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A Brief History of Rolling Fork

Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891.
Volume II, page 239

Note: Rolling Fork is the county seat of neighboring Sharkey County. However, the entire Rolling Fork area was in Issaquena County prior to the organization of Sharkey County.

Rolling Fork, the county seat of Sharkey county, is located west of the center of the county, and is a junction station on the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas railway. It has four hundred inhabitants and does a good local and shipping trade. Other towns in the county are Egremont, Smedes, Anguilla, Nitta Yuma and McKinneyville.

The Methodists were the first to hold religious services within the present limits of Sharkey county. In 1840 Rev. John Fullerton preached at a log schoolhouse on the Rolling Fork plantation, built by Thomas Y. Chaney for his private use as a schoolhouse. Here, in 1840, Mr. Fullerton founded the first Methodist society in the county, kown as Union church. This society afterward held services in the Masonic hall till 1888, when it erected a fame building of its own on Race street, Rolling Fork, the first church house in the county.

Soon after the war, under the unfluence of Colonel Ball, the Baptists organized a society at Rolling Fork, and they held services in Masonic hall. In 1886 J.C. Burruss organized a society of Universalists at Vickland church, which now has a membership of twenty-five. In 1874 Bishop W.H. Green organized an Episcopal church at Rolling Fork, where services are still held.

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