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W.A. Heard to Col. J.W. Heath

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[ I M A G E ]

Office of C.H. McLeod
Sheriff and Tax Collector, Sunflower County
Indianola, Miss. Jany 11 1886

Col. J.W. Heath
Shiloh Miss

Dear John:

Don't you know that I am not offended, nor do I intend to be, with the relations that I have always associated with; and especially yourself, And if you hint such a thing again, I shall be inclinded to be half mad with you in fact.

Now regarding the land: I have sold Henry Flax 75 acres more or less off of the North end of the tract at $10 per acre, payable 1/2 in Nov. 1886 & 1/2 in Nov. 1887 with 10 % interest after maturity, making a total of $750.00.

Next I have engaged to sell to Henry Flax's brother 38 acres, south of and adjoining Harry Flax, on the same terms although I have not entered into any writing.

I have sold to Louis Lee 37 acres south of and adjoining Henry Flax's Bros. tract on the same terms and have given him writing to that

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[ I M A G E ]

effect. Louis Lee and his brother wishes to buy all of the balance of the tract North of McKinney's Bayou which I think amounts to about 80 acres more.

To this leaves the land in this condition

Lots 4 & 5 Sec. 17, T10, R8W
E2 of S2 Sec. " 18, " 10, " 8 "
N2 of NW4 "23, " 10, " 8 "
425 acres

Of which I have sold:

Henry Flax ($750) 65 acres
Flax's Bro. ($380) 38 "
Louis Lee ($370) 37 "

Now if  you wish to purchase the land and will agree to take all of my trades off my hands, I will let you have it at what Uncle John and myself fixed the value as when we divided, that is $2.00 per acre, providing you pay the taxes for last year. You can make Flax and Lee pay their pro rata, as they agreed to do so when I saw them  last year. If you should to go Mayersville, Frank Anderson will map it off for you, and make you will see that I have not sold land south of McKinney Bayou, but have sold altogether off the North end of the tract.

However to make things as plain as I can I enclose you a plat of the land. Hoping to hear from you soon and with kindest love to all the relations. I am, your cousin

W.A. Heard

Submitted by James Newman

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