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Between March 3, 1871 and March 3, 1873, citizens of the southern states filed 22,298 claims before the Southern Claims Commission based upon the fact that they were loyal to the Union during the Civil War and had quartermaster stores or supplies taken by or furnished to the Union Army during the war. Southerners made 22,298 claims for property, but only 7,092 claims were approved for settlement. The paper trail created by the claimants and the people who came forward to testify, either for or against a claimant, provide interesting information about individuals living in the South during the Civil War. The original records are housed in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.

Petition 16989
Feb. 15, 1872

Petition of Mrs. R.L. Wright, Issaquena County, Mississippi for bacon, corn, bed clothing, mules, oxen, cows, beef cattle, and horses: $4,600

Gilbert Moyers, Attorney
Washington, D.C., Memphis, Tenn., and Vicksburg, Miss.

State of Mississippi
Issaquena County

I, C.S. Jeffords, Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for the county aforesaid do hereby certify that N.B. Parker, whose name is appended to the within affidavit is now and was at that time to wit on the 21st day of September 1872, a justice of the peace in and for said county duly commissioned and qualified that his signature is genuine and his certificate in due form of law and his acts as justice entitled to due credit. Witness my hand and the seal of said court, September 21st, 1872.

C.S. Jeffords


To the Honorable, the Commissioner of Claims under the Act of Congress of March 3d, 1871, your petitioner, Mrs. R.L. Wright respectfully represent that she is a citizen and resident of Issaquena County, State of Mississippi and resided when this claim accrued at Issaquena County, Miss. that she is the original owner of the hereinafter mentioned claim and that the said claim has not been sold, assigned or transferred either in whole or in part to any person or persons whatsoever, that there was taken from the petitioner for the use of the army of the United States, for which no payment has been made, or compensation received in any manner, or from any source for any part thereof, the following described supplies viz:

1,000 pounds bacon: $200
100 bushels corn: $100
Bed clothing, blankets, sheets for hospital purposes: $200
Eight head of mules: $1,200

All taken in March 1863 by Gen. Sherman in command of land forces and Admiral Porter commanding gun boats.

10 head of mules: $1,500
50 bushels corn: $50
1 yoke oxen: $100
2 milk cows: $100
8 head beef cattle: $400
1 carriage worth $350: $350
2 fine mares: $400

Taken in 1864 by Lieut. Paterson of the 52nd Regiment, U.S.C. Infantry, Col. ___ commanding said regiment and Genl. W.T.J. Doura__ in command of Vicksburg.

Total: $4,600

Items from one to five inclusive was taken from your petitioner's plantation in Issaquena County, Miss., in May in 1863 by Genl. Sherman, commanding land forces and Admiral Porter, commanding the gun boats all of said property was taken and used as stated by said commands for army purposes. Items from five to eleven inclusive were taken by Lieut. Paterson of the 52nd Regiment United States Colored Infantry in 1864 and used by said command for army purposes. Said regiment belonged to Genl. D___ army, then in command of Vicksburg. None of said property was ever returned to your petitioner and money was never received for it from the United States government for any of said property. No vouchers or receipts were ever given your petitioner for any of said property.


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