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September 16 2006

1st Mississippi Regiment Light Artillery

Contributed by Dan Edwards

See Copyright Information below

Chronology of Service

May 1862 Assembled in Jackson and organized regiment.
26 May -- 27 July Assigned to defense of Vicksburg
1 Aug. Encamped at Camp Parker at the Marshall Place
26 Dec.-- 2 Jan Battle of Chickasaw Bayou
Jan. -- April 1863 Remained in defensive position at Chickasaw Bayou
15 May Battle of Baker's Creek, Wofford's Battery not engaged.
18 May Wofford' Battery took position to stop Grant's advance into Vicksburg.
19 May Repulsed major assault by Grant.
May -- 4 July Remained in position under constant attack.
4 July Vicksburg surrenders. Given 15 day furlough and ordered to report to Camp Enterprise, subsequent order to Demopolis, Ala.
November Remmants of Regiment formed into Infantry Battalion under command of Major Jefferson L. Wofford.
Feb. 1864 Regimental headquarters shifted to Demopolis, Ala.
12-14 July Battle of Harrisburg.
July - Aug. Part of regiment in siege of Atlanta, sent back to Mobile on night of 4 August. 
9 Aug The train on which Major Wofford and the battalion were traveling crashed between Montgomery and Mobile: 4 killed, 16 injured from Company D. Other companies suffer 7 killed, 40 injured.
23 Aug. Maj. Wofford in command of regiment at Mobile. 
1865-Date uncertain  Mobile Battalion ordered to Fort Blakeley.
9 April Garrison at Blakeley captured by General Canby's forces after a period of fierce fighting. Survivors sent to Ship Island.
4 May General Taylor surrenders. 

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Company D (Wofford's Company)


Capt. J. L. Wofford Davis, L.M. Keasler, G.W. Sandifer, E.F.
Lt. H. M. Weaver Davis, E.L. Landfair, J.C. Sandifer, J.H.
Lt. A.M. Green Davis, G.W. Langford, Eli Sandifer, W.A.
Lt. Lee Webster Davis, J.D. Langford, Elijah Scott, Isaac
Lt. M.L. Cole DeLoach, S.R. Lawrence, John H. Seitzler, Joe
Adams, F.C. Demorest, D. Lockhart, R.A. Shelton, H.M.
Allman, W. R. Dempsey, Eli Lockhart, T.J. Sheppard, C.D.
Allman, William Dotson, B.F. Lockhart, W.A. Shine, W.D.
Ammons, John A. Dotson, W.H. Lomax, C.H. Shipp, J.M.
Arnold, A.J. Dotson, W.T. Lovin, Bailey Siddon, J.D.
Arnold, Allen Eakin, M.R. Lowe, W.M. Slattery, M.
Arnold, F.P. Edmonson, Sam Lyon, R.M. Slouder, George
Ashcraft, Wm. S. Ellis, James M. Lyon, T.S. Spell, J.V.
Bachlelor, D.C. Fatheree, W.J. Madden, John Spell, Thomas
Bailey, Albert, Fisher, Archie Mahoney, J.B. Sproles, E. L.
Barnes, J.C. Fonville, Ed.R. Mahoney, Lem Sproles, Elijah
Barnes, James Foster, F. Hardie Matthews, J.P. Sproles, H.F.
Barry, B.F. Fowler, L.Y. McCone, J. G. Sproles, S.W.
Barry, I.G. Freeland, W.F. McDougal, J.S. Sproles, Sol.
Blackley, Robt. Gant, D.C. McGee, Wm. Sproles, W.L.
Boyett, J.R. Garnett, B.F. Melton, M.L. Sproles, W.R.
Boyett, Thomas Garnett, W.M. Middleton, E.E. Stephens, J.W.
Broadaway, W.M. Gilbert, Thomas Minga, H.F. Still, Hack
Buck, D.C. Green, Arthur Moore, J.W. Still, Haskell
Buck, Ed. H. Greer, Jerry Morris, A.B. Swain, J.A.
Buck, J.G. Greer, John Owens, J.H. Swain, S.R.
Buck, J.T. Guyon, Henry Parkinson, B.F. Thomas, L.L.
Buck, W.H. Hamilton, J. G. Parkinson, E. Thomas, P.B.
Burg, Leo Harris, J.J. Parkinson, J.T. Tillman, John
Burnam, S.F. Harrison, W.M. Parkinson, Josiah Timmings, Mike
Burney, W.J. Heffner, C.C. Pate, Noah Tucker, A.S.
Burney, William Heffner, J.C. Patterson, T.J. Walker, T.J.
Bush, C.R.M. Heffner, R.P. Pickett, S.R. Walton, R. B.
Butterworth, J.M. Herring, S.K. Pierce, J.C. Webster, W.M.
Butterworth, Tho. Hewitt, R.Y. Pippin, F.P. Webster, Walton
Canteberry, B.F. Hill, Jerry Pool, F.P. Weems, J.W.
Canteberry, Henry Hillis, G.W. Price, G.W. White, H.E.
Carter, J.M. Horton, S.F. Price, J.R. Whitehead, A.
Casey, C. Horton, T.J. Railey, Calvin Whitehead, J.A.
Cooper, Martin T. Houston, J.D. Rainwater, Z.B. Williams, A.B.
Cooper, Sam Howard, T.L. Roane, John Williams, J.W.
Cotton, A.H. Hunter, P.H. Roberts, C.C. Williams, T.C.
Covington, Wm.M. Hutchinson, J.F. Robins, W.L. Williams, W.B.
Crabtree, Ed. Jayne, Marion Robinson, Thomas Wiltcher, C.A.
Crabtree, Sim. Johnson, G.W. Rogers, J.D. Wood, W.B.
Crenshaw, John Jones, J. D. Rogers, W.M. Wynn, John
Jones, Willis


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