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Holmes County
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September 16 2006

38th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

Chronology of Service

12 May 1862 Regiment Formed at Corinth
3-4 Oct. Battle of Corinth
Dec. Ordered to Vicksburg, took up position on Snyder's Bluff.
22 May 1863 Took position on Jackson/Graveyard Road.
28 May Repulsed major attack.
29 May -- 4 July defending position and raising fortifications.
4 July Vicksburg surrenders.
11 July Regiment paroled to Camp Enterprise until exchange.
Dec. Exchanged
Jan. 1864 Regiment consolidated with 14th Inf. and 3rd Miss. Cavalry Regiments and reorganized as mounted Infantry.
Feb. - June Executed various duties in south Mississippi.
July Began Tupelo Campaign, constant skirmishing.
14 July Battle of Harrisburg
Aug.-Dec. Assigned to Mabry's Brigade. Defending North Mississippi against Cavalry Raids.
1 Dec.  Major engagement at Concord Church
2 Jan. 1865 Skirimish at Lexington, Skirimish at Verona and major engagement at Franklin with the Osborne Expedition.
18 Feb. Assigned to Wirt Adams Brigade.
Feb. -- May Final Campaign in Alabama during Wilson's raid. Last engagement at Sipsey Bridge.
4 May  General Richard Taylor surrendered all forces in his department. The 38th was at Brewersville, Ala. at that time.

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Company A (Holmes County Volunteers)


Capt. W.L. Keirn Edwards, Nick Lehr, Pink Stegall, Richard
Lt. J.S. Hoskins Ellis, Asa Lehr, Tom Smith, T.W.
Lt. John Clower Ellis, Ed. Levy, Issac Sawyer, Cullen
Lt. T.E. Dyson Eubank, Joe Long, William Swinney, John w.
Ables, William Eubank, Leb. Mack, Peter Sorrells, Frank
Aldridge, James Eubank, Phillip Marks, Issac Sargent, John M.
Aldridge, Tom Farr, E.R. Mathews, James Stigler, I.R.
Alexander, L. Foose, D.N. McBride, Jeff. Schild, Abraham
Armstrong ,Robert Grantham, Otho McLean, J.N. Jr. Spivery, W.D.
Austin, Robert Grantham, Rufus McLean, T.S. Siddon, Ira
Bailey, John W. Gwin, C. V. McLellan, D. E. Tate, Uriah
Baughn, Peyton Gwin, J.E. McLellan, John Tate, Enoch
Birge, John Gwin, S.D. McLellan, Tobe Taylor, Wallace
Boyett, William Hale, Allen W. McNeer, J.L. Taylor, Joe
Brown, M. D. Hale, William McNeer, Martin Tolar, Abner
Carnathan, I. N. Herron, ? ? Mehan, John Wade, H.S.
Clark, James Hester, Archibald Montgomery, William Weldon, Bennett M.
Clower, Green B. Horton, George Morris, Frank Wilkins, Solomon
Coleman, J. C. Hoskins, Erastus Morton, George Wigley, Warren
Cook, Sam Jackson, Tom Muirhead, James Wilson, E.A.
Cotton, John Jackson, W.P. Muirhead, W. D. C. Willis, George
Cotton, William Jenkins, W. Allen Nabors, George Williams, John
Cross, W.F. Jones, Joseph Nevel, Frank Woodall, Richard
Dew, Tom Jones, Seldon Odom, George -
Dew, William Kemp, C.T. Owen, John -
Dodd, John Kemp, E.G. Randall, James -
Dodd, W.S. Lansdale, J.S. Reeves, Ab -
Durden, W.W. Lehr, Dan Reynolds, Henry A. -
Durham, A. M. Lehr, Manse Richardson, O. C. -
The company suffered heavy losses in the Battle of Harrisburg. Company losses are not available but only 44 of 279 members of the 38th escaped death or wounds in the action. Every field or line officer except one was either killed or wounded. Capt. Hoskins lost his leg, Coporal James Aldridge KIA, Lt.Col. Keirn substained severe injuries and never returned to active sevice, six others were also wounded. A detachment of this company under Lt. S.D. Gwin fought at Chickamauga and also substained heavy losses. 


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