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September 16 2006

12th Mississippi Regiment
(Durant Rifles)

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

Chronology of Service

16 Mar. 1861 Co. F mustered in at Durant, Mississippi.
9 May 1861 Departed for Camp Clark, Corinth, Mississippi.
16 July 1861 Departed for Virginia. Did not arrive until after the 1st Battle of Manassas.
Winter 61/62 Winter quarters at Centreville, Va.
31 May -- 1 June 1862 Battle of Seven Pines
27 June  Battle of Gaine's Mill or Cold Harbor.
30 June  Battle of Glendale or Frasier's Farm.
21 August  Battle of Kelly's Ford on the Rappahanock.
30 August  2nd Battle of Manassas, engaged near the Stone house.
15 Sept. Captured Harper's Ferry.
17 Sept.  Battle of Sharpsburg.
12-15 Dec. Battle of Fredericksburg.
Jan .- Feb. 1863 One picket duty around Fredericksburg.
1-3 May 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville.
4-6 May 1863 Battle of Fredericksburg.
1-3 July Battle of Gettsburg
4-13 July Skirmishing on line near Hagerstown
Aug.-Sept. Encamped near Orange Courthouse
14 Oct. Engagement at Bristoe Station
Nov. On line of battle on Mine Run
Dec. Encamped along Rapidan River
Jan.-May. 1864 Encampted along Rapidan River
5 May 64 Battle of Wilderness, Orange Plank Road. 
7 May 64 Battle of Wilderness, Po River Bridge
12-13 May Battle of Wilderness, Bloody Angle
24 May Engagement at North Anna
3-12 June Battle of Cold Harbor
18-22 June Battle of Petersburg
24 June Engagement on Weldon R.R.
25 June Returned to trenches around Petersburg
30 July Battle of the Crater
18 Aug. Battle of Darbytown Rd. north of the James.
21 Aug. Battle of Ream's Station (heavy losses).
Early Feb. 1865 Seven day campaign in intense cold in defense of Boydton plank road. Battles at Hatcher's Run bridge and Burgess's Mill.
2 April Took position in Battery Gregg
3 April  Battery Gregg overun, 57 of defenders killed, the other 250 captured. (Represented 2 brigades)
9 April  Sgt. Wm Brown and about 40 men, representing the "12th Regiment" surrender at Appomattox.

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ROSTER of Durant Rifles
Capt. John A. Cason Farr B.R. Maddox R.J. Shuttleworth Abner
1st Lt. Sam M. Redd Farr J.J. Martin Jack Smith John
2nd Lt. Samson Botters Folkes J.W. Mayfield Baley Sproles Tom
3rd Lt. R.M. Murphy Frizell, James Mayfield Paul Stigler William
1st Sgt. Bob Ingram Frizell J.V. Mayfield W.W. Stroud John B.
2nd Sgt. J.E Vauter Frizell W.H. McClellan Press. Stroud Paul
3rd Sgt. Phil Wallace Garry Show McClellan William Stroud Pink
4th Sgt. James Hays Gerald James McLaughlin Tom Stroud William
5th Sgt. John Brownlee Glassco Jack McLellan J.W. Swain Bob
Corporal Richard Sproles Grace W. J. McLellan W.J. Swain J.W.
Aldridge James Grantham Alexander McLellan W.S. Taylor Joe
Aldridge W.H. Grantham Oaty Michie Tom Teague E.M.
Allen J.H. Gray R.D. Montgomery, Bill Teague Joe
Armstrong W.H. Guess M.T. Montgomery, S.A. Teague Sam
Baker Conrad Gulledge Joel Montson, C.H. Tolan Jesse
Bennett Frank Harlan J.H. Moore, Ben Tubbs, Dr. ?
Allen, Hampton Gray John A. Moore, J.S. Vandiver H.Y.
Bennett I.P. Harlan W.A Moore, J.T. Vandiver J.J.
Blackmon Zack Harrel James M. Moore, Joe Walker James
Bunch Joe Hooker W.R. Moore, Josephus Wallace John
Bush Ed. Horton William Moore, W.R. West Anderson
Bush Ike Howard H.B. Murphy Pat West James O.
Callahan Dan Hurt J.J. Piles James West William A.
Campbell John C. Irwin Stanhope Piles John Wilson John
Carnathan Joe Johnson A.J. Pitchford Sam Wilson Zed
Carter John Lehr Mance Price John Woods Frank
Chatham Major Lehr P.C. Reed Jim Woods John
Crow John Lehr Tom Roberts J.V. Woods Pint
Crowell George Lomax A.A. Robinson John Woods Rufus
Davis Dr. H.P. Lomax Henry Rogers Bob -
Ellis S.W. Lowe W.A. Rogers Jack -
Elmore, [ ] [ ] Maddox G.W. Rosmond Ben -
Butler Richard - Savage John -
Clayton Charles - Shipp Dan -
Lt. A.A. Williamson listed as commanding officer in May 1864.

Copyright 2006 John Hansen. All material provided is copyrighted to the public domain for non-commercial, non-profit use only. No commercial use is legal without permission of the/all author(s).