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During the 19th Century and early 20th Century, many farmers let their cattle graze in unfenced areas. Branding was used to identify the owners of the cattle. The State of Mississippi passed livestock laws which included a system of registering brand marks at the county courthouse. As in many Mississippi counties, Issaquena County's brand mark registrations were housed in the Circuit Court Clerk's office. In some counties, they may have been housed in the Chancery Court Clerk's office. Below are links to the various brand mark registrations located in the Issaquena County Courthouse in Mayersville.


John Heath
Frank P. Barrett
Mrs. Hyman Kestenbaum
Winston Pitts
William Langston
Robert Pauls
Charley J. Peterson
Ben Lacy
Ned Roberson
Harry Roberson
Louis Merrill
Susan Thomas
B.F. Lacey at Dunbarton
Manuel Bloodsoe
Kiah Lumpkins
Fanny Mosby
Kizziah Pittman
Emily Carlisle
Minnie Caldwell
Mattie Keown
M.Y. Purnell
Sullivan Caldwell
I.S. Lee
Emma Keys
Lucien Davis
Will North
Patsy Bradly
Ellen Madison
W.T. and Kate Farish
Emerson Croxton
Prince Hutchins
Laura Robinson
Tyra Williams
Isaac Brooks
Caroline Telly
Comfort Page
John Williams
Ben Brown
Joe Hennessy
Alfred Woods
J.E. McGraw and G.W. Caster
Sidney Owens
Jno.W. Waller
Robert Shepherd
G.A. Heath Jr. and N.H. Heath
Sandy Diggs
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