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The Catching Family

Children of William H. Catching and Lourinda Smith

Warren Catching married Miss Georgia Dulaney. He was a handsome, distinguished-looking man, and a merchant in Vicksburg before the Civil War. He was a lieutenant in a company from Warren Co., Mississippi, Confederate Army. He married Georgia Dulaney, daughter of Dr. Wm. Dulaney, a large planter near Jackson, Miss. She was stylish and affable; affectionate and devoted to relatives and friends; and a loving wife and mother. She died in 1908, several years after the death of her husband. He was of the firm in Vicksburg of Catchings and Porter.

Frank Catching married Emily Holliday, his cousin, in Mississippi.

Missouri Catching married Judge Monroe Quinn. They lived on their plantation two miles from Summit, Miss. Their home was of the colonial style of architecture. They entertained elegantly. She had exquisite taste and tact, was tall with a queenly beauty, and held a high place socially. She died about 1869. She was fond of dress and the ornamentation of home.

Matilda Catching married J. Madison Ray, first husband. Mr. Ray died in the Confederate Army. Their children are Bessie, Willie, and Mollie Ray. Mrs. Ray married Mr. Hickman, second husband. They lived on Red River, Arkansas.

Jane Catching married John Bulloch, Hinds County, Miss.

Children of Warren Catching and Georgia Dulaney

Bessie Catching, styled “Queen Bess” being so fine looking married Mr. West Warren, Canton, Miss.

Warren Catching, Jr., married Miss Smith, a wealthy girl. They live at Mayersville, Miss. He is sheriff of Issaquena Co., and a large planter.

St. Clare Catching, died September 17, 1899, aged 27

John Catching, deceased

William Catching, died July 11, 1898 of pneumonia. He was connected with the Greenville Democrat, Greenville, Miss.

Maggie Catching, has splendid business attainments

Sallie Catching married Mr. Roberts. They moved to Houston, Texas.

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