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Issaquena County Sate Officials: 1844-1891


1846: Lelix Labauve
1848: Jas. J.B. White
1850: J.J. White
1852-54: W.L. Johnston
1856-57: Peter B. Starke
1858: Peter B. Starke
1859-61: Peter B. Starke
1861-62: Peter B. Starke
1865-67: W.S. Yerger
1870-71: Thos. Stringer and A. Mygatt
1872-73: Wm. Gray
1874-75: Wm. Gray
1876: Wm. Gray
1878: W.S. Farrish
1880: W.S. Anderson
1882: H.R. Jeffords
1884: H.R. Jeffords
1886-88: D.C. Casey
1890: H.L. Foote



1846: James J.B. White
1848: M. Powell
1850: J.J. Hughes
1852-54: Wm. T. Bernard
1856-57: Isaac C. Hill
1858: ___ Davis
1859-61: Wirt Adams
1861-62: W.D. Brown
1865-67: W.D. Brown
1870-71: R. Griggs
1872-73: R. Griggs
1874-75: Wm. H. Jones
1876: W.H. Jones and S.S. Sanderlin
1877: W.H. Jones and S.S. Sanderlin
1878: Henry P. Scott
1880: Lem Moore
1882: S.B. Blackwell
1884: Lem Moore
1886-88: S.B. Blackwell
1890: C.J. Jones

Lowry, Robert and William H. McCardle. A History of Mississippi from the Discovery of the Great River by Hernando Desoto including the Earliest Settlement Made by the French Under Iberville to the Death of Jefferson Davis, R.H. Henry and Co., Jackson, Mississippi, 1891. pp. 496-497

Photocopied from the original book by James Newman, transcribed by Bob Franks

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