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Biography:  George W. Faison, Sr.

Source:  Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi,  Chicago:  The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891.

Volume I, pp. 711-12

It is an undeniable truth that the life of any man is of great benefit to the community in which he resides, when all his efforts are directed toward advancing its interests, and who lives according to the highest principles of what he conceives to be right, helping others and caring for those who are unable to do for themselves. Such a man is Mr. George W. Faison, who has been one of the highly successful and enterprising merchants of this section for many years. His name has become a familiar one to the people of Sunflower, as well as the surrounding counties, and his genial and sincere nature, no less than the business in which he is engaged, has tended to bring about this result. He was born in Southampton county, Va., August 7, 1830, in which state his father and grandfather before him were born, the first of the former occurring in Sussex county in 1810. Squire Faison, the grandfather, inherited French blood of his ancestors, who were early residents of Virginia, in the history of which state they became well known. Capt. Hiram Faison, father of George W., grew to maturity in the county of his birth, and was there married to Miss Sarah West, a daughter of William West, who belonged to a pioneer family of Virginia, and was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. After his marriage Capt. Faison settled in Southampton county, where he was engaged in planting until his death, about the year 1842, becoming prominent in the affairs of that county. He served in the capacity of captain of militia, and held local positions of honor and trust, and for many years was a prominent member of the Baptist church. His widow survived him about two years, dying in 1844. George W. Faison is the eldest of a family of three sons and two daughters that grew to mature years, and in the county of his birth he attained to manís estate. In 1851 he determined to seek a home for himself in a new locality, and took up his abode in Fayette county, Tenn., where he was engaged in farming for a number of years. In 1858 he moved to Mississippi and located in Issaquena county he followed merchandising and planting for about four years. Since that time he has been one of the foremost residents of Sunflower county, his residence being at Faisonia. He first engaged in planting at this point, but in 1866 also embarked in merchandising, and since locating here has had several branch stores. His first store was established at Indianola, where he did business for about one year, and in 1870 another establishment was started in Johnsonville, which was successfully conducted for about six years. He sold out this establishment in 1878, and in 1881 opened a store at Greenville, conducting affairs there in a highly successful manner for about two years. In 1888 he built a fine business block of three storerooms in Indianola, where he has conducted affairs under the firm name of Faison & Son. They now have three complete stores, one at Faisonia, one at Shaws and the other at Indianola. They carry a very large stock of general merchandise and do an annual business of about $250,000. Mr. Faison is one of the largest planters in Sunflower county. He has under cultivation about three thousand five hundred acres of land in this county in several plantations, in addition to which he has some two thousand acres of wild land. Mr. Faison commenced business in this county after the war almost empty handed, but his own industry and superior business capacity and management have accumulated a large estate and he is now one of the most substantial business men in this section of the country. He was married in Tennessee in 1854 to Miss Ellen R. Fields, a native of North Carolina, but reared in Mississippi, a daughter of Jesse Fields, one of the early residents of Issaquena county. Mrs. Faison was called from life in this state in1 863, having borne one son, George W., Jr., a sketch of whom immediately follows this. Mrs. Faison married his present wife in this county in 1860, she being Mrs. Anna M. Waites, a daughter of Judge Smith, a former circuit judge and a member of the Mississippi legislature. Mrs. Faison was born and reared in Hinds county, Miss., and has borne her husband the following children: Walter B., William M., Addie E., James P. and Edmond H. Mr. Faisonís career thus far in life has been one of which he has ever reason to be proud and owing to his many sterling characteristics he posses many warm friends throughout this section. He has long been prominently connected with the Methodist Episcopal church, and all things of a public nature which point to the material benefit of the county receive his support.

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