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The Chotard Family

Source:  Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi,  Chicago:  The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891.

Volume I, page 542

The first member of the illustrious and well-known Chotard family to seek a home in the new world was John Marie Chotard, a native of Brittany, France, who was an officer under the governor of the island of St. Domingo, and on that island was married to Miss Henrietta Lofont, a daughter of the governor. He sent his children to France to be educated, but during the insurrection on the island he also returned to his native land, and came soon after to America, making a permanent settlement in Adams County, Miss., about the year 1805. He wife had died while on the voyage from St. Domingo to France, and after coming to this country he was married in Georgia to a Mrs. (Williams) Willis, and made a settlement on a plantation on the Liberty road in this county on which he made his home until his death, August 8, 1810. His first marriage resulted in the birth of two children: Henry E. and Amenaide. The latter was married in France and there made her home throughout life, but the son Henry, came hither in 1808 and at once entered the army as lieutenant, and took an active part in the Creek war. Later he became a soldier in the war of 1812, and while serving on General Jackson's staff on the battlefield of New Orleans was, for gallant conduct, promoted to the rank of major. At that time was serving as adjutant general, and while stationed at Baton Rouge, was married, in 1819 to Miss Frances Minor, a daughter of Maj. Stephen Minor. In 1821 he resigned from the army and settled permanently at Natchez and purchased a tract of land comprising several thousand acres, which became the magnificent Southern homestead, Somerset, which has been in possession of the family ever since. Every enterprise to which he turned his attention prospered far beyond his expectations, and in addition to his plantation in this county, he owned much valuable property in other parts of the state and in Louisiana. He became a noted man throughout this section, for he was a man of strong will pwoer, great energy and large fortune, and his ample means was used liberally for the good of his fellow men and for the upbuilding of the county and state in which he had so long made his home. He was a man among men and was considered by all to be among the highest civilians. He was called from earth in 1870, having been left a widower in 1864. His union was blessed in the birth of nine children, all of whom, with the exception of one, grew to maturity: Amenaide (widow of E.K. Chaplain of Maryland, by whom she has four children); Fannie; Henrietta; Maria, wife of Capt. F.B. Conner; Catherine, deceased wife of Horatio Eustis; Richard, deceased; John Charles, deceased; Henry, of Louisiana, and William, who died in infancy. All these children that are living are residing on the old homestead in Adams county, with the exception of Henry, who, with his son Henry, is living on their plantation in Concordia parish, La., having lost his wife three years since. His wife was a granddaughter of Major Stephen Minor, therefore his first cousin.

Genealogical Notes

"Eustis, Allan Chotard, eminent physician and writer on medical subjects, was born in New Orleans, La., Dec. 23, 1876. His parents were Cartwright and Laura (Buckner) Eustis, the former of whom was born at Natchez, Miss., Nov., 1842, and the latter, of a prominent Louisiana family, is still living. The father, a cousin of former Ambassador Eustis, was a son of Horatio Sprague and Catherine (Chotard) Eustis. His preliminary education was acquired in the common schools and in a preparatory school at Cambridge, Mass. In 1859 he entered Harvard university...."

Source: Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events,
Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp.
156-58. Edited by Alcee Fortier, Lit.D. Published in 1914, by Century
Historical Association.


1860 Issaquena County Federal Census
Page 3 Family 22
C.C. Eustis (Catherine Chotard Eustis, widow of Horatio Sprague Eustis)


1860 Issaquena County Slave Schedules
H.S. Eustis Estate, Proprietor


1860 Issaquena County Slave Schedules
H. Chotard, Proprietor


1860 Issaquena County Slave Schedules
Eustis, Chaplain and Chotard, Proprietors


Issaquena County Land Patents
Horatio S. Eustis Land Patents


1850 Adams County, Mississippi Federal Census

Henry Chotard Sr., age 63, planter, $30,000, St. Domingo
Frances M., age 56, Miss
Frances M., age 26, Miss
Henry Jr., age 22, Miss
Chle. K., age 17, Miss
Henrietta, age 20, Miss
Maria, age 12, Miss

H.S. Eustis, age 34, attorney at law, Rhode Island, $6,000
Catherine C, age 30, Miss
Henry C., age 10 ½, Miss
Horatio, age 9, Miss
Cartwright, age 7, Miss
Rachel, age 5, Miss
Fredr., age 3, Miss
Arthur, age 2, Miss
Fannie, age 1, Miss


Horatio Sprague Eustis: born December 25, 1811 Newport, Rhode Island and died September 4, 1858 in Issaquena County, Mississippi
Son of Abraham Eustis (born 26 March 1786 Petersburg, Virginia) and Rebecca Sprague (born ca. 1786 Dedham, Massachusetts)
married Catherine Chotard 10 May 1838
Catherine Chotard Eustis was born July 2 1820 Natchez, Mississippi and died February 12, 1877 New Orleans, Louisiana

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