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September 16 2006

1st Brigade Minute Men

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

The Minute Men companies resulted from an executive order of May 1862 whereby each county was required to furnish a specific number of companies taken from existing militia companies. The two Holmes County companies were assigned assigned to the Third Minute Men Regiment which was organized on 7 August 1862 and stationed in Grenada under the command of Colonel W.J. Owens. The troops were not mustered into the Confederate States service, but were subject to the orders of Confederate officers. The regiment was disbanded in April, 1863. Captain Kyle of G company and some of his men joined the newly formed Gholson's Cavalry Brigade. He commanded A Company of Colonel John McGuirk's 3rd regiment.

Company F, 3rd Cavalry Regiment

Capt. B. W. Treadwell

Lt. J.P. Povall

Lt. W.F. Cole

Lt. E.B. Stainbach

Lt. J.Q. Holmes

Lt. B.F. Culbert

Lt. W.C. Safford

Lt. J.E. Green

Sgt. H.F. Byrd

Sgt. Jacob Sontheimer

Sgt. Jas Kindred

Sgt. Robt. B. Gavin

Sgt. Robt. Lusk

Sgt. W.F. Stigler

Cpl. John Andrews

Cpl. E.A. Hathcock

Cpl. W. M. Loyd

Cpl. W.R. Baker

Cpl. K.T. Brady

Alexander, P.M.M.

Baker, Wm. R.

Barnes, Gib

Belcher, Wm.

Bentley, Wm.

Boatwright, H.S.

Borkum, H.

Boyle, Wm.

Brantley, John H. 

Bridges, Warren

Buckley, H.D.

Calwell, J.L.

Carman, Richard

Carroll, J.W.

Clayton, W.W.

Cohen, Beverly G.

Commander, W.H.

Connerly, J.W.

Cox, Wm.

Coyne, Barney

Crannan, Frederick

Eggleston, E.M.

Fish, John

Fonville, J.R.

Gavin, Jas.

Gaxion, J.R.

Gemand, Richard

Gibson, A.F.

Green, J.E.

Green, Alex

Griffin, R.H.

Gwin, R.B.

Harman, Phillip

Harrington, W.C.

Harvey, I.P.

Herndon, Wm.


Hopkins, G.J.

House, Charley

House, W.B.

Jackson, Catoria

Jackson, Cavil

Jenkins, Willington

Johnson, W.D.

Johnson, A.C.

Johnson, E.D.

Jordan, J.B.

Kirkham, (?)

Long, Jacob

Loyd, W.M.

Lusk, Robt.

Madison, W.B.

Malone, W.B.

McRaney, Jas.

Mercer, F.C.

Morgan, Nathan

Muirhead, Jacob

Munson, P.S.

Pennington, E.D.

Perkins, Monroe

Rhymes, R.L.

Safford, W.C.

Sharpe, Jas. A.

Smith, A.H.

Stigall, W.G.

Stigler, J.L.

Thomas, Wm.

Weed, Richard M.

Whitehead, L.A.

Wilson, W.H.

Wilson, W.H.

Wyatt, F.M.






Helmer, Xavier

Jones, Robt.

Stevens, J.B.

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Company G, 3rd Cavalry Regiment

Capt. Thomas J. Kyle Buffkin, Samuel Garrard, John Poole, H.J.
Lt. John Ambrose Burgany, J.W. Godfrey, W.W. Rainey, J.C.
Lt. Thomas L. Stevens Butler, J.P. Grantham, C.F. Rogers, J.J.
Lt. Samuel C. Johnson Chumbley, J.B. Harrison, B.J.

Herbert, John S.

Rogers, W. L.
Lt. Wm. A. Wilson Craig, Wm. Hurt, Wash Scott, C.J.
Sgt. John P. Houghston Crawford, B.J. Johnson, Willis Shettlesworth, A.
Sgt. C. H. Grantham Cooper, J.J. Johnson, E.S. Smith, B.F.
Sgt. R. M. Bridgeforth Cowsert, J.J. Johnson, Thos. Sproles, Jas. W.
Sgt. Geo. Williams Davis, J.P. Jones, R.K. Sproles, E.L.
Sgt. Jas. Moorhead Davis, J.C. Killibrew, Thos. A. Stewart, J.L.
Cpl. A.J. Brown Davis, Luther Laufais, J. Stroud, S.P.
Cpl. Moses Brister Deason, J.F. Lewis, S.L. Tackett, John
Cpl Drury Brister Dial, Joseph Lipsey, LB. Tate, Enoch
Cpl. L.B. Lipsey  Donaho, H.B. Lipsey, L.G. Tate, Tho. J
Amons, W. Dotson, A.H. Mayfield, Wm. Tidwell, M.K.
Anderson, O.P. Dotson, J.T. McMorrough, T.J. Tolar, J.K.
Autry, S.H. Elliot, J. W. McLelland, John Turner, Thos.
Bates, T.J.C. Ellis, Edwin Mitchell, W.D.A. Usher, W.B.
Beard, H.L. Ellison, James MIlls, J.W. Weatherby, J.R.
Bridgeforth, R.M. Ellison, F.J. Morris, F.M. Weatherby, Geo. M.
Brister, Drury Ellison, L.H. Moorehead, James Williams, George
Brister, Moses Ellison, J.Q. Morris, F.M. Wilson, Robert
Brock, H.C. Falls, W.C. Morrow, John Wood, Abner
Brown, W.S. Fowler, J.R. Nail, Harvey Woods, Thos.
- - Nicholson J. W. Weatherford, J.C.
- - O'Riley, Thos. Young, A. J.
Note: The above roster is a composite of the muster rolls submitted from 6 Oct. 1862 thru 28 Feb. 1863.


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