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Oakley Plantation was founded by Dr. Stephen Duncan during antebellum times. Oakley was one of several Duncan family plantations in Issaquena County. Dr. Stephen Duncan was a resident of Natchez but had considerable holdings in Issaquena County including Homochitto, Carlisle, Holly Ridge, Oakley, Reserve, Duncannon, Middlesex and Elleslie plantations. Duncan's son, Henry P. was a resident of Issaquena County and was enumerated in the 1860 Issaquena County Federal census. Dr. Duncan died in New York City during 1867. Oakley Plantation was probably still in the Duncan family during 1880, as they retained much of their southern property holdings after the Civil War.

1 Isaac Brooks Black, Male, 65, Laborer, MS
  Vinnie Brooks Black, Female, 60, Wife, Laborer, MS
  Willie Johnson Black, Male, 10, Adopted, MS
  Isaac Virtison Black, Male, 7, Orphan, MS
2 Zacheriah Virtison Black, Male, 35, Laborer, MS
  Harriet Hall Black, Female, 65, Laborer, VA
  Hurtwill Hall Black, Male, 29, Son, Laborer, MS
  Nicie Hall Black, Female 24, Wife, Laborer, MS
3 Thornton Davis Black, Male 38, Laborer, MS
  Emma Davis Black, Female, 37, Wife, Laborer, MS
  Nancy Brown Black, Female, 68, Mother, District of Columbia
  Adline Davis Black, Female, 15, Daughter, Laborer, MS
  Marrah Davis Black, Female, 13, Daughter, MS
  Alberta Davis Black, Female, 10, Daughter, MS
  Lucy Davis Black, Female, 7, Daughter, MS
  Thornton Davis Black, Male, 5, MS
  Maggie Davis Black, Female, 3, MS
  Ezekle Davis Black, Male, 2, MS
  Esabella Lumkins Black, Female, 15, Niece, MS
4 Andrew Clark Black, Male, 21, Laborer, AL
  Ciseroe Anderson Black, Male, 22, Laborer, MS
  Henry Brown Black, Male, 21, Laborer, MS
5 Wilson Chase Black, Male, 26, Laborer, MS
  Kezier Chase Black, Female, 30, Wife, Laborer, MS
  Ella Chase Black, Female, 10, Daughter, Laborer, MS
  Emma Chase Black, Female, 8, Daughter, MS
6 Mack Richardson Black, Male, 15, Laborer, MS
7 Mat Johnson Black, Male, 74, Laborer, MS
  Mariah Johnson Black, Female, 60, Wife, Laborer, VA
8 Dick Winchester Black, Male, 60, Father, Laborer, LA
  James Richardson Black, Male, 23, Son, MS
  Levina Richardson Black, Female, 19, Wife, MS
  Argusta Richardson Black, Male, 2, Son, MS
  James Richardson Jr. Black, Male, 1, MS
9 Prince Landin Black, Male, 25, Laborer, TN
  Fannie Landin Black, Female, 27, Wife, MS
  Nelson Landin Black, Male, 2, Son, MS
  Kitie Landin Black, Female, 8, Daughter, MS
10 Isaac Brooks Black, Male, 22, Laborer, MS
  Louisia Brooks Black, Female, 19, Wife, Laborer, MS
11 Dan Chapman Black, Male, 32, Laborer, MS
  Rachel Chapman Black, Female, 33, Wife, Laborer, MS
12 Silas Linzy Black, Male, 25, Laborer, MS
  Liddia Linzy Black, Female, 20, Wife, Laborer, MS
  Emma Linzy Black, Female, 1, MS
  James Smith Black, Male, 20, Laborer, MS
  Minerva Johnson Black, Female, 32, Laborer, MS
13 Lurinzer Linzy Black, Male, 29, Farmer, MS
  Julia Linzy Black, Female, 34, Wife, Laborer, MS
  Mittie Linzy Black, Female, 5, Adopted, MS
  Emma Davis Black, Female, 12, Adopted, Laborer, MS
14 Elmira Henderson Black, Female, 34, Laborer, LA
  Peter Bell Black, Male, 22, Laborer, LA
  Simon Hall Black, Male, 20, Laborer, MS
  Sarah Hand Black, Female, 16, Sister, Laborer, GA
15 Martha Mury Black, Female, 28, Laborer, MS
  Dave Paul Black, Male, 18, Son-in-law, Laborer, MS
  Henry Murry Black, Male, 12, Son-in-law, Laborer, MS
  Joe Murry Black, Male, 10, Son, MS
  Minerva Murry Black, Female, 4, Daughter, MS
  Elizabeth Murry Black, Female, 3, Daughter, MS
  Milfort Murry Black, Male, 4/12, Son, MS
16 Lucy Davis Black, Female, 65, Laborer, VA
17 Sandy Chase Black, Male, 83, Laborer, VA
  Luchan Davis Black, Male, 27, Laborer, VA
  Abraham Bowls Black, Male, 9, Adopted, MS
18 Abraham Brown Black, Male, 67, Laborer, LA
  Betsy Brown Black, Female, 68, Wife, Laborer, VA
  Abram Chase Black, Male, 18, Step Son, MS
19 Richard Robinson Black, Male, 53, Laborer, MS
  Pollie Robinson Black, Female, 29, Wife, Laborer, MS
  Simon Robinson Black, Male, Black, Male, 19, Son, Laborer, MS
20 Stephen Robinson Black, Male, 48, Laborer, MS
  Hanah Robinson Black, Female, 50, Wife, Laborer, VA

Source: The 1880 US Federal Census, District 3, Pages 85-86 (T9, Roll 650), Pages 357-358

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