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Alexander de la Plaunche DuVal

Alexander de la Plaunche DuVal was born on November 30, 1793 in Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia and died on January 16, 1851 in Issaquena County. He was the son of Claiborne (born June 16, 1760 Henrico County, Virginia, died March 7, 1824 Logan County, Kentucky) and Elizabeth Pope DuVal (born 15 May 1760 Louisa County, Virginia). Alexander, known as Alec, came from an old Virginia family. His immigrant ancestor was Daniel DuVal, who was born in 1682 in Normandy, France, and later settled in Gloucester County, Virginia. Alexander married Margaret Gwin on March 12, 1818 in Summer County, Tennessee. Margaret was the daughter of James A. (born January 16, 1769, Orange County, North Carolina, died August 8, 1841 near Vicksburg, Mississippi) and Mary Adair McAdams (born in North Carolina, died July 5, 1858 in Issaquena County).

Alexander and Margaret made their home on their estate, White House, near Gallatin, Tennessee. About 1836 they moved to Nasvhille and built their estate San Jacinto. Around 1840 Alexander moved his family from San Jacinto, their home in Nashville, to Issaquena County to be near his wife's family. Alexander de la Plaunche DuVal's Issaquena County plantation was known as Woodlawn and was located in the southwestern part of the county near Eustatia Plantation owned by the Eutis family. From this plantation were married the beautiful daughters of the DuVal family, with the exception of the oldest two, who married in Nashville. Alexander died in Issaquena County on January 16, 1851 in Issaquena County and his widow continued the operation of the plantation. During the Civil War, just before the Battle of Vicksburg, the beautiful Woodlawn Plantation was sacked and pillaged by the invading armies of the north.

The children of Alexander and Margaret Gwin Duvall were:

1. Elizabeth Pope DuVal: born May 21, 1819 in Sumner County, Tennessee, died September 25, 1901 in Davidson County, Tennessee, married on August 8, 1838 in Nashville, Tennessee to Col. William Hobson McNairy (born about 1810 and died February 14, 1873)

2. Caroline Amelia DuVal: born April 1, 1821 in Sumner County, Tennessee, died January 11, 1903 in Texas, married on October 14, 1841 in Nashville, Tennessee to the Rev. John Fletcher Cook (died 1885)

3. Margaret Ann DuVal: born September 20, 1823 in Sumner County, Tennessee, died October 20, 1847 at Woodlawn Plantation in Issaquena County, married on February 8, 1844 in Sumner County, Tennessee to William Thomas Lowry (born in South Carolina)

4. Mary Catherine DuVal: born July 6, 1828 in Sumner County, Tennessee, died during 1908 in Nashville, Tennessee, married on January 8, 1852 in Sumner County, Tennessee to James Agustus Kelley

5. James William DuVal: born November 13, 1830 in Sumner County, Tennessee, died June 9, 1831in Sumner County, Tennessee

6. Dr. Claiborne Alexander DuVal: born April 14, 1832 in Gallatin, Tennessee, died January 23, 1906 in Houma, Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, buried in Magnolia Cemetery, married on February 28, 1860 to Julia A. Easton (born July 4, 1836 at Grampian Hills Plantation in Mississippi, died January 23, 1906 in Houma, Louisiana, buried in Magnolia Cemetery)

7. Matilda Keiser DuVal: born October 7, 1834 at Woodlawn Plantation in Issaquena County, Mississippi, died September 25, 1934 in Nashville, Tennessee, married Judge John Howard Baskette (born June 15, 1829 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, died June 30, 1884 in Nashville, Tennessee)

8. Lucy Jane DuVal: born August 17, 1835 in Sumner County, Tennessee, died September 5, 1841, buried in the Old City Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee

9. Gwinnette Samuella DuVal: born November 11, 1836, died January 4, 1867, married on November 14, 1865 to Tristam Sandy Easton

A special thanks to Joyce Gwin, for sharing her excellent
family research for the preparation of this article.


1850 Issaquena County, Mississippi Federal Census
Page 299B

84-84 Alexander D. Duval, age 57, Planter, born Tennessee
Margaret, age 50, born Tennessee
Claiborne H., age 18, born Tennessee
Gwinette S., age 10, born Tennessee
Joseph D. Newsom, age 22, clergyman (Methodist), born Louisiana

83-83 William T. Lowry, age 26, Planter, born South Carolina
Daniel O'Rourke, age 22, Laborer, born Ireland

1860 Issaquena County, Mississippi Federal Census
Page 2
M. Duval, age 60, female, planter, born Tennessee
C.A. Duval, age 28, male, physician, born Tennessee
J.A. Duval, age 22, female, born Tennessee
G.S. Duval, age 22, female, born Mississippi
Wm. Murphy, age 25, male, overseer, born Kentucky


Buchanan, Margaret Gwin, DuVals of Kentucky from Virginia, 1794-1935 : descendants and allied families Lynchburgh, Va.: J.P. Bell Co., 1937

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