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Between March 3, 1871 and March 3, 1873, citizens of the southern states filed 22,298 claims before the Southern Claims Commission based upon the fact that they were loyal to the Union during the Civil War and had quartermaster stores or supplies taken by or furnished to the Union Army during the war. Southerners made 22,298 claims for property, but only 7,092 claims were approved for settlement. The paper trail created by the claimants and the people who came forward to testify, either for or against a claimant, provide interesting information about individuals living in the South during the Civil War. The original records are housed in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.

Petition 13972
May 16, 1872
Petition of Robert J. Turnbull, exr. & Trustee of Robt. J. Turnbull dec'd. of Issaquena Co., Mississippi

To the Commissioners of Claims for supplies taken by the U.S. in 1863
Amount: $10,350

Filed by Bartley & Casey, Attorneys
Rooms 2 and 4, May Building
Washington, D.C.

Petition to the Honorable Commissioners of Claims,
Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1871, Washington, D.C.

The Petition of Robert J. Turnbull Jr. executor and trustee of Robert J. Turnbull, deceased respectfully represents that he is a citizen of the United States and resides at present in the county of Issaquena and State of Mississippi and is duly authorized to act as the executor of the last will and testament of Robert J. Turnbull, deceased, who died in 1854, leaving as his legatees and heirs at law Robert J. Turnbull, Jr., Louis Turnbull and Catharine E. Turnbull. That the petitioner has a claim against the United States for Quartermaster and Commissary goods taken from plantations situated in Issaquena County, Mississippi and bordering the Mississippi River by the United States transport “Lady Jackson” in the year 1863 as follows:

2,500 bushels of corn at one dollar per bushel: $2,500
42 mules worth one hundred and seventy five dollars each: $7,350
20 Horned cattle at twenty five dollars each: $500
Total: $10,350

That all the items in the above schedule were of the full value therein set forth and were as petitioner is informed and believes, seized and taken from your petitioner for the use of and were used by the United States army on the plantations belonging to the estate of said decedent in the possession of the petitioner in Issaquena County, State of Mississippi, near the Mississippi River in the year 1863 and in the Spring of that year by the troops of the U.S. Army in charge of the steamer “Lady Jackson,” who landed and took the property and supplies aforesaid and comes the same to the vicinity of Vicksburg, where the U.S. army was at the time. The names of the officers and soldiers who took the said articles are unknown to the petitioner.

That your petitioner resided at the time the claim was accrued in the said county and state.

That the petitioner as executor and trustee as aforesaid was the original owner of said claim and that he is in the same capacity as the present owner of the same for the use of the legatees of distributes of said estate under the last will and testament of said decedent.

That your petitioner and the said legatees and distributes severally remained loyal adherent to the cause and the Government of the United States during the war, and were so loyal before and at the time of the seizure and taking of the property for which this claim is made, except Louis Turnbull and he is now relieved by amnesty and pardon. That said claim has not before been presented to any department or tribunal of the government.

Miller and Farish of Gibson, Mississippi

Robt. Turnbull, Trustee

C.S. Jeffords
Clerk Chancery of Issaquena Co., Miss.

Office of Chancery Clerk
Issaquena County
C.S. Jeffords, Clerk

Gibson, Miss., April 22, 1872

Robert J. Turnbull executor and trustee of the last will and testament of Robert J. Turnbull, deceased being duly sworn says that he is the petitioner named in the foregoing petition and who signed the same, that the matters therein stated are true of his own knowledge except as to the matters which are stated on information and belief and as to those matters he believes to be true and further says that he did not actively serve in the Confederate army or navy, either as an officer, soldier or sailor or in any other capacity any time during the late rebellion, that he never voluntarily furnished any stores, supplies or other material said to said Confederate army or navy or to the Confederate government or to any officer and never accepted any office whatsoever or yielded voluntary support to the said Confederate government.

Robt. J. Turnbull
Sworn to and subscribed in my presence, the 22 day of April AD 1872, C.S. Jefford, Clerk of the Chancery Court of Issaquena County, Miss.

The Post Office address of claimant: Robert J. Turnbull, Jr. is Skipwith Landing, Issaquena County, Miss.

Names and residences of witnesses who will be relied upon to prove loyalty: Sampson Jones, Harriet Jones, Elsey Young, Caesar Seabrook, B.M. Knox, Joseph Steele, Lawrence Drayton and O.R. Daugherty

Office of the Commissioners of Claims, Washington D.C.


Robt. J. Turnbull of Issaquena Co., Miss. “was with the Rebel from the outset and contributed to fill out a rebel company – was a friend of Wade Hampton.” From a letter from Wm. R. Tullidge, Greenville, Miss.

(Note: Page 307 of the 1870 7th Ward, Vicksburg, Warren County Federal Census: Wm. Tulledge, age 30, Clerk, born New York)

Robt. J. Turnbull, sale by him of 88 bales of cotton and of 23 bales. One of these he signs himself an M.D.

Oct. 10, 1874

Write attorneys how long on file and that a very slight reduction per head in the charge for mules would bring the claim within the $10,000 limit and enable the testimony to be taken without further delay at or near the residences of the witnesses without the expense of coming to Washington. Done Jan. 27, 1875

Robt. Turnbull of same state and Co. filed claim for 185 bales of cotton burned by the U.S. Govt. The certificate of the sergt. Commanding the squad call him Robt. but his middle letter may have been omitted by accident. His signature does not appear.


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