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Between March 3, 1871 and March 3, 1873, citizens of the southern states filed 22,298 claims before the Southern Claims Commission based upon the fact that they were loyal to the Union during the Civil War and had quartermaster stores or supplies taken by or furnished to the Union Army during the war. Southerners made 22,298 claims for property, but only 7,092 claims were approved for settlement. The paper trail created by the claimants and the people who came forward to testify, either for or against a claimant, provide interesting information about individuals living in the South during the Civil War. The original records are housed in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.

Petition 17890
Dec. 9, 1872

Lewis C. Watson
To the Commissioners of Claims
Residence of Claimant: Tallula P.O., Issaquena Co., Miss.

Nature of Claim: For Supplies taken in 1863 by U.S. Troops

Filed by Bentley and Jenner and Adams and Speed

To the Honorable Commissioners of Claims Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1871, Washington, D.C., the petition of Lewis C. Watson respectfully represents that he is a citizen of the United States and resides at present at his plantation in Issaquena County , Mississippi and that he resided when this claim accrued at the same place. That he has a claim against the United States for property taken for the use of the army of the United States during the late rebellion at or near his plantation in the county of Issaquena and state of Mississippi.

65 mules at $250 ea.: $16,250
5 horses at $250 ea.: $1,250
25,000 pounds cured meat at 20 cents: $5,000
Total: $22,500

That the property in question was taken or furnished for the use of a portion of the army of the United States, known as the Army of the Tennessee and commanded by General W.T. Sherman and that the persons who took or received the property were the following: (blank). That the property was removed to the transports on Black Bayou and used for or by Sherman's army all this on or about the __ day of March, 1863. There was no voucher, receipt or other writing. The property was taken. That he was the original owner of the property and he is the present owner of the same.

That said claim has not before been presented to any branch of the government. That Bartley & Jenner and Adam & Speed are hereby authorized to act as Attorneys for the prosecution of this claim.

L.C. Watson

Southern District of the State of Mississippi
County of Issaquena

Lewis C. Watson being duly sworn this 30th day of November, 1872. H.E. O'Reilly, U.S. Circuit Court, So. Dist. Miss.

Names and residences of witnesses who will be relied upon to prove the other facts alleged in the foregoing petition:

Braxton Carter
Joseph Schooling
Eli Davenport
Jacob Gibson
William Barksdale
Boss Gibson
Thorton Johnson
Robert Page

Post Office address of Claimant: Tallula, Issaquena Co., Miss.


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