Frank Houghston L.G. Polk D.C. Webster Lucien
Covington Jim House John Polk J.C. Webster R.P.
Cowan Henry Howard Dick Polk Joseph Weeks A.J.
Crawford Gus Howard James Rayner B.S. Weeks D.A.
Crawford John Howard N.B. Reichman Henry White Thomas
Rrown R.M. Hughes John Renshaw J.P. Wigley F.M.
- - - Wigley Joe M.
- - - Wilson John P.
Eugene Cowan (KIA Harrisburg),Thomas Walton (KIA Atlanta), J. R. Porter, and Robert Brunby(KIA Jonesboro) commanded the Dixie Rifles. Lt. Wm.G. Barksdale (KIA Murfreesboro), Lt. Robert E. Brumby (KIA Jonesboro), and Lt. William Smith (WIA Jonesboro). The company had five captains killed and all the non-commissioned officers except one who was wounded. Orginally in Walthall's Regiment, the company served in Walthall's Brigade after his promotion. Lt. J.R. Porter is also listed as an officer of this company. At the beginning of the Atlanta Campaign (May 1864), Porter is noted as being in command of the Division provost guard.

Copyright 2006 John Hansen. All material provided is copyrighted to the public domain for non-commercial, non-profit use only. No commercial use is legal without permission of the/all author(s).