Jackson County, MS Death Records

Vol. 1, 1912 - 1937

This was a long over due job. Some of the records were the only ones for Jackson County. Some had been sent to Jackson, MS to Vital State Records. Some records never made it to Jackson and were not recorded. Therefore, I asked Bryant Okeefe Funeral Home if I could copy the records. I gave the Funeral Home a copy of the records.

Submitted with permission Aug.29, 2010 by: Melba Goff Allen   melbaallen36@bellsouth.net 

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Matthew Carter

Unveiling the marker of Revolutionary Patriot Matthew Carter 6th of November, 2010 at 1: P.M. in Jackson County, Mississippi. Matthew was born about 1745-1750 in North Carolina and died 2 April, 1812 in the Mississippi Territory now known as Jackson County, Mississippi. Matthew came in 1811 from Bulloch County, Georgia with family and died one year after his arrival. He is buried on a portion of land that he owned and his descendants fell heir too his land holding after his death. Matthew served under the Swampfox General Francis Marion of South Carolina. He will have full honors by the Sons of American Revolutionary and the Daughters of American Revolutionary, plus other Dignitaries and speakers.

 If you are a descendant of Matthew Carter or of his wife Cassandra Barbour and would like to attend, please send an email:

Melba Allen at melbaallen36@bellsouth.net  
Linda Ellis at lindaellis2000@yahoo.com

ABBLE, Edward, born 15 May, 1865, Biloxi, MS; died 1 Oct., 1934, in Mobile. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Joseph Abble; Mother: Victoria Tebella, Biloxi, MS.

ADAMS, Baby, born & died 10 Feb. 1931 in Moss Point, MS. Father, Hugh Adams, born Basin, MS; Mo: May L. Tanner.

ADAMS, Charles A., died 2 Feb. 1929, age 73, born in Jackson County, MS. Father, Lewis Adams; Mo: Charlotte Cowart.

ADAMS, Ces W., born 19 Nov. 1895, PA; died 26 Feb. 1936.

ADAMS, Margaret, died 11 Feb. 1919. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Adkerson, Eliza Jane, born 26 Dec., 1863; died 29 Jan., 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: William Lamey, born Bayou La Batre, AL. Mo: Mary Louise Miller, born Biloxi, MS.

Afferson, John W., born 2 August, 1872, New Orleans, LA; died 26 June 1933. Buried in Union Cemetery. Fa: John Afferson, Sr., born Meridian, MS. Mo: Lizzie Rutee born Meridian. Informant: John R. Couch.

Agnus, John, (c) age 66, died 27 April, 1930 Moss Point, MS. Service: Baptist Church. Orders, Charley Agnus.

Aikens, Celeste C., born 24 April, 1858; died 10 April, 1919 in Escatawpa. Buried in Ferrell Cemetery. Fa: Henry Kirkwood. Informant: Gilford L. Adkins of Harrison, MS.

Alberts, Emile C., born 8 Nov. 1881; died 3 Nov. 1921. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Fa: John Alberts born Germany. Mo: Mary Elizabeth LaFranny born New Orleans, LA.

Alexander, Sampson Henry, born 23 March, 1856; died 22 July, 1932 in Bayou La Batre, AL. Buried in Union Cemetery. Fa: John Alexander, born Jackson Co., MS. Mo: Elizabeth Hagen.

Alexander, Willia, (c) d. 16 Jan., 1931, age 24. Buried St. Paul.

Algeo, James, born 25 June, 1846; died 8 July, 1897 Memphis, TN. On 10 July, 1926 buried Griffin Cemetery in Moss Point.

Alto, Joseph, died 1 Dec., 1919, age 58. Buried Union Cemetery.

Allday, Charity, born 23 Dec., 1855 Cedar Co., GA; died 5 Feb. 1935. Fa: Louis Mosley, born Cedar County, MO: Sarah Tramble, born Cedar County, MO.

ALLDAY, Everett, died 25 May, 1936, age 25 yrs.

ALLDAY, William Earl, born 16 June, 1916 Meridian, MS; died 19 March, 1936, from pneumonia. Buried Potters Field. Fa: Marshall Allday, born Philadelphia, MS. Mo: Susan Gray, born Lucedale, MS.

ALLEN Lucille (c) died 19 June, 1917 Mobile, AL, born MS. Fa: Harvey Allen.

Allen, Caleb (c) died 4 Nov. 1925 in East Side, married, age 62. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Allen, Gertrude, age 49, died 25 July, 1930 Pensacola, FL, from auto accident. Chg. to Arthur Allen. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Allen, Jabe, died 16 July, 1915, age 50 yrs.

Allen, John, born Richmond, VA, died 17 July, 1918. Fa: Jack Allen. Mo: Virginia Allen.

Allen, Lucile, (c) died 19 June, 1917 Mobile, AL; born MS. Fa: Harvey Allen.

Allen, Mary, died 6 Feb. in Chicago, IL. Buried St. Paul.

Allen, Van born Escatawpa, MS. Mo: Florrie Vice born Agricola, MS.

Allen, William (c) died 18 May, 1924, age 65. Pauper.

Alley, C. H., born 18 July, 1836, died 13 June, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Alley, Isabella, born 26 Nov. 1842, MS; died 25 May, 1917. Husband: Cadmush Alley. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: William Ray Bilbo, born VA, Mo: Charlotte Ryan, born AL.

Allman, Andrew, died 9 Sept., 1917, age 77 yrs. Buried Cross Roads Cemetery. Fa: John Allman; Mo: Mary Hamberger, born Germany.

Allmam, Edith, born 1 Jan., 1860, in Bayou Beauf, LA; died 27 Feb. 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: Lud Furguson.

Allman, John, born Pearl River County, MS, died 13 Oct., 1930, age 87. Widower. Fa: John J. Allman. Mo: Mary Hamberger.

Allman, Sabra, died 2 Jan., 1924, age 74 yrs. Buried Cross Roads Cemetery. Born Jackson Co., MS. Fa: Ben Reeves. Mo: Nancy Havard.

Anderson, Annie died 11 Dec., 1934, in Gautier, age 85.

Anderson, Charlotte died 4 July, 1933, age 72, born AL.

Anderson, James (c) born 10 May, 1908; died 4 June, 1921, accidental drowning. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Anderson, Louis (c) died 24 April, 1922, age 38. Buried St. Paul.

Anderson,. Nancy Elizabeth, born 10 May, 1852, FL; died 25 May, 1917. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Dave Brown, born FL. Mo: Barberly Vickers, born FL.

Andrews, Henry (c) died 11 Sept., 1925, age 89. Buried in Franklin Cemetery. Informant: Eliza Andrews.

Andrews, Robert, born 26 March, 1883; died 21 June, 1931. Buried Franklin Cemetery. Fa: Henry Andrews born Greenbrough, AL. Mo: Eliza West, born Biloxi, MS.

Andrews, Risie (c) born 20 Feb. died 27 April, 1930. Informant: Edward Andrews of Gautier, MS.

Andrews, Willis born 18 Dec., 1856 Monroeville, AL; died 26 July, 1918. Fa: Jack Andrew. Mo: Delsie Andrew.

Ankerson, Laurence born 1860; died 21 Feb. 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Archie, Mary (c) born 16 Nov. 1840; died 28 Nov. 1930, in Grand Bay, AL. Chg. to Mattie Allen & Lizzie Winston.

Arnold, Lizzie (c) died 17 Sept., 1926, Union Springs, AL.

Ashcraft, M. died 4 April, 1922, age 61. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery.

Ashcraft, James W., died 30 May, 1925, from pistol wound, buried in Koscuisko, MS.

Ashee, Susan born 6 August, 1846, died 10 August, 1919. Buried Union Cemetery.

Atcherson,. Mary Louise died 2 March, 1917, widow, age 40.

Atchinson, Green David, born 12 July, 1850, died 1 Jan., 1918. Buried Union Cemetery. Fa: Hill Atchinson. Mo: Amelia Mosley.

Atwell, John, born 18 June, 1909 in Andalusia, AL, died 7 August, 1933. Buried Agricola, MS. Fa: William Jasper Atwell born AL. Mo: Georgiana Nelson, born Troy, AL.

Austin, Sam, (c) died 25 April, 1919, age 27, born Jackson, AL.

Avara, Lucus Knox, born 15 Jan., 1865, Meridian, MS; died 9 May, 1936. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Baptist, Night Watchman.

Babee, Joseph Barnard born 28 Nov. 1879; died 22 June, 1931, married Catholic. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Barber, born Barber Co., W. Va. Mo: Virginia Gallott, born Mobile, AL.

Bartee, Malissia born 26 Sept., 1864; died 25 March, 1935. Fa: Hyram Bilbo, born Basin, MS. Mo: Lettie Lee, born Basin.

Bartola, Lucy (c) died 6 Dec., 1920, age 43. Buried: Gabriel Cemetery.

Baskin, Rome (c) born 15 August, 1867, Savannah, GA; died 31 March, 1933.

Bass, Josephine (c) died 1 Feb. 1930, Moss Point, MS, age 52. Buried: St. Paul Cemetery. Informant James Bass.

Bates, Mary (c) died 20 Sep., 1915; age 31, widow. Buried: Gabriel Cemetery.

Baum, William Frank born 1 April, 1928, died 5 May, 1930. Fa: Frank Baum, born in Austria, Hungry. Mo: Anna Smith born Chicago, IL.

Bawsher, Amos born 10 Sep., 1842; died 14 March, 1930 at East Side, widow, farmer. Informant E. B. Dunten of Pascagoula, MS. Fa: Baston Bawsher, born Ohio. Mo: Sophia Koote, born OH. Body shipped to LaGrange, IN.

Baxter, William Martin born 25 Jan., 1856; died 1 Dec., 1929. Buried: Machpelah Cemetery.

Becht, Fritz Daniel, born 30 March, 1858, died 22 October, 1930 in Pascagoula, MS. Catholic, widower. Buried: Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Franc Becht, born Germany. Mo: ? born Germany.

Beckham., Mamie Elizabeth born 3 October, 1893, died 25 October, 1918. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: C. L. Olsen born Norway. Mo: Mamie Bobbie

Behnke, Emma Louise born 23 Dec., 1870 Spring Field, IL; died 1 March, 1934. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Fa: Frank Dowe born ME.

Belknap, William Henry born 10 Nov. 1861; died 14 Sep., 1931; R. R. Watchman, married, Baptist. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: Thomas Belknap, born Braxton Co., W. Va. Mother: Jane Dobbins, born Gulmer Co., W. VA.

Bemis, Joyce Edward born 8 July, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Benefield, Celia Frances born 10 Nov. 1851; died 10 Feb. 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: R. B. Benefieldied.

Benefield, Robert B. born 22 Dec., 1882; died 22 March, 1931 in East Side, from shot gun wound. Married, Methodist. Buried in Orange Grove Cemetery. Fa: James P. Benefield, born GA. Mo: Celie Jones, born GA.

Bennett, Campbell died April, 1914, at Nutbank. Inf: Ollie Goff.

Bertrum. Louis died 25 Dec., 1935. Mo: Henrietrta Canfied.

Betram, William Henry, born 10 August, 1882; died 9 May, 1931, Escatawpa. Buried Zion Cemetery. Fa: John Bertram, born Germany. Mo: Victoria DoRange, born France.

Berry, Emma (c) died 27 October, 1929. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Bickel, Sarah born 4 June, 1827; died 16 Jan., 1919. Buried Big Point.

Bilbo, Alfred died 19 October, 1918, Gautier, MS.

Bilbo, Alfred died 7 Jan., 1931 Gautier. Buried in Gautier Cemetery. Fa: Hiram Bilbo. Mo: Hester Ferrell.

Bilbo, Alice Cecila died 11 Sept., 1934. Fa: Charles Leroy.

Bilbo, Caroline died 23 Nov. 1931, age 93. Buried Gautier Cemetery. Fa: Arthur Fairley, born Red Creek, MS. Mo: Julia Fairley, born Red Creek, MS.

Bilbo, David, died 7 Nov. 1928, age 49. Buried Collard Cemetery.

Bilbo, Hester died 24 March, 1924, in Gautier, MS.

Bilbo, Lige born 15 April, 1879; died 23 Feb. 1933. Fa: Warner Bilbo, born VA. Mo: Eliza Barber, born VA.

Bilbo, Minerva (c) died 25 Sept., 1917. Fa: Henry Galloway.

Bilbo, Ned (c) died 18 Dec., 1925, age 70. Buried Gautier Cemetery.

Bilbo, Patsie (c) died 16 December, 1926, age 42 yrs.

Bilbo, Sherman (c) born 6 Dec., 1865 in Pascagoula, MS; died 16 April, 1934. Fa: Warner Bilbo, born Americus. MS. Mo: Eliza.

Bilbo, Warner (c) born March, 1830; died 13 October, 1917. Buried Black Byrd Cemetery.

Bishop, Robert L. born 7 Jan., 1869, MS; died 25 Mar., 1915. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: R. L. Bishop, born PA. Mo: Catherine Fox, born Ireland.

Bishop, Thomas T., born 17 April, 1859; died 9 May, 1914, from Brights Disease. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Bixby, Alvan Honey born 28 Sept., 1884; died 16 July, 1929. Buried in MA. Fa: Alvan Bixby, born VT. Mo: Agnes L. Avalla, born Canada.

Black, Joe (c) died 29 June, 1923, age 65, buried in Brandon, MS.

Blake, Edwina (c) died 28 April, 1916, age 45. Buried: St. Paul Cemetery.

Blanks, Richard (c) died 13 June, 1917, age 49. Buried: Plinty Cemetery.

Blumer, Adam born 3 Jan., 1839, Switzerland; died 4 March, 1915 Moss Point, MS. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Widow, Fa: Jacob Blumer. Mo: Elizabeth Ackerman, born Switzerland.

Blumer, Peter Emile born 23 Jan, 1868; died 14 June, 1915, Laurel, MS. Married. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Boa, Raymond died 30 May, 1935, age 57. Fa: Paul Boa born France, Mo: Lillie Johnson, born Mobile, AL.

Bodden, Richard B., chg. to Capt. Willie L. Bodden, died 2 Nov. 1930, Sea Capt., married. Buried Machpelah. Funeral in Mobile at 313 St. Joseph St. resident.

Bogdahn, Charles Sr. born 25 August, 1858; died 21 April, 1928. Fa: born Germany.

Bogdahn, Eda, born 10 July, 1863; died 20 August, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Greenwood. Chg. to Charley Bogdahn.

Bolden, Hattie (c) died 20 Feb. 1925, age 40. Buried Gabriel.

Bolden, Ivy born 18 Dec., 1886; died 16 March, 1935.

Bolden, Nathan died 8 Sep., 1918, age 72. Buried: Gabriel Cemetery. Fa: George Bolden. Inf. Jane Bolden.

Booker, Clara (c) died 27 Feb. 1924, age 23. Buried: St. Paul Cemetery.

Bordeaux, Lloyd Heywood died 20 Jan., 1919 Jackson Co., MS. Buried Daisy Vestry, age 61, born NC, married. Fa: Daniel Bordeaux. Mo: Sarah Jones, born NC.

Bosarge, Albert born 16 Dec., 1878 in Biloxi, MS; died 26 Feb. 1934, fisherman, married, Baptist. Fa: Edmond Bosarge. Mo: Cecilia Bosarge, born Biloxi, MS.

Bosarge, Ben, died 15 Dec., 1931 in Orange Grove, MS. Buried in Orange Grove Cemetery. Fa: Jeff Bosarge.

Bosarge, Delois born & died 31 March, 1931, in Kreole. Fa: Mittie Bosarge. Mo: Astimease Bosarge.

Bosarge, Jeff, died 28 April, 1923, age 84. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Fa: Victor Bosarge. Mo: Elizabeth Davis, born AL.

Bosarge, Lawrence born 17 Feb. 1880 Grand Bay; died 4 March, 1935. Buried Orange Grove. Fa: Jeff Bosarge, born Grand Bay. Mo: Virginia Gallott, born Grand Bay, AL.

Bosarge, Lee died 14 Jan., 1935 in Violet, LA. Fisherman. Buried in Grand Bay.

Bosarge, Leon, drowned, 23 Feb. 1917, age 9, son of Lee Bosarge.

Bosarge, Lille Sefronia born 12 October, 1888, died 6 May, 1917. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Fa: William Trehern. Mo: Margaret Ladnier.

Bosarge, Lucindad born 24 Sept., 1841 Grand Bay, died 31 Jan., 1919. Buried, Union Cemetery. Wife of William Bosarge. Fa: Mat Clark.

Bosarge, Mary Jane, born 23 Sept., 1894; died 1 March, 1933. Buried Machpelah. Fa: Harry Wilson, born Dalphine (Dauphine?) Island, AL. Mo: Evelin Seamore.

Bosarge, Nettie born 12 August, 1890, Orange Grove; died 22 Jan., 1934. Buried in Orange Grove. Fa: Jeff Bosarge, born Grand Bay.

Bosarge, Stella born 5 Jan., 1896; died 19 October, 1931. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Ed Gaft, born Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

Bosarge, Thomas died 3 May, 1913, Orange Grove, MS. Buried in Bayou La Batre, AL, widowed.

Bosarge, Virginia died 20 July, 1928, age 63, widow, Methodist. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Chg. to Robert McFarland.

Bowers, Mary E. born 17 Jan., 1860, Frankford, PA; died 11 April, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: James C. Stock, born England.

Bowden, Mary Amelia born 8 Jan., 1896; died 22 Dec., 1932, Fa: James J. Krebs. Mo: Helen Poitiven, born AL.

Bowers, Columbus born Lumberton, MS; died 21 Sept., 1932, age 29 yrs. Fa: Joe Bowers, born Washington Co., MS. Mo: Mary Tanner.

Bowlin, Samuel born ca 1860, SC; died 25 October, 1925, married. Fa: William Bowlin.

Bowman, James (c) died 12 Dec., 1924, age 42. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Bracks, Florine died 18 March, 1924, MS; born GA. Fa: Henry Harrison, born GA. Mo: Ellen ?

Bradford, Eugenia born 1858, died 1917. Buried Evergreen Cemetery.

Bradford, Sherwood born 27 Nov. 1838, died 25 Feb. 1922. Buried Evergreen Cemetery.

Bradford, Theodore James (c) born 8 June, 1877, Gainstown, AL. Fa: Charley Bradford, born AL. Mo: Minnie Davis, born AL.

Bradley, William died 25 August, 1924, age 4 yrs. Fa: William Bradley. Mo: Mary J. Fairley, born MS.

Bradshaw, Lodie L. born 26 April, 1881, died 6 Jan., 1929, husband G. W. Bradshaw. Buried Evergreen Cemetery. Fa:_ Clark.

Bragg, Baby, s/o W. H. Bragg, died 14 October, 1916. Buried: Machpelah Cemetery.

Bragg, Juanita born March, 1882; died 17 October, 1916. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Wife of W. H. Bragg. Fa: Arthur Krebs. Mo: Harriet Jamison.

Bragg, Lucinda born 11 April, 1856; died 1 March, 1922, widow of William Bragg, Fa:____ Jones.

Bragg, Mrs. Lula born 11 April, 1855, died 16 March, 1923.

Bragg, William T. born 18 May, 1852; died 2 Feb. 1922. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Bragg, Willis died 25 August, 1922, age 17 yrs, born Camden, AL. Fa: C. J. Bragg.

Bragly, Alice died 5 June, 1928, age 59. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Brandum, baby b.&d. 16 March, 1931, Pascagoula, MS. Fa: William Brandum. Mo: Florence Krebs.

Brannan, Daniel E. died 15 Jan., 1922, age 82 yrs. old, buried George Co., MS.

Brannan, Eula Mae died 22 June, 1928. Fa: Keith Brannen. Mo: Edna Eubanks, born MS.

Brannan, Ira died 1853, MS, married. Fa: Henry Brannan born MS. Mo: Martha Howard, born GA.

Brannan, James died 11 Dec., 1935, age 36, born Jackson Co., MS; buried George Co., MS. Fa: Ira Breannan, born MS. Mo: Marie Havard, born MS.

Brannan, Mary Ann died 30 Jan., 1936, age 75, born Jackson Co., MS. Buried Tanner Cemetery. Fa: David Havard. Mo: Sarah Howell.

Brannan, Robert D. died 29 April, 1929, age 9 yrs. Fa: Keith Brannan.

Brannan, Sarah died 1 October, 1927, age 80, born AL, widow.

Brannan, Tabitha died 25 Jan., 1928, George Co., MS. Widow of Jesse Brannan. Buried in Ellington Cemetery.

Brannan, Thomas died 9 July, 1933, age 1. Fa: Philip Brannan, born AL. Mo: Willie Mae Claxton, born MS.

Braswell, Bessie died 1 April, 1922, age 81 yrs, born AL, widow.

Braswell, N. E. (Mrs.) born 1847, died 1927

Braum, John (c) died 21 July, 1927, age 53. Buried St. Paul.

Braum, Mary Louise died 16 August, 1923, age 16. Buried St. Paul.

Braxton, Drusilla born 4 June, 1885, Three Rivers, MS; died 25 Nov. 1927 in Three Rivers. Buried Johnson Cemetery in Wade, MS. Fa: Lyman Cumbest, born Three Rivers, MS. Mo: Marselete Parker, born Wade, MS.

Brayboy, Sallie born 3 May, 1867, in Gardenville, AL; died 3 Sept., 1934. Buried in Montgomery, AL. Fa: Abraham Webb, born AL. Mo: Elizabeth Murphy, born SC.

Brazely, Florita, born 8 Sept., 1892; died 2 August, 1917 Pascougla, MS, married. Buried St. Peters Cemetery. Fa: Sylvester Petiee, born France. Mo: Cecelia DeFlanders.

Brazley, Eva born 28 May, 1894, Mobile, AL; died 20 August, 1935. Fa: Alison Houze, born Shubuta, MS. Mo: Lillie Carter, died Mobile, AL.

Breland, Arabella born 11 April, 1851, Jackson Co., MS; died 21 Feb. 1917; Fa: Henry _______. Mo: Josephine Bowen.

Breland, Benjamin born Greene Co., MS, died 3 October, 1919.

Breland, Colon Marshall born 27 Nov. 1868; died 20 Dec., 1931. Buried in Ferrell Cemetery, in Escatawpa, MS. Fa: Colon Breland, born SC. Mo: Millie Myles, born Wiggins, MS.

Breland, Maria died 7 August, 1915, age 68. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Breland, Nancy born 1870 Perry Co., MS; died 17 August, 1937, widow. Father: George Sheppard b. MS.

Breland, Rufus Quitman born 24 Dec., 1867; died 13 May, 1929. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Inf. Lula Brelan.

Brentz, Albert, Sr. (Capt) born 12 Dec., 1843, Germany; died 5 March, 1928 Escatawpa. Buried Zion Cemetery. Fa: born Germany

Brentz, Elizabeth, born 29 Jan., 1857; died 11 Dec., 1921. Buried Zion Cemetery.

Brentz, Maria Dorotha died Dec., 1937. Buried Zion Cemetery. Fa: Albert Brentz. Mo: Elizabeth Kromer.

Brettel, Ethel Emma born 1 Dec., 1905; died 15 June, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Wife of August J. Brettel, Jr. Fa: Charles E. Olson, Pascagoula. Mo: Carrie Green, born Baltimore, MD

Brewton, Amelda, died 8 Nov. 1917, Mobile, AL, age 66. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Roy Brewton.

Bridges, Harold born 9 March, 1912; died 2 Sept., 1931. Fa: Dan Bridges born Liberty, NY. Mo: Attie Edgitte, born MI.

Briggs, Mary born 30 Jan., 1957; died 8 April, 1927. Inf. Charley Wilkerson. Fa: Norman McLeod.

Bright, Charlotte (C) died 19 October, 1923, age 50, buried Carlton, AL.

Bright, Enoch (c) age 65, died 18 Dec., 1930, in Moss Point.

Bright, Henry, born 20 Dec., 1843; died 8 October, 1932, in Grand Bay, AL.

Britt, Jane Elizabeth, born 12 October, 1865; died 6 Sept., 1932. Buried L.D.S Cemetery. Fa: Samuel Davis, born Leaksville, MS. Mo: Fannie James, born Leaksville, MS.

Britt, John Edward, born 18 Jan., 1889 Escatawpa; died 1 March, 1937, Escatawpa. Inf. Ruby Britt. Fa: William P. Britt. Mo: Jane Elizabeth Davis, born Escatawpa.

Broadus, Julia Ann born 28 April, 1833; died 27 August, 1917, Fa: John Cowart, born AL. Mo: Mary Helveston.

Broden, Amanda born 5 Jan., 1851 Greenville, AL; died 28 August, 1918; wife of Frank Broden. Fa: Joe Heathcock. Mo: Amanda Busby.

Brodum. Christian Charles, born 20 Sept., 1859, Germany; died 16 May, 1936. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Ship carpenter. Fa: Jetz Brondum, born Germany. Mo: Catherine Nufe, born Germany.

Brooks, Ann died 29 March, 1915 in Escatawpa, MS, age 75, widow; buried Three Rivers, MS.

Brooks, Daniel (c) born 7 March, 1862 Three Rivers, MS; died 6 July, 1918. Fa: Dudley Brooks.

Brooks, Emily born 27 October, 1873 New Orleans, LA; died 1 Feb. 1936. Methodist. Fa: Robert Jones. born New Orleans, LA. Mo: Mary Smith, born New Orleans, LA.

Brooks, Jane (c) died 7 April, 1918, age 78. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Brooks, Josephine died 28 June, 1935, born State Line, MS. Fa: Joe Coleman, born Charleston, SC. Mo: Nellie Byrd, born SC.

Brooks, Sumter M. born 17 August, ___; died 9 Dec., 1929. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Brooks, Thomas S. born 4 Sept., 1843, died 8 July, 1922. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Broom, Ira W. died 6 Dec., 1919, age 77, wife of Martha Alice Broom.

Broughton, Johnnie (c) died 10 June, 1934; age 26, born AL.

Broussard, Joseph G. born 8 June, 1867; died 31 October, 1930, Pascagoula, MS; employed by TX Oil. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Brown, Anderson died 5 Nov. 1933, age. 45 Buried St. Paul.

Brown, Annie (c) died 24 Dec., 1927, age 48. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Brown, Baby b&d 16 October, 1930. Fa: Robert L. Brown, born Lawrence, KS. Mo: Mattie Aileen Jones, born Steel Mill, GA.

Brown, Eugene Edward born 9 October, 1866; died 30 Jan., 1928. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Brown Evelyn born 11 August, 1864; widowed, Baptist; died 23 October, 1930 Moss Point, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Fa: Thomas Singleton Hough, born SC. Mo: Janes Hutts, born SC. Chg. to Gilbert Brown.

Brown, Florence (c) died 31 Jan., 1925, age 40. Buried Collard Cemetery.

Brown, Isaac (c) 80 yrs. old, died 4 Nov. 1930, Escatawpa.

Brown, Jerry died 26 March, 1916 at Escatawpa; age 90.

Brown, John (Indian) died 18 Jan., 1928, age 90, born in OK, buried Vancleave, MS. Wife: Eliza Brown.

Brown, Laura (c) died 22 Feb. 1928, Grand Bay, AL.

Brown, Louise born March, 1857 Mobile, AL; died 4 June, 1934; married, Baptist. Fa: Adam Johns.

Brown, Lucinda (c) born Jan, 1852; died 3 April, 1931 in Moss Point, MS. Fa: Henry Knight, born Perry Co., MS.

Brown, Mamie (c) died 23 October, 1924, age 47. Buried Gabriel.

Brown, Martha A. (c) born 18 May, 1845, died 18 March, 1931, Pascagoula, widow, Baptist. Chg. to Edwin B. Wright, Jr.

Brown, Mary Ann died 14 Jan., 1920, husband: John Brown.

Brown, Mattie died 5 May, 1915, Moss Point, MS.

Brown, Rose died 11 Jan., 1923, age 55.

Brown, Sarah (c) died 4 June, 1929, age 90. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Brown, Thomas died 7 April, 1923, age 62. Fa: Joe Brown born NC. Mo: Martha Hollomon born SC.

Brown, Victoria Clark, born 3 August, 1874 Mobile, AL; died 21 October, 1936 Kreolo. Baptist. Fa: John Clark, born Biloxi, MS. Mo: Eliza Murphy, born Leaksville, MS.

Browning, Alice, born 6 Sept., 1867, Handsboro, MS; died 22 Sept., 1933. Buried Machpelah, widower. Fa: James Washington Burroughs born NC. Mo: Louise Litchfield born Miss. City, MS.

Brumfield, Henry M. died 2 April, 1931, age 24. Fa: Frank R. Brumfield born Magnolia, MS. Mo: Julia Garden Gardner born MS.

Bryant, Harry died 3 April, 1927; age 74, married, born Jasper Co., MS. Fa: John A. Bryan, born NC. Mo: Martha Jones, born AL.

Bryant, Mollie (c) died 20 Dec., 1917.

Buckhanan, James died 10 June, 1914, Eastside.

Buckley, James Joseph, born 1865; died 20 Nov. 1930 Pecan, MS. Informant: J. J. Bucklery, Jr. Buried in Union Cemetery.

Buckner, Elvolah (c) died 22 March, 1928, age 41.

Budreaux, Lorena died 1 Nov. 1918 DeKalb, IL, age 28

Burdow, Adolph (c) died 22 Jan., 1927 Mobile, AL, age 30.

Budrow, Charley (c) died 21 Jan., 1927.

Budrow, Harry (c) born 5 May, 1888, died 10 August, 1928. Buried St. Peters.

Budrow, Isabelle died 27 July, 1915 New Orleans, LA. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Budrow, Harry (c) born 5 may, 1888 died 10 August, 1928. Buried St. Peters.

Budrow, Herman died 9 July, 1929, age 23. Fa: Gabriel Budrow. Mo: Sophia Galloway.

Buford, Willie died 16 July, 1918, age 21. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Bugge, Caroline Auguste born 8 Jan., 1854; died 19 May, 1916; married, Lutheran. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Bugge, Harry Frank, died 21 October, 1934, New Orleans, LA, age 52. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Bugge, Cpt. Simon Harry born 27 March, 1854; died 14 May, 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Paul Bugge.

Burns, Edward E. born 1864; died 8 June, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Burns, Mahalia (c) died 20 April, 1917, age 50. Buried Plinty Cemetery.

Burroughs, Jennie born 1 July, 1857; died 25 October, 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant. James H. Burroughs.

Burton, Fred D. born 1 April, 1888; died 8 Feb. 1929, Floamton, AL, buried Ft. Worth, TX. Fa: J. J. Burton.

Busby, Carl Henry, born 30 Dec., 1921; died 1 Sept., 1922.

Busby, Georgia born 10 May, 1860 Holmes Co., FL; died 30 Sept., 1918 Pascagoula, MS; buried near Caryville, FL. Wife of W. J. Busby. Fa: Joe Kell.

Busby, Luella born 10 July, 1920, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery. Died ___________. Informant: Henry Busby.

Busby, Willie Howard died 6 Sep., 1922, age 40. Inf. Henry Busby.

Bush, Asaline (c) died 27 August, 1919, age 18, wife of Frank Bush. Fa: Will Davis, born Selma, AL.

Bush, Harriet (c) born Jackson Co., MS; died 22 August, 1923, age 75. Fa: Moses Wells.

Bush, Elsie Married died 28 Sept., 1932, age 29. Buried Coleville Cemetery. Fa: A. B. Spratley, Mo: Vitty Woodcock, born Vancleave, MS.

Bush, Mary Ann born 1853 Greenville, AL; died 10 March, 1917, widow of John Bush. Baptist. Buried Union Cemetery.

Bush, Susan died 23 Feb. 1927; age 78, born Clark Co., MS. Fa: James Thead, born TN.

Butler, Amos born 4 May, 1866; died 26 October, 1919. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Butler, Katie M. died 24 March, 1914, age 17.

Byers, D. O. (Rev.) born 1850; died 1920 in Norwood, LA. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Byrd, Dorcus died 20 October, 1913; age 2. Buried Ferrel Cemetery. Fa: Simon Byrd. Mo: Ella Parker

Byrd, Florence (c) died 4 Nov. 1925, age 36. Buried St. Paul

Byrd, Henry (c) died 21 Nov. 1927, age 65. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Byrd, Lydia Ann died 4 Jan., 1917, age 67; widow; Fa: Allen Whittington, born GA. Mo: Martha King, born AL.

Byrd, Martha died 2 October, 1918 Pascagoula, MS, age 53. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Byrd, Mary Jane born 13 Feb. 1865; died 16 April, 1936, buried Vancleave, MS. Fa: _________ Roberts. Informant: Sam R. & Clyde Byrd.

Byrd, Samuel born 9 Jan., 1860; died 2 October, 1929. Buried Byrd Cemetery. Fa: George Byrd; Mo: Martha Bowen, born Gautier, MS.

Byrd, Sarah, born 11 Feb. 1860 Basin, MS; died 14 Dec., 1936. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informat: John H. Ivy. Fa: Benjamin Ferrell. Mo: Sarah E. Ferrell, born Basin, MS.

Byrd, Simon born 31 August, 1862, Basin, MS; died 8 June, 1936. Carpenter, Methodist. Informant: Calvin Byrd. Fa: Reuben Byrd. Mo: Caroline Carter, born Basin, MS.

Byrd, Reuben born 24 Nov. 1831, MS; died 15 Nov. 1913. Fa: John Byrd, born SC. Mo: Agnes A. Holland, born SC.

Caldwell, Louis (c) died 27 Jan., 1927, age 61.

Caldwell, Alice died 10 May, 1914. Inf: Herman Tanner.

Calhoun, Annie (c) died 4 Sept., 1926. Fa: Robert Campbell. Mo: Mary King.

Campbell, Clara (c) chg. to Charley Campbell; died 20 May, 1930 Moss Point, MS.

Campbell, Charley Lee (c) died 26 April, 1927.

Campbell, David (c) died 28 March, 1926.

Campbell, Ida born 2 April, 1870, MS; died 27 October, 1918. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Fa: Sam Huckelbery, born AL. Mo: Martha Moore.

Campbell, Riley (c) died 21 Jan., 1922, age 49. Buried St. Paul.

Campbell, William died 18 Dec., 1933, age 38. Fa: Beloit Campbell, born Mobile, AL. Mo: Charity Franklin, born Moss Point, MS.

Candra, Mary died 11 Nov. 1922, age 90. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Canfield, Beaulah born 30 Jan., 1914; died 13 October, 1914. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Fa: Henry Canfield. Mo: Annie Irvin, born FL.

Canfield, Edward died 26 Nov. 1917. Inf. Rance Faggard.

Canfield, Floyd Ray died 11 August, 1928; 18 mo's old. Fa: Henry R. Canfield. Mo: Sophia Greenough. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

Canfield, George John born 14 May; 1867, Bayou La Batre, AL; died 8 Sept. 1921, Mobile, AL, carpenter. Wife: Annie Canfield. Fa: John Canfield. Mo: Martha Frances Jones, born Butler, AL.

Canfield, Henry E., Jr. died 6 April, 1932, age 5. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

Canfield, Honduras born 26 April, 1881; died 22 Nov. 1916. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Fa: George Irvin, born FL.

Canfield, Mable Elizabeth born 10 March, 1905; died 19 May, 1919. Buried Zion Cemetery. Chg. to George Canfield.

Canfield, Martha Frances born 14 October, 1833, Butler, AL; died 24 Jan., 1935. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Fa: John Jones, born Butler, AL.

Canfield, Rosalie died 24 June, 1925, age 13 (accidental drowning). Buried Zion Cemetery. Fa: George Canfield born, MS. Mo: Annie Thompson, born Vancleave, MS.

Cannon, Robert (c) died 8 May, 1929, age 23 yrs., buried Dewry, AL.

Canty, Baby b. &.d 11 Nov. 1930. Fa: F. S. Canty. Mo: Lillian El Eikes, born Biloxi, MS.

Canty, Wiley (c) died 29 October, 1924, age 49. Buried St. Paul.

Cardner, Robert died 18 May, 1934; about 35 yrs. Buried Sparta, WI. Fa: R. J. Cardner.

Carisle, Anna Jane born 8 April, 1873, Vancleave, MS; died 17 Jan., 1934, married. Fa: A. B. Holland born Vancleave, MS. Mo: Mary David, born Vancleave, MS.

Carlisle, Daniel Bryant born 13 Sept., 1864, Vancleave, MS; died 13 Dec., 1935, Vancleave, MS. Buried Flethas Cemetery. Fa: Duncan Carlisle, b. Vancleave. Mo: Nancy Rice, born AL.

Carr, James O. (c) died 5 Jan., 1921, age 4. Fa: Ogbert Carr, born Caymans Island. Mo: Minnie Anderson, born Caymans Island.

Carrier, Clyde Alvin born 24 Sept., 1878; died 9 July, 1932. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: John Carrier. born Ohio. Mo: Rachel Stewart. born Cinn., OH.

Carroll, Denny C. born 18 March, 1865; died 14 Dec., 1913, buried Laurel, MS.

Carter, Albert Brown, born 16 Nov. 1851, MS; died 28 June, 1923, single. Fa: Seaborn Carter. Mo: Jane Walker, born Clarke Co., AL.

Carter, baby b.&d. 27 May, 1919. Buried Union Cemetery. Fa: E. H. Carter. Mo: Ellie Goff, born Hurley, MS.

Carter, Cornelious (c) died 9 June, 1931, New Orleans, LA.

Carter, Clara died 18 July, 1931, about 79 yrs old. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Carter, Edwin, H. born 29 August, 1889, Hurley, MS; died 26 March, 1934. Fa: John Lee Carter, born Hurley, MS. Mo: Frances Cunningham, born Big Point, MS.

Carter, Eli Greenbery born 12 June, 1863; died 31 August, 1932. Buried Union Cemetery. Fa: Greenbery Carter, born Perry Co., MS. Mo: Rebecca Nix, born NC.

Carter, Ellen died 3 October, 1913, age 71 yrs., buried Vancleave, MS. Widow. Fa: James Roberts. Mo: Polly Goff.

Carter, Ellen died 3 March, 1923,(pneumonia), widow, age 65. Fa: Noah Carter, MS.

Carter, George died 24 May, 1914, age 6 mo., 22 days.

Carter, Georgia Steede born 5 October, 1867, Americus, MS; died 21 April, 1933. Buried in Griffin Cemetery. Fa: A. C. Steede, born Uniontown, AL. Mo: Mary Howell, born Americus, MS.

Carter, Harriet (c) died 10 July, 1917, age 35. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Carter, Jack died 29 June, 1926, Escatawpa, MS.

Carter, James Arthur (c) died 8 Sept., 1925, age 3.

Carter, John (c) born 1 Feb. 1848; died 7 Feb. 1925, Escatawpa, MS. Informant; Tony Carter.

Carter, John L. born 1 June, 1832; died April, 1915.

Carter, John Lee born 29 April, 1863, Jackson Co., MS; died 20 July, 1937, farmer. Buried Campground Cemetery. (probably Carter Cemetery.) Fa: John W. Carter. Mo: Alice Davis, born Jackson Co., MS. Inf. George & Jim Carter.

Carter, Lewis born 8 March, 1912, Wade, MS; died 19 April, 1937. Methodist. Fa: William Calhoun Carter. Mo: Eddie Mae Carter.

Carter, Mahala J. born 15 March, 1868, MS; died 22 Sept., 1912, buried Hurley, MS. Fa: William Graham. Mo: Dooley Faggard.

Carter, Matthew L. died 19 Jan., 1919. Fa: Willie G. Carter, born MS. Mo: Susan Lyons, born AL.

Carter, Mary Ellen born 17 October, 1857, Three Rivers, MS; died 19 October, 1933, Three Rivers, MS, married; Methodist. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. Fa: John Wells. Mo: Anna Kershaw.

Carter, Mary Josephine born 17 Feb. 1872, MS; died 12 Nov. 1917. Buried Zion Cemetery. Wife of John B. Carter; Fa: William J. Graham. Mo: Lue Faggard.

Carter, Racine (c) died 29 October, 1924, age 63. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Fa: Mark Carter. Mo: Franzin Chin.

Carter, Sarah Ann. born 28 Sept., 1855 Jackson Co., MS; died 5 October, (heart trouble), wife of William Tone Carter. Fa: Samuel Davis, born GA. Mo: Olivia Ward.

Carter, Thomas born MS. died 5 Sept., 1917, Vancleave, MS. Fa: Griffin Carter. Mo: Susan Lyons.

Carter, Tony C. born 1836; died 16 Feb. 1916, Escatawpa, MS, widower, Merchant. Buried Escatawpa, MS.

Carter, Wiley born 1850 Jackson Co., MS; died 11 August, 1918, age 68. Fa: John Carter. Mo: Mary Goff.

Carter, Willie born 1849 Jackson Co., MS; died 4 Jan., 1924, buried Basin, MS. Fa: Joseph Carter.

Cary, Mollie C. born 15 Nov. 1867; died 2 March, 1924. Buried Pollard, AL.

Cassels, John Henry born 29 June, 1837, Augusta, GA; died 18 Feb. 1919. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Fa: Tom Cassels.

Castona, Agnes Ocatavia died 9 Dec. 1929, Meridian, MS, age 46. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Cates, Lydia died 18 October, 1918, age 21. Inf. W. M. Fairley.

Cates, Malissa Jane born 27 June, 1886; died 15 March, 1935. Fa: Dan D. Holden born Vancleave, MS. Mo: Josephine Manship, born Fountain Bleu, MS.

Cates, Sledie born 13 July, 1907, Vancleave, MS; died 18 Feb. 1936. Buried Cates Cemetery. Fa: Raymond Cates. Mo: Jane Dobson, born Harrison Co., MS.

Catchot, Anthony born 12 August,1875, Ocean Springs, MS; died 1937. Fa: Arnold Catchot, born Spain. Mo: Idel Ryan, born Ocean Springs, MS.

Cathot, Maggie born 4 Dec., 1872; died 19 Dec., 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Married, Methodist. Chg. to Anthony Catchot. Fa: Charles H. Robins. Mo: Elizabeth Crosling, born Grand Bay, AL.

Catrell, Jack died 4 June, 1916, accidental drowning, age 40.

Cauley, Arthur born 13 July, 1893; died 20 Dec., 1914, Wade, MS (typhoid fever). Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cauley, Jim. died 27 June, 1917; died from log rolling accident, age 40, born GA. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cauley, John D. born 25 April, 1876, TX; died 13 March, 1931, Bogalusa, LA. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Cauley, Lue died 16 April, 1915, Wade, MS, in childbirth. Widower, John David Cauley. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cauley, W. Forest died 27 Sept., 1926, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cauret, John Lewis born 8 August, 1895; died 8 Jan., 1924.

Chamberlin, William Clark born 20 Feb., 1854, Mison, IL; died 28 Jun. 1933, Grand Bay, AL. Fa: Lewis Chamberlin, born Buffalo, NY. Mo: Sarah Sellers, born IN.

Chambers, Deamond died 12 March, 1935, age 45, buried Gulfport, MS.

Chambers, Sarah 3 October, 1917, age 26. Inf. J. D. Larue.

Chambers, Peter (c) died 22 July, 1922.

Chapman, John (c) died 25 October, 1923, age 62.

Chandler, Mrs. Henrietta died 24 October, 1922, age 60, buried Long Beach, MS.

Chapell, Frank died 24 Dec., 1928, age 69. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Chapman, Argen (c) d 29 August, 1919, age 77 yrs.

Chapman, Candis (C) died 12 May, 1924, age 42. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Chapman, Elisha (c) died 20 Jan., 1927, Pascagoula, MS.

Chapman, Patsy (c) died 11 April, 1919, Gulfport, MS. age 23.

Charlton, Eley Jordon born 18 August, 1919; died 17 May, 1921.

Chastant, Astied (c) born 8 March, 1885; died 20 Jan., 1932. Fa: J. B. Chastang. Mo: Harriet Moer.

Chastant, Bathite (c) born 10 Nov. 1874; died 8 October, 1931. Buried St. Peters Cemetery. Fa: John B. Chestang.

Chastant, Clara born 18 Dec., 1862; married, housewife, Catholic. Chg. to A. F. Chastant of Pascougla, MS. Died 24 March, 1930 at 12:30 p.m. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Emanuel Deas, born Spain. Mo: Zoe Krebs.

Chastant, Calra Isabella died 12 October, 1915, age 9 mo's. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Chastant, Octavia (c) died 9 May, 1927, age 45.

Chatman, Agatha (c) died 1935, AL, age 23 yrs. Fa: Eugene Mengo.

Chatman, Dan (c) died 14 May, 1919, age 48 yrs.

Childs, Eugenia M. died 16 Nov. 1915, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Childs, Robert (c) died 18 May, 1919, Escatawpa, MS, age 52.

Christman, Maude died 26 Sept., 1930, drowned accident. Shipped to St. Louis, MO.

Cirlot, Lula Pearl died 4 June, 1920. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Clark, Agnes Lydia died 15 Feb. 1925 Mobile, AL, age 25. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Chg. to Murry P. Clark.

Clark, Charles Oliver Gorman died 11 Jan., 1918. Buried Greenwood cemetery.

Clark, Clementine (c) died 19 May, 1925, age 18. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Clark, Edwin Lee died 20 Feb. 1918, age 25. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: J. D. Clark.

Clark, Eliza Massey born 28 May, 1831; died 5 Dec., 1920. Buried Union Cemetery. Fa: Morris Murphy, born NC. Husband: John C. Clark.

Clark, Ellis born 9 April, 1859; died 20 Jan., 1928, in Kreole. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Inf. Mrs. Josephine Clark. Fa: Thomas Clark. Mo: Pauline Bosarge.

Clark, Idell Isabell born 7 Feb. 1879; died 7 May, 1926, Moss Point, MS. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Clark, Jeff Davis born 8 Jan., 1874; died 27 March, 1928, Pecan farmer. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Clark, Josephine born 21 Nov. 1859; died 24 July, 1929. Buried Union Cemetery. Chg. to John Cauley.

Clark, Lynch (c) died 22 March, 1924, age 22. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Clark, Mary Ellen died 21 Nov. 1926, Pecan, MS, age 70. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Clark, Ollie Edward born October, 1915; died 29 March, 1917. Fa: Ed Clark born AL. Mo: Lula Houston. Buried Ferrel Cemetery.

Clark, Rufus Randolph born 29 Jan., 1841; died 20 August, 1921, Kreole. Buried Union Cemetery. Fa: J. M. Clark born KY. Mo: Harriet? Rogers.

Clark, Thelma Frances born 10 June, 1927; died 15 March, 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Bryan C. Clark. Mo: Marie Masey, born Schulenburg, TX.

Clark, Thomas died 4 Feb. 1923, age 65. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Clark, William Rufus born 20 Sept., 1864, St. Elmo, AL; died 14 Jan., 1935, Orange Grove, MS. Fa: Thomas Clark, born St. Elmo, AL. Mo: Pauline Bosarge, born Bayou La Batre, AL.

Clay, Hellan born 25 Jan., 1914; died 29 July, 1930, Columbia, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: J. K. Clay, born Lauderdale, MS. Mo: Lena Williams born Scott Co., MS.

Clemants, Marie (c) born 1813; died 24 May, 1923. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Clements, Adeph Mary born 31 July, 1871; died 26 Nov. 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: Jacob Pittman, born Lumber City, GA. Mo: Effie Clements born Towns, GA.

Clements, Alazan Elzabeth born 1 April, 1853; died 11 July, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Mack Clements. Fa: Dick Tillman, born AL. Mo: Elizabeth Wheeler, born AL.

Clements, Clara died 5 Nov. 1925, Bogolusa, LA. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Clements, Loney died 17 April, 1931 Bogolusa, LA, age 59. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Clements, Mack born 14 Nov. 1850, Theodore, AL; died 9 March, 1934, widower, Catholic. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Anderson Clemants, born GA. Mo: Mary Demouy, born France.

Clements, Marie (c) born 1813, died 24 May, 1923. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Clifford, Irene, age 33, died 2 Feb. 1930, Biloxi, MS. Charged to Mr. Fuller of Gautier, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Clifford, George T. died 20 Jan., 1929 (pneumonia), age 61. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Clinton, Clarmie (c) died 22 April, 1931, Gulfport, MS, age 30. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Cloud, George M. died 18 August, 1926. Funeral in Russellville, AK.

Coats, Narsis? (c) born 22 May, 1868; died 13 October, 1928.

Cobb, Jean Milliceant died 31 31 May, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: Lee Cobb, born Wilston, MS. Mo: Maurice Ashcraft, born Dorseville, MS.

Cobb, Thomas Lee, died 31 May, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Widow, Leana M. Cobborn. Fa: T. C. Cobb. Mo: Lula Joiner.

Cochran, (??) died 25 June, 1924; from a fractured skull caused from a runaway vechile, age 43, husband of R. T. Cochran. Fa: Green LaFanier, born MS. Mo: Nancy Woodard born MS.

Cochran, John died 25 Sep., 1921, Gulfport, MS, age 60. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant Mrs. John Cochran.

Cochran, Opal Ruth born 31 October, 1917; died 11 Jan., 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: John Clint Cochran, born Oxford, IN. Mo: Irene Ryan, born Raliegh, NC.

Cochran, Robert born 1 August, 1865, Canada; died 23 Sept., 1934, Grand Bay, AL, buried Grand Bay, AL. Fa: Alexander Cochran, born Canada. Mo: Catherine Greham, born Canada.

Cochran, Wesley W. born 1860 Greene Co., MS; died 5 July, 1929, married. Fa: John A. Cochran. Mo: Ruth Champomy.

Cole, George (c) died 3 Jan., 1926 Biloxi, MS, age 11 yrs.

Cole, Mrs. Octavia died 6 October, 1925. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Chg. to A. J. Cole on Grant St. in Pascagoula, MS.

Coleman, Alice (c) born 16 Dec., 1880; died 20 Jan., 1931, East Side, MS. Chg. to John Coleman, Fa: Henry Phillips.

Coleman, Americus died 20 Dec., 1932, age 56, buried Biloxi, MS.

Coleman, Burton born 20 Dec., 1905; died 17 Jan., 1925, in accidental drowning in Clarke Bayou, single, Methodist. Buried in Coleman Cemetery. Informant: Travis Coleman.

Coleman, Catherine Irene born 19 August, 1866, Wade, MS; died 5 March, 1933, Hurley, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: James Kennedy. Mo: Jane Jones, born Big Point, MS.

Coleman, Charley born 23 October, 1834, Jackson Co., MS; died 23 Nov. 1916, widower. Fa: Nicholas B. Coleman, Mo: Mary Rose Ely.

Coleman, Dave died 29 Nov. 1918, Ford, MS, age 55, buried in Ford, MS.

Coleman, Edna Ann born 24 Jan., 1873 Wade, MS; died 20 October, 1937. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Wade, MS. Fa: Andrew Vaughn. Mo: Jane Burleson.

Coleman, Elizabeth born 11 Feb. 1843?; died 12 April, 1930, Hurley, MS. Ordered by Allen C. Coleman. Buried Coleman Cemetery.

Coleman, Inelike (c) died 30 June, 1926. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Chg. to Hanah McGill.

Coleman, J. B. died ?, wife: Mary Morgan. informant: M. C. Nelson of St. Elmo, AL. No other information.

Coleman, Nicholas Benjamin born 16 July, 1830; died 15 August, 1915, farmer. Fa: Nicholas B. Coleman. Mo: Mary Rose Ely.

Coleman, Pearl born 1 Sept., 1901; died 1 October, 1931, Big Point, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Henry Davis, born Magee, MS. Mo: Manda Cook, born McGee, MS. Informant: Travis Coleman.

Coleman, Sidney born 5 Feb. 1862, Escatawpa, MS; died 5 June, 1933 1:15 p.m. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Charley Coleman, born Hurley, MS. Mo: Elizabeth Gray, born Three Rivers, MS.

Coleman, Texana born 6 July, 1949, Mobile, AL; died 22 May, 1935, Hurley, MS. Buried Camp Ground Cemetery. Fa: Charles Monteith born Mobile, AL. Mo: Catherine Eley born Americus, MS.

Coleman, Travis born 27 June, 1875, Escatawpa, MS; died 30 Sep., 1933, Big Point, MS, married, farmer. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Fa: Charley Coleman born Hurley, MS. Mo: Elizabeth Gray, born Three Rivers, MS.

Coleman, Thomas T. died 23 March, 1929, age 60. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Collard, Alfra (c) died 13 Dec., 1925, age 28. Buried St. Paul.

Collard, Arabell (c) died 7 October, 1931, age 76, buried St. Paul.

Collard, Charley (c died 30 Dec., 1923, age 9. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Collard, Charles S. (c) born 21 Dec., 1877; died 11 Jan., 1925.

Collard, Laura A. died 13 October, 1928, age 32. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Collard, McKenley (c) born 23 October, 1894; died 13 April, 1932. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Fa: Charles S. Collard, born Jamica. Mo: Arabell Jackson, born Moss Point, MS.

Colle, Louisa Marcewlla died 31 Mar, 1935, age 20. Buried Greenwood. Fa: W. J. Collie. Mo: Laura Beauchamp, born Clinton, LA.

Collier, Dorthy Rose born 17 August, 1928; died 31 May, 1930. Fa: John A. Collier, born AL. Mo: Eva May Richards born Pascagoula, MS.

Collier, Ellis (c) died 17 August, 1921, age 42. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Colmer, Fritz born 12 Jan., 1860; died 5 July, 1933. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: Henry Colmer, born France. Mo: born Germany.

Cook, Anna J. born 27 Nov. 1840; died 27 Sept., 1931, Big Point, MS, widow. Buried Big Point, MS. Fa: John Purtell, born Ireland.

Cook, Elijah died 19 May, 1927, age 51. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Cook, Enoch (c) died 15 May, 1923, age 62. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Cook, Estell born 10 October, 1876; died 14 April, 1935. Fa: Ben Cook, born AL. Mo: Rebecca Dailey, born Mobile, AL.

Cook, Jacob James (c) born 6 Dec., 1891; died 8 Feb. 1931, married, Methodist. Fa: Mose Cook, born Mobile, AL. Mo: Louise Joe, born Pascagoula, MS.

Cook, Mary died 17 Jan., 1923, age 40. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Fa: George Washington.

Cook, Mary Teresa born 13 October, 1861, Summit, MS; died 21 Nov. 1934, buried Tylertown, MS. Fa: Charley Beas?, born Germany. Mo: Sallie Woodall, born Summit.

Cook, Mose (c)died 24 Jan., 1925, age 50. Buried Gabriel.

Cook, Henry (c) died 20 Jan., 1926, New Orleans, LA, age 48.

Cook, Prescilla (c) died 1 October, 1927, Moss Point, MS.

Cook, Sarah (c) died 19 April, 1924, age 56, buried Mobile, AL.

Cook, Tennie (c) born 16 July, 1881; died 3 Nov. 1930, Moss Point, MS. Fa: Mead Jenkins. Mo: Margaret Claude?

Cookson, John died ?(book states he was born) 12 Jan., 1934, London, England; age 78.

Cooley, Nancy born 1834, MS; died 6 August, 1931. Buried Rocky Creek Baptist Ch. Cemetery, George Co., MS. Fa: John Parker, born MS.

Cooper, Addie (c) died 13 May, 1928, age 47. Buried St. Paul.

Cooper, Lizzie (c) died 3 October, 1927, in Mobile, AL, age 55.

Corley, Robert died 30 Dec., 1934, age 34, buried Charlotte, NC.

Cothran, Charles Alvin died 24 Dec., 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Chg. Mrs. Vinnie Cothran.

Cothran, John Capelin born 19 April, 1862; died 28 Dec., 1923, Kreole. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Cowan, Albert, Sr. died 26 Feb. 1920, age 79, buried Harleston, MS. Chg. to Mack Cowan.

Cowan, Lennie Bingham died 30 Sept., 1923 (pneumonia), Nashville, TN, age 64. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: Robert E. Cowan.

Cowart, Charlotte A. born 1843, MS; died 2 March, 1928, George Co., MS. Fa: James Cowart, born Greene Co., MS. Mo: Nancy Ward, born Jackson Co., MS.

Cowart, Dela Paline died 16 Sept., 1921, age 36, married. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Cowart, Juana died 14 October, 1920, age 40. Buried Union Cemetery.

Cowart, Hanah died 3 March, 1922, age 74. Buried Orange Grove.

Cowart, William Monroe born 26 March, 1834; died 30 May, 1919. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Coulson, Annie Therese, age 64, born 22 August, 1865; d. 8:50 p.m. 6 Feb. 1930, East Side. Charged to Thomas E. Colson. Buried Magnolia Cemetery. Body shiped to Mobile, AL. Fa: James Dungavin, born Liverpool, England. Mo: Helen Moreland, born Manchester, England.

Coulson, Carrie died 12 October, 1937, age 86 yrs. Fa: Moses Goff, born MS.

Coulson, William A. born 1864; died 12 Jan., 1924, New Orleans, LA, married. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Cox, Andrew beard born 18 Jan., 1855; died 15 October, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Chg. to Letitia & Jessie Cox.

Cox, Dr. William A. born 27 Jan., 1854; died 17 Feb. 1925. Buried. Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: Dr. H. T. Cox, born Mobile, AL. Mo: Emily Godfrey, born Mobile, AL.

Cox, Letitia born 15 July, 1877; died 23 Feb. 1935, Helena, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: Jesse Adams. Mo: Sue Mahan. Chg. to Jessie & Virginia Cox.

Craig, Katie (c) died 13 May, 1928, age 55.

Craig, Ray, died 20 Dec., 1932, at Gulfport Veteran Hospital, Gulfport, MS, married. Buried in Martin Bluff Cemetery. Fa: William Albert Craig.

Craig, Roy M., Jr. b.&d. 10 October, 1931. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Crane, Caroline Elizabeth born 19 July, 1875, Havana, AL; died 6 August, 1933. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Widow, Methodist. Fa: P. A. Elliott, born AL. Mo: Irene Martin, born AL.

Crane, Delores Evans born 13 March, 1930; died 3 April, 1930. Fa: Morris Crane. Mo: Mary Estelle Grant. Buried Greenwood.

Crane, Elizabeth died 3 April, 1926, age 66 yrs. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

Crane, Jefferson D. born 22 April, 1861; died 29 Nov. 1923, married, Methodist. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Fa: A. J. Crane, born MS. Mo: Margaret Ashley, born MS.

Crawford, Almeda born 24 Sept., 1843; died 13 May, 1932, Hurley, MS. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Widow.

Crawford, Anonia born 12 Dec., 1850 Hurley, MS; died 14 Jan., 1937. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Fa: Harris Hamilton born TN. Mo: Margaret Ely born Jackson Co., MS. Inf. Raymond Wright.

Crawford, Earl died 8 March, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Crawford, Elisha born 19 August, 1849, Citronell, AL; died 1 Nov. 1933. Buried Coleman Cemetery; farmer, married. Fa: William Crawford, born Citronell, AL. Mo: Mary Ann Morgan, born Citronell, AL.

Crawford, John Wesley born 9 March, 1865, Hurley, MS; died 25 Feb. 1934, Grand Bay, AL, married, farmer. Fa: William Crawford, born Citronell, AL. Mo: Mary Ann Morgan, born Citronell, AL.

Crawford, Viola died 13 Sept., 1926, Mobile, AL, age 26.

Crawford, William born 17 August, 1858, AL; died 11 Jan., 1918, Hurley, MS. Fa: William Crawford, born Citronell, AL. Mo: Mary Ann Morgan, born Citronell, AL.

Crenshaw D. died 16 Feb. 1924, Mobile, AL. Chg. to Jessie Mizell.

Cromer, Fritz C. died 26 August, 1920, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery.

Cromer, Vida Mae born 11 July, 1889, McCombs, MS; died 3 April, 1934. Buried Ferrel Cemetery. Fa: Charles Davis Shaffer, born McComb, MS. Mo: Malissia Benley, born McComb, MS.

Cronier, Frederick Delmas born 18 Nov. 1848; died 24 Jan., 1914, Three Rivers, MS. Inf. Bob & Bud Cronier.

Cronier, Frederick Eugene died 12 August, 1873, Escatawpa, MS; died 6 October, 1934. Buried Cronier Cemetery. Fa: Frederick Delmas Cronier, born Pass Christian, MS. Mo: Virginia Cunningham, born Escatawpa, MS.

Cronier, George Hill born 26 Dec., 1877; died 15 April, 1928. Fa: Delmas Cronier.

Cronier, Marshall Raymond, died 30 July, 1920, age 12.

Cronier, Tressia died 21 Nov. 1923, age 38. Buried Cronier Cemetery.

Cronier, Zeno died 8 Dec., 1919, age 29. Buried Cronier Cemetery. Fa: Frederick, born Pass Christian, MS. Mo: Virginia Cunningham born Escatawpa, MS.

Crumb, Fisher (c) died 23 August, 1925, age 28. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Cruse, Louise Woodrow born 18 Jan., 1931; died 4 March, 1932. Buried Seymore Cemetery. Fa: Gussie Cruse. Mo: Frances Webborn.

Cudabac, Mary Frances born 8 May, 1849; died 1 July, 1920. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Wife of Hiram Cudbac. Fa: ______________ Dees.

Cullen, Julia died 18 Jan., 1920, Gautier, MS, age 19.

Culpepper, Mary (c) died 3 July, 1935, age 63. Fa: Willis Lyman, born Sugville, AL. Mo: Daskis West, born AL.

Culver, Nellie A. born 12 March, 1863; died 27 March, 1930, Martin Bluff, MS, housewife. Chg. to L. F. Culver, of Gautier, MS.

Cumbest, Albert Braxton born 6 Jan., 1852; died 23 Feb. 1930, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cumbest, baby died 5 October, 1922, Wade, MS. Fa: Quitman.

Cumbest, Barney Lee died 19 March, 1936, Wade, MS.

Cumbest, Calvin born 9 Feb. 1871, Three Rivers, MS; died 4 Sept., 1934, farmer. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: John Henry Cumbest, born Three Rivers, MS. Mo: Candacey Jones, born Three Rivers, MS.

Cumbest, Drucilla born 4 June, 1885; died 25 Nov. 1927. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cumbest, Flora Maxine born 21 October, 1930; died 29 March, 1932. Fa: George Cumbest. Mo: Bessie Goff.

Cumbest, Griffin died 1920, (pneumonia) age 37, mail carrier for Three Rivers, MS. Fa: George Cumbest. Mo: Mary Brannen, born AL.

Cumbest, Ina Virginia born 21 Nov. 1908; died 3 Sept., 1930 at 11:30 p.m., Three Rivers, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Wiley W. Coleman born Wade, MS. Mo: Edna Vaughn born Wade, MS.

Cumbest, Jennie born 1893; died 23 Nov. 1916, from childbirth. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: John Helveston born MS.

Cumbest, Lula E. born 27 March, 1895, Wade, MS; died 6 April, 1917, wife of Emanual Cumbest. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Jeff Kirkwood. Mo: Matilda Parker.

Cumbest, Lyman R. died 17 March, 1924, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Cumbest, Neville Nancy born 19 Nov. 1878, Wade, MS; died 27 August, 1935 Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Garland G. Goff, born Wade, MS. Mo: Susan Parker, born Wade, MS.

Cumbest Q. C. b.& d. 5 October, 1922, Wade, MS. Fa: Quitman Cumbest.

Cumbest, Stewart died 18 Jan., 1925, 4 days. Fa: Stewart Cumbest.

Cumbest, Stewart Eugene b.&d. 5 March, 1936. Fa: Stewart Cumbest, Sr.

Cumbest, Willie Edward died 23 April, 1918. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: Eli Cumbest. Mo: Neelia Goff.

Cumming, Trouch born 20 Sept., 1852; died 25 June, 1923. Fa: J. Cumming born IN. Mo: Hannah Tygart.

Cunningham, Albert Brown born 2 Feb. 1855, married, Methodist, farmer, died 8 April, 1930, valvular disease of heart in Mobile, AL. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Fa: William Cunningham, born Big Point, MS. Mo: Mary Coleman, born Hurley, MS.

Cunningham, Alonzo born 6 June, 1864; died 28 May, 1932, married, Methodist. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Fa: John Cunningham, born Escatawpa, MS. Mo: Becky Lyons, born Mobile, AL.

Cunningham, Deveaux, born 8 Sept., 1870, Big Point, MS; died 16 May, 1936. Buried Roberts Chapel. Fa: William Cunningham. Mo: Mary Coleman.

Cunningham, Jacob Jefferson born 13 October, 1861; died 23 May, 1932, married, Baptist. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fa: John Cunningham, born Escatawpa, MS. Mo: Marthy Lyons born Mobile, AL.

Cunningham, Lemuel Raymond, born 5 Feb. 1883; died 31 July, 1928. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Chg. to Norman Cunningham.

Cunningham, Martha Ann, born 15 Jan., 1840; died 8 Feb. 1930, Escatawpa, MS. Charged to W. P. Britt & Andrew Cunningham. Fa: Phil William, born Wade, MS. Mo: Elizabeth Graham born Wade, MS. Buried Roberts Cemetery.

Cunninggham, Mrs. Johnny B. died 2 May, 1919, Mobile, Al. Buried Ferrel Cemetery. Informant: Gus Cunningham.

Cunningham, Robert Augustus died 10 Dec., 1930, Tuscaloose, AL. Informant: J. B. Cunningham.

Cunningham, William died 10 Nov. 1932, age 75. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Fa: Samuel Cunningham. Mo: Sabrey Courtney.

Daggett, Nastosia Abraham, born Feb. 1863; died 27 November, 1933. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Dagmin, Elizabeth died 4 July, 1933, Canada, age 28. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Harry Tauder, born Scotland. Mother: Daggett Bridgett Riley born Ireland.

Dahlgreen, Eldora died 12 September, 1923, Laurel, MS, age 31. Chg. Lee Dahlgreen of Laurel, MS.

Dailey, baby b.&d. 16 January, 1927. Father: John Dailey, Jr.

Dailey, George Washington, born 23 January, 1846; died 18 April, 1926. Informant: John Dailey.

Dailey, Josephine Celeste born 1 March, 1858, MS; died 1 Feb. 1918, Moss Point, MS. (pneumonia). Buried Ferrel Cemetery.

Dailey, William Perry died 20 May, 1923, Mobile, AL; married, age 57. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Daniels, Floyd F. born 16 January, 1887; died 20 December, 1931, buried Montgomery, AL. Father: Thomas Daniel born Madison, GA. Mother: Stowall, born Madison, GA.

Daniels, Francis D. Mrs. born 13 April, 1840; died 15 May, 1923. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Daniels, Henry died 29 October, 1918 Lumberton, MS, age 17; Inf. Daniels.

Daniels, James Franklin born 18 April, 1872; died 24 January, 1931, Moss Point, MS., single. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: F. B. Daniels born Monroeville, AL. Mother: Frances Willison, born Monroeville, AL.

Daniels, Libbie G. (c) died 25 Jan 1914, age 22 yrs.

Daniels, Tom died 20 April, 1918, age 46. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Danley, Martha born 8 Feb. 1839; died 26 November, 1925, Pascagoula, MS, widower & a Baptist. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Danning, Flora (c) died 4 January, 1928, age 49. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Danning, Raif (c) died 26 June, 1917, age 55. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Dantzler, Allen died 22 August, 1917, age 74. Father: Allen Dantzler. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Dantzler, Francis Thomas (c) born 13 November, 1886; died 18 November, 1934. Father: Henry Thomas born MS. Mother: Mary Williams born Chacto Bluff, MS.

Dantzler, John Lewis died 12 Feb. 1925, at 65. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Dantzler, Nancy Mayers born 14 March, 1877; died 12 April, 1915, New Orleans, LA; widower of J. L. Dantzler. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Dantzler, Thomas H. died 27 April, 1920, age 74. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Davidson, Emma E. Richards born 17 July, 1860; died 1 June, 1916. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Wife of John C. Davidson.

Davidson, John Carrol born 19 August, 1857, Mobile, AL; died 1 Feb. 1933. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Father: William Davidson born Mobile, AL.

Davidson, Walter Joseph; chg. to F. B. Walker Pascagoula, MS. Born 1 September, 1876; d. 14 May, 1930 Pascagoula, MS from heart failure, single. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John C. Davidson born Mobile, AL. Mother: Emma Richard born Handsboro, MS. Occupation, Caulker at Ship yard.

Davidson, William born IL. died 21 April, 1918, buried near Chicago, IL, age 59.

Davis, Bettie died 16 March, 1921, age 88. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Davis, Charley (c) died 5 April, 1929, age 58, buried AL.

Davis, Charley Mark born 14 September, 1892, Calhoun, AL; died 19 September, 1934. Father: Charley Davis born AL. Mother: Dora Williams born AL.

Davis, Clyde E. died 2 September, 1930, Toledo, Ohio; chg. to Henry Roberts, funeral at his home. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Curtis Davis.

Davis, Dora (c) died 28 July, 1925. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Davis, Edith Etta born 23 March, 1900, Hurley, MS; died 27 September, 1937. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Henry E. Roberts born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Ella Goff born Wade, MS.

Davis, Ellen born 1852, MS; died 19 November, 1924, widow. Father: Thomas Holland born SC, Mother: Jane Dubose born MS.

Davis, Fannie (c) died 10 July, 1925, age 65, buried Mobile, AL.

Davis, Gifford Hanford born 12 March, 1889, Grand Bay, AL; died 14 April, 1936. Buried Davis Cemetery. Father: Virgil Davis born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Rosena Baker born Grand Bay, AL.

Davis, Hubert born Americus, MS, died 13 August, 1936, age 58. Inf. Lillie B. Davis. Father: J. J. Davis born Americus, MS. Mother: Edna Ward born Americus, MS.

Davis, James (c) died 27 July, 1923, age 93.

Davis, James born 17 December, 1859, Hazelhurst, GA; died 3 June, 1937, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Husband of Nancy Faggard Davis. Father: Simon Davis born Coffee Co. GA. Mother: Mattie Hinson born Hazelhurst, GA.

Davis, Jane born 1873 Greene Co. MS; died 26 November, 1919. Father: Lewis Pipkins.

Davis, Jenkins Drew died 28 December, 1931, age 50. Father: Pierce Davis born Calguitt, GA. Mother: Nancy Bush born Calguitt, GA.

Davis, John died 23 October, 1918. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Davis, John Prentis, born 25 April, 1879 Americus, MS; died 22 January, 1919. Buried Harleston, MS. Father: Jeff Davis. Mother: Eleanor Ward.

Davis, John Samuel died 7 April, 1921. Informant: W. H. Kibby.

Davis, Laura born 1855, MS; died 9 Feb. 1935. Father: Hiram Scarbrough. Mother: Eran Moody.

Davis, Leroy died 1 June, 1914, Chicago, IL, age 33.

Davis, Letty May born 1 January, 1913; died 19 Feb. 1930 from Kidney infection in Kreole. Charged to Sampson Davis. Father: Gordon Lundy, born Mobile, AL. Mother: Francis Hough born Escatawpa, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Davis, Martha (c) died 22 April, 1928. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Davis, Mary (c) d,. 5 June, 1916, age 38. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Davis, Mary Adelia born 6 June, 1855; died 14 July, 1930 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery. Informant: Mrs. Andrew Ehlers & Ethel. Father: Lewis P. Goff born Americus, MS. Mother: Betsie Davis born Moss Point, MS. Funeral paid for by Junita Ehlers.

Davis, Mary J. born 1836 Jackson Co. MS; died 20 June, 1913. Father: Harry Cochran born MS.

Davis, Maude E. died 27 August, 1920 Lake Charles, LA, age 36. Buried Zion Cemetery.

Davis, Nancy born MS; died 2 July, 1913. Father: Ben Reeves.

Davis, Nancy born 1858, AL; died 29 April, 1931. Father: David Chadick born England. Mother: Sarah Cowart born AL.

Davis, Nollie (c) died 3 January, 1936, age 65. Father: Joe Davis born Moss Point, MS. Mother: Olla Fairley.

Davis, Olive died 23 April, 1923, age 35. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Renzo Davis. Mother: Mary M. Goff.

Davis, Ollie died 10 November, 1918, age 35.

Davis, Prentiss (c) died 30 September, 1931 Hurley, MS, age 75.

Davis, Susan Evelyn born 29 January, 1876; died 24 November, 1933, Mobile, AL. Father: William F. Ikerd.

Davis, Sparquin born 1850 PA; died 3 March, 1918. Father: Alhoma Davis born PA.

Davis, Will (c) born 2 December, 1866; died 2 November, 1931. Buried Potters Field. Father: George Davis born Richmond, VA.

Davis, William E. born 1 July, 1883; died 7 Feb. 1913. Buried Zion Cemetery.

Davis, William Wesley born 1861, MS; died 15 January, 1917, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrel Cemetery. Married, operator of Log Scales.

Davis, William Woodrow, died 6 June, 1933, from drowning accident.

Dawson, Amanda died 26 June, 1924, age 43, buried Pascagoula, MS.

Dawson, Lillie (c) died 22 June, 1929, age 35. Burial St. Paul Cemetery.

Deakle, Cora Anrelia born 13 December, 1865; died 10 January, 1932, single, Methodist, Father: Edward Andrew Deakle born Bayou La Batre, AL. Mother: Mary Cassibry, born Bayou La Batre, AL.

Deangelo, John born 1845, Italy; died 20 November, 1917 from falling pilings, widowed. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

DeanAngelo, John Claude died 28 July, 1917, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Toney DeAngelo. Mother: Clara Carter.

DeanAngelo, Louise born 23 March, 1881; died 10 March, 1923. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John DeAngelo born Naples, Italy. Mother: Mary Despeste born Naples, Italy.

DeAngelo, Silence died 18 June, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: George DeAngelo.

Deakle, Cora Anrelia born 13 Dec., 1865; died 10 January, 1932, single, Methodist. Father: Edward Andrew Deakle born Bayou La Batre, AL. Mother: Mary Cassibry born Bayou La Batre, AL.

Deas, Anna B., born 13 December, 1851; died 10 May, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Informant: Mrs. W. A. Cox, Catholic, single. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Emanuel Deas born Spain. Mother: Zoe Krebs born Pascagoula, MS.

Deas, Maryborn 1815 died 20 December, 1915. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Deck, Eugene born 16 September, 1872, LA; died 26 October, 1918. Father: Joseph Deck, Mother: Louisa Beaugez.

Dees, Neva H. born 11 April, 1892, Alba, MI; died 16 September, 1934, St. Elmo, AL. Father: Asia Schram born Canada, Mother: Clara Bunkie born MI.

DeFlanders, Ramas (c) died 26 August, 1932, age 50. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

DeFlander, Seaf died 8 March, 1933 Hurley, MS, age 107.

DeFlander, Sylvester (c) died 2 December, 1934; born Basin, MS, age 72. Father: Valentine DeFlander born Basin, MS.

DeFlander, Wilma (c) born AL; died 19 October, 1917, buried Mobile, AL.

Delamor, Oliver Herman died 4 June, 1918, Kreole, MS, age 67. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Married.

Delcomy, Albert b. 1875; died 30 March, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Delcomyn, Lloyd Higgins Henderson born 24 September, 1916; died 23 January, 1932. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Albert Delcomyn. Mother: Willie Howell born Three Rivers, MS.

Delius, Otto born 1 January, 1876; died 13 March, 1925. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Delmas, Armour A. born 25 January, 1867; died 7 January, 1929. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Inf. Mary B. Delmas.

Delmas, Chloe died 6 March, 1932, Mobile, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John S. Delmas. Mother: Cora Salisberry.

Delmas, Claude (Mrs.) died 23 August, 1926, Mobile, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Chg. Claude Delmas.

Delmas, Emma Felci born 12 Oct. 1853; died 27 Feb. 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Catholic. Father: Z. O. Coulson born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Elouise ? born New Orleans, LA.

Delmas, Francis Henry born 18 July, 1895; died 24 August, 1931. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: A. G. Delmas. Mother: Rosie Mink.

Delmas, Hilaire E. born 31 December, 1877; died 17 October, 1928 Mobile, AL. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Delmas, Hilaire Rameta died 5 September, 1933 age 34. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: H. E. Delman born Moss Point, MS. Mother: Mary Anna Rameta born Italy.

Delmas, Irwin Paul born 21 January, 1860; died 15 December, 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John D. Delmas, Mother: Mary Elizabeth Grant.

Delmas, Josepb born 29 November, 1849 Pascagoula, MS; died 31 August, 1918, River Pilot. Father: John Delmas, Mother: Mary Elizabeth Grant.

Delmas, Joseph Jefferson born 22 October, 1887; died 14 July, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Erwin Paul Delmas. Mother: Bertha H. Poitvan born Mobile, AL.

Delmas, Joseph Oswald born 29 Feb. 1905; died 11 Geborn, 1936. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Armond Delmas born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Mary Bishop born New Orleans, LA.

Delmas, Mary Anna died 23 August, 1923. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Delmas, Otto Alton died 10 September, 191?, age 4 yrs.

Delmas, Rose died 24 October, 1916, age 6. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: H. E. Delmas born MS. Mother: Mary Rametta born Italy.

Delmas, Valentine Tucker (Capt.) died 2 January, 1842; died 26 October, 1923. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: J. B. Delmas born Pascagoula, MS. Mother: Mary E. Grant born Baltimore, MD.

Delmas, Vernia Maria died 23 April, 1927. Buried Greenwood Cem.

Demouey, William Eugene born April, 1873, Mobile, AL; died 8 June, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Jonn Demouey, Mother: Eliza Bosarge.

Denmar, Juda (c) died 30 January, 1923. Buried Grabiel Cemetery.

Dennard, Judy (c) died 30 January, 1923. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Father: July Ellis.

Dennard, Thomas (c) born 11 May, 1875; died 4 June, 1931. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Chg. to Lula Dennard.

Dennis, Amanda (c) died 16 November, 1919, age 47, wife of Henry Dennis. Father: Henry Grant. Mother: Laura Evans.

Dennis, Hattie Christena born 10 December, 1861 New Orleans; died 14 October, 1934, buried Biloxi, MS. Father: Charles Christian Thompson born Denmark. Mother: Caroline Charlotte Esterling born Sweden.

Denny, A. S. died 8 July, 1923 Mobile, AL, age 67, married. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Denny, Albert P. born 20 October, 1856; died 25 Feb. 1917. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Walter Denny born MS. Mother: Nancy McInnis born MS.

Denny, Harris K. died 23 March, 1915, Dallas, TX. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Denny, Mary Isabells born 12 July, 1954, Greene Co. MS; died 3 June, 1935. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Singleton McKay born NC. Mother: Sarah Ann McInnis born NC.

Denny, Walter M., Sr. born 23 October, 1853; died 5 November, 1926. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Walter Denny born MS. Mother: Nancy McCaskill born MS.

Desoda, Joseph H. born 17 April, 1887 Alexanderia, LA; died 28 August, 1934. Buried New Orleans, LA. Father: Benjamin H. DeSoda born Jamica. Mother: Grace CaFena born St. Thomas, Jamica.

Dethloff, Albert Frank born 29 April, 1898; died 23 July, 1928 from drowning. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Frank Dethloff born Germany. Mother: Fannie Baggett born Evergreen, AL.

Dethloff, Albert Ishmel born 27 August, 1920; died 23 July, 1928 drowning accident. Father: Albert F. Dethloff. Mother: Lettie Croomer, born Escatawpa, MS.

Devers, John Albert died 2 October, 1933. Buried Ferrel Cemetery. Father: John L. Devers. Mother: Minnie Jones born Baton Rouge, LA.

Devers, John Lawrence born 24 September, 1872; died 25 June, 1932. Buried Ferrel Cemetery. Escatawpa, MS. Father: John Lawrence Devers born Canada. Mother: Mary Bang born Moss Point, MS.

DeWolf, Harry Bernard born 29 January, 1860; died 31 July, 1916, Wolf Ridge. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Inf. S. J. Yawn.

Dickens, Carrie May born 10 March, 1870, MS; died 29 November, 1916 Moss Point, MS, married, Methodist. Father: Lenord Cameron born MA. Mother: Louise Bang.

Dickens, Mildred born 27 July, 1918; died 12 Feb. 1921. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Jim Dickins born Shady Grave, AL. Mother: Janie Clark born Wilmer, AL.

Dickerson, Clifton Lavine died 27 August, 1927, age 27.

Dickerson, Mose (c) died 15 October, 1923, age 64.

Dickson, Dorthy L. died 29 October, 1920, age 3. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: T. J. Dickson. Mother: Lula Nelson born Escatawpa, MS.

Dickson, Minnie A. died 12 June, 1925, age 23, buried Vancleave, MS.

Ditmare, Virginia died 27 August, 1914, from pistol shot, age 19, married. Inf. John Cunningham.

Dixon, Lottie born 30 June, 1857, SC; died 28 November, 1916, widow, buried near Georgetown, SC. Father: John Henystess?. Mother: Elizabeth Blackman.

Donard, Tom (c) d. 6 October, 1915, age 52. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Donnelly, William born 7 March, 1881 Scotland; died 3 August, 1933. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Robert Donnelly born Scotland. Mother: Lelias Crawford born Ireland.

Donovan, Josephine Antoinette born 23 June, 1836; died 11 November, 1916. Buried Krebs Cemetery. Father: Louis August Federic born France. Mother: Marie Ann Delmas.

Dormand, Ella Christina born 11 November, 1866 Chicago, IL; died 18 August, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Dowdy, Otta L. born 21 October, 1888; died 27 March, 1932, buried Sumrall, MS. Father: William Hattaem born LA. Mother: Letta Evans, born Mchenry, MS.

Doyle, Mable died 21 October, 1934, age 30. Buried Mahpelah Cemetery. Father: Harry Krebs. Mother: Mary New born Mobile, AL.

Draun, Raymond (c) died 18 June, 1925, age 49.

Duboise, Peter died 6 October, 1921, Hurley, MS.

Dudley, Albert George born 2 May, 1845; died 15 December, 1923, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Dudley, Mary born 8 January, 1841; died 4 March, 1927, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Chg. to George Dudley.

Duffy, Charley died 16 December, 1913, age 43, 9 mo., 18 days.

Duffy, Charles (c) died 17 June, 1914, age 79. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Duke, Dr. Z. T. died 7 Apr., 1914. Father: F. S. Duke born GA. Mother: Mary Peacock born GA.

Dunn, Dorcas born 22 December, 1837; died 24 September, 1917. Father: Andrew J. Margrove, Mother: Rhoda Rodgers.

Dunnavant, Mary Rose died 19 March, 1926.

Durant, Mamie Dove born 13 October, 1888; died 10 March, 1920. Chg. to Pelham Durant.

Durant, Walter born 28 January, 1880; died 1 March, 1920, buried Bay Minette, AL.

Durden, Adeline (c) died 8 April, 1927, age 59 yrs.

Durden, John Richard (c) died 13 September, 1934, born St. Elmo, AL.

Dye, John died 2 September, 1922. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Dye, Rebecca died 27 Feb. 1915, Moss Point, MS, age 38 yrs., 1 day.

Dyche, Alice born 30 August, 1845, Moss Point, MS; died 13 August, 1918, wife of George G. Dyche. Father: T. B. Higran, born England. Mother: Cherry Jane Gardner, born Columbus, GA.

Dykes, George died 10 Feb. 1923, age 40. Buried Four Mile Creek Cem.

Dykes, George died 1 May, 1921, age 77. Buried Union Cemetery.

Eberhard, Cora Amelia born 23 October, 1855; died 6 November, 1922, Big Point, MS. Wife of Homer Eberhard. Father: Loren Burnham, born Canada. Mother: Sarah Robinson, born NY.

Ellison, W. J. died 20 May, 1914 Dallas, TX, age 57, lawyer.

Ely, Mary (c) born 4 November, 1855, died 1 April, 1926, East Side. Buried St. Peters Cemetery.

Ely, John C. born 27 July, 1859, MS; died 10 May, 1922. Father: John C. Ely. Mother: Margaret Goff.

Ely, Joseph E. born 28 October, 1858; died 17 Feb. 1948. Buried Vancleave, MS.

Ely, Mary Olivia born 28 November, 1865, MS; died 4 Feb. 1937. Buried Harleston Cemetery.

Emanuel, Alice died 27 November, 1928, age 58.

Emanuel, Jessie born Calvert AL. died 18 April, 1933, age 83, widow, Baptist. Father: Stewart Emanuel.

Entrekin, John B. born 2 September, 1858, Vancleave, MS; died 10 December, 1933. Buried Dead Lake Cemetery. Father: James Entrekin, born Vancleave, MS. Mother: Susan Rice, born AL.

Entrekin, Susan Elizabeth born 8 January, 1851, Vancleave, MS; died 3 December, 1933. Buried Dead Lake Cemetery. Father: William H. Fletcher, born Vancleave, MS. Wife of John B. Entrekin.

Erikson, Adlaid died 17 January, 1930, age 57. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery.

Erikson. Annie May, died 3 January, 1933, age 29. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Father: Gus Cunningham, Mother: Annie Canfieldied.

Erickson, John Edward born 1869; died 1 Feb. 1932. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Ernest, Louis (c) died 13 January, 1932, age 62.

Ervingston, Fannie (c) born 11 Feb. 1891; died 23 September, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Father: Amos White, born Charleston, SC. Mother: Fannie Lewis, born Inidantown, AL. Informant: Ellen Robinson.

Esclaven, Mamie Ruth died 1919, 1 yr. old. Father: A. R. Esclaven, born Lake Charles, LA. Mother: Mary Owens, born Ft. Smith, AK.

Etris, William P. died 11 June, 1915, age 63. Buried Big Point Cemetery.

Evans, Isaac (c) died 25 January, 1926, Big Point, MS.

Evans, Julia Ann Shawers (c) died 20 September, 1924, age 56.

Evans, Mack (c) died 9 August, 1922, age 29. Buried St. Paul.

Evans, James Pinkney born 24 Feb. 1888, Forrest, MS; died 13 November, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: W. W. Evans, born MS. Mother: Sarah Virginia Norton, born Frost, MS.

Evans, James T., Dr. died 13 April, 1919 (pneumonia), age 68. Buried Corinth, MS. Informant, Mrs. J. T. Evans.

Evans, Sye (c) died 28 November, 1925, Escatawpa, MS.

Evans, William Warren born 11 March, 1860, MS; died 27 January, 1917, widower, Presbyterian. Buried in Laurel, MS.

Everett, Jackson died 22 April, 1918 (pneumonia), age 47. Father: Joseph Everett. Mother: Mary Bland.

Ewing, Albert born 6 September, 1882, San Antonio, TX; died 21 March, 1935, from gun. Buried Willard, Ohio. Father: Anthony Ewing. Mother: Amanda Baxter.

Ezell, Hanna Eran born 22 June, 1910; died 8 December, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Forest Grant. Mother: Philipine Cole.

Ezell, Martha Elizabeth, born 28 July, 1845; died 14 August, 1924. Buried Machpelah.

Edwards, Alonzo, Jr. died 29 June, 1928 age 28. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Edwards, Charlotte died 25 June, 1929, age 47. Buried Grabriel Cemetery.

Edwards, Dan William (c) died 17 December, 1922, age 75. Buried in Jackson, MS.

Edwards, Elizazbeth died 17 March, 1915; age 80. Father: Phillip Saucier born MS. Mother: Elizabeth Sacier born MS.

Ehlers, Charles born 14 March, 1833; died 20 March 1921, Esctawpa, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery.

Ehlers, Charley J. b 13 July, 1870; died 3 July, 1925, from heart failure. Buried Zion Cemetery.

Ehlers, Fred Joseph born 1 May, 1868; died 31 December, 1935, farmer. Buried Cronier Cemetery. Father: Fred James Ehlers, born Germany.

Ehlers, Freddie Emile born 17 January, 1915; died 18 Feb. 1918. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Father: P. E. Ehlers. Mother: Essie J. Coleman.

Ehlers, Henry Joseph died 3 November, 1928, age 45. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Ehlers, Lenora born 25 December, 1856; died 17 May, 1918, from heart failure in Glenmare, LA, widow. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

Ehlers, Morton Criswell died 9 April, 1920, 6 yrs. old.

Ehlers, William born 4 May, 1875; died 27 December, 1932. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Charles J. Ehlers, born Berlin, Germany. Mother: Sarah A. Miller, born Escatawpa, MS.

Eiland, Walter E. died 17 April, 1926, El Paso, TX, age 35. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Eklund, Juanita born 1 October, 1930; died 30 November, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Father: Charles Eklund, born Finland. Mother: Winnie Ethel Pierce, born Theodore, AL.

Elder, Burissa born 3 July, 1848, Moss Point, MS; died 11 January, 1917, Ten Mile, MS. Father: W. G. Elder. Mother: Harriet McRear.

Elder, Hattie M. died 6 June, 1924. Buried Elder Cemetery.

Elder, Sarah (c) died 28 December, 1916, born AL. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Eley, Harry (c) died 3 December, 1916, age 43, widower. Buried St. Peter Cemetery.

Eley, Mildren Ann died 27 May, 1928; age 75. Buried Lena, MS.

Eley, William C. born 9 October, 1857; died 22 January, 1929. Buried Lena, MS. Informant: R. C. Eley.

Ellis, William P. born 2 October, 1863, Jasper Co. MS; died 6 January, 1916.

Ellis, Julia (c) born 12 April, 1889; died 13 June, 1930, East Side, married, Methodist, Laborer, Int. Paper Com. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Andrew Ellis, born Mobile, AL. Mother: Emily DeFlanders, born Basin, MS.

Ellis, Pearl (c) born 26 May, 1885; died 17 April, 1930. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Baptist. Informant: Mose Ellis & Myers Yates.

Ellison, Mary born 1856; died 3 August, 1924. Buried Old Spanish Ft. Cemetery.

Fails, John Andrew, born 4 March, 1865; died 5 December, 1920. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Ina Fails.

Fair, Amanda Jane, born 25 December, 1856; died 28 November, 1924, Big Point, MS; buried in Colon, Ohio. Informant: John Fair.

Fairbanks, Rachel died 18 January, 1920; at old folks home, widow. 110 yrs. Old.

Fairley, Cammie W. born 26 December, 1861 Greenville, Al; died 2 March, 1934. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Widow, Methodist. Father: LaFayette Steel, born Greenville, AL. Mother: Cornelia Herbert born, AL.

Fairley, David born 25 October, 1856 Basin, MS; died 12 May, 1919. Father: Cornelius Fairley. Mother: Emily Jenkins.

Fairley, Edgar (c) born 5 May, 1882; died 2 November, 1932. Buried Collard Cemetery. Father: Luke Fairley, born Vernan. MS. Mother: Bettie Branson, born Iowa.

Fairley, George (c) died 26 August, 1921, age 30, drowning accident.

Fairley, Harriett born 6 June, 1876 Brandon, MS; died 2 December, 1937. Father: Josh Williams. Mother: Rebecca Lewis, born Brandon, MS.

Fairley, J. C. born Perry Co. MS; died 30 July, 1922, age 73 yrs. Logger, farmer. Father: Peter Fairley born NC. Informant: Walter Fairley of Bendale, MS.

Fairley, James born 19 Feb. 1823; died 6 December, 1918, buried in Gautier, MS.

Fairley, John died 24 June, 1915 age 51. Buried Bird Cemetery.

Fairley, John W. born 27 January, 18, 1851 Jackson Co. MS; died 20 August, 1929, Americus, MS. Widow, Cammie Fairbanks Fairley.

Fairley, Laura born 2 May, 1879 Jackson Co., MS; died 30 September, 1933. Buried Fairbanks Cemetery in North Jackson Co., MS. Father: John Fairley. Mother: Cammie Fairbanks.

Fairley, Mary A. born 26 November, 1856; died 6 December, 1937 from high blood pressure. Father: John Breland. Informant: Louis Fairley.

Fairley, Mary Jane, born July, 1841 Coffee Co. AL; died 6 September, 1915 from cancer of the throat. Buried Martin Bluff Cemetery. Father: Jefferson Willis born Coffee Co. AL Mother: Gracie Gamble born Coffee Co. AL.

Fairley, Maude S. died 24 Feb. 1936, Methodist. Father: John Tatum born MS. Mother: Mattie Houze, born Moss Point, MS.

Fairley, Nancy born 13 November, 1847 Americus, MS; died 30 October, 1930. Buried Fairley Cemetery. Father: John Carter. Mother: Mary Carter.

Fairley, P. L. died 25 December, 1912 or 1918; (blurred) born Leaf, MS. Father: Quish?. Mother: Sarah Brelandied.

Fairley, Ransom born 17 April, 1863 Jackson Co., MS; died 28 November, 1933. Buried Fairley Cemetery, widower.

Fairley, Rebecca (c) died 20 January, 1915, age 53, St. Paul.

Fairley, Vicey born 3 June, 1868, Moss Point, MS; died 15 Feb. 1920. Buried Martin Bluff Cemetery. Father: John McFarland born Ireland. Mother: Fannie Ann Willis.

Fairley, William A. born 12 August, 1849 Perry Co. MS; died 3 March, 1934. Buried Fairley Cemetery. Father: Neil Fairley born NC, Mother: Emily Jenkins.

Farragut, Lurett died 29 September, 1925. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Wife of Kenneth Farragut.

Farragut, William Joseph, born 24 August, 1837; died 6 March, 1920. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Faucett, James P. died 17 Dec, 1931, one day. Buried Union Cemetery.

Faul, Andrew (c)age 85 yrs, died 26 June, 1917 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Plinty Cemetery.

Fellow, Emma Eliza born 17 April, 1851 Brownsville, MS; died 25 Feb. 1935. Buried Machpelah. Father: Edward Eckles, born Memphis, TN. Mother: Mary Reynolds born Brownsville, MS.

Fenley, Joe. died 22 March, 1916, age 45. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Fairley, Alexander Teddy, age 24, died 15 August, 1930. Buried Martin Bluff Cemetery. Father: Sam A. Fairley, born Gautier, MS. Mother: Fannie S. Rouse, born Vancleave, MS.

Fairley, Arthur (c) died 14 September, 1917.

Ferrell, John Toll born 4 September, 1867; died 2 September, 1929, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery.

Ford, Sarah born 1844, FL; died 2 November, 1927. Father: Charles Dickerson. Mother: Tempie Bullock.

Fore, Joe died 8 January, 1919; age 23, buried in McHenry, MS.

Forest, Hubert, Jr. (c) born 23 March, 1913; died 18 November, 1913.

Forsman, Frank died 17 August, 1927; age 60, killed by L&N train.

Forsman, Juana Dolores born 14 April, 1908; died 27 May, 1933. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Hugh Jerome Cowart. Mother: Juana Garcia born Mexico.

Forehand, George died 8 July, 1927, age 56. Father: Isaac Forehand. Mother: Martha Entrekin.

Fort, Erma died 23 August, 1931 Jackson, MS. Buried Union Cemetery

Fort, William B. died 3 May, 1930. Buried Union Cemetery, age 56. Informant: A. Fort, Columbia, MS.

Foss, Charles C. born MA, died 7 December, 1924, by train, age 39.

Foster, Francis E. born 3 May, 1874, died 4 June, 1918, Biloxi, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Foster, George Lee died 24 October, 1919. Buried in Three Rivers, MS.

Foster, Hiram (c) died 20 April, 1927, age 90. Father: Jim Foster. Mother: Lucy Davis.

Foster, John Sanford born 1835 Ellisville, Ms; died 10 Feb. 1936, widower. Father: Jacob M. Foster born AL. Mother: Martha Sanford born AL.

Foster, Sarah died 19 June, 1925, Three Rivers, MS. Inf. Joe Wells.

Foster, Sophia (c) born Mobile, AL; died 26 May, 1922, age 51. Buried St. Paul. Father: William Hawkins.

Fountain, Elizabeth born 10 January, 1837, Seminary, MS; died 24 July, 1935. Buried in Bayou La Batre, AL. Father: Joe Ingram born SC. Mother: Elian Tylor born SC.

Fountain, J. B. born 27 December, 1834; died 3 June, 1924. Widower of Josephine Ryan.

Fountain, Josephine born 15 October, 1844; died 4 Feb. 1921. Father: ? Ryan.

Fowler, G. W. died 7 August, 1914, Vancleave, MS, age 70.

Franklin, A. B. died 8 Feb. 1924, age 70. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Franklin, Ben (c) died 1 July, 1926, Moss Point, MS, age 67.

Franklin, John Marion born 23 January, 1856; died 9 March, 1931, Moss Point, MS, married, farmer. Father: Jeff Franklin, born Raleigh, MS. Mother: Caroline Pervis, born Smith Co. MS.

Franklin, Harriett (c) died 13 July, 1926, age 86 yrs.

Franklin, Sarah (c) died 6 October, 1923, age 81. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Francis, Serena (c) died 5 January, 1922, age 55. Buried Gabriel.

Frank, Precilla (c) died 30 November, 1920, age 80. Buried Gabriel.

Franklin, Daniel (c) born 14 May, 1836; died 25 October, 1914, Methodist. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Frison, Robert age 2, died 25 March, 1917. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Frederic, Carlos Emile born 30 July, 1888; died 24 October, 1932, married, Catholic. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: W. E. Frederic. Mother: Sarah Williams born GA.

France, Eliza born 30 April, 1871, Switzerland; died 10 June, 1929, from drowing accident. Buried Robinson Cemetery. Wife of George French. Father: Fred Wietrich.

Ferrer, Joseph born Spain died 11 October, 1935, age 80, parents born in Spain. Buried Biloxi Cemetery.

Fields, Mrs. C. L. born 25 January, 1821, NY; died 5 September, 1915. Father: George W. Taylor. Mother: Elizabeth Lamoueaux.

Filling, Sallie died 14 May, 1919, age 2. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Finley, Arena died 2 September, 1914 Escatawpa, MS, age 23.

Firth, Rosa May born December, 1880; died 12 September, 1917. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Wife of Charles Firth of Three Rivers, MS.

Fisher, Frederick born 11 April, 1840; died 4 January, 1920. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: Jim Fisher. Widow of Mary Fisher.

Fitch, Ed (c) died 4 November, 1932, age 50. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Fitch, Pearl (c) died 7 October, 1934, born 1875, Peach Tree, AL. Father: Jim McDuffy.

Fitzenrediter, Bessie Elizabeth born 25 July, 1868; died 15 November, 1931. Buried Machpelah. Wife of Henry. Father: Thomas Dunn, born Camden, AL. Mother: Anna Elizabeth Moss, born Camden, AL.

Fitzinreiter, Ruby Lee, died 17 October, 1918, age 16. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Fitzner, Celeste Elizazbeth died 6 January, 1919, age 37. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: P. Fitzner, born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Mary Passo, born Escatawpa, MS.

Fitzner, Mary born 9 August, 1854, died 28 Feb. 1929. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: William Passo born Germany.

Fitzner, Peter died 28 Feb. 1931, age 78, Hammond, LA, widower, Luthern. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: D. C. Pitts of Hammond.

Flanagan, Franke V. born 16 March, 1872; died 6 April, 1931, Pascagoula, MS. Informant: Miss Ethel Flannagan. Body shipped to Picayune, MS.

Flannagan, Melburn born 7 Feb. 1896; died 9 May, 1927. Buried Carrier, MS.

Fleming, Sarah died 27 May, 1929, Hancock Co., MS, age 58

Florence, Joseph born 2 June, 183,7 Austria; died 16 Feb. 1914, sailor, married. Buried Union Cemetery.

Florence, Larrie Lorenzo died 12 April, 1924. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Caroline Florence.

Flowers, James Frank born 2 June, 1872; died 10 July, 1931. Buried Greenwood Cemetery Father: James F. Flowers born KY.

Fluellen, Add (c) died 5 January, 1929, age 39.

Flurry, John Mallard born 18 July, 1865; died 28 March, 1925, Kreole, buried in Daisey, MS.

Flurry, Viola died 3 November, 1918, age 38, married, born in MS. Father: George W. Tootle born MS.

Flynn, William Robert died 19 Feb. 1923, age 30. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Wife: Cora. Mother: Joann Paris, born FL.

Ford, Emaline born 6 January, 1842; died 6 January, 1930. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: W. H. Ford.

Ford, James born 3 May, 1841, AL; died 10 August, 1918. Buried Union Cemetery. Wife: Emma Ford.

Ford, John (c) died 30 December, 1928, murdered. Buried St. Paul.

Ford, Mamie born 4 March, 1877; died 30 December, 1921. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: W. H. Ford.

Ford, Mary, born 12 October, 1870; died 30 May, 1936. Father: John Foster. Mother: Olivia Delmas.

Ford, Otis Denton died 25 September, 1932, age 72. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

GAGERE, (no name), b.&d. 13 September, 1930. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Forest L. Gager. Mother: Victoria Raby.

GAINES Paris (c) died 31 July, 1928, Hurricane, AL. Father: Sandy Gaines, born AL.

GALLOWAY, Harriet Anna (c) born 27 December, 1834; died 27 April, 1923, Jackson Co. MS. Father: Alex Galloway, born Scotland. Mother: ? McLean.

GALLOWAY, Lucy (c) died 10 July, 1927 at Cedar Creek, age 60, buried Biloxi, MS. Father: Thadie Hutchens born VA.

GANDY, Elizabeth died 23 October, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: S. L. Faulkner. Mother: Elizabeth Frazer born IL.

GANDY, Flora died 1 July, 1914, 5 days old. Buried Union Cemetery.

GARDNER, Mary Ann born Feb. 1844; died 14 April, 1916. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

GARDNER, William F. born 1859 Jasper Co. MS; died 16 March, 1927. Father: Howard Gardner born MS. Mother: Rebecca A. Jones born Jasper Co. MS.

GARLOTTE, Elizabeth Ennis born 18 January 1901; died 18 April, 1925.

GASAWAY, Indiana born 4 December, 1868. Buried Union Cemetery.

GASAWAY, John died 9 September, 1914; (malaria), age 42, married. Buried Union Cemetery.

GASAWAY, Suan born 8 September, 1884; died 5 January, 1935. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Ellis Jones, born Bayou La Batre, AL. Mother: Cecile Goldman, born Bayou La Batre, AL. Informant: Jessie Gasaway.

GASHORN, Effie born 8 December, 1875; died 25 July, 1932, in Big Point, MS. Buried Pine Crest Cemetery. Widow. Father: ? Harbough, born OH. Mother: Elizabeth Chenibre born OH.

GAULD, John born 12 January, 1853; died 8 April, 1925.

GAUSE, Laura died 21 December, 1934, Ponchatula, LA, age 69 yrs. Buried Gautier Cemetery.

GAUTIER, Margie Rehe born 24 June, 1924; died 14 Feb. 1925. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Hermus Gautier. Mother: Hattie Quinn born MS.

GAUTIER, Weber Wilson died 26 January, 1926, 2 mo. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

GAVIN, Alabama died 8 April, 1932, buried Grand Bay, AL.

GAY, Malissa (c) born 15 April, 1878, AL; died 9 Feb. 1936. Father: Arthur Smith. Mother: Charlotte Thames born AL.

GEER, Ethel Inez born 6 January; 1895; died 17 October, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Richard Moody born Mobile, AL. Mother: Clara Lyons born Pascagoula, MS.

GEORGE, John Henry died 6 March, 1917, New Orleans, LA, age 51.

GEORGE, Mary Jane died 19 March, 1927, age 87. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Richard Harris.

GIBBONS, John Hampton born 25 December, 1910; died 24 February, 1922

GIBSON, David born 1855, MS; died 26 September, 1929; married. Father: John D. Gibson. Mother: Mary Denning.

GIBSON, Dorthy Elmira died 22 September, 1934, age 25, buried Chicago, IL. Father: William McDonald, born Scotland.

GIBSON, Edward Alanzo died 30 July, 1921 Hurley, MS, age 58. Buried Grand Rapids, MI.

GIBSON, Emma (c) died 4 September, 1925, age 28. Buried St. Paul.

GIBSON, John Clyde died 28 March, 1926 Moss Point, MS, age 31, buried Basin, MS.

GIBSON, John Edward born 19 March, 1890; died 16 March, 1932 married, Baptist, carpenter. Father: Jessie D. Gibson, born Choctow, AL. Mother: Grayina Johnson born, Choctow Co. AL.

GIBSON, Virginia born 21 May, 1854, Jackson Co. MS; died 19??.

GILBERT, Katie May, born 27 Feb. 1901; died 8 June, 1919. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Sam Wallace born Mobile, AL. Mother: C. C. Wilson born Silver Creek.

GILBURY, George died 24 April, 1916, age 54. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GUILCRESE, Alice (c) born 14 October, 1888; died 21 September, 1930. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Daniel Anderson born Danville, VA. Mother: Katie Campbell born Mobile, AL.

GILDERSLEEVE, Nathern (c) died 9 October, 1923, age 34.

GILL, Ester May born 30 December, 1925; died 17 January, 1926. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John Gill born Vancleave, MS. Mother: Mary Miller born Escatawpa, MS.

GILL, Fannie Leola born 27 Feb. 1894; died 7 March, 1920. Buried Union Cemetery, Father: William Byrd.

GILL, Fannie Pauline died 28 Feb. 1920, age 2. Buried Union Cemetery.

GILL, Sarah Elizabeth born 4 October, 1891, MS; died 9 September, 1918 in Moss Piont, MS. Wife of C. G. Gill, buried Clarence, MS.

Father: Henry Cowart, born Lucedale, MS. Mother: Sarah Rogers born Ruble, MS.

GILLETT, Nettie born 10 March, 1872; died 20 August, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Christopher Huff, born Hamburg, Germany. Mother: Mary M. Peavy.

GILLIAM, Hardy died 6 May, 1933, age 65. Father: Henry Gillium.

GIPSON, Silas died 11 Feb. 1917, age 25. Buried Grand Bay, AL.

GISH, Amanda died 29 Novborn, 1934; New Orleans, LA, age 83. Buried Griffin Cemetery, Moss Point, MS.

GISCH, Emile died 17 August, 1917 New Orleans, LA, age 33. Father: Cpt. John Gisch. Mother: Amanda Steere.

GISCH, Frederick died 17 October, 1918, Camp Hanoc, GA. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John Gisch.

GLASS, James died 18 Feb. 1925, age 63. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

GLAUDE, Hartinee (c) born 18 November, 1847; died 29 August, 1919.

GLAUDE, Mary Jane born 5 August, 1874, Pascagoula, MS. died 18 June, 1933. Father: Charles Narce?. Mother: Cecile Reed.

GLAUDE, O'Levia died 3 November, 1918, age 24. Buried St. Peters Cemetery.

GLAUDE, Paul McGill (c) died 13 July, 1927. Buried St. Peters Cemetery. Mother: Mary Jane Narcus?

GLAUDE, Peter (c) d,. 22 October, 1933, age 58. Father: Peter Glaude, Pascagoula, MS. Mother: Mary Ladner.

GOFF, Augusta Jane born 21 March, 1848; died 11 March, 1921 Big Point, MS. (cancer). Buried Big Point Cemetery. Father: William James Simon Cunningham. Mother: Mary Rose Coleman.

GOFF, Charley Hooker died 25 December, 1932 Wade, MS, from heart failure. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Warren Goff born Wade, MS. Mother: Martha Hamilton born Hurley, MS.

GOFF, Clay Calhoun died 29 November, 1926. Buried Big Point Cemetery.

GOFF, Darrie died 18 August, 1917. Father: Elmo Goff. Mother: Dora Parker.

GOFF, Edmond A. born 2 June, 1854, Americue, MS; died 24 February, 1928, widow, Mollie Carter Goff. Buried Oak Grove Cemetery. Father: John Goff. Mother: Rebecca Goff.

GOFF, Earthalee born 18 March, 1926; died 5 May, 1927. Buried in Big Point. Informant: Victoria Goff. Father: Clay Goff.

GOFF, Frank Hurd born 17 April, 1932 Big Point, MS. Buried Pine Crest Cemetery. Father: William Frank Goff born Big Point, MS. Mother: Annie Cunningham.

GOFF, Garland G. died 17 May, 1921, Three Rivers, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Wade, MS.

GOFF, George (c) died 21 March, 1923. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GOFF, Guy D. died 28 June, 1914. Inf. H. E. Roberts.

GOFF, Hannah, born 22 April, 1861; died 3 January, 1925 (pneumonia)Big Point, MS. Married, Methodist. Buried Big Point Cemetery. Father: William Cunningahm born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Mary Coleman born Big Point, MS.

GOFF, Harry Webster born 9 May, 1932; died 15 July, 1933, Big Point, MS, drowned when fell into a tub of water head first. Father: Lawrence Goff. Mother: Lola Coleman.

GOFF, Harvey E. died 12 October, 1918, Camp Pike, AK, (pneumonia) age 28.

GOFF, Ina Mae age 1. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Lewis Goff.

GOFF, Jessie L. died 16 May, 1917, Big Point, MS, age 23. Buried Big Point Cemetery. Informant: L. V. Eberhard.

GOFF, John W. born 20 April, 1864; died 2 September, 1925 Wade, MS, from injury to spine. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: J. Wesley Goff.

GOFF, Josephine (c) died 7 June, 1925, age 40, buried St. Paul.

GOFF, Julia Jane born 7 May, 1859 Basin, MS; died 1 Feb. 1934 Hurley, MS. Buried Jones Cemetery. Father: Alfred Jones born Basin. MS. Mother: Mary Carter born Americus, MS.

GOFF, Loise Eveline born 9 November, 1930 died 24 December, 1930 Big Point, MS. buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Leroy Goff born Big Point, MS. Mother: Etta Sarah Cumbest born Wade, MS.

GOFF, Louis Willard died 29 October, 1920, Wade, MS. Informant: Marvin Goff.

GOFF, Louise died 13 April, 1915 Moss Point, MS, age 23. Buried St. Paul's Cemetery. Married, Informant: John Goff.

GOFF, Lloyd Dawson born 6 June, 1929; died 31 October, 1929. Father: Lawrence Goff.

GOFF, Margaret Frances born 18 January, 1869; died 8 July, 1927, wife of William Wesley Goff. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: John Parker. Mother: Sarah Hamilton.

GOFF, Martha born 1857 Three Rivers, MS; died 11 April, 1914, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Jim Goff.

GOFF, Mary Jane died 21 Feb. 1926, age 69. Father: James Howell, Mother: Martha Eubanks.

GOFF, Mary Matilda born 20 December, 1862; died 15 March, 1935. Buried Gibson Cemetery. Father: Ira Wyatt. Mother: Emily Ferrill.

GOFF, Mathew, born 7 June, 1847 died 18 September, 1922 Hurley, MS. Buried Magnolia Cemetery. Hurley, MS. Inf. Robert Goff.

GOFF, Murray C. born 20 March, 1877; died 5 September, 1928, Big Point, MS. Buried Big Point Cemetery. Widow, Myrtle Goff. Father: W. Frank Goff born Big Point, MS. Mother: Annie Cunningham born Big Point, MS.

GOFF, Otis Denson, died 21 December, 1927, age 3. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

GOFF, Robert born 2 Feb. 1883 Big Point, MS. died 1 November, 1935. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Wylie Goff. Mother: Margaret Jones.

GOFF, Russell died 20 October, 1914 Wade, MS. Inf. George Dickens & Wesley Goff, Father: Warren Goff. Mother: Martha Goff.

GOFF, Ruth age 48 died 8 October, 1930 Mobile, AL. Informant. Charley H. Goff, Buried Johnson Cemetery.

GOFF, Stewart Lester born 24 October, 1886 Escatawpa; died 18 December, 1935. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Methodist, Carpenter. Father: Virgil A. Goff born Basin, MS. Mother: Mary E. Ferrell born Basin, MS.

GOFF, Wilburn N. born 29 June, 1850 Hurley, MS; died 17 Feb. 1914, farmer, married. Buried Big Point, MS. Father: James A. Goff. Mother: Lydia Gray.

GOFF, William born 7 August, 1829 Americus, MS; died 23 May.

GOFF, William Griffin born 26 January, 1885 Jackson Co., MS; died 14 December, 1916. Buried Gibson Cemetery, George Co., MS. Father: J. B. Goff. Mother: Mary Wyatt.

GOFF, William Henry born 8 March, 1899; died 9 May, 1937. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Warren Goff, Mother: Martha Goff. Informant: Bernard Calvin.

GOOD, L. H. died 28 May, 1919 Mobile, AL, age 38 yrs. Buried Union Cemetery.

GOODE, Burton died 1 June, 1917, Beaumont, TX, age 63.

GODLANE, Marie born 24 May, 1860; died 13 September, 1932

GUILOTTE, Louise died 7 June, 1922, age, 96, born AL.

GRACE, Inez James (c) died 1 April, 1931; age 51. Father: James Coleman born Mobile, AL. Mother: Mary Ann Wells.

GRADFORD, David (c) died 28 May, 1924, age 28. Buried St. Paul.

GRADFORD, Dalner (c) died 23 May, 1924, age 24. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GRAHAM, Albert died 4 February, 1919, age 27. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

GRAHAM, Annie Lutoil born 29 April, 1843, Lucedale, MS; died 26 June, 1922. Buried Zion Cemetery. Wife of W. J. Graham. Mother: Lucinda Denny.

GRAHAM, Banner E. died 24 December, 1927, age 24, born Orange Grove, MS.

GRAHAM, Charley died 4 Feb. 1918 Moss Point, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery. Married, Methodist. Father: William J. Graham. Mother: Lue Faggard.

GRAHAM, Curtis Andrew born 27 March, 1869, Butler, PA; died 9 March, 1933. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Malcolm Graham born Butler, PA. Mother: Mary Booge, born Alagamy, PA.

GRAHAM, Grady Lee died 17 January, 1923, buried Tupelo, MS.

GRAHAM, Henry Linwood, born 27 August, 1920; died 21 March, 1922. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: Henry E. Graham born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Effie Shafer born MO.

GRAHAM, John David, born 4 March, 1865; died 22 August, 1929 Escatawpa. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Widow, Drucilla Graham. Father: John Graham born England. Mother: Catherine E. Ward, born AL.

GRAHAM, Mary Josephine born 11 November, 1866 Escatawpa, MS; died 3 January, 1937 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Methodist. Father: Joseph Lemaitre born France. Mother: Nancy Goff born Escatawpa, MS.

GRAHAM, Roxie Ann born AL; died 17 December, 1916; age 33, wife of Dave Graham. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Charlie Fisher born AL. Mother: Fannie Baggett.

GRAHAM, Welford C., died 6 August, 1925, age 7 mo. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery, Informant: Willaim H. Graham.

GRAHAM, William Jackson born 12 April, 1886; died 23 October, 1918, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Widow, Elizabeth Graham. Father: John D. Graham born AL. Mother: Drucilla Pipkins born Leaksville, MS.

GRAHAM, William Jackson, born 21 Feb. 1862, died 7 November, 1932 Escatawpa, MS. buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: John Graham, Sr. born England, Mother: Catherine E. Ward, born AL.

GRAHAM, William Joseph died 2 March, 1914, from brights disease, married, age 35. Buried Zion Cemetery.

GRANDBERRY, Alice B., died 14 May, 1921, age 25. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GRANT, Anna Virginia (c) born 4 Feb. 1895; died 20 October, 1931. Father: Phillip Peite, born Mobile, AL. Mother: Mamie Galloway born Vancleave, MS.

GRANT, Bernard (c) died 9 April, 1926, age 3 months.

GRANT, Eliza Jessie born 11 September, 1859; died 13 Feb. 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Widow.

GRANT, Helaire Krebs died 31 March, 1926, Pascagoula, MS, 78 yrs. 4 mo. 16 days. Steam Boat Captain. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Sol Frederic.

GRANT, Isam (c) died 26 February, 1920, age 68, wife, Mattie Grant.

GRANT, Jessie H. died 11 April, 1925 Birmingham, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: J. W. Grant.

GRANT, Marie Louise born January, 1852; died 18 September, 1918. Wife of Cpt. H. K. Grant, buried Catholic Cemetery.

GRANT, Mattie (c) born 25 December, 1849; died 31 December, 1929.

GRANT, Milton born 27 February, 1881; died 15 December, 1918. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

GRANT, Phelix (c) born 4 March, 1911 Honduras; died 8 March, 1934 in auto accident, buried  New Orleans, LA, Father: Budfield GRANT, born Honduras. Mother: Cydell Grant born New Orleans, LA.

GRANT, Richard Milton born 12 September, 1860; MS. died 12 June, 1918. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Cpt. John L. Grant born Baltimore, MD. Mother: Delphine Krebs.

GRANT, Robert B. born 28 March, 1850; died 28 Feb. 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John LaFayette Grant.

GRANT, Susdan (c) died 2 May, 1928. Buried St. Paul.

GRANT, Thomas W. (c) born 25 December, 1865 Mobile, AL; died 17 March, 1936. Father: John Grant born Mobile, AL.

Gray, Albert, Jr. died 18 October, 1918.

GRAY, Charlotte Hester born 20 March, 1858; died 1 November, 1919. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Edward Bishop born Williamsville, MD. Mother: Hettie Bishop, born Williamsville, Del.

GRAY, Marcellus, born 1844; died 7 August, 1916, Big Point, MS. Widow, age 72 yrs.

GREEN, baby b.&d. 29 January, 1931. Father: John A. Green born Mobile, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

GREEN, Bernard Ablin born, 14 May, 1923; died 26 September, 1924. Buried Greenwood. Father: John A. Green born Mobile, AL. Mother: Isabella Krebs.

GREEN, Frank (c) died 1 August, 1920, age 50. Buried St. Paul.

GREEN, Frank M. born 14 Aug. 1857; died 14 December, 1931. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Frank Green born Germany. Mother: Anna Selskie born Germany.

GREEN, Henry (c) died 21 May, 1925, age 17. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GREEN, James Wesley b. 20 April, 1882; d. 26 September, 1932, buried Waynesboro, MS.

GREEN, John Hamilton died 17 April, 1920 age 42, buried TN, Informant; Mrs. W. A. Coulson.

GREEN, John Wesley (c) born 28 June, 1891; died 22 January, 1931, married, Methodist. Father: Edward Green born Mobile, AL. Informant: Maggie Green.

GREEN, Josephine (c) born 1 Feb. 1879; died 29 August, 1931.

GREEN, Margaret E. born 6 December, 1848; died 22 January, 1928. Buried Union City, TN. Inez Coulson, Inf. Father: S. T. Buford, born TN. Mother: Sallie Collins, born TN.

GREEN, Margueritte died 2 July, 1921. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John A. Green.

GREEN, Mary Isabella born 10 May, 1886; died 20 October, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Jerome August Krebs born Mobile, AL. Mother: Philliffa Ballard born Pensacola, FL.

GREEN, Pleasant Nathaniel born 12 April, 1837; died 12 July, 1921. Buried Union City, TN. Married. Informant: W. A. Coulson.

GREEN, Rockwell, born 1870, MS; died 24 May, 1923. Father: Joe Green born Europe. Mother: ? Dickerson born MS.

GREEN, Walter born 1875, AL; died 28 March, 1925. Father: Jack Green born AL. Mother: Emma Brewton born Castlebury, AL.

GREENOUGH, Fritz died 12 January, 1915, age 82, born Germany. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Informant: H. R. Cropp.

GREENWOOD, Jackson (c) born 12 August, 1884; died 23 July, 1931. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Informant: Della Greenwoodied.

GREER, Ellen born 27 January, 1858; died 12 September, 1915. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GREGORY, Louise (c) died 25 May, 1921, age 69. Buried St. Paul.

GREGORY, Solomon died 6 January, 1916, age 80 yrs. Father: C. Gregory born MS. Mother: Hanna Dury born MS.

GRIERNER, Charles Anthorn born 1 November, 1844; died 31 January, 1922, New Orleans, LA. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Mrs. A. D. Saucier.

GRIERSON, Ella born 19 April, 1860; died 15 June, 1924. Father: John W. Grierson born GA. Mother: Mattie Seale.

GRIERSON, Grace Cloe died 14 June, 1922, age 6. Buried Union Cemetery. Mother: Nancy Graham Grierson.

GRIERSON, John W. born 22 May, 1854 Columbus, MS; died 12 December, 1933. Buried Union Cemetery. Widower, Baptist. Father: John W. Grierson born Washington, D.C. Mother: Martha Seale born MS.

GRIERSON, Martha T. born 15 Feb. 1851; died 11 January, 1924. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: John Robinson.

Grierson, Thomas Edward born 1860; died 15 June, 1924. Buried Union Cemetery.

GRIERSON, Walter Harold born 22 Feb. 1872; died 5 August, 1931. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: John W. Grierson born Washington D. C. Mother: Martha Teresa Seeley.

GRIFFIN, Alf (c) born 14 December, 1889; died 28 Aug. 1930, Moss Point, MS. Married, Saw Mill Fireman. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GRIFFIN, Bill (c) died 13 October, 1914, age 42. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

GRIFFIN, Harrison (c) died 23 December, 1913, age 73, born MS.

GRIFFIN, Mary E. died 27 November, 1916, Moss Point, MS, age 72, single. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

GRIFFIN, Rosia died 17 March, Biloxi, MS. Buried Howell cemetery.

GRIFFIN, Tempie died ? 1922, age 89. Father: Silas Pierce born AL. Mother: Mary Ann Stringfellow born Spanish, FL (Mobile, AL)

GRIFFIN, Thomas (c) died 5 December, 1929, age 85. Buried Plenney Cemetery.

GRIFFIN, W. M. (Mrs.) Dudy died 24 May, 1927, Biloxi, MS. Buried Harleston, MS.

GRIFFITH, Ira M. died 1 December, 1918, buried Johnston, PA.

GRIFFITH, Marion Campbell born NY City; died 13 October, 1918.

GRUBBS, Mary Estell born 4 April, 1859; died 17 September, 1919, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Biloxi, MS.

GUILOTTE, Louise age 96, died 7 June, 1922. Born AL.

HAGUE, Dorthy born 22 January, 1902; died 11 March, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Henry Hague born London, England. Mother: Alice E. Blunder born London, England.

HAGUE, Henry born 9 July, 1866; died 15 January, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

HAGEN, Jennie Elizabeth born 8 July, 1861; died 21 July, 1928, buried Grand Bay, AL. Father: Jacob Vandervelt born Holland. Mother: Canelia Vanderberge born Holland.

HALL, Caroline Augusta died 15 May, 1922 Pecan, MS, age 66, married. Buried Forts Lake Cemetery. Informant: Rufus Clark.

HALL, Jeff Davis born Andalusia, AL; died 54 Feb. 1927, age 67. Buried Forts Lake. Father: Louis Hall born GA. Mother: Jane Rogers.

HAMILTON, Eliza (c) died 6 March, 1918, age 69. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Widow. Father: Tom Stafford.

HAMILTON, Emmes (Mrs.) died 8 July, 1921, age 18. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Henry Hamilton.

HAMILTON, Mable died 2 May, 1925 Mobile, AL, age 65, buried Hurley, MS. Informant: Homer Hamilton.

HAMILTON, Willie D. Sr. born 29 March, 1872; died 28 November, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Grand Bay Cemetery. Father: Henry K. Hamilton born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Ellen Davis born Grand Bay, AL.

HAMILTON, Willie L. born 18 Feb. 1882; died 15 August, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant John A. Hamilton. Father: John A. Hamilton born Mobile, AL. Mother: Sudie Murphy born Shubuta, MS.

HAMMOND, baby b.&.d 17 April, 1931. Father: Walter Hammond born Newton, MS. Mother: Hazel Fletcher born Ocean Springs.

HAMMOND, Emma Mary died 6 July, 1926 Mobile, AL, age 24. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

HAMRICK, Bell born 27 October, 1881; died 16 November, 1918, buried Healing Springs, AL. Married. Father: M. J. Knight.

HAND, Mrs. L. M. died 8 Feb. 1924, age 69. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

HANNEN, Isabell born 3 November, 1854 Clayborn, AL; died 21 April. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: William Dailey born AL. Mother: Mattie McIntosh born AL.

HANSEN, Dora born 4 August, 1871; died 10 June, 1937, George Co. MS. Buried Germantown Cemetery, in Paulline, Iowa, Father: ? Brock.

HANSHAW, John (c) died 14 December, 1925, age 54, buried Gautier, MS.

HANSON, Henrietta born 31 December, 1891; died 16 October, 1917, wife of Charley Hanson. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John Graham born AL.

HANSON, Theresa E. born 26 September, 1884; died 26 Jan, 1924, buried Escatawpa. Father: A. J. Crane. Mother: Bettie Rogers.

HARRIS, Aaron, (c) died 30 October, 1929, Grand Bay, AL, age 42.

HARRIS, Ada (C) died 16 May, 1927, age 53.

HARRIS, Annie (c) born 17 March, 1865; died 23 May, 1931, Esctawpa. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HARRIS, Eddie (c) died 13 October, 1929, age 40, buried Gautier. Father: George Harris born McCombs, MS. Mother: Millie Barner.

HARRIS, Emma born 2 June, 1872; died 21 August, 1931. Father: Peter Davis born Columbus, GA. Mother: Betsie Singleton born Richmond, VA.

HARRIS, Florence (c) born 24 September, 1884; died 31 May, 1925. Buried in Lemaitre Cemetery. Informant: Buck Harris.

HARRIS, Henry (c) d. 5 July, 1926, East Side, age 65.

HARRIS, John F. died 23 March, 1929, age 87. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

HARRIS, Jane (c) died 12 June, 1928, age 35.

HARRIS, Lena May died 30 April, 1918, age 32. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Henry Dees. Mother: Mary Dees born AL.

HARRIS Levert died 10 October, 1917, age 23, married

HARRIS, Marvin Forest died 19 June, 1931, age 21 mo. Father: Curtis Harris. Mother: Henrietta Savage.

HARRIS, Mildred born 17 July, 1851; died 21 January, 1930. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: William A. Harris.

HARRIS, Milford died 6 August, 1918, age 40. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HARRIS, Montgomery (c) died 12 April, 1925, age 85. Buried St. Paul.

HARRIS, Warneta died 11 August, 1919. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

HARRIS, William (c) died 10 January, 1929. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

HARRINGTON, Ernest died 8 March, 1923 Wade, MS, from gun shot wound. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

HASSELL, John Francis born 8 September, 1868 Andalusia, AL; died 9 October, 1935. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Anderson Hassell born AL. Mother: Mattie Ward born AL.

HATCH, Steve (c) died 2 Feb. 1923, age 40. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

HATT, Louis (c) born 3 August, 1877, died 26 April, 1920.

HAVARD, Ellen E. born 1840, MS; died 13 September, 1928. Father: John Rogers born MS. Mother: Margaret A. Crosby.

HAVARD, Samuel born 1861 Jackson Co. MS; died 27 November, 1929, married. Father: Thomas J. Havard. Mother: Martha Tillman.

HAVARD, Thomas J., Jr. died 12 September, 1934, age 93. Father: Thomas Sr.

HAVENS, Annie born 29 June, 1852; died 15 November, 1914. Buried Vancleave, MS. Widow of J. G. Havens.

HAVENS, Mary Jane, born 23 November, 1853; died 2 June, 1936. buried Haven Cemetery. Wife of J. H. Havens.

HAVENS, Joseph F. born AL, died 14 October, 1916. Buried Union Cemetery. Mother: E. Nealy born AL.

HAVENS, Rebecca died 25 January, 1923, age 63. buried Union Cemetery.

Hawkins, Alanzo John (c) died 17 March, 1925, age 18.

HAWKINS, Alice (c) died 9 July, 1926 Moss Point, MS, age, 54.

HAWKINS, Elizabeth born 10 December, 1866; died 23 November, 1932 in Grand Bay, AL. Father: Henry Sims born Butler Co., AL. Mother: Mentaria Harwell born Montogomery Co. AL. Birth: Georgiana, AL.

HAWKINS, Ira died 12 September, 1925, Biloxi, MS, age 81. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HAWKINS, John died 5 May, 1917, age 70, born MS. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HAWKINS, Mattie Henrietta died 31 May, 1917, age 26.

HAWTHORNE, Daniel born 1847 Covington Co. MS; died 2 September, 1929. Father: born NC. Mother: ? Knight

. HAWTHORNE, Vicy (c) died 23 January, 1927, age 75. Father: Isaac Hawthorne. Mother: Lucinda ?

HAWTHORNE, Webster died 6 January, 191,7 Escatawpa. Buried Phinney Cemetery.

HAYES, John (c) died 7 April, 1925 age 50. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HAYS, Mary Louise died 10 March, 1925, Harleston, MS; wife of S. C. Hays. Buried Coleman Cemetery.

HEAD, Alberta born 14 October, 1883; died 25 September, 1934. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Adam Blumer born Switzerland. Mother: Amelia Monk born Germany.

HEAD, Susie E. born 15 November, 1841; died 21 April, 1920, buried Deatsville, KY. Informant. R. L. Headied

HEARE, Laura died 6 January, 1917, age 40, wife of Randall Heard.

HEATHMAN, Carrie (c) died 8 July, 1924, age 33.

HEDGE, Nancy C. (c) died 24 October, 1918. Father: Alford Howard born AL. Mother: Mary Slaten born AL.

HEIRDAL, Rosena born 30 November, 1837; died 11 October, 1920.

HELBURG, Regenia Elmira born 6 August, 1894; died 11 Feb. 1919. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Colon Thompson born Norway. Mother: Millie Turner born AL.

HELLER, John H. died 5 September, 1916, Three Rivers, MS, age 50.

HELTON, Bettie died 17 April, 1929, age 83. Buried Union Cemetery.

HELTON, Hugh M. born 14 June, 1868; d. 27 Feb. 1924, buried Atmore, AL. Wife: Elizabeth. Father: James Helton.

HELVESTON, William D. died 1 May, 1914 Harrison Co., MS, age 57. Father: Godfrey Helveston. Mother: ? Becker.

HENDERSON, Echy (c) died 10 December, 1918, New Orleans, LA.

HENDERSON, Isrel (c) died 11 August, 1926, Gulfport, MS, age 57

HENDERSON, Jim (c) Buried in Oarnge Grove, MS, age 70.

HENDERSON, Lynn (C) died 17 Feb. 1935, age 44. Father: Bill Henderson born Jacksonville, FL. Mother: Idell Milender born Monroeville, AL.

HENNESSY, Beatrice born 14 August, 1890, TX; died 8 November, 1917. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Edward Hennessy born TX. Mother: Lizzie Candra.

HENDRICK, Carolya born 18 January, 1873; died 1 August, 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Frederick L. Lindinger born Germany. Mother: Fredneke Volle born Germany.

HENRIKSEN, Willie Lebaran born 24 August, 1897; died 3 May, 1920. Father: K. M. Henrikesen.

HENRIKSEN, Erike Marie born 23 March, 1857; died 19 June, 1927, Mobile, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Inf. T. W. Hudson.

HENRIKSEN, Karl born 23 June, 1850; d. 19 May, 1925, wife of Marie Henriksen. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

HENRY, Calvin (c) born 8 March, 1841; died 26 January, 1924. Buried St. Peters Cemetery.

HENRY, Eunice (c) born 4 July, 1926; died 5 September, 1926. Father: Leo Stock. Mother: Irene Henry.

HENRY, Julia (c) born 23 October, 1853, Vancleave, MS; died 28 Feb. 1923. Father: Sefan DeFlander. Mother: Mary Ladnier.

HENRY, Mary (c) died 17 December, 1926. Buried St Peters Cemetery.

HENRY, William died 31 January, 1936, age 47. Buried St. Peter.

HERGER, Abraham (c) died 17 July, 1924, age 55.

HERNDON, John W. born 1850 MS; died 23 June, 1921. George Co., MS. married. Father: John Herndon.

HERNDON, Lydia Elizabeth born 4 November, 1884; died 21 August, 1917, Moss Point, MS, wife of John Herndon born MS. Buried Zion cemetery. Father: Billie Graham. Mother: Annie Faggard.

HERNDON, William Carl died 17 July, 1933, age, 3. Father: Earl Herndon. Mother: Elva Davis.

HERNDON, Willie Ely died 22 October, 1916. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: William Herndon. Mother: Ellen Asaline Carter.

Herrick, Leahman Dwight born 6 November, 1846 Elmira, NY; died 7 November, 1922. Buried Greenwood. Wife: Caroline Herrick.

HERRING, Florine died 3 November, 1928, age 57. Buried Machpelah. Father: C. H. Alley born VA. Mother: Isabell Bilbo born MS.

HERRING, Hartwell Cushman born 19 August, 1868; died 13 October, 1927. Buried Macpelah Cemetery. Father: John Herring born AL.

HERRING, Henry born 1854, TX; died 19 May, 1917. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Herring born AL. Mother: Sarah Lou Calden born TN.

HERRING, Mary Ellen born 27 October, 1885; died 30 November, 1916, Moss Point, MS. School Teacher, single. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: W. Ford Herring born AL. Mother: Sarah Sturgess.

HESTER, baby died 17 August, 1928, Wade, MS. Mother: Birdie Hester. Informant: Alvia Hester.

HESTER, Dozier born 25 April, 1876 Rankin Co. MS; died 1 September, 1947 Jackson Co., MS. farmer. Inf. Alvia Hester. Father: Pink Hester. Mother: Martha Pickett.

HESTER, Emma Oliva born 21 December, 1927; died 2 May, 1928. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Artis Hester.

HILL, Alice Elizabeth born 26 January, 1863, Mobile, AL; died 7 August, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Joseph S. Cain.

HILL, Burton born 25 January, 1913; died 2 December, 1931, auto accident in Mobile, AL. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Walter C. HILL. Mother: Gragine White.

HILL, Clem (c) died 30 September, 1914 age 74, widower & a cook.

HILL, John, Sr. born 12 December, 1848; died 13 September, 1930. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Hill born England. Mother: Mary Hurst.

HILL, Isaac died 2 April, 1915, Wolf Ridge, age 65. Married.

HILL, Lee H. (c) died 1 September, 1927, age 56. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HILL, Lola died 28 Feb. 1917, Gautier, MS, age 50.

HILL, Martin Lee died 26 July, 1922 in saw mill accident, married, Methodist. Buried Union Cemetery.

HILL, Rachel (c) died 27 December, 1926, age 60. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HILL, Walter C. died 24 April, 1928, age 44. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

HILL, William H. born 30 April, 1848 Canada; died 15 November, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Quaker.

HINES, Bessie born 27 August, 1911; died 10 January, 1919. Buried Union Cemetery.

HOBDY, Annie Bragg born 1855 AL; died 19 January, 1918, Moss Point, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

HOBDY, John Harrel born 1883; died 8 December, 1922. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

HOBDY, William L. died 9 December, 1928, Laurel, MS in RR accident, age 19. Father: W. L. Hobdy born AL. Mother: Millie Barlow born AL. HOGUE, Henry born 9 July, 1866 Kent, England; died 15 January, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

HOLDEN, Ellen M. born 28 April, 1870; died 1 October, 1935, buried Vancleave, MS. Father: Bryant C. Rice born SC. Mother: Nancy M. Goff born Americus, MS.

HOLDEN, Ila Oliva born 23 Dec, 1935 Vancleave, MS; died 21 June, 1935. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Father: Theodore Goff born Vancleave, MS. Mother: Mary Ella Long, born Vancleave, MS.

HOLDER, Ella (c) born 28 Feb. 1868; died 19 November, 1928. Buried Gabriel Cemetery, Informant: Jim Holder.

HOLDER, James (c) died 19 Feb. 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Informant: Willa Johnson. Father: James Holder.

HOLDFIELD, Martha born Newton, MS; died 13 October, 1936, at County Home in Hurley, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Gilbert Holfield.

HOLLAND, Emily died 5 November, 1923, Escatawpa, age 71, buried Lucedale, MS. Informant: L. A. Holland.

HOLLAND, Everett B. born 25 April, 1860, Madison, WI; died 28 July, 1934 in Pecan. Buried Grand Bay, AL. Father: Hamilton Tinslor born MA. Mother: Susuan Tinsler born NY.

HOLLISTER, George Jameson born 5 November, 1861; died 24 March, 1931, Pascagoula, MS, married. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Oliver Hollister born CN. Mother: Margaret Jameson born Watkins Glen, NY. Informant: Mrs. Inez Jemeson Hollister.

HOLLOWAY, Sadie (c) died 7 January, 1929, age 67. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HOLMAN, Bettie died 19 January, 1917 Moss Point, MS. Father: F. Lambert.

HOLMES, Henry (c) died 10 July, 1931, age 58. Buried St. Paul.

HOOKS, no name died 27 April, 1927. Father: W. A. Hooks.

HOOKS, William Archie born 29 November, 1877; died 26 Feb. 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Hulda Hooker. Father: HORN, James Buckhanon born 6 December, 1856; died 20 September, 1934. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John Horn. Mother: Sarah Parker.

HORN William Earl born 26 December, 1882; died 27 September, 1932, buried Orange Grove, Father: John Horn born IN. Mother: Bell Freit born IN.

HORTON, Mable Elizabeth died 24 Feb. 1924, age 18, Escatawpa.

HOUGE, Mrs. Dola B. died 30 June, 1927, age 74. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

HOUGH, George B. died 18 June, 1919, 10 mo. Father: George Hough.

HOUGH, George M., Sr. died 1 April, 1920, age 69. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Informant George Hough, Jr.

HOUGH, George S. died 9 April, 1929.

HOUGH, Harris Lawson died 9 December, 1919. Father: Harris Hough. Mother: Leana Seaman born Orange Grove, MS.

HOUGH, McKinley (c) died 14 August, 1934. Father: Allison Hough.

HOUGH, Thomas Martin died 12 July, 1935. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

HOUSE, Bertha born 12 March, 1882; died 26 November, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Father: Dan Edwards, State Line, MS. Mother: Mattie Moore, Jackson, AL.

HOUSE, Isaah died 26 October, 1920, heart failure, age 37.

HOUSTON, Lawena (c) born 18 October, 1930; died 16 January, 1931 (pneumonia). Father: James Houston.

HOUZE, Anna (c) born 10 November, 1899; died 15 January, 1932. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: George Houze born Shubuta, MS. Mother: Margaret Green born St. Elma, AL.

HOUZE, Jim (c) died 7 November, 1926, age 36, buried Shubuta, MS.

HOWARD, Dave died 2 July, 1921, age 50. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

HOWARD, Jessie (c) died 12 November, 1923, age 69. Gabriel Cemetery.

HOWARD, Mary (c) born 15 Feb. 1866, MS; died 26 March, 1918, Escatawpa, MS. Father: Ceson Fairley. Mother: Delia Robinson.

HOWARD, Mary Alma inf. died 22 October, 1918. Buried Union Cemetery.

HOWARD, Robert Tillman died 31 March, 1919, age 23. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HOWELL, Caroline A. died 15 May, 1922, Forts Lake, age 66. informant: W. Rufus Clark.

HOWELL, Thomas J. born 6 May, 1872 Jackson Co. MS; died 21 June, 1936. Father: Thomas Howell born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Nancy Reeves born Jackson Co., MS.

HOWELL, William Wiley born 19 November, 1855, Jackson Co., MS; died 31 October, 1936.

HOWZE, George Laurence born 27 October, 1856; died 28 June, 1923, single. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Dr. H. L. Houze born MS. Mother: Winnie Ward born MS.

HOWZE, G. Horace born 1848; died 4 March, 1928, buried Cemetery.

HUBBARD, Moses (c) born 26 January, 1898; died 13 April, 1919. Father: Henry Hubbard. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HUCKELBY, Clara died 20 April, 1933. Father: Louis Thomas.

HUDSON, Ardell born 23 April, 1875, AL; died 1 September, 1917, Moss Point, MS, married. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: John Clark born AL. Mother: Eliza Murphy.

HUDSON, Charles H. born 29 November, 1861; d 13 April, 1924. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Fenmore Hudson.

HUDSON, Edward Franklin born 17 August 1886, MS; died 16 March, 1933. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Edward F. Hudson born Louisville, MS. Mother: Elizabeth Santo born Pascagoula, MS.

HUDSON, John Earl died 14 August, 1914, age 6. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. HUDSON, Smith (c) died 21 Feb. 1920, Escatawpa, MS, age 41.

HUGHES, Mary (c) died 22 October, 1923, age 51. Chg. Abraham Hughes.

HUGHES, Viola (c) died 5 September, 1934, Mobile, AL, age 42.

HUGHES, William Rouse (Cpt) born 13 June, 1850, Wales; died 8 September, 1918, buried S. Pascagoula, MS. Father: Oliver born Wales. Informat: J. J. Blackwell.

HUNTER, Felice (c) died 16 November, 1923, age 36. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HUNTER, Theresa Colston (c) born 24 April, 1884; died 21 September, 1932 Mobile, AL. Father: Hagan Barnum born AL.

HURD, Dora Agnes died 6 June, 1879; died 20 October, 1920. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Roco Ruta. Mother: Carolyn Ryan born Ocean Springs, MS.

HURD, Frand Eugene born 13 November, 1853; died 14 December, 1927. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery.

HURD, James born 13 January, 1911; died 8 December, 1928. Buried Orange Grove. Father: John Hurd born Biloxi, MS. Mother: Minnie Cowart born Orange Grove, MS.

HURD, Lottie died 1 March, 1916, Kreole, MS.

HURD, Marion born 16 September, 1855; died 21 August, 1932. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Widow. Father: Joseph Snering born Germany. Mother: Francerco Smith born Germany.

HURD, Willie (c) died 2 July, 1933, age 60. Mother: Charlotte Gillmore, born Lauderdale County, MS.

HUTCHERSON, Alex died 1 March, 1919, Mobile, AL. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HYDE, Charley (c) died 3 June, 1935, age 50. Father: Nollis Hye. Mother: Rose Davis born Jackson, MS.

HYDE, Fannie died 15 Feb. 1918, age 58. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HYDE, Rosa (c) died 20 November, 1923, age 49. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

HYDE, Wilmer (c) b.&d. 1 October, 1925, Pascagoula, MS.

INGRAM, Albert (c) age 64, died 8 October, 1930.

IRVING, Mary Isabell died 22 June, 1918, Mobile, AL.

IRVING, Sarah Mooney born 27 December, 1844; died 22 May, 1927, widow of Pierce Irving, Catholic. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: James Joseph Mooney born Ireland. Mother: Mary Henry born Ireland.

IRWIN, Robert Freeman born 3 March, 1864; died 16 December, 1928. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Albert A. Greenough.

IRWIN, William Henry died 3 June, 1934, New Orleans, LA, age 68, married, born Milton, FL.

ISAM, Walter (c) died 24 Feb. 1926, Moss Point, MS, age 53.

ISHAM, William Wayne died 13 December, 1928, age 5 yrs.

ISHEE, Chesta born October, 1875 Sanford, MS; died 4 May, 1934, buried Bayou La Batre, AL. Father: Jim Ishee born MS.

ISHEE, Fannie Frances born 7 February, 1881 Jasper Co. MS; died 27 February, 1919. Informatnt. John Cauley of Louis, MS. Father: William Cauley. Mother: Frances Evans born MS.

JACKSON, W. R. died 5 May, 1936, age 70, born Livingston, AL. Father: John Jackson born TN. Mother: Catherine Scott.

JACOB, Mary F. died 23 November, 1923, age, 43. Buried Lockey Cemetery.

JACOBSON, Kare John born 14 August, 1861; died 18 Feb. 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant. Mrs. Herman Jacobsen.

James, Anderson (c) age 55, d. 28 Feb. 1931, Pascagoula, MS.

James, Anna (c) died 16 October, 1925, age 72.

James, Ed, (c) died 19 October, 1927, age 30. Buried St. Paul.

James, Florence (c) age 63, died 5 March, 1930, Pascasgoula, MS. Informant: Willie Jackson. Mother: Jennie Robinson born Mobile, AL.

James, Jessie (c) born 28 Feb. 1888; died 19 August, 1931.

James, Jerry (c) died 23 October, 1917, Moss Point, MS, age 76.

James, Louise died 12 July, 1916, age 43. Buried Black Byrd Cemetery.

James Lucinda (c) died 27 Feb. 1922, age 38.

James, Lucinda born 15 November, 1850 AL; died 19 July, 1914, Orange Grove, MS. Married. Father: Jasway Murry born GA. Mother: Cecllia Morgan born MS.

James, Millie died 4 January, 1915, East Side, age 62. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

James, Thomas Ray, died 9 January, 1916, Log Town.

James, Willie died 4 April, 1916, age 26. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JAYCOX, Jennie May born 21 March, 1875; died 21 March, 1932. Father: Asa Jaycox born NY.

JENKINS, Arden Cecil died 18 January, 1927, age 1. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

JENKINS, Asser? born 4 September, 1822; died 14 September, 1926, this lady was 104 years old. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Inf. Stone & Jackson Co.

JENKINS, Elouise Fields (c) born 11 May, 1904; died 8 Feb. 1927. Father: Joe Fields born Mobile, AL. Mother: Elouise Ladnier born Pascagoula, MS.

JENKINS, Margaret (c) born 15 May, 1850; died 15 November, 1921. Buried St. Peter's Cemetery.

JENKINS, Moses born 4 August, 1822; died 14 September, 1926. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Stone.

JERNIGAN, Minnie born 25 December, 1887, AL; died 19 July, 1914. Father: Newton Bloodworth born AL.

JERNIGAN, George Wesley died 25 May, 1924, buried Brewton, AL.

JOHANSE, Alma Louise died 28 November, 1932, age 16. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Gustava Johanse born Finland. Mother: Eliza Couch born Glendale, KY.

JOHNSON, Annie died 14 July, 1915, widow. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Annie Laura born 5 August, 1852; died 28 November, 1928. Buried Zion Cemetery. Informant: Ford Johnson.

JOHNSON, Andrew (c) died 7 October, 1926, age 58. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Blanche died 24 November, 1932,(pneumonia), age 32

JOHNSON, Cora born 7 December, 1879; died 12 Feb. 1924. Father: Charley Beagg. Mother: Sophia Beagg.

JOHNSON, Davis died 20 July, 1919, age 2 yrs.

JOHNSON, Forest J. born 5 August, 1868; died 8 November, 1929. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Charley Johnson born Sweden. Mother: Julia Jonte born VA.

JOHNSON, Francis Marion born 22 October, 1850; died 1 October, 1924, Kreole, MS. married. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Wade, MS. Retired State Senator. Father: Samuel W. Johnson Mother: Maria Graham.

JOHNSON, Johnnie (c) died 17 January, 1918, age 24, gunshot woundied.

JOHNSON, Joseph Thomas born 22 November, 1851; died 7 March, 1922. Buried Krebs Cemetery. Father: Charles Johnson, born Sweden. Mother: Julia Johnte born Louisville, KY.

JOHNSON, Josephine (c) died 11 September, 1928, age 44.

JOHNSON, Lenox (c) died 24 April, 1919, age 13.

JOHNSON, Maria L. born 8 November, 1829, Jackson Co. MS; died 18 November, 1912. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Martha Ann born 11 April, 1852; died 11 Feb. 1933, Orange Grove, MS. Widow, Methodist. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: William P. Goff. Mother: Martha Ann Tanner.

JOHNSON, Pipine (c) died 6 January, 1918, New Orleans.

JOHNSON, Price A. died 21 May, 1936; born Mobile, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Clarence Johnson.

JOHNSON, Rhet died 5 November, 1916, Hurley, MS, accidentaly killed by train. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Robert B. born 18 April, 1873 AL; died 25 December, 1917. Father: G. W. Johnson born GA.

JOHNSON, Russell (c) died 9 Feb. 1917, age 57. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Sam H. born 19 May, 1859 Jackson Co. MS; died 13 November, 1923, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: C. W. Johnson.

JOHNSON, Sarah (c) died 26 September, 1929, age 50 yrs.

JOHNSON, Tammie Elizabeth died 3 June, 1931, in East Side, age 67. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Frank Johnson.

JOHNSON, Tandy (c) born 6 May, 1884; died 10 April, 1931, Pascagoula, MS. Father: John Johnson born Yantley. AL Mother: Martha Jones.

JOHNSON, Thomas Hooker died 11 December, 1919, Wade, MS, from hives. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Charles Johnson.

JOHNSON, Rebecca (c) died 25 November, 1919, age 86, Widow. Informant: Louis Silver. Father: Jack McCoy.

JOHNSON, Verna Alice (c) born 23 October, 1891; died 10 June, 1931. Father: Robert James Shelton born W. VA. Mother: Sarah Ann Satcher born Gautier, MS.

JOHNSON, William Jasper, born 11 April, 1856; died 23 June, 1923, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Gordon Johnson. Wife: Martha. Father: Samuel W. Johnson. Mother: Maria Graham.

JOHNSON, Willie born 17 March, 1892; died 14 January, 1913. Father: William Clemon born GA. Mother: Lelia Clemon.

Jones, Alfred Fowler born 2 March, 1833, MS; died 20 October, 1914, Hurley, MS. Father: Thomas W. Jones. Mother: Annie Ryan born MS. JONES, Annie Etta born 9 October, 1857; died 12 August, 1917. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: ? Carter.

JONES, Annie Henrietta born 9 October, 1857, AL; died 12 August, 1917. Buried Union Cemetery. Wife of Charles Jones. Father: John W. Carter born MS. Mother: Annie Roberts.

JONES, C. S. died 23 May, 1925, age 67. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: T. W. Hudson.

JONES, Cecila born 5 January, 1851; died 5 December, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Wilson Goldman born Bayou La Batre, AL. Mother: Susie Stringfellow born Bayou La Batre, AL.

JONES, Charles A. (c) born 10 September, 1869; died 13 September, 1928. Father: Stanford Jones born NC.

JONES, Charley A. (c) died 20 June, 1918, age 23, born AL. Father: Augusta J. Jones.

JONES, Charley W. born 18 January, 1853; died 9 August, 1925. Informant: Mrs. C. W. Jones, buried Union Cemetery.

JONES, Cornelius (c) died 15 September, 1919, Jackson, MS, age 45.

JONES, Edward (c) born 27 April, 1903; died 21 August, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Father: T. A. Jones born Jackson, AL. Mother: Fannie White born Moss Point, MS.

JONES, Ernest (c) born 14 October, 1911; died 9 September, 1930 (TB). Father: Richard Jones born AL. Mother: Sachatcher of Ocean Springs, MS.

JONES, G. H. born 1850 TN; died 29 September, 1919. Father: T. G. Jones born VA. Mother: Jane Cantrell born TN.

JONES, Guy D. born 8 June, 1908; died 20 January, 1920, Mobile, AL. Father: John W. Jones born Hurley. Mother: Susan Monthieth born Hurley, MS.

JONES, Henrietta born 9 October, 1857, AL; died 12 August, 1917. Father: John W. Carter born, MS. Mother: Annie Roberts, born MS.

JONES, Henrietta died 28 January, 1917. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Henry Jones.

JONES, Hugh, born 1860 Columbus, GA; died 27 Feb. 1929. Father: B. M. Jones. Mother: ? Gainey.

JONES, Ida (c) died 29 April, 1924, age 40. Inf. Charley Jones.

JONES, Irene born 30 June, 1870 MS; died 25 January, 1925, (pneumonia), married. Father: Louis Goff. Mother: Bertie Goff born MS.

JONES, Jefferson Davis born 14 July, 1862, died 11 July, 1932. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: John L. Jones born Lauderdale Co. MS. Mother: Jane Roberts, born Lauderdale Co. MS.

JONES, Jefferson Levern died 10 May, 1920. Buried Union Cemetery.

JONES, John died 5 May, age 33.

JONES, John Lyman born 20 July, 1861; died 25 January, 1927. Buried Zion Cemetery. Wife: Delphine Jones. Father: Thomas M. Jones born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Tomsin Goff born Escatawpa, MS. Informant: Ernest & Walter Jones.

JONES, Joseph born 9 August, 1872 Hurley, MS; died 24 January, 1934, Hurley, MS. farmer, married. Buried Jones Cemetery. Father: Alford Jones born Basin, MS. Mother: Mary Carter born Amercus, MS.

JONES, Joseph (c) died 16 October, 1925, age 26. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JONES, Julia (c) died 20 November, 1919. about 100 yrs. old, widow.

JONES, Kathleen, died 7 September, 1929 Mobile Co. AL, age 28, buried McHenry, MS. Informant: Willie C. Jones.

JONES, Lillian Annie born 30 June, 1870 MS; died 25 January, 1918, Escatawpa, MS, wife of M. J. Jones. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Lewis Goff. Mother: Betsie Goff.

JONES, Lois Etta died 6 December, 1928, Mobile, AL. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: Hardy Jones born Hurley, MS.

JONES, Lottie (c) died 21 August, 1921 age, 52, married, Methodist. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Chg. Nat Jones.

JONES, Louis P. died 10 October, 1923, Escatawpa, MS, age 74. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery, informant: William & Allen Jones.

JONES, Lovette born 15 July, 1897; died 23 October, 1918, Hurley, MS. Fa: Joseph Jones. Mother: Ida Goff

JONES, Mae Evaline born 13 September, 1866, Sloffville, Canada; died 7 Feb. 1933, buried St. Mary Canada, Father: James Lloyd born Canada. Mother: Fannie Leaves born Canada.

JONES, Mat (c) died 23 August, 1928. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

JONES, Nat born 23 June, 1862 Mobile, AL; died 11 January, 1936, from gun shoot wounds. Father: Alex Jones.

JONES, Phely (c) died 17 Feb. 1928. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

JONES, Richard (c) born 26 March, 1877; died 30 November, 1932. Father: Alex Jones born Mobile, AL. Mother: Mariah Jackson born Mobile, AL.

JONES, Rosa Marie (c) died 28 September, 1931. Father: Joseph Jones. Mother: Rosa Dill born Carlton, AL.

JONES, Sarah Ann born 1837 Marion Co. GA; buried George Co., MS.

Jones, Sarah Ellen born 20 March, 1857; died 24 November, 1932, married, Methodist. Father: Jerry Robinson. Mother: Sallie Warren.

JONES, Thomas (c) born 20 April, 1883; died 14 December, 1927.

JONES, Thomas A., Jr. (c) born 6 May, 1927; died 29 June, 1930. Father: T. A. Jones born Jackson, AL. Mother: Georgia Chapman, Jackson, AL.

JONES, Thomas Gilbert born 6 August, 1852; died 4 October, 1930. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: John R. Jones born TN. Mother: Jane Roberts.

JONES, W. Ed, died 15 Feb. 1924, Harleston, MS, married, buried Hurley, MS. Wife: Annie Jones. Father: Alford Jones. Mother: Mary Carter.

JONES, William Alphoeus born 25 March, 1860 Pollard, AL; died 20 July, 1933. Buried Jones Cemetery, Brewton, AL. Father: Willie Jones. Mother: Cleopatrick Brewster born Brewton, AL.

JONES, William Graham born 23 April, 1854; died 29 Sep 1928, Escatawpa, wife, Mary Jane Jones, Methiodist. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Merrill Jones born Wade, MS. Mother: Catherine Graham born Wade, MS.

JONES, Wiley (c) born 17 December, 1883; died 9 April, 1931; Pascagoula, MS.

JONES, Wise Jessie died 20 July, 1929; buried Potters Field.

JORDAN, Mary Virginia (c) born 2 August, 1875; died 18 November, 1926. Informant: John L. Jordan.

JOSEPH, Abraham died 2 October, 1920, age 17. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JOSEPH, Hannah age 73. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Died 19 July, 1930. Informant: Henry West & Willie Lancaster.

JOSEPH, Isabell (c) died 22 March, 1921, age 40. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

JOSEPH, Millie, (c) born 1 July, 1851 died 20 June, 1927. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Information: Joseph Wright.

JOSEPH, Robert (c) died 20 September, 1926. Buried St. Peter Cemetery. Informant: Louise Joseph.

JOSEY, Hazel died 5 April, 1922, in childbirth, age 17, buried Shreveport, LA.

JOURDAN, J. Barnes born 10 March, 1878 Chipley, FL; died 15 July, 1933. Buried Union Cemetery.

JOYCE, Helena (c) born 11 July, 1875, TX; died 3 December, 1930, Pascagoula, MS.

JYDLE?, John died 4 October, 1923, age 47, buried Pecan. Informant: P. C. Marthaler.p>KENNEDY, Joseph born 1845 Choctow, AL; died 20 September, 1934, MS, widower. Father: John Kennedy. Mother: Mary Owens.

KAHN, Denise (c) died 8 August, 1918, age 25, wife of E. B. Kahn.

KARLSON, Matts W. born 12 January, 1866; died 16 June, 1917, married, Baptist. Buried Union Cemetery.

KAUNSE, John Patton died 14 March, 1926, buried Orange Grove.

KENNE, B. F. died 18 March, 1926, Hurley, MS.

KELL, Thomas Gaston born 26 September, 1878; died 18 August, 1934. Buried Krebs Cemetery. Father: James Thomas Kell. Mother: Mary Susan Marrow.

KELLY, Ida (c) born 1 March, 1882, died 19 July, 1925.

KELLY, Jeb died 13 October, 1915, Three Rivers, MS.

KELLY, John Collin born 27 July, 1885; died 11 November, 1932, buried State Line, MS. Father: John E. Kelly born Bucatunna, MS. Mother: Martha Collins born Bucatunna, MS.

KELLOGG, Charles died 29 November, 1926, age 65, buried Grand Bay.

KEMP, Loige (c) died 17 Feb. 1921, age 47, RR accident.

KENNA, Clayton Arthur died 24 July, 1932, age 35. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

KENNEDY, Cecilia (c) born 29 May, 1881, died 28 January, 1931. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Inf. Hollen Kennedy. Father: Henry Hart.

KENNEDY, Dock, died 12 Feb. 1921, age 70.

KENNEDY, James M. born 1853, died 1927. Father: Thomas Kennedy born KY. Mother: Sarah Bishop born KY.

KENNEDY, John Murdock born 30 August, Three Rivers, MS; died 22 June, 1928, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Widow, Sennie.

KENNEDY, Lucinda Jane born 19 September, 1849; died 18 August, 1922 Beauvior Home in Biloxi, MS. Buried Beauvoir Cemetery. Husband: J. A. Kennedy. Father: M. J. Jones. Mother: Catherine Graham.

KENNEDY, Louis Merrill born 2 March, 1923; died 28 March, 1923. Father: Louis M. Kennedy. Mother: Mollie Pierce.

KENNEDY, Mary Jane (c) died 28 January, 1920, age 52. Buried St. Paul.

KENNEDY, Mildred Irene died 3 March, 1923, one day old, died Twin to Louis M. Father: Louis Kennedy. Mother: Mollie Pierce.

KENNEDY, Nancy (c) died 8 Feb. 1926 (pneumonia), age 40.

KENNEDY, Washington died 9 June, 1936. Father: Thomas Kennedy.

KENNIE, Georgia Parker born September, 1838; died 5 November, 1918. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

KENNY, Agatha born 2 Feb. Lorain, MS; died 11 November, 1933, widowed, Catholic, buried Biloxi, MS. Father: Thomas Stiglets, born Lorain, MS. Mother: Louise YOUNG born Biloxi, MS.

KENT, James B. born 24 August, 1909; died 4 September, 1930, RR accident, shipped to Cicero, IL.

KEYS, Willie died 23 April, 1929, from pistol wound, age 38.

KIDD, Beulah (c) born 7 Feb. 1901; died 4 November, 1931. Buried St Paul. Father: Joe Kidd born Claiborn, AL. Mother: Mary Short born Gas Port, AL.

KIDD, William (c) born 11 November, 1883; died 26 December, 1931. Father: Joe Kidd born Clairorne, AL. Mother: Mary Short born Gas Port, AL.

KILGO, Elija born 24 December, 1859, GA; died 4 November, 1934, buried Agricola, MS.

KILGO, John Albert died 21 June, 1929, Ford, MS, age 18, buried Agricola, MS.

KIMBELL, Ellen died 23 March, 1914 Escatawpa, MS.

KIMBALL, Lumon (c) died 27 June, 1929, buried Calvert, AL.

KING, Annie died 30 October, 1921, age 85. Father: Charles Shoemaker. Mother: Nancy Parker born SC.

KING, Hannah Cornthia born 8 October, 1878 Escatawpa, MS; died 29 June, 1922. Buried Ferrill Cemetery. Husband: Jessie King. Father: John Nelson born SC. Mother: Isabelle Kirkwood.

KING, James born 15 Feb. 1845; died 10 October, 1932. Father: John King born GA. Mother: Margaret Parker.

KING, John A. born 3 March, 1848; died 5 January, 1931, Big Point, MS. Inf. Mary K. Leonardy of Big Point, MS. Father: John Absolham King, born Patterson, NJ. Mother: Joehanna Schumacher born Wambrowick, Holland, buried near La Salle, IL.

KING, Louise (c) died 6 December, 1935, age 44. Father: Charley Downing. Mother: Jeanett Patrick born St Elmo, AL.

KING, Nat born 4 September, 1866 Anderson, TN; died 14 October, 1918, Hurley, MS. Father: William King born TN. Mother: Mary Ann Dechurd born TN.

KING, Ollie A. died 9 December, 1926, age 70, buried Miss. City, MS.

KING, Rose (c) died 25 July, 1923, age 73, Buried St. Peter.

KING, Sarah died 25 January, 1929, age 77. Father: John Flurry. Mother: Fannie Byrd born Jackson Co., MS.

KING, Susan born 1845 Jones Co., MS; died 27 January, 1922. Father: William Mauldin. Mother: Nancy Dawkins.

KING, William (c), died 11 December, 1936, age 86.

KIRKWOOD, Carter died 9 June, 1918 Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Tom Kirkwood.

KIRKWOOD, Cecil Goff died 16 November, 1924, Big Point, MS, age 8 Mo. Buried Big Point, MS. informant: W. H. Nelson.

KIRKWOOD, Joseph B. born June, 1915; died 11 December, 1916. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Tom Kirkwood.

KIRKWOOD, Matilda died 19 Feb. 1923, age 79 yrs. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: W. L. Nelson.

KIRKWOOD, Vance died 2 September, 1913 (whopping cough). Father: Sam Kirkwood. Mother: Rhoda Cumbest.

KLATT, Mary born 25 December, 1851; died 11 January, 1925. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Rev. J. H. Klatt.

KNICKMEYER, Ernest born 6 July, 1883 Appalachacolla, FL; died 6 April, 1935, accidental drowning, fisherman. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Robert Kinckmeyer born Berlin Germany. Mother: Louisa Hoffman born FL.

KNIGHT, Emmer died 31 December, 1918, age 60, widow, colored Cemetery.

KNIGHT, John (c) died 21 April, 1920, age 55. Buried St Paul.

KNIGHT, Henry (c) died 16 March, 1921, age 66, buried FL.

KOSPRYAK, Mary born Poland; died 19 August, 1914. Father: F. W. Chwolny. Mother: E. Mokoski.

KREBS, A. D. (Mrs.) widow of A. D. Krebs, died 2 June, 1917, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

KREBS, Agnes V. born 14 Feb. 1856; died 29 May, 1935. buried Greenwood. Father: Jacob Baptise born Italy. Mother: Eugenia Krebs. Chg. Joe Krebs.

KREBS, Anna Josephine born 11 January, 1893; died 11 November, 1929. Buried Machpelah. Father: Chris Brandum born New Orleans, LA.

KREBS, Ben B. born 5 December, 1853; died 11 December, 1919. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Helair Krebs. Mother: Ophelia Bishop.

KREBS, Charles Lyons, Sr. died 18 June, 1931, age 70 yrs. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

KREBS, Emil H. born 20 November, 1853; died 24 November, 1920, married, Catholic. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: H. M. Krebs. Mother: Louisa Raby born Pascagoula, MS.

KREBS, Harry Joseph born 1868 Jackson Co. MS; died 10 January, 1932, Mobile, AL. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

KREBS, Hugh Mark, born 25 April, 1886; died 30 October, 1926, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Ben R. Krebs. Mother: Opelia Bishop. Informant: Anna Krebs.

KREBS, James J. born 22 September, 1859; died 31 January, 1925. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Lived at 512 Washington St. Pascagoula, MS.

KREBS, Jerome Auguste born 30 September, 1852; died 17 Feb. 1917. Buried Old Spanish Ft. Cemetery. Father: Ardoine Krebs born AL. Mother: Isabell _________ born FL.

KREBS, John Benjamin born 20 Feb. 1884; died 21 March, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Mamie Krebs.

KREBS, John B. died 8 January, 1919, age 39. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

KREBS, John F. died 15 June, 1925, age 66. Buried Krebs Cemetery.

KREBS, Kate Ophelia born 16 August, 1858; died 1 January, 1927, Mobile, AL. Catholic.

KREBS, Marcelete born 1839; died 16 Feb. 1916, at Creole Town; Widow, Catholic. Buried Creole Cemetery.

KREBS, Mary Amanda Frederic born 24 November, 1838; died 3 July, 1928, widow. Buried Krebs Cemetery. Father: L. A. Frederic born Lyons, France. Mother: Emily Delmas.

KREBS, Sarah T. died 1 November, 1934, New Orleans, LA age 79. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

KREBS, Rose Ida died 9 March, 1928, age 41, buried Gulfport, MS.

KREBS, Thomas H. born 12 July, 1887; died 17 October, 1918. Father: A. D. Krebs. Mother: Justain? Krebs.

KREBS, Vincent, died 12 August, 1926, Mobile, AL.

KRESTAS, John born Greece, drowned, 20 May, 1917.

KROHN, Sarah born 16 July, 1836, MS; died 2 August, 1918. Buried Krohn Cemetery. Father: Henry Cruthirds born SC, Mother: Dorcus Scarbrough born MS.

KULO, August Alarich born 18 September, 1870; died 16 January, 1927, Pecan. Buried Magnolia Cemetery. Father: born Finland. Mother: born Finlandied.

KURTZ, James Willard born 4 September, 1854; died 28 October, 1920. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Chris Furtz. Inf. Mrs. J. W. Kurtz.

KURTZ, Minnie born 31 October, 1880 Birmingham, AL; died 19 November, 1933, widow, Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: _________ Holcomb. Mother: Margie Bearden born Birmingham, AL.

KYLES, Dennis died 17 June, 1927, age 63. Buried St. Paul.

KYLES, Margaret (c) died 13 January, 1929. Buried St. Paul.

LAIRD, Charles C. born 1869; died 8 June, 1922; single. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Gates Laird. Mother: Mary Hensteadied.

LAASKO, John Heurik born 1864 Finland; died 29 November, 1917. Furied Finnish Cemetery, Pecan, MS.

LACARE, John Evans born 8 November, 1845; died 15 April, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Peter LaCare born Brest, France. Mother: Anna Pieart born France.

LADNIER, Alex died 7 July, 1926; age, 73 yrs. 7 mo., 7 days. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Charley & Ollie Ladnier.

Ladnier, Alice (c) died 11 February, 1929. Buried St Peters Cemetery.

LADNIER, Ardell (c) born 7 October, 1858; died 15 May, 1931, Pascagoula, MS. Father: Silvane Ladnier born MS.

LADNIER, Carl Eley died 1 October, 1928, age 11. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Willie Ladnier. Mother: Mary Grierson born Ellisville, MS.

LADNIER, Clement Jr. died 25 September, 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LADNIER, Donice born 12 April, 1886 died 4 January, 1927, Informant, Lena Fountain. Father: Selvage Ladnier. Mother: Eliza Jackson.

LADNIER, Emile born 6 June, 1836; died 27 September, 1916, Escatawpa, MS.

LADNIER, George Washington born 31 October, 1849; died 20 May, 1936, Lutheran, retired Stevador. Father: William Ladnier. Mother: Nancy Ward born Wade, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LADNIER, Harriet died 29 July, 1921, age, 53. Buried St. Paul.

LADNIER, Ivan Victoria died 26 March, 1927, age 14. Father: Ollie Ladnier. Mother: Victoria Russell born Pascagoula, MS.

LADNIER, Mary Elizabeth born 5 November, 1928; died 13 June, 1930. Father: Harvey E. Ladnier. Mother: Wilmer Stephens, St. Andrews, FL.

LADNIER, Ollie (c) born 25 August, 1868, died 23 March, 1931.

LADNIER, Sallie (c) died 7 May, 1917, Gautier, MS.

LADNIER, Sarah born 17 Feb. 1867, died 16 Feb. 1925. Greenwood.

LADNIER, Sarah died 14 May, 1914. age 55 yrs.

LADNIER, Sophia died 21 March, 1913, age 60, Creole. Father: Antonio Ely. Mother: Madelin Bang.

LADNIER, Victoria born 4 July, 1881 Biloxi, MS; died 1 January, 1936. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, housewife, Baptist. Father: Theodore Raussum born Biloxi, MS. Mother: Victoria Tiblier born Biloxi, MS.

LADNIER, Walter, age 26, died 29 November, in Biloxi, MS. from Accident. Informant, Jacob Ladnier of Gautier, MS.

LaFIER, Catherine born 26 November, 1826; died 27 July, 1913. Father: John D. Ratcliff born SC. Mother: Bertha Boulton born SC.

LaFORGE, Jerrell Edward b.&d. 13 March, 1926. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Henry LaForge. Mother: Etta LaForge.

LaFORGE, John born 26 Feb. 1871; died 29 September, 1932. Father: Joseph LaForge born Mobile, AL. Mother: Maggie McConnell.

LAMB, Augutine (c) died 14 September, 1933, age 50. Buried St. Peters.

LAMBETH, Donna Hilda born 28 April, 1872 Valdosta, GA; died 21 October, 1929, age 57. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Mother: Mary Self born Valdosta, GA.

LANCASTER, Alanzo died 17 March, 1925, age 46. Buried St Paul.

LANCASTER, Pheobe born 20 December, 1860; died 1 November, 1931. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: John Walker.

LANDER, Clarice died 12 April, 1927, age 4. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

LANG, John (c) died 13 May, 1924, age 60. Buried St. Paul.

LANGSTON, Henry C. died 17 November, 1919, age 5. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: James Langston B. MS. Mother: Annie Edwards born Richton, MS.

LARRY, Isrella (c) born 11 July, 1883; died 15 Feb. 1931, East Side. Informant: Frank Larry. Father: Peter Martin born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Susan Bender born Jasper Co. MS.

LARSEN, Arent born 27 June, 1866 Gulfport, MS; died 11 May, 1934. Blacksmith, married. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Mother: Eurania Richards, born Hancock Co. MS.

LARSON, Hirma ?Silvan born 11 September, 1884 Pensacola, FL; died 14 Feb. 1936. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Engine mechanic, Lutheran. Father: Adolph Larson born Sweden. Mother: Mary E. Faulk born Pensacola, FL.

LARSON, Mary Elizabeth born 9 June, 1860, FL; died 24 October, 1913. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: James H. Faulk. Mother: Rhoda Faulk.

LAUREDINE, Frank A. died 18 March, 1932, age 56. Buried Greenwood.

LAVINHOUSE, Rose Addie born 31 January, 1883; died 19 May, 1930, Catholic. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: William Spartley born England. Mother: Mary Elvena Ladnier born Pascagoula, MS.

LAVIRT, Ollie (c) died 22 Feb. 1914, age 2 yrs, 10 mo.

LAWRENCE, Daniel died 10 December, 1926, age 82 yrs.

LAWRENCE, Elizabeth (c) born 1851, MS; died 11 July, 1914, married.

LAWRENCE, Emaline born 1844 MS; died 27 August, 1927. Father: Bilbo Lawrence. Mother: Charlotte Goff.

LAWRENCE, Isaac, born 1850 MS; died 29 November, 1934. Father: David Lawrence.

LAWSON, Alice (c) died 28 July, 1931, age 10.

LAWSON, Carrie (c) died 18 September, 1934, age 40. Father: John sanders born Jackson, AL.

LAWSON, Ida Bell (c) born Wade, MS; died 17 Feb. 1919, age 31, wife of P. L. Lawson. Father: Frank Morris. Mother: Mary Walker born AL.

LEATHERWOODS, Jimmie born 15 August, 1872; died 12 June, 1925. Buried Machpelah Cemetery, Pascagoula, MS.

LEE, B. B. died 13 December, 1915, Hurley, MS.

LEE, Bettie Rouse died 6 December, 1926. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Eugene Lee born AL. Mother: Ophelia Manuel born Pascagoula, MS.

LEE, Charles born 5 August, 1860, Ohio; died 18 April, 1936, Helena, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Oliver Lee born Ashland. Ohio; Mother: Cynthia Lyons born OH.

LEE, Eugene Vanare died 26 February, 1932, age 3. Father: Eugene Hall born AL. Mother: Ophilia Manuel.

LEE, George W. died 17 January, 1933, age 54, buried FL.

LEE, Herman Edward died 20 March, 1926 age 7. Buried Greenwood

LEE, inf. died 18 January, 1927. Father: L. D. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

LEHTONER, Wilhelmine Likri born 5 January, 1851 Finland; died 10 December, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LEMAITRE, Infant of E. L. died 9 July, 1918. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. LEMAITRE, Joseph born 24 December, 1837; died 20 April, 1926, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Inf. Ernest Lemaitre.

LENNEP, George August born 10 June, 1863; died 15 April, 1932. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: George August Lennep born Germany. Mother: Victoria DeRange born France.

LENNEP, Victor Emanuel born 25 July, 1867; died 2 August, 1932. Buried Zion Cemetery, Father: George A. Lennep born Germany. Mother: Victoria DeSong born France.

LENNOX, Charles E. born 21 November, 1840, MI; died 24 October, 1916.

LEONARD, Lou born 16 Jan 1858; died 3 November, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Hamilton Travis born Greenville, AL. Mother: Lou Buckaloh born Greenville, AL.

LEPREE, Louis (c) born 4 March, 1866, died 19 November, 1925. Buried St. Paul.

LEPREE, Mary (c) died 18 January, 1927, age 32. Buried St Paul.

LEPREE, Nassin? died 28 November, 1926, age 58. Buried St. Paul.

LEROY, Elsey died 22 Jun. 1927, age 74. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

LEROY, Herman drowned 4 June, 1926, Pascagoula, MS, age 14.

LETT, Kate (c) born 12 May, 1929; died 19 April, 1930.

LEWIS, Ella died 20 March, 1927, age 40. Buried Gabriel.

LEWIS, Frank born 23 April, 1913; died 5 July, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Walter Lewis. Mother: Belle Carrington born MS.

LEWIS, Frank Harris, born 11 March, 1865; died 6 November, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. married, Catholic, Real Estate Broker. Father: Alfred D. Lewis.

LEWIS, Frank born 23 April, 1913; died 5 July, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Walter Lewis. Mother: Belle Carrington born MS.

LEWIS, Martha (c) born 1821, AL; died 19 January, 1917. Father: Lambert.

LEWIS, Mary Jane (c) died 8 April, 1921. Buried Gautier Cemetery.

LEWIS, Willie died 20 August, 1916, Moss Point, MS.

LEUBA, Pauline born 7 September; 1845 died 19 March, 1928. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: David Balengal born Scotland. Mother: Mary Patton born KY.

LIENHARD, Fritz born 29 May, 1854; died 7 July, 1916, steamboat Cpt., married, Presbyterian. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

LINAM, James H. born 1 July, 1853; died 22 Feb. 1924, buried River Falls, AL. Father: John B. Linam born NC. Mother: Lucy Harris born Lexington, KY.

LINDSEY, Thomas (c) died 2 April, 1925, age 50. Buried St. Paul.

LINDERS, Ambrose Henry born 25 March, 1870; died 25 December, 1923. Mother: Thyser?

LINDERS, Frank died 22 December, 1919, married. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LINDINGER, Fredrick Louis born 4 Feb. 1871; died 4 November, 1933, single, Father: Frederick Lindinger born Germany. Mother: Fredericke Volle born Germany.

LINDSEY, Peter B. (c) died 11 September, 1930. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Informant: Jeanette Lindsey of Pascagoula, MS.

LINGEHAM, Fred L. born 30 March, 1857; died 24 September, 1933, Biloxi VA Hospital born Baltimore, MD. Buried Magnolia Cemetery.

LINGEHAM, W. L. died 15 June, 1926; Biloxi, MS, age 56. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Hurley, MS. Inf. J. B. Gibson.

LINTON, Dorothy born 17 July, 1927; died 21 August, 1930. Father: Charles A. Linton born Century, FL. Mother: Mamie Estell Holyfield, born Sumrall, MS.

LIVELY, Cora E. born 4 Feb. 1883; died 27 November, 1933 Grand Bay, AL, buried Ripley, W. VA. Father: R. P. Shinn born Ripley, W. VA. Mother: Artimsia Shambliss born West VA.

LIVIDAIS, Victoria died 20 May, 1914 (Pneumonia), age 43, married. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: Joseph Lemaitre born France. Mother: Nancy Goff.

LIZER, Aunt (c) died 21 December, 1913.

LOCKET, Will (c) died 6 November, 1929, auto accident. Buried St. Paul.

LOFTMAN, Annie Griffin died 6 April, 1920, Denver Co. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

LOGAN, George C. born 1862 Washington Co. AL; died 21 Feb. 1935, George Co., MS. Father: George Logan born AL.

LOGAN, Joseph B. born 1867 Washington Co. AL; died 5 March, 1935. Father: James Logan. Mother: Barbara Sullivan born AL.

LOGAN, Thelma Ementa born 30 May, 1905 Panama Canal Zone; died 8 March, 1934 (auto accident), buried New Orleans, LA.

LONG, Albert B. born 14 Feb. 1860; died 1 April, 1930 Pascagoula, MS. (heart failure). informant: J. H. Pelham. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

LONG, Eliza born 20 May, 1852 Three Rivers, MS; died 12 July, 1934. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Father: William Lyons born Mobile, AL. Mother: Mary Ann Cates born Mobile, AL.

LONG, Josephine (c) died 15 Mar., 1926. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

LONGMIRE, John (c) died 1 August, 1923, age, 78 born AL. Married.

LOTT, James Elbert born 12 September, 1930; died 11 March, 1931, Pascagoula, MS. Father: Ollie J. Switzer. Mother: Agnes Switzer, born Handsboro, MS.

LOVETT, Christina (c) died 20 August, 1920, age 11.

LOVETT, John (c) died 29 September, 1929 Gautier, MS; (auto accident), about 40 yrs. old, buried Mobile, AL.

LOWELL, Liberty L. born 16 January, 1859, NY; died 30 September, 1934, Mobile, AL.

LOWELL, Mary Eliza born 21 July, 1851 died 8 December, 1930 Pascagoula, MS. buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: G. W. S. Lowell born TN. Mother: Elizabeth Rooker born TN.

LOWERY, Robert L. born 1836, AL; died 29 March, 1915, widower. Father: John Lowery born SC.

LUCAS, Ernest Paul died 13 October, 1918, Pascagoula, MS, age 20, buried Bay St Louis, MS.

LUCAS, Irene died 11 March, 1916, age 73. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

LUCAS, John (c) died 2 October, 1924, age 42. Bburied St Paul.

LUNDY, Frances E. died 15 October, 1923 age 42. Buried St Paul.

LUNDY, James A. born 25 December, 1869; died 31 May, 1932, buried Wilmer, AL. Father: James A. Lundy, Sr. born Mobile, AL. Mother: Martha Roberts born Mobile, AL.

LUNDY, Mary born 3 November, 1881; died 21 November, 1915, (pneumonia), married, buried Theodore, AL. Father: John Summerlin born AL. Mother: Ina Bell Henry, Informant: George Lundy.

LUNDY, Melvin Mcllwain born 7 September, 1930; died 22 December, 1930.

LUNDY, George W. born Mobile, AL. Mother: Lula Melvenia Bague born Pascagoula, MS. buried Orange Grove, MS.

LUNDY, Frances E. died 15 October, 1923, age 38. Buried Ferrill Cemetery. Informant: Gordon Lundy.

LURENDINE, Lucy L. born 2 November, 1880; died 4 September, 1931; Mobile, AL, single, employed Mobile Register. Mother: Lucile Whitman.

LUTENBACHER, Felix F. born 30 September, 1877 Convent, LA; died 16 April, 1933. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John B. Lutenbacher born France. Mother: Celena Cuero born LA.

LYMAN, Darcus died 11 November, 1934, age 77, born Sugsville, AL. Father: Hamp West.

LYMAN, Rosie (c) died 8 January, 1925, age 50. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

LYNCH, Charlotte died 21 October, 1919, age 77. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LYND, Alton C. died 9 October, 1919, 10 mo. Buried Ferrill Cemetery.

LYND, Burnham Edward died 1 September, 1927. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

LYND, Clarence W. born 24 April, 1893; died 18 March, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Harry Lynd, Escatawpa.

LYND, Everlin Maggie died 26 July, 1924, age Mo. Buried Four Mile Creek. Father: Harry Lynd.

LYND, Harry, Sr. born 10 September, 1872 New Orleans, LA; died 18 May, 1935. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: A. F. Lynd born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Sarah Johnson born St. Louis, MO.

LYNN, Elizabeth Emily died 1936. Dau. of John Henry Barrow, born Mobile, AL, & Mary Rogers, born Mobile, AL. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

LYONS, Charlotte Elizabeth born 15 December, 1855; died 17 March, 1936, Methodist. Informant: Irvin & Norman Lyons. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Father: Siver Goff born MS.

LYONS, Eliza Jane born 22 June, 1862, died 20 January, 1929,(pneumonia) Forts Lake. Buried Union Church Cemetery. AL. Father: James Johnson.

LYONS, James Edward born 10 September, 1907; died 18 January, 1929, Pecan, MS. Father: J. H. Lyons born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Jane Johnson born Spring Hill, AL.

LYONS, John H. born 30 March, 1853; died 20 January, 1929 (pneumonia), Forts Lake. Buried Union Church Cemetery, AL. Father: John Lyons born Mobile, AL. Mother: Nancy Watley.

LYONS, Milton Leroy born 17 March, 1904; Orange Grove, MS; died 25 August, 1934, Pecan, MS. buried Forts Lake Cemetery. Father: Rube Lyons born Grand Bay, Al. Mother: Celestine Bosarge b., Grand Bay, AL.

LYONS, Viola M. born 18 February, 1883 Vancleave, MS; died 20 December, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Beaurguard Quimby born AL. Mother: Melisia Sumrall b., MS. Informant: Irwin Lyons.

MABRY, baby b.&d. 13 April, 1930. Father: John Garland Mabry. Mother: Lelia Edith Cassibry.

MADDOX, Emma Florence died 17 March, 1919. BuriedMachpelah Cemetery.

MADISON, Peter (c) died 6 October, 1924, age 18, buried Gautier, MS.

MAKI, Louis Arthur died 14 November, 1925, Mobile, AL age 29. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Informant: Otto Eckhoff.

MAKI, Mrs. died 7 June, 1922, age 61, buried Pecan, MS.

MALLEY, Ada born 10 Feb. 1890; died 1926. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Sam H. Malley.

MALLETT, Clem born 1836 Jackson Co. MS; died 21 January, 1913. Father: John Mallet. Mother: Elizabeth Tillman.

MALLETT, David born 1860 Jackson Co. MS; died 24 June, 1930. Father: Clem Mallett. Mother: Adeline Miller.

MALLETT, Essey died 1 April,1936, age 69, widow. Father: Jack Mason born Ireland. Mother: Sallie Brannan born AL.

MALLETT, George died 30 December, 1922, born France, married.

MALLETT, G. R. died 4 October, 1933, age 76 yrs. Father: Clem Mallett. Mother: Adeline Miller, born MS.

MALLETT, Laveny died 15 May, 1918, Moss Point, MS, buried Ocean Springs, MS. Inf. Allen Mallett.

MALLETT, Louise Jane born 1 October, 1844 Jackson Co. MS; died 27 November, 1922, widow. Father: James Davis born MS. Mother: Sophronia Denmark.

MALLETT, Lucinda died 4 November, 1925, age 73. Father: James Cowart. Mother: Nancy Ward born MS.

MALLETT, Rebecca born 1852, MS; died 9 December, 1933. Father: Ira Moffett.

MALLEY, Ada born 10 Feb. 1890; died 1926. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Sam H. Malley.

MALLEY, Sam N. died Big Point, MS,age 36. Buried Johnson Cemetery. no dates listed.

MALOY, Wade Hampton died 4 September, 1929, age 49, buried Opp., AL. Father: Andrew J. Maloy born Choctow Co. AL. Mother: Louise Saster born Coffee Co. AL.

MAMARIA, Lena died 6 July, 1928, age 65. Buried Union Cemetery.

MANNING, John Andrew born 15 October, 1849; died 12 July, 1929.

MANRONIE, Andrew born January, 1840, in Athen, Greece; died 29 March, 1935; Baptist, retired painter. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Andrew George Manronie born Greece.

MANSFIELD, Elieen died 16 July, 1918, New Orleans, LA. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

MANTOW, Mary Ellen born 14 August, 1853; died 1 August, 1931. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John L. Grant born Baltimore, MD. Mother: Delphine Krebs.

MANY, Reuben died 19 December, 1928, age 75.

Maples, Henry died 30 January, 1925, Forts Lake, MS, age 71.

MAPLES, Matilda born 20 July, 1890; died 16 November, 1924. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

MARION, Ed (c) died 8 July, 1928, age 70 yrs.

MARKS, Tom (c) died 1 January, 1924, age 37. Buried St Paul.

MARSHALL, Louise (c) died 2 November, 1934, age, 40. Father: Buck Nelson.

MARTHALER, O. C., Jr. died 26 June, 1921, buried Kreole Cemetery.

MARTIN, Alice Virginia born 12 July, 1865 Monroeville, AL; died 17 June, 1934, Baptist, widow, buried Martin Bluff. Father: John Williamson born Monroeville, AL. Mother: Harriet Owens born AL.

MARTIN, Asaline (c) born 24 June, 1877, died 28 November, 1928.

MARTIN, David R. born 21 November, 1867 Gautier, MS; died 20 Feb. 1934. Buried Martin Bluff Cemetery. Father: James Martin born England Mother: Mary Sumerall born Corinth, MS.

MARTIN, Edward (c) died 1 April, 1920, age 33. Buried St Paul.

MARTIN, Emile died 18 November, 1921, age 74, buried Gautier, MS. Informant: Archie Wilson.

MARTIN,. Geo E. died 27 December, 1934, Natchez, MS. Buried Coleman Cemetery.

MARTIN, Isaac William born 24 November, 1844; died 27 Feb. 1927. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Isaac Martin born CN. Mother: Candis L. Rockwell born CN. Informant: J. W. Parker.

MARTIN, James H. (c) born 30 June, 1884; died 28 August, 1923.

MARTIN, James L. (c) born 14 Feb. 1878; died 10 December, 1925.

MARTIN, Jane died 16 September, 1923, Gautier, MS.

MARTIN, Katie Idell died 21 October, 1918. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

MARTIN, Petrolatum died 4 October, 1918, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery.

MASON, Bryant died 4 August, 1929, age 70, born AL. Father: Jefferson Mason.

MASON, Frank born 1962 Evergreen, AL; died 19 March, 1934.

MASON, James Henry born 5 July, 1878 Leaksville, MS; died 14 August, 1933, married, Baptist. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Allen Mason, born Pass Christian, MS.

MASON, Harriet A. born 1857, AL; died 23 November, 1930. Father: William Powell. Mother: Mary Hammond born AL.

MASON, Thomas born 1845; died 5 March, 1918, buried Vancleave, MS.

MASON, William M. born 1853 Citronell, AL; died 14 July, 1933. Father: Jack Mason. Mother: Sally Brannan born AL.

MATTHEWS, Mariah (c) died 2 August, 1919, age 48 yrs.

MATTHEWS, Clementine (c) died 13 October, 1917, age 25. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Maxwell, Elvin born 26 January, 1838; died 26 November, 1921. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

MASXWELL, Zoe born 1847; died 11 November, 1925, Birmingham, AL, age 78. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

MELAOL, Mattie died 11 December, 1926, Pecan, MS.

MEKLASS, Paul born 1854; died 19 Feb. 1925, Gulfport, MS. Buried Union Cemetery.

MELACON, Grace died 4 June, 1927. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Donald Melacon born LA. Mother: Emalise Guygry, LA.

MELENE, Arrma Henrietta born 25 April, 1870; died 16 October, 1932. Buried Machpelah. Father: George Frentz born Germany. Mother: Helen Richards born MS. City, MS. Wife of Cpt. Charles Melene.

MERRITT, A. G. (male) born 1853 Perry Co. MS; died 12 November, 1921. Father: Isaac Merritt, born Perry Co. MS.

MERRIWEATHER, Chas S. died 11 December, 1934, New Orleans, LA, age 87. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MILLENDER, Annie Bell (c) born 27 July, 1878; died 6 August, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Father: Austin Johnson.

MILLENDER, Julius died 26 October, 1918, age 22. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

MILLENDER, Mildred (c) born 16 January, 1929; died 19 August, 1930. Father: Wesley Millender, Moss Point. Mother: Cassie Braughan, Monroeville, AL.

MILES, baby, b.&d. 30 June, 1926. Father: Dantzler J. Miles born AL. Mother: Mary Wells born Theodore, AL.

MILES, Bessie (c) died 25 December, 1917, age 15. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

MILES, Rosas L. died 11 December, 1921, age 37, 5 mo., 27 days. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

MILES, Rufus L. born 6 March, 1929; died 29 April, 1926. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: Rufus L. Miles.

MILLER, Albert Eugene died 3 October, 1917, age 45. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Informant, John YOUNG.

MILLER, Alice died 18 April, 1924, age 65 yrs, born Jackson Co. MS, widow. Father: Daniel Goff. Mother: Susan Mizell born Jackson Co., MS.

MILLER, Armon Eugene d 21 November, 1932, age 18. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Edward Miller. Mother: Minnie Mizelle.

Miller, Ellen born 15 July, 1832; died 1 May, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MILLER, Hasis Clifton, died 26 March, 1915, age 6. Buried Union Cemetery.

MILLER, Joel J. born 5 Feb. 1861; died 19 December, 1913 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

MILLER, Louis P. born 28 July, 1887, died 3 September, 1932. Father: Phillip Miller born Germany.

MILLER, Mattie born 12 April, 1896; died 15 Feb. 1936, in child birth. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Thomas Allen born Meridian, MS. Mother: Idella Rogers born Escatawpa. Husband, Charley Miller.

MILLER, Mary Elizabeth born 16 June, 1882, Green Briar, TN; died 30 August, 1936. Father: John Jackson Green born TN. Mother: Drucilla Hinkle, born TN.

MILLER, Minnie E. born 28 May, 1887; died 15 January, 1926, married. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John Mizell born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Rebecca Courtney born Escatawpa, MS.

MILLER, Nancy Wallace born 30 September, 1865; died 3 March, 1922, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

MILLER, Nellie May, born 7 July, 1913; died 4 September, 1915. Buried Big Point Methodist Church Cemetery.

MILLETT, John born 18 Mar, 1847, Austria; died 4 March, 1922. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John Millett born Austria.

MILLETT, Keturah born 9 September, 1849; died 12 May, 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Thomas Welch born Ireland. Mother: Nancy Bebee.

MISTEAD, Joseph Allen died 20 Feb. 1918, (heart failure), age 45. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

MIMS, Henry died 3 April, 1914.

MINOR, John (c) died 17 June, 1924, age 28. Buried Escatawpa, MS.

MITCHELL, Artharine died 25 December, 1914, age 32. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

MITCHELL, Herman I. died 10 Feb. 1920, age 3. Father: B. I. Mitchell.

MIXON, Mary died 17 January, 1937, age 83 yrs., widow.

MIZELLE, Bruner Griffin died 23 July, 1918. Buried Union Cemetery.

MIZELLE, George died 8 June, 1935, age 77, born MS. married. Father: James Mizelle

MIZELLE, inf. of W. G. died 27 August, 1915, Hurley, MS.

born Mobile, AL. Mother: Elizas Gragary born Moss Point, MS. MIZELLE, John Wesley born 8 May, 1856; died 13 August, 1932. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Griffin Mizelle born MS. Martha Sawell born MS.

MIZELLE, Nancy born Greene Co. MS; died 26 April, 1936. Father: Hub Cooley, born SC. Mother: Sarah Williams born Greene Co., MS.

MIZELLE, Rebecca Jane born 3 August, 1861; died 3 June, 1920. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Jesse Courtney. Mother: Lucy McDowell. Informant: John W. Mizelle.

MIZELLE, Susan died 23 Feb. 1925, Hurley, MS.

MIZELLE, Susan born 16 May, 1848; died 23 Feb. 1935. Father: ?? Crawford.

Mizell, William Ernest died 20 October, 1916. Father: W. G. Mizell. Mother: Sarah Jones born MS.

MOFFETT, Ella died 7 January, 1935, age 87, born Mobile Co., AL, widow. Father: ?? Pierce.

MOFFETT, Louis died 9 November, 1915, age 70. Buried Plinty Cemetery.

MOFFETT, Tom (c) born 8 September, 1869; died 15 May, 1931, Escatawpa, MS.

MOFFETT, Sim (c) died 30 August, 1924, age 47 yrs.

MONTAMAT, Henry born 24 October, 1872, LA; died 14 March, 1918, buried Catholic Cemetery. Father: E. F. Montamat. Mother: Easie Matthews born LA.

MONTGOMERY, Mary (c) died 12 November, 1918. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

MOMTGOMERY, Will Lee (c) died 9 June, 1928. Buried Piner Hill.

MONTIETH, M. M. died 5 January, 1921, Hurley, MS. Informant, J. B. Gibson.

MONTIETH, Nathaniel Monroe born 1855; died 5 January, 1922, Hurley, MS. Mother: Catherine Ely.

MOODY, Clara born 6 January, 1876; died 15 March, 1936. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: George Charles Lyons born Mobile, AL. Mother: Jane Green born Casslebury, AL.

MOODY, James E. d 17 June, 1920, age, 66. Father: Dr. T. H. Moody.

MOODY, Julia (Mrs.) born 26 August, 1860; died 26 July, 1921. Buried Cross Roads Cemetery, Informant: Frank Moody.

MOODY, George Washington born 1840 Mobile Co., AL; died 1913.

MOODY, Ruble Ernest b. 6 Feb. 1897; died 28 October, 1935, Mobile, AL. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Richard E. Moody born Brewton, AL. Mother: Clara Lyons.

MOODY, Thomas H. (Dr.) born 7 August, 1860; died 28 October, 1924, Hurley, MS. Buried Cross Roads Cemetery. Informant: Frank and Tom Moody.

MOODY, Thomas Lindsey, age 21, died 17 June, 1930, Mobile, AL. Buried Cross Roads Cemetery. Father: T. K. Moody born Basin, MS. Mother: Cora Wood born Moss Point, MS.

MOODY, William M. born 1830, TN; died 5 April, 1920. Father: William Moody, born TN. Mother: Mary Bragg born Lauderdale Co., MS.

MOORE, Addie (c) died 31 May, 1925, age 43. Buried Franklin Cemetery.

MOORE, Annie May, died 22 June, 1924, age 17. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

MOORE, B. F. died 15 December, 1915, Kreole, MS.

MOORE, Caroline (c) age 79, died 30 June, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Informant: Henry Harris.

MOORE, Charles died 21 November, 1933, age 26. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MOORE, Emanuel died 17 November, 1917 born MS. Father: Arthur Moore.

MOORE, Fannie (c) died 13 December, 1929, age 50, buried Grand Bay, AL.

MOORE, Flora (c) born 1 April, 1853, AL; died 21 October, 1929. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Mother: Nancy Simpson.

MOORE, Harriet Ann died 16 July, 1914, Laine, MS, age 65.

MOORE, Henry B. died 4 Feb. 1918 (typhoid & pneumonia). Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Henry B. Moore.

MOORE, Kartie V., died 18 August, 1925, Gulfport, MS, age 85. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant, A. M. Cowan.

MOORE, Landon (c) died 10 November, 1925, age 25. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

MOORE, Martha Duffy died 1 January, 1919, age 83. Father: Oliver Miles. Mother: Sarah Miles.

MOORE, Mary Ellis born 11 December, 1857; died 16 September, 1931. Buried Four Mile Creek. Father: Sam A. Oliver, Norfolk, VA. Mother: Margaret Cunningham born LA.

MOORE, Rufus died 21 March, 1929, age 67 yrs., born Jackson Co., MS, married. Father: Calvin Moore. Mother: Effie Fairley.

MOORE, Thomas died 19 March, 1915. Buried Black Byrd Pond.

MORGAN, John Y. born 29 June, 1851; died 21 May, 1918 Pascagoula, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Wife: Margaret Pol. Father: Thomas Morgan born Wales. Mother: Mary Ann Richardson born England.

MORIE, John Sr. born Cuba; died 21 October, 1917, Pecan, MS. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Age 65.

MORRIS, baby b.&d. 10 March, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Father: M. J. Morris born Semmes, AL. Mother: Norma Louise Mcleod born Moss Point, MS.

MORRIS, Joe (c) died 2 November, 1931, age 55. Buried St Paul.

MORRIS, Henry (c) died 24 Feb. 1918, Orange Grove, age 80.

MORRIS, Nellie (c) died 1 September, 1923, buried OranGE Grove, MS.

MOSLEY, Louise (c) born 1824; died 22 August, 1924. MOSLEY, Susie May (c) died 30 June, 1924, age 50. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

MOSLEY, Priscille (c) died 3 Feb. 1926 Pascagoula, MS. Age 87.

MOSTELLER, David B. born 11 September, 1868; died 8 March, 1916, married, Baptist. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MOTON, Major Myers (c) died 26 June, 1931. Buried St. Paul.

MOTON, Stella E (c) died 7 April, 1924, age 51. Buried St. Paul.

MULLENS, Eureka born 20 October, 1888; died 5 April, 1931; Moss Point, MS, married, Catholic. Charged to George Mullens.

MURPHY, Alma Inez, born 13 Feb. 1919 Birmingham, AL; died 5 May, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Samuel Murphy born Green Co., AL. Mother: Mary Bell Denton born Bensville, MS.

MURPHY, John Knox born Hurley, MS; died 31 October, 1936. Informant: Sophie Murphy. Father: Tom Murphy of Pierce Level, AL.

MURPHY, Samuel D. born 12 December, 1871; died 23 July, 1926, East Side. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Inf. Mary D. Murphy.

MURPHY, Tom died 16 June, 1921, Hurley, MS.

MURRAY, Andrew Jackson born 1 Feb. 1855; died 20 July, 1927. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Widow.

MURRAY, James died 9 June, 1929, age 96 yrs. Married.

MURRAY, Elizabeth Frances died 19 October, 1921, Syna, AL, age 58.

MYERS, Clara Eugenia born 2 Feb. 1869 Eyota, MN; died 16 December, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Martin Wheeler born MS. Mother: Jennie House. Informant: Paul Myers.

MYERS, John H., Jr. born 28 August, 1882; died 13 September, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Myers, Sr.

MYERS, Joseph John born 12 November, 1856; died 9 April, 1926. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Clara Myers.

MYERS, Margaret born 6 September, 1862 Moss Point, MS; died 30 October, 1936, Methodist. Father: William H. Myers born PA. Mother: Mary Cumbest born Three Rivers, MS.

MYLES, Alice Jones died 21 April, 1929, age 20. Buried St. Paul.

MCBAY, John R. born 3 August, 1860, Selma, AL; died 10 September, 1937.

McCARTER, Eudora born 31 July, 1954; died 19 December, 1928. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: James McCarter born VA. Mother: Lucy N. Pierce born VA.

McCASKILL Armstead (c) died 16 Feb. 1936, Hurley County Home.

McCASKILL, Ben died 26 June, 1933, age 64; b. Peach Tree, GA.

McCAUNAGH, Jeff (c) died 17 November, age 68. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

McCOOL, Helen Lucile died 6 December, 1927, 1 month old. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Joe W. Faggart & J. P. McCool.

McCONNEL, Ruth died 2 March, 1920 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Lackey Cemetery. Father: John Porter.

McCOY, James Augustus died 9 April, 1924, age 61, married, buried Grand Bay, AL.

McCULLUM, Duncan H. born 1 March, 1875, Simpson Co. MS; died 6 March, 1936. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Duncan McCullum born Westville, MS. Mother: Mary Hartwell born Westville, MS.

McCUNE, Eliza born 5 June, 1853; died 27 October, 1926, Moss Point, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Steven Overstreet born AL. Informant: J. J. McCune.

McDADE, Amelia (c) born 16 October, 1888; died 4 March, 1927. Father: Rod Elder. Mother: Caroline Wood born Leaksville, MS.

McDADE, Ethel (c) died 11 November, 1925. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

McDADE, Thadders (c) died 20 Feb. 1925, age 36. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

McDANIEL (c) born 25 December, 1853, died 4 January, 1932. Married.

McDANIEL, Dicey (c) died 9 October, 1934, age 86, born Columbus, MS. McDANIEL, James (c) died 20 July, 1920. Father: Henry McDaniel.

McEACHERN, Charles Gresham Dr. born 24 January, 1876 Vaiden, MS; died 25 April, 1935 fractured skull in auto accident. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Angus McEachern born MS. Mother: Gerring? Shipp born Vaiden, MS.

McEACHERN, Laura Dana born 14 October, 1877; died 18 March, 1921 Denver. Husband Dr. C. G. McEachern. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: J. W. Griffin. Inf. Dr. C. G. McEachern, Denver.

McEACHERN, Alexander died 29 January, 1924, age 78 yrs.

McFAIL, Aaron (c) died 4 May, 1921 age 34. Buried St. Paul.

McFAIL, Alice (c) died 17 June, 1919, age 54 yrs.

McFAIL, D. C. (c) died 29 July, 1925, age 54. Buried St. Paul.

McFAIL, Kate (c) born Lucedale, MS; died 8 Feb. 1936, age 84. Father: John Blake.

McFAIL, Nancy (c) born 18 Feb. 1871; died 4 June, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Informant: Richard & Johnny Williams.

McFAIL, Scott 9c) died 26 April, 1927, age 45. Buried St. Paul.

McFAIL Sidney (c) died 1 November, 1928, age 38. Buried St. Paul.

McFARLAND, J. Esley died 2 December, 1921. Buried Union Cemetery.

McFARLAND, Marcus H. died 13 November, 1926, age 40. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Eda McFarland.

McFARLAND, Robert Lee born 13 January, 1876 Escatawpa, MS; died 17 January, 1935, Moss Point, MS. Father: John McFarland born Ireland. Mother: Frances Wilkerson born Moss Point, MS. Informant: Scott & Dora McFarland.

McGEE, John H. died 1 July, 1930 Sanatorium, Sampson Co. MS, 51 yrs. Informant: Rosalie McGee, Moss Point, MS.

McGEHEE, Arthur Lyles born 14 September, 1893 Orange, TX; died 3 March, 1934, TX. Father: Nathan McGhee born LA, Mother: Mary Mollie born Orange, TX.

McILWAIN, Thomas (c) died 20 Feb. 1929, age 75.

McINNIS, Anna Bliss born 19 June, 1892; died 10 January, 1936. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Laughlin McInnis born Green Co. MS. Mother: Rachel McIntosh b. Green Co. MS.

McINNIS, Archie (c) died 23 Feb. 1926, Escatawpa, MS.

McINNIS, Catherine Eran died 8 January, 1930, age 6. Buried Machpelah. Father: N. M. McInnis born, Green Co. MS. Mother: Bernice Herrin born Moss Point, MS.

McINNIS, Eula born 13 September, 1855, AL; died 11 August, 1935. Father: Stephen Whitehead.

McINNIS, Laughlin died 19 April, 1932, age 44. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

McINNIS, Not born 9 October, 1856 Merrill, MS; died 23 April, 1935. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Wife, Florrie. Father: Alexander McInnis born NC. Mother: Margaret McKay born Leaf, MS.

McINNIS, Rachel McIntosh born 1857; died 29 April, 1922. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

McINNIS, Stone D. died 25 December, 1928 married. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

McINNIS, W. N. born 1858 Jasper Co. MS; died 15 April, 1922. Father: Duncan McInnis. Mother: Cynthia Lewis.

McINNIS, William Oleander died 13 December, 1926. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

McINTOSH, Eliza Ann (Mrs.) born 20 January, 1843; died 6 December, 1943. Buried Griffin Cemetery, Moss Point, MS.

McINTOSH, Flavors born 15 December, 1875; died 22 October, 1932, married, Methodist. Father: John McIntosh born Vernan, MS. Mother: Rose Robinson born Vernan, MS.

McINTOSH, John J. born 20 May, 1864; died 17 December, 1925, Moss Point, MS. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Thomas McIntosh born Scotland. Mother: Eliza Patterson born Toronto, Canada.

McKAY, Corine (c) born 4 January, 1901, died 16 January, 1928. Father: Paul Stringfellow. Mother: Lizzie Carter.

McKAY, Florius J. born 21 July, 1856, died 7 November, 1930 Gautier, MS. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Singleton Vaughan McKay born VernAL. MS. Mother: Sarah H. McInnis born Vernal, MS.

McKAY, M. J. (Mrs.) died 12 December, 1928 George Co. MS; age 79, born Jackson Co., MS. Father: John Cowart.

McKAY, Sarah Ann born 1 March, 1859; died 21 April, 1929. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: Richmond McKay of Lucedale, MS.

McKAY, Washington (c) died 29 December, 1924, born MS. Father: Gill McKay. Mother: Charlotte Fairley.

McKENION, William W. (c) born Mobile, AL; died 1 September, 1935, age 79. Father: Andy McKenion.

McKENZIE, Mary died 2 April, 1924, age 69, buried Lockey.

McLENDON, Needham born Simpson Co. MS; died 1922 Simpson Co. MS, age 76. Father: William McLendon born Darlington, SC. Mother: Barbara Aaron, born SC.

McLEMORE, John (c) died 27 March, 1901, age 17. Buried St. Paul.

McLEOD, Clifford born 24 September, 1887 Montgomery, AL; died 28 June, 1933. Father: John A. McLeod. Mother: Ella Virginia Grout born Auburn, AL.

McLEOD, Constance died 3 December, 1925, age 4. Buried Machpelah. McLEOD, Daniel Jackson born 9 May, 1849; died 10 October, 1927, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Norman McLeod born Scotland. Mother: Artlisse Cockeroff born NC.

McLEOD, Francis Summer born 7 August, 1844; died 19 August, 1928. Buried Griffin Cemetery, Moss Point, MS.

McLEOD, Jackson born 9 May 1849; died 10 October, 1927. Father: Norman McLeod born Scotland. Mother: Artlisse Cockeroff born NC.

McLEOD, Mary Catherine born 12 April, 1855; died 22 July, 1926, Moss Point, MS. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Wife of D. W. McLeod.

McLEOD, Nora died 19 Apr, 1928, age 33. Buried Union Cemetery.

McLEOD, Singleton Alexander born 22 June, 1852; died 17 April, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Father: Norman McLeod born Scotland. Mother: Arthisse Cockeroff born NC. Chg. to Elly McLeod.

McLEOD, SiMS. C. born 4 September, 1896; died 31 May., 1933. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Calvin McLeod born SC. Mother: Dora Posey born St Elmo, AL.

McLEOD, Verdia Ross died 27 October, 1923, age 32. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

McLEOD, William Earl born 15 September, 1875 Leaf, MS; died 9 July, 1934. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Daniel Webster McLeod born Leaf, MS. Mother: Catherine McIntosh born Vernal. MS.

McMILLAN, Henrietta born 17 December, 1861; died 13 October, 1923. Buried Turnell Springs, AL. Informant: M. B. McMillan, Kreole, MS.

McMILLAN, Louise S. born 7 September, 1858; died 2 January, 1927, Grand Bay, AL. buried in TN, Father: Charles Stewart born Ireland. Mother: Mary Duncan born Scotland.

McMILLAN, Manly Burns died 10 July, 1927, age 6, Shreveport, LA. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

McNAIR, Henry died 2 April, 1924, age 77. Father: L. D. McNair born SC. Mother: ? Russell born AL.

McQUARRIE, Clara born 3 July, 1851; died 12 March, 1929. Buried McQuarrie Cemetery, Father: John Cunningham born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Martha Lyons, born Mobile, AL.

McQUARRIE, Laughlin born 14 Feb. 1851; died 15 May, 1932. Buried McQuarrie Cemetery. Father: James McQuarrie born Nova Scotia.

McQUEEN, Lucy Bell born 4 Feb. 1906; died 2 April, 1922.

NARICE, John B., born LA, died 27 December, 1935, age 75, Catholic. Father: John Narcise.

NATHAM, Francis (c) died 19 March, 1932, age 61. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

NED, Arthemise (c) born 9 April, 1884; died 18 March, 1931.

NEIL Georgia (c) died 20 April, 1917, age 75. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

NEILSON, Joseph Kell died 30 December, 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Neils Neilson born Norway. Mother: Margaret Clark, born Mobile, AL.

NELSON, Annie L. born 8 January, 1870; died 8 September, 1932, Big Point, MS. Buried Pine Crest Cemetery. Widow. Father: Reuben Byrd born Vancleave, MS. Mother: Caroline Carter born Hurley, MS. Informant: Ernest M. Goff of Long Beach, MS.

NELSON, Buck born 16 July, 1854; died 18 September, 1931. Father: Phil Nelson born Birmingham, AL.

NELSON, Charles John born November, 1857; died 23 November, 1928. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Informant: Cole Nelson.

NELSON, Dora born 25 July, 1897; died 23 July, 1917. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: W. H. Nelson. Mother: Fannie Nelson.

NELSON, Elizah born NC. Informant: John C. Nelson. Buried Palmetto Beach, AL.

NELSON, Ernest Irwin died 24 August, 1927,(auto accident). Buried Coleman Cemetery. Informant: W. T. Goff.

NELSON, Eugene Jefferson born 1869; died 31 December, 1927. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

NELSON, Fannie L. died 1927, Meridian, MS, age 56. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Father: Henry Kirkwood. Mother: Miranda Kirkwood.

NELSON, John Clifford died 24 June, 1918, Pascagoula, MS, age 72 yrs., born AL. Buried near Palmetto, AL. Widow: Claudie Nelson.

NELSON, John N. born 4 January, 1844, Charleston, SC; died 11 August, 1914, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Widower. Father: W. M. Nelson.

NELSON, Jorgen Christina born 1848, Denmark; died 19 February, 1924. Father: Jorgen Nelson.

NELSON, Marshall C. died 17 Feb. 1925, Grand Bay, AL.

NELSON, Mary Josephine born 27 January, 1867, Hurley, MS; died 18 March, 1914. Father: J. B. Coleman. Mother: Mary M. Morgan born AL.

NELSON, Mary Louise Denmark born 16 April, 1850; died 25 April, 1916 (pneumonia), widow, Baptist. Buried Ferrel Cemetery.

NELSON, Rudolph died 8 May, 1916, age 8 mos. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

NELSON, Thomas born 18 June, 1842, NY; died 3 July, 1927.

NELSON, W. inf. died 7 May, 1925. Father: W. H. Nelson, Jr. Mother: Ruby Pruit Fails.

NELSON, William Lawson, born 7 November, 1877; died 28 July, 1924, Big Point, MS. Buried Coleman Cemetery in Hurley, MS. Wife: Edna Nelson. Inf. Hurdis Nelson. Father: W.L. Nelson. Mother: Katherine Roberts.

NELSON, William Lawson, Sr. born 6 May, 1843; died 9 January, 1921, (pneumonia), farmer. Wife: Catherine. Father: William Lawson Nelson, Sr. Mother: Mary Ely born Americus, MS. Informant: W. L. Nelson, Jr. of Big Piont, MS.

NELSON, William Lawson, died 9 January, 1921, age 22, Informant: W. L. Nelson of Big Point, MS.

NETTLES, Dock (c) died 30 March, 1928, age 31 yrs.

NETTLES, George died 22 March, 1931, Moss Point, MS, from gun shot wound. Informant: Jessie Nettles.

NETTLES, Jessie Leona died 16 November, 1918. Buried Tunnel Spring.

NETTLES, Mary (c) born 7 March, 1890; died 22 January, 1922 (pneumonia). Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

NEWLY, John died 6 June, 1924, buried Tobias, NB.

NEWMAN, Henry (c) died 21 November, 1923, age 70 yrs.

NEWMAN, Mary (c) born 5 September, 1987; died 28 May, 1931.

NIBLET, Cecila (c) died 22 August, 1926, New Orleans, LA, age 14 yrs.

NIBLETT, Edwin (c) died 18 April, 1920. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

NICHOLS, Clara Irene b.&d. 19 October, 1931. Father: George Edward Nichols born Mobile, AL. Mother: Lillie Broadus born Orange Grove, MS.

NIX, Margaretta Clara born 25 June, 1864, SC; died 1 March, 1927. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John D. Nix born SC. Mother: Mary Ann Nix born SC. Informant: C. E. Posey.

NOBLES, John Franklin died 15 December, 1935 Mobile, AL, age 73 yrs. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

NOLAN, Clara May died 21 August, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Joseph G. Nolan born Brooklyn, NY. Mother: Ruth E. Nolan born Ladoga, IN.

NOLAN, Margaret died 7 November, 1914 Moss Point, MS, age 65. Informant J. J. McCune, buried Catholic Cemetery.

NOLAN, Thomas B. 18 June, 1842, NY; died 3 July, 1927.

NORA, Angel (c) died 1 April, 1924, age 79. Buried St. Peters.

NORA, Harriet (c) born 8 May, 1859; died 13 June, 1932. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

NORA, Jane (c) born 10 October, 1881; died 5 October, 1931. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

NORRIS, William Anderson born 1 April, 1848, Greenville, AL; died 18 September, 1933 Kreole, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Joe Norris born NC. Mother: Amelia Scarborough born Greenville, AL.

NORVEL, William Henry (c) died 31 December, 1917, age 51, fisherman.

NORWOOD, Ernest A. born 22 August, 1889, New orleans, LA; died 17 May, 1935. Buried Machpelah. Father: John J. Norwood born LA. Mother: Christina Schelegler born Harvey, LA.

NYMAN, Mary Matilda born 25 December, 1887; died 7 December, 1925 in child birth, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Father: John B. Porter. Informant: Andrew Nyman, Jr.

NYLANDER, August Emil born 2 April, 1877, Sweden; died 12 August, 1934, buried Water Valley, MS. Father: Jarrah Nylander born Sweden Mother: Christina Person born Sweden.

O'Brien, Lola Hamilton died 8 November, 1918, East Side, age 30.

O'Connell, Lizzie born June, 1865; died 8 August, 1915, Pascagoula, MS, widow, Presbyterian. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Oliver, Everett born 6 November, 1894; died 13 October, 1918. Buried Ferrell Cemetery, Escatawpa, MS.

Oliver, Jeanette born 14 December, 1864 Chicago, IL; died 13 June, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Daughton Varlie born England. Mother: Mary Collins, born PA.

Oliver, Margaret born 1833, LA; died 1 September, 1917, Wilson Springs, MS, age 84, widow. Buried Wilson Springs Cemetery. Informant: Norman E. Cunningham. Father: John Cunningham. Mother: Catherine Cumbest.

Oliver, Rebecca Abelle born 20 November, 1857; died 27 June, 1924, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Widow of Arthur A. Oliver. Father: Samuel Davis. Mother: Frances Davis. Informant: Lum Oliver.

Oliver, Rebecca Mariah born 20 Feb. 1860; died 26 August, 1930; Escatawpa, MS. Buried Four Mile Cemetery. Informant: Norman E. & Arden Cunningham. Wife of Louis M. Oliver, Escatawpa, MS.

Oliver, W. Lewis born 1 November, 1862 Escatawpa, MS; died 4 November, 1933, Hurley, MS. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Widower, blacksmith. Father: Sam Oliver born KY. Mother: Margaret Cunningham born Escatawpa, MS.

Olsen, Mary Eliza born 18 March, 1848; died 26 January, 1921. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Alfonce Ladnier.

Olsen, Mary Ellen died 24 April, 1923, age 32. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Olson, Charles born 14 July, 1863, Norway; died 12 April, 1935, Bar Pilot, Catholic. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Olson, Elfreda Margaret died 21 January, 1920, age 24. Father: John C. Olson born Sweden. MO. Lena Freeman born New Orleans, LA.

Olson, Martin Freeman, born 27 August, 1894; died 11 June, 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

O'Neal, Elijah J. died 18 January, 1927, MS, married. Father: James O'NeAL. Mother: Than Dickey born NC.

O'Neal, Mary born 1859, MS; died 8 November, 1927, widow. Father: Mathew F. Fairley. Mother: Mary Byrd.

O'Neal. George Washington died 17 Feb. 1924. Buried Griffin.

Oree, Olivia (c) died 31 July, 1928, age 27 yrs.

Oreilly, Father Bernard born Langford, Ireland; died 10 April, 1936, age 36. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Orrell, Lottie Doa born 4 June, 1891; died 16 June, 1927, Mobile, AL. Father: William J. Fellow born MS. Mother: Emma Eckler born MS.

Oswell, Elizabeth born 27 October, 1853; died 11 October, 1918. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Widow of Soloman Oswell. Informant: Alfred Scarbrough.

Overstreet, Ellis G, died 17 June, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Informant: H. B. Overstreet.

Overstreet, H. B. died 13 July, 1926, Jackson, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Owens, Annie (c) died 3 July, 1915, age 90. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Owens, Ed (c) born 1865 died 18 November, 1930, Jackson, MS. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Owens, William J., Sr. died 14 October, 1926, age 64. Buried Union Cemetery.

Pankey, Lillie May died 2 May, 1924.

Paris, Florence died 7 August, 1917, age 26. Father: Clarence Long.

PARKER, Albert born 1836; died 26 April, 1916, widower, Methodist. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

PARKER, Caleb born 1847 Jackson Co., MS; died 7 January, 1923. Father: Lewis Parker. Mother: Lanie Tolls.

PARKER, Curtis born July, 25, 1916; died 14 March, 1918. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Mother: Mary Lee Goff.

PARKER, Daniel died 10 November, 1921, age 73. Father: Matthew Parker.

PARKER, Dora died 22 June, 1918, age 1. Buried Union Cemetery.

PARKER, Edward Lloyd died 6 January, 1916, age, 20 mo., buried Hurley, MS.

PARKER, Ed died 14 October, 1914 Hurley, MS, age 23. Father: Joseph Parker. Mother: Martha Moffett.

PARKER, Eran Elizabeth born 16 Feb. 1855, Jackson Co., MS; died 23 April, 1934, widow of Jessie Parker. Father: Matthew Goff born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Mary Goff (King).

PARKER, George died 29 December, 1919, Hurley, MS. Inf. Frank Parker.

PARKER, Henry died 15 December,1929, age 57, born Jackson Co., MS.

PARKER, Hub, born 5 April, 1842, MS; died 29 October, 1918, Vancleave, MS, married. Father: Gabe Parker, Mother: Lucy Reeves.

PARKER, James F. born 14 March, 1888, Jackson Co., MS; died 27 December, 1933, widow, Sallie Helveston. Father: W. B. Parker born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Nancy Howell born Jackson Co, MS.

PARKER, James H. born 27 April, 1841, MS; died 31 July, 1914. Father: James Parker born, MS.

PARKER, James Wesley born Wade, MS; died 16 May, 1935 Mobile, AL, age 57, Methodist. Informant: Mrs. J. W. Parker.

PARKER, Jesse born 27 December, 1845; died 18 November, 1926. Fa. Gabe Parker born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Lucy Reeves born Jackson Co., MS.

PARKER, John C. born 3 March, 1858, SC; died 28 August, 1929.

PARKER, JohnRufus born 28 October, 1845; Jackson Co., MS; died 20 March, 1918. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Wade, MS. Father: Joseph J. Parker born MS.

PARKER, Joseph Mrs. died 7 May, 1918, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

PARKER, Larris Emmit died 26 November, 1925, buried Wade, MS.

PARKER, Martha born 10 October, 1843, Wilcox Co. AL; died 22 January, 1917. Father: ? Godbold. Mother: Mary Parker born Wilcox Co. AL.

PARKER, Mary J. died 8 November, 1925, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Informant: John J. Parker.

PARKER, Milton (c) died 15 June, 1917. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

PARKER, Missouri Furby, died 6 November, 1914, Hurley, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: ? Furby.

PARKER, Nicholis born 8 December, 1879, died 17 June, 1914.

PARKER, Rithel died 6 March, 1918. Father: James Parker. Buried Ferrell Cemetery, Escatawpa, MS.

PARKER, Sadie died 17 December, 1933, age 56 yrs. Father: William Carter born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Mary Hamilton.

PARKER, Samuel T. (c) died 6 November, 1918, Teacher, Widower, age 46. Buried Enterprise, MS.

PARKER, Sarah born 8 June, 1837; died 14 Feb. 1919. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Wade, MS. Widow of John R. Parker. Father: Harris Hamilton. Mother: Margret Ely.

PARKER, Sophia Etta born 12 March, 1875; died 12 November, 1934, Vancleave, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: William Nelson born AL. Mother: Catherine Roberts born AL.

PARKER, Susan born 16 September, 1868; died 12 May, 1924, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

PARKER, William W. born March, 1877; died 27 December, 1933. Father: Jesse Parker, b. Jackson Co., MS.

Parkhurst, E. died 6 November, 1915, Mobile, AL, age 49.

Parrish, Earley Walker born 5 May, 1870; died 7 May, 1932, buried Ozark, AK. Father: Charles D. Parrish born SC. Mother: Mollie Gamble born SC.

Parsely, John E. born 26 November, 1883; died 23 October, 1934, Meridian, MS. Father: Edward Parsley born MS. Mother: Mary Ann Watkins born AL.

Parsley, Mary Anne born 16 March, 1859; died 22 December, 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Widow. Father: Fleet Watkins born AL. Mother: Anne Graham born AL.

Parten, George Thomas born 29 December, 1849; died 10 September, 1923, buried Marvin, AL.

Pate, Thomas B. born 31 March, 1889 GA; died 5 December, 1933, Hurley, MS, married. Father: T. B. Pate b, GA.

Payne, Charley Robert born 11 November, 1841; Raymond, MS; died 13 January, 1919. Father: Phillip Payne born VA. Wife: Elizabeth Payne.

Peairs, Henry born 2 April, 1876, AL; died 29 October, 1934.

Perry, Albert J. died 26 December, 1933, age 78, buried Marion, AL.

Peters, Flora May died 14 August, 1932, age 6. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Ray Peters born Troy, AL. Mother: Bessie Crawford born Millry, AL.

Petit, Henry born 22 March, 1871; died 19 October, 1932, widow, Catholic. Father: Henry Petit born Mobile, AL. Mother: Elizabeth Petit born Mobile, AL.

Perry, Hugh died 4 January, 1919, Mobile, AL

Pederson, P. A. died 4 June, 1917, New Orleans, LA, RR accident, age 76, married.

Perkings, Lisbia Grant died 1 October, 1915, age 64, body shipped to Genesco, IL.

Petite, Eugene died 31 January, 1915, age 42, married, Catholic. Buried St. Peters Cemetery.

Pendola, Marcus died 2 January, 1917, son of Marucs Pendola.

Penndola, Mamie died 16 September, 1919, Jacksonville, FL, age 45.

Pendola, Marcus George died 20 October, 1927, Mobile, AL. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Perin, David born 18 Feb. 1893; died 10 November, 1919. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Perkins, Kate died 5 November, 1921, age 50. Buried Zion Cemetery. Wife of A. H. Perkins.

Perkins, Leroy born 11 April, 1845; died 17 March, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Married, Catholic. Wife: Elizabeth Perkins.

Peters, Pearl born 9 August, 1851; died 7 January, 1929. Buried Union Cemetery.

Peterson, Geo O. born 27 October, 1864; died 12 November, 1925, New Orleans, LA from gun shot wound. Buried, Machpelah Cemetery. Age 60.

Persing, Lucy Goodwin born 7 April, 1865; died 6 June, 1932, Grand Bay, AL. Married, Methodist. Buried Grand Bay, AL. Father: Thomas Goodwin born England. Mother: Rosetta Rice.

Petit, Cora (c) died 25 May, 1926, Gulfport, MS, age 38. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Philstrom, Augusta Wrien born 12 August, 1850; died 16 May, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Christa Philstrom.

Pierre, Elizabeth born 19 November, 1854; died 24 May, 1914, married, Catholic. Buried Creole Cemetery.

Pierce, George Leon d. 3 Feb. 1914, Laine, MS age 1 mo.

Pierce, George Washington born 1843, AL; died 18 Feb. 1918. Father: Silas Pierce born AL. Mother: Mary Ann Stringfellow born FL. (Spanish FL, now Mobile, AL)

Pierce, Mary Frances born 20 December, 1861, Wilmer, AL; died 19 November, 1934, Kreole, MS, buried Theodore, AL. Father: William W. Pierce. Mother: Jane Ryals born Washington Co. AL.

Pierce, Delphine born 1851 AL; died 4 April, 1914. Father: Miles Casey. Mother: Ellen Casey.

Pierce, Jerry, died 10 January, 1926, Grand Bay, AL, age 79 yrs. Buried Palistine Cemetery. Informant: John Pierce.

Pierce, Malisa born 9 May, 1864 died 9 November, 1930 Kreole, MS. buried Pierce Level Cemetery. Father: John Tillman born Theodore, AL. Mother: Elizabeth Berry born GA.

Pierce, Mary Elizabeth died 14 July, 1923, Moss Point, MS, age 72. Buried Zion Cemetery. Informant: John Pierce.

Pickett, Corine (c) born 12 September, 1875; died 27 January, 1931, Pascagoula, MS. (pneumonia). Father: Anderson Edwards born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Sarah Robinson born Mobile, AL.

Pier, Joe (c) born 27 January, 1885; died 25 September, 1933.

Piles, Selephine born 1851, AL; died 4 April, 1914. Father: Miles Casey. Mother: Ellen Casey.

Pittman, Joseph Shepphard born 28 Feb. 1896; died 31 October, 1930. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Married, Baptist. Informant: Flora Etta Pittman. Father: John S. Pittman born AL. Mother: Alice Carroll born AL.

Placott, Susie died 31 July, 1925 age, 68. Buried Machpelah cemetery. Informant: John Placott.

Platt, Josephine (c) born 5 May, 1865; died 2 March, 1931, East Side. Father: Geo Dawson born Enterprise, MS. Mother: Jane Wright.

Plenney, Louise died 27 July, 1929, age 25. Buried Plenney Cemetery.

Poe, William born 4 April, 1854; died 13 May, 1920. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Poitevin, Marie Jennett, inf., died 20 July, 1918, Greenwood.

Polk, Annie (c) born 29 July, 1900; died 30 July, 1914.

Polk, Aubrey died 13 September, 1925, age 2. Father: Grover Polk

Polk, Henry Charles born 1845, Perry Co. MS; died 12 March, 1933. Father: Andy Griffin born Perry Co. MS.

Polk, Joseph J. (c) died 17 June, 1919. Father: Offie Polk.

Polk, Julius died 8 April, 1915, Moss Point, MS, age 40.

Polk, Mary (c) died 10 Feb. 1921, age 55 yrs. Buried St. Paul.

Polk, Patsy (c) born 14 March, 1885; died 10 Feb. 1931. Informant: Abram Polk. Father: Huckleberry born Choctow, AL. Mother: Martha Moore, born Choctow, AL.

Pollock, John Creed born 20 June, 1881; died 12 January, 1935. Buried Orange Grove, Father: William W. Pollock born Memphis, TN. Mother: Flora Hinton born IN.

Pollock, Grover born 12 Feb. 1890; died 27 October, 1929. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: William W. Pollock born Memphis, TN. Mother: Flora Hinton, born IN.

Pollock, William Ward born 6 April, 1854, Kansas; died 4 June, 1934, widower, ferryman. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Pool, Alex E. born 5 September, 1849; died 26 September, 1929. Buried Forts Lake Cemetery. Father: John Pool born Orange Grove, MS. Mother: Mary Clark born Pecan, MS.

Porter, Louis (c) born 20 November, 1853, Vicksburg, MS; died 30 June, 1934. Father: Travis Porter, born MS.

Porter, Carrie D. (c) born 13 June, 1880; died 17 May, 1917. Father: Sam Adams born MS. Mother: Archanna Price born, MS.

Posey, Ernest born 1888, AL; died 25 May, 1917, Kreole, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: D. C. Posey. Mother: Lettie Nix born MS.

Powe, Elijah (c) died 21 November, 1925. Kreole, MS, age 54. Informant: Ella Powe. Powe, Harriet died March, 1917, New Orleans, LA, wife of David Powe. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Powell, Alfred born 1852,;died 16 July, 1915, married, Baptist. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Powell, Elvira born 11 March, 1846 Lucedale; died 12 Jan, 1919. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: James Gardner born MS. Mother: Patsy Roberts born Leaksville, MS.

Powell, inf. son of G. C., died 18 June, 1918. Union Cemetery.

Powell, Silas Riley born 11 October, 1883; died 27 January, 1933. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Alfred Powell born Lucedale, MS. Mother: Elvira Gardner born Lucedale, MS.

Preston, Henry C. (c) born 30 July, 1883; died 17 August, 1933.

Presley, Martha Elizabeth born 27 August, 1865, Alexandra City, AL; died 7 October, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Wash Welch born AL. Mother: Martha E. Bice born AL

Prevost, Charley Victor born 22 September, 1872 France; died 10 September, 1934. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John Prevost born France.

Price, J. P. born 17 June, _____; died 14 March, 1922. Widow, Ada Mathews. Father: James Price born MS.

Price, Willie, (c) drowned, 9 October, 1917, age 35.

Primo, Vassie (c) died 23 January, 1917, Biloxi, MS, age 40.

Prince, Forest died 28 December, 1927, age 7. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Prince, Jackson, Jr. died 22 May, 1914, age 14 days.

Prouse, Hazel Bett died 2 December, 1919, age 3. Father: N. B. Prouse born Iowa. Mother: Estella Suthoff born Escatawpa, MS.

Prouse, Isabell born 26 July, 1854, Schullsburge, WI; died 11 July, 1935. Buried Machpelah, Father: Joseph Brown born England. Mother: Prudence Hawkins.

Prouse, William Charles born 3 March, 1888, Central City, CA; died 7 April, 1933. Buried Machpelah. Father: James Prouse born England. Mother: Isabell Brown born MS.

Purcell, Virginia Elizabeth born 4 May, 1853; died 17 November, 1932. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: William Gaines born GA. Mother: Sarah Brown born GA.

Purtell, Rosa born 12 March, 1893, LA; died 1 May, 1933. Buried Griffin Cemetery, Father: George W. Durden born LA. Mother: Mary Catherine Fox born MS.

Quave, Annie Jane (c) died 21 November, 1919, buried Gautier Cemetery.

Quave, Robert died 3 July, 1927, age 50, burIED Gautier Cemetery.

Quick, Mariah Elizabeth born 1851; died 7 August, 1919. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Goff born PA. Mother: Hannah Banhart?.

Quick, Sanford H. died 21 August, 1926, age 77. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Raby, Mary (c) died 13 November, 1923, age 83. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Raby, Harry born 16 July, 1831; died 3 March, 1925. Buried Machpelah Cemetery

Rabby, Emma born 8 May, 1868; died 26 December, 1917, buried Ocean Springs, MS. Mother: Dora Stephen.

Rabby, Howard G., Sr., born 13 March, 1881, Mobile, AL; died 24 June, 1933. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John Rabby. Mother: Tela Ralston born Mobile, AL.

Rabby infant, died, 16 August, 1918. Ferrell Cemetery.

Rabby, John died 1 April, 1928, New Orleans, LA. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Rabby, John B. born 18 June, 1843, AL; died 19 March, 1915, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John R. Rabby born LA, Mother: Louise Bang born France.

Rack, Henry A. died 15 October, 1923, age 50, died Moss Point, MS.

Rae, William (c) died 12 Feb. 1962 (pneumonia), age 53.

Raitt, Lucy born 16 May., 1857, died 5 December, 1931 Grand Bay, AL; buried Grand Bay. Father: Lorenzo Dow born Hampton, NY. Mother: Adelia Bresack born Hampton, NY.

Raley, Edna Frances born 12 December, 1926; died 26 September, 1930. Father: Thomas C. Raley. Mother: Edna Frances Phillips.

Raley, Jane Elizabeth born 30 September, 1923; died 26 September, 1930, accidental drowning, shipped to St. Louis, MO. Father: Thomas Craig Raley born TX. Mother: Edna Frances Phillips born MO.

Raley, Nancy Lea born 10 January, 1928; died 26 September, 1930. Father: Thomas Raley. Mother: Edna F. Phillips.

Rambert (c) died 8 June, 1919. Widow, Martha Rambert. FA: Abraham Mixon. Mother: Lucy Parker born MS.

Ramsay, Andrew died 9 November, 1916, Bluff Creek, age 76.

Randall, Albert (c) died 26 November, 1916, age 25. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Ranager, Martha born 1852; died 18 September, 1914, married. Father: James Parker. Mother: Callie Graham.

Ranager, William died 26 June, 1915, age 61, widower. Father: Jacob Ranager born NC. Mother: Elizabeth Childress.

Randall, Brooks E. died 28 September, 1921, (drowning accident), buried Louisville, KY.

Randall, C. M. Mrs. 28 July, 1917, Escatawpa. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Randall, Elizabeth McRea born 1863; died 14 March, 1934, Washington, D. C. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Randall, Eugene Nathaniel died 12 November, 1926. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Randall, Levi A. born 21 November, 1865; died 26 January, 1924. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Lyman Randall born Boston, MA. Mother: Celeste Delmas.

Rape, Jacob Nathaniel born 18 Feb. 1859, Forrest, MS; died 4 Feb. 1935. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Methodist. Father: Cyrus Rape born Scott Co., MS. Mother: Dorcas Graham born Scott Co., MS. Informant: Bertha Rape.

Rasser, James died 27 March, 1922, Mobile, AL, age 58, married, Methodist. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Ratliff, Maggie Margaret born 10 March, 1862, Grand Bay, AL; died 19 December, 1934, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Lemaitre. Father: Jim Miles born Mobile, AL.

Ray, Dan (c) died 9 June, 1919, age 48 (accident).

Ray, Thomas (c) died 21 April, 1917, age 45. Buried Black Byrd Cemetery.

Rea, Cora Bell died 12 April, 1928, Mobile, AL, age 35, Married. Informant: Sam Rea.

Rea, Ellen born 4 May, 1886; Bayou La Batre, AL. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Geo Rockliff born Scotland. Mother: Ellen Muir born Scotland.

Rea, Rebecca died 10 June, 1921, age 56.

Rea, William Henry born 12 September, 1855, IN; died 25 March, 1936. Father: Samuel Rea born Ohio. Mother: Ellen Wilson born OH.

Reariche, Tany F. died 15 March, 1915, Mobile, AL, age 40.

Reaves, John Henry died 2 March, 1919. Buried Union Cemetery.

Reaves, W. T. died 27 November, 1919, age 63. Buried Union Cemetery.

Redden, Beulah B. born 3 July, 1863; died 17 May, 1916, Moss Point, MS. Wife of James D. Redden. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Redden, Bryant N. born 4 May, 1881; died 2 November, 1918. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Wade, MS. Married.

Redding, James David died 28 July, 1928, Mobile, AL, age 75 yrs. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Wade, MS.

Redford, Arthur Franklin born 22 October, 1895; died 6 April, 1931, East Side. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Frank Redford born Richmond, VA. Mother: Minnie Holcombe born Birmingham, AL.

Redmond, Louise Margaret born 2 July, 1878, Pike Co. MS; died 10 September, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Peterman born Germany.

Reed, Ethel Mary (c) died 22 November, 1923, in child birth, age 16, buried Fort Deposit, AL. Wife of Will Reed.

Reese, Frazine born 11 March, 1887, died 12 Feb. 1933. Father: George Freeman born Mobile, AL.

REEVES, Ellen born 1851, MS; died 28 August, 1924.

REEVES, Lydia born 1850, MS; died 21 July, 1924. Father: Jack King. Mother: Matilda Smith.

REEVES, Mary died 16 August, 1927, age 73. Father: Ben Reeves born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Nancy Havard born MS.

REEVES, John born 1831 MS; died 21 December, 1919, married. Father: James Reeves born NC. Mother: Martha Coplin born MS.

Reinhold, Mollie died 22 September, 1929, Mobile, AL, buried MO.

REEVES, George died 19 June, 1933, age 73 yrs., born Jackson Co., MS, married. Father: Ben Reeves born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Nancy Havard born AL.

RENECKE, Marie Louise Krebs died 2 October, 1918, Panama, age 69. Buried Krebs Cemetery.

REUS, Peter Miguel born 4 March, 1852, New Orleans, LA; died 18 August, 1936. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Catholic, farmer. Father: Miguel Reus born Spain\. Mother: Emma Moran born Bay St. Louis, MS. Informant: Norman Reus.

REUS, Walter died 15 January, 1923, (pneumonia), age 70. Buried Latimer Cemetery.

RHODES, Minnie Loretta born 1 January, 1897; died 28 October, 1918, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Wife of George Rhodes. Father: George Lennep. Mother: Virginia Lemaitre.

RHODES, William Lucian born 2 January, 1857; died 23 January, 1935. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Thomas C. Rhodes born Mobile, AL. Mother: Mary R. Lenoise born SC.

RICE, Louis P. died 23 February, 1924, 11 days. Father: Joseph Rice.

RICHARDS, Charles B. born 26 December, 1867; died 9 Feb. 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Ship Corker. Father: Sherry B. Richards born MS. City, MS. Mother: Lavania Powell born Lucedale, MS.

RICHARDS, Lavonia born 16 January, 1852; died 1 August, 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Married, Baptist. Father: Wilson Powell.

RICHARDS, Reuben L. died 8 January, 1928, age 65. Father: Willard Richards. Mother: Minerva Casey.

RICHARDSON, Thomas (c) died 19 December, 1929, Hurley, MS, age 82.

RICKER, Irma died 31 August, 1926. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

RILEY, Sallie (c) died 26 January, 1920, age 50. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

RIPLEY, Gussie born 24 July, 1917, age 24. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

RIVEIRE, Edward born 21 March, 1893; died 7 March, 1931 (pneumonia), Pecan, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Neville Riveire, born LaCombe, LA. Mother: Betha Lewis born New Orleans, LA.

ROBBINS, Lean born 15 October, 1910; died 29 May, 1929. Buried Machpelah. Father: William Robbins born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Isabell Cox born Bayou la Batre, AL.

ROBBINS, Mack (c) died 10 September, 1899. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

ROBBINS, Simmons (c) died 30 April, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Informant: Eliza Robbins.

ROBERTS, baby died 1 Feb. 1925, 1 day old. Father: Nollie Roberts.

ROBERTS, Carrie Eret died 27 Feb. 1925, (double pneumonia), age, 30. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

ROBERTS, Flora born 2 September, 1878; Escatawpa, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Lauchlin McQuarrie born Nova Scotia. Mother: Alice A. Davis. Informant: G. W. Carter of Hurley, MS.

ROBERTS, Graves died 21 April, 1928, buried Orange Grove.

ROBERTS, Harvey died 18 June, 1920, Hurley, MS. Informant: Stewart & Homer Hamilton.

ROBERTS, Henry Ernest born 29 June, 1876, Escatawpa, MS; died 27 August, 1933. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Willis Roberts born Big Point, MS. Mother: Cecile Cunningham born Big Point, MS.

ROBERTS, Isaac Franklin born 7 December, 1855; died 11 March, 1936. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Baptist. Father: Axum Roberts of Lucedale, MS. Mother: Mary Gardner of Lucedale, MS.

ROBERTS, Martha born 16 January, 1859, MS; died 19 December, 1915, buried Vancleave, MS. Father: Cicero Broom. Mother: Martha Cates.

ROBERTS, Martha Cates born 13 August, 1845, MS; died 3 November, 1916. Buried Mount Plesant Cemetery.

ROBERTS, Nancy Jane born 28 March, 1852, MS; died 14 October, 1917, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

ROBERTS, Richard born 31 December, 1833, Mobile, AL; died 11 March, 1922, buried Arena, MS. Married, farmer. Father: Thomas Roberts born Baldwin Co. AL. Mother: Sophia Miller born Mobile Co. AL.

ROBERTS, Richard Edward, Jr. born 5 May, 1877, St Elmo, AL, died 6 October, 1936, buried Bayou la Batre, AL. Farmer. Informant: Alberta Roberts. Father: Richard Roberts, Sr. Mother: Masuri Bastiste born Mobile, AL.

ROBERTS, Rose Ella born 6 June, 1879, Wade, MS; died 14 November, 1934, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Warren Goff, Wads, MS. Mother: Martha Goff born Wade, MS.

ROBERTS, Steward died 13 January, 1918 Mobile, AL. Inf. Roberts Cemetery.

ROBERTS, Thomas Alex died 10 Feb. 1934, Arena, MS; widower, farmer. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Father: Richard Roberts. Mother: Elizabeth Galaway born Harleston, MS.

ROBERTS, Thomas Price born 24 May, 1841; died 17 December, 1930, Pecan, MS. Farmer, married. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: Austin Roberts born Hurley, MS. Mother: Sabra Goff born Hurley, MS. Informant T. H. Green of Kreole, MS.

ROBERTS, Varda died 19 January, 1918, age 14. Buried Roberts Cemetery.

ROBERTS, Vivian died 26 April, 1926, Hurley, MS, age 38 yrs. Buried Robert Cemetery. Wife of T. Alex Roberts.

ROBERTS, Walter Morrison born 1 September, 1889; died 17 January, 1933, farmer, married, buried Vancleave. Father: Lyman R. Roberts. Mother: Millie Carter born Wade, MS.

ROBERTS, William Melton born 27 Feb. 1875, Escatawpa, MS; died 5 April, 1935. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Willis Roberts.

Robinson, James (c) died 7 November, 1926, age 35, buried AL.

Robesheaux, Caroline died 24 May, 1918, buried near Burwick, LA, age 60, Catholic, housewife.

Robins, Fred A. died 26 January, 1927, Hurley, MS.

Robins, Lander died 25 June, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Robins, Simmons (c) died 30 April, 1931, Moss Point, MS. buried St. Paul Cemetery. Informant: Eliza Robins.

Robinson, Alberta (c) died 11 Feb. 1924, age 23.

Robinson, Alice Caroline born 11 September, 1862; died 30 December, 1938. Buried Robinson Cemetery, Escatawpa, MS.

Robinson, Bettie (c) born 25 October, 1849, Clayborn, AL; died 17 March, 1936. Father: Jack Andrews born Monroeville, AL. Mother: Delicia Andrews born AL.

Robinson, Charles Edwin (c) died 23 June, 1930, accidental drowning. Informant: James Robinson.

Robinson, Duncan born 1842 Jackson Co., MS; died 16 Feb. 1924.

Robinson, Ella born 1 May, 1877, AL; died 8 June, 1936. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Mother: Mary Smith.

Robinson, Hattie (c) died 18 June, 1917, married. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Robinson, J. M. born 20 July, 1875, NC; died 15 October, 1918, buried Ocean Springs, MS. Father: George Robinson born NC. Mother: Nina Barron? born NC.

Ryan, Velma Irene born 4 March, 1918 Pascagoula, MS; died 9 June, 1934.

Robinson, John born 14 October, 1860; died 2 June, 1929, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Robinson Cemetery. Informant: Alice Robinson. Father: John Robinson born England. Mother: Harriett Lewis born England.

Robinson, Kenneth died 12 August, 1920, age 26. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Robinson, Lawena (c) died 23 June, 1930, accidental drowning while bathing. Informant: James Robinson.

Robinson, Martha died 30 April, 1916, Hurley, MS.

Robinson, Naturn (c) died 29 October, 1918, age 21. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Robinson, Rose (c) died 5 September, 1927, age 41. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Robinson, Ruth (c) died 11 November, 1918, age 23. Buried Plinney Cemetery.

Robinson, Sandy (c) died 6 March, 1925.

Robinson, Susan died 23 February, 1926 Pascagoula, MS, age 69 yrs., buried Wool Market, MS. Informant: Alice Robinson.

Rockwell, Rebecca died 13 October, 1918 Moss Point, MS, buried Near Leaksville, MS. Informant: W. A. & Ed Rockwell.

Rodilliat, Noah born 11 September, 1922; died 24 January, 1927. Father: Noah Rodillant born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Cattie Thomas born LA.

Rogers, Bernety Nettie died 20 January, 1919, married Joe Rogers. Father: B. C. Rice born NC. Mother: Berney Rice born Vestry, MS.

Rogers, Erand born 15 June, 1839, MS; died 18 August, 1914, buried Vancleave, MS. Father: John Cowart. Mother: Polly Cowart.

Rogers, Joseph (c) died 12 November, 1927, age 76. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Rogers, Louis Lee born 26 January, 1865; died 20 March, 1925 (pneumonia), Escatawpa, MS. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Joe W. Rogers born AL. Mother: Elizabeth Vice born AL.

Rogers, Lola Elizabeth born Escatawpa, MS; died 24 July, 1938. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Lewis Lee Rogers born Peach Tree, AL. Mother: Minerva Catherine Holland.

Rogers, Mary Winston born 18 October, 1856, Huntsville, AL; died 17 July, 1919, Lebanon, TN. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Rogers, Minerva C. died 10 April, 1924. Married, Baptist. Buried Zion Cemetery, Informant: Joe & L. L. Rogers.

Rogers, Rachel (c) died 10 March, 1924, age 85.

Rogers, Richard Vincent born 29 December, 1852, Decatur, AL; died 4 October, 1918, Moss Point, MS. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Married, Baptist. Father: W. A. Rogers born VA. Mother: Elizabeth Ross born Tuscumbia, AL.

Rogers, Unphara? (c) died 10 September, 1924, age 58, buried Collard.

Rogers, Vinson born 29 December, 1852; died 4 October, 1918, merchant, wife: Minnie Rogers. Father: William Rogers born Decatur, AL. Mother: Elizabeth Ross born AL.

Rogers, Wesley died 4 September, 1928, age 71 yrs. born MS. Father: John Rogers born MS. Mother: Agnes Crosby.

Rollins, Celeste Pauline born 9 March, 1862, Union Springs, AL; died 18 November, 1935. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: William Lenton born SC. Mother: Walter? Ivey born GA.

Rolls, Mamie died 2 Feb. 1921, Birmingham, AL, age 43.

Rolls, Matilda born 3 September, 1858, Orange Grove, MS; died 3 September, 1934 Pecan, MS. Father: John Pool born Scotland. Mother: Pollie Clark born Orange Grove, MS.

Roper, Bertha born 28 June, 1891; died 2 October, 1919. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: W. A. Holder. Mother: Adeline Byrd born Mclain, MS. wife of Grover Cleveland Roper.

Roper, Sam died 21 Feb. 1925, age 25. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Rose, Annie died 11 March, 1925, age 36. Buried Union Cemetery.

Rose, Billie (c) died 10 Feb. 1928, Birmingham, AL, age 51.

Ross, Irene died 20 June, 1933, Meridian, MS, age 49.

Ross, Lizzie (c) died 4 December, 1931, age 58, married, Baptist.

Ross, Mrs. Lucinda died 7 Feb. 1920, age 79. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Rourke, Stoddard Henry born 5 October, 1845, AL; died 12 March, 1918. Father: Edmond Rourke born Ireland. Mother: Christine Bulenow born Ireland.

Rouse, Alice died 14 April, 1917, age 65 yrs. Father: Ben Reeves. Mother: Nancy Havard.

Rouse, Burwell died 20 April, 1917, age 70. Father: Blanton Rouse. Mother: Mary DeBose.

Rouse, John Quitman born 11 June, 1857; died 12 Feb. 1936, buried Vancleave, MS. Father: John Rouse born GA.

Rouse, Mary Louise born 17 April, 1860; died 15 January, 1927, wife of Quitman Rouse. Father: William Martin.

Rouse, Redding, born 1857, MS; died 13 August, 1913. Father: Blanton Rouse. Mother: Mary DeBose.

Rouse, Samuel D. born 1848, MS; died 1 November, 1932, widower. Father: Blanton Rouse born MS. Mother: Mary Polly Tyson born, LA.

Rowles, Charley died 26 July, 1917; saw filer, died from flying piece of wood, born Ohio, age 74. Buried Union Cemetery.

Rueben, Patsy (c) died 13 July, 1923, married to Moses Ruben. Baptist.

Rubina, George Milroy born 8 Feb. 1932; died 21 Feb. 1932. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Father: George H. Rubina born France. Mother: Olga Davis born Middleboro, AL.

Ruble, Alberta died 19 Feb. 1924, age 20 mo. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Willie W. Rubel. Mother: Stella Davis born Escatawpa, MS.

Ruble, Charles H. born 2 December, 1860, Ocean Springs, MS; died 16 December, 1934 in Vancleave, MS. Buried Mount Pleasant.

Ruble, Lavene died 29 February, 1924, age 33 mos. Father: W. W. Ruble.

Ruble, Robert Tucker died 21 October, 1918, Moss Point, MS, buried Vancleave, MS.

Ruble Rosenell died 26 October, 1925, age 8 yrs.

Ruble, Rose Marie died 6 January, 192,8 age 17 mo. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Russo, Anlenia died 19 April, 1919, age 6. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Rustin, Ruth born Newton, MS; single, died 22 October, 1929. Father: John Rustin. Mother: Elizabeth Lee born AL.

Ryals, Harriet Elizabeth born 1 Feb. 1845; died 7 June, 1917, Moss Point, MS, widow.

Ryan, Carmine died 23 May, 1921, 5 mo. Father: Richard Ryan born San Antonio, TX.

Ryan, Fannie Ethel born 19 April, 1880; died 7 April, 1932.

Salazar, Felicitas born 16 October, 1851; died 26 October, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: John Cunningham. Ordered by Mrs. John Cunningham.

Sandburg, Richard died 29 June, 1914, Gulfport, MS.

Sanders, Charlotte died 18 September, 1916, age 30.

Sanders, Matilda died 25 October, 1925, Grand Bay, AL.

Sanford, Assa Jefferson died 7 January, 1929, age 77. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Sapp, Mary (c) died 19 December, 1923, buried Biloxi, MS.

Sarazin, Alice Frances born 21 November, 1859; died 3 May, 1935, New Orleans, LA. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: ? Krebs.

Sargent, Cpt. Rodolph born 18 Feb. 1852, MS; died 1 Feb. 1935. Buried Grand Bay, AL. Ship Cpt. Father: Boles Sargent born Sargentville, ME. Mother: Mary Ann Bayard born MS.

Sanage, Joseph W. drowned died 2 April, 1914, age 27, buried near Jackson, MS. Father: J. W. Savage born MS.

Savage, Louis died 13 September, 1929, Mobile, AL, from burns. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Savage, Mattie Ray (c) born 3 March, 1878; died 21 June, 1931.

Savage, William Henry born 27 July, 1865; died 26 July, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: William Savage. Mother: Kycubda Bebee, Pascagoula, MS.

Scarbrough, Addie Lavenia b. 5 January, 1898; died 5 July, 1930, widower of Geo. W. Scarbrough. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Scarbrough, Alford born 24 August, 1875; died 13 Feb. 1920. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: George Scarbrough. Mother: Lizzie Oswald.

Scarbrough, Buricia born 25 May, 1885; died 12 March, 1918, Latimer, MS. Father: Joseph Scarbrough. Mother: Elena Cruthirds. Johnson Cemetery. Informant: George Scarbrough.

Scarbrough, Lyman G. died 2 November, 1932, age 6. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Allie Scarbrough, born Wade. Mother: Annie Goff born Wade, MS.

Scarbrough, Marie Irene died 30 March, 1930. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Emanuel Cumbest.

Scarbrough Mary died 20 August, 1929, age 75 yrs, born LaComb, LA. Father: Ab Todd born Scotland. Mother: Johanna Wells.

Scarbrough, Melvin born 15 January, 1895; died 3 January, 1925. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Wade, MS.

Scarbrough, Susan Adlay died 31 October, 1921, Wade, MS. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: George Scarbrough.

Sceals, Mary died May, 1937 Jackson Co., MS; age 75, born Carterville, GA. Widow of A. V. Sceals. Father: ________ Lockridge.

Scheffler,William born 15 March, 1871, New Orleans, LA; died 28 March, 1933, buried Biloxi. MS. Father: Joseph Scheffler born Germany. Mother: ? Alf born Germany.

Scott, Alice (c) died 18 July, 1930 Mobile, AL, age 26. Informant: Willie Scott.

Scott, Frederick Norman died 21 May, 1934, age 54, farmer, married, born Enterprise, AL. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Daniel Scott born Enterprise, AL. Mother: Henreitta Bradley born Enterprise, AL.

Scott, Menyard T. born 13 December, 1924, died 24 December, 1925.

Scovel, Mary Elizabeth born 24 April, 1851; died 26 August, 1932, widow, Catholic. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Mark Evans.

Scruggs, Lillie (c) died 24 August, 1914, age 15. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Scruggs, Isaac (c) died 9 Feb. 1927, age 61. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Seaman, Emma Pauline died 1 March, 1922 age 38. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Informant: Sheared Seaman. Father: J. D. Clark born AL. Mother: Mary Jones, born MS.

Seaman, Edfaula Elizabeth born 29 October, 1883; died 16 March, 1928. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: Jessie Daniels Gibson born Butler, AL. Mother: Georgiana Johnson born Butler, AL.

Seaman, Sherod born 16 March, 1882; died 26 November, 1934. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: Ben Seaman born Baltimore, MD. Mother: Idell Girlot born Bayou la Batre, AL.

Searcy, Mattie G. born 8 March, 1869; died 30 April, 1932, married, Baptist. Buried Evergreen Cemetery. Gulfport, MS. Father: Willie Grahtham born Lauderdale Co., MS. Mother: Annie McCleary born Lauderdale Co., MS.

Sea, Emma born 14 August, 1860; died 26 Feb. 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Self, Lela Amarintha born 28 October, 1860; died 2 Feb. 1932, buried Leesville, LA. Father: James A. Tatum. Mother: Virginia Jackson.

Sellers, Isabell born 10 Feb. 1890; died 14 May, 1915. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Session, Hattie May, died 16 January, 1928 Grand Bay, AL. informant: John Sessions.

Seymour, Alfred died 11 November, 1916. Father: William Seymour.

Seymour, Candalaura Elizabeth born 28 November, 1871; died 24 June, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Joseph Flechas.

Seymour, John A. (c) died 12 December, 1919, Moss Point, MS, age 25.

Seymour, Leo died 21 June, 1934, age 30, single. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: R. F. Seymour born, MS. Mother: Laura Tansell born MS.

Seymour, Mary Louise died 13 July, 1918, age 2. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Shannon, James born 10 July, 1883 McCool, MS; died 9 Feb. 1933. Father: Wiseman Shannon. Mother: Jane McKinley.

Shappell, Isabell Louise died 20 January, 1930, age, 77, buried Grand Bay, AL. Informant: Samuel Shappell.

Sharp, Geo Hinds born 18 June, 1847; died 13 January, 1929. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Sharp, Leo born 7 Feb. 1863; died 11 July, 1915 Moss Point, MS, buried Mobile Co. AL. Married.

Sharp, William Edward (Dr.) born 1872; died 16 March, 1926, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: George H. Sharp born Liberty, MS. Mother: Leana Gardner born East Fork, MS.

Sharpe, Agnes Juanita, age 27 days. Father: F. P. Sharpe.

Sharpe, Leona M. born 21 December, 1850 Liberty, MS; died 18 November, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Geo Garden born MS. Mother: Martha Elizabeth Gilrise?

Shavars, Eliza died 20 October, 1918, age 36, (pneumonia). Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Shavers, John (c) born 7 January, 1842; died 8 July, 1930 East Side. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Informant: July Shavers & Lamar Herrin.

Shaw, Henry died 9 September, 1915, age, 58. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Sheffield, Newton (c) died 6 January, 1925, Jackson, MS, age 75.

Shelton, Rebecca (c0 died 13 December, 1934, age 70, born Baldwin Co., AL. Father: Ed Walker.

Shelton, Robert Lee died 28 December, 1927, age 60. Buried Greenwood cemetery. Widower.

Shephard, Burrell born 27 October, 1853, Mobile, AL; died 10 October, 1918. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: James Shephard born NC.

Shephard, Joseph (c) died 13 November, 1927, age 15 yrs.

Shepphard, __________ born 25 August, 1887, died 1927, age 39. Father: George Peters born GA. Mother: Susie Wilson, Born GA.

Shepphard, Adison died 15 March, 1924, Laurel, MS, age 67. Informant: John E. Rogers. Shepphard, Josephine born 30 June, 1851; died 5 November, 1913, Mobile, AL. buried Union Cemetery.

Shepphard, Mary L. born 7 October, 1849; died 8 June, 1926, Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Robert Sheppardied.

Shepphard, Nancy Caroline born 14 January, 1849; died 21 August, 1929. Buried Rocky Creek Cemetery, George Co., MS. Father: Louis Adams, born MS. Mother: Charlotte Adams, born Leaksville, MS.

Sherman, Bell Maude born 5 Feb. 1860; died 25 September, 1930, Gautier, MS. Father: Joseph F. Herndon born Richmond, VA. Mother: Mary Friday born AL.

Sherman, George Warner born 19 July, 1850; died 17 October, 1918, Escatawpa, MS. Preacher. Buried Lakey Cemetery. Father: George Sherman born Clinton, Ohio. Mother: Elizabeth Cumbest.

Sherman, Martha S. born 25 May, 1872, AL died 12 September, 1915 Escatawpa, MS. buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Thomas Hinborn, Mother: Martha Newsom.

Sherman, Nancy Missouri born 18 September, 1852; died 28 October, 1918, Escatawpa, MS. widow of George Sherman, Father: Ben Parker, Mother: Martha Jane Abville born AL.

Short, Sophia died 17 March, 1919, age 82. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Shula, Sandy died 16 March, 1924, age 51. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Sias, Atlas (c) born 8 August, 1903; died 6 June, 1930 Biloxi, MS. Father: Tobe Sias born AL. Mother: Matilda Naid Escatawpa, MS.

Siegrest, Albert died 26 August, 1920, Hurley, MS.

Silvia, Mary (c) died 27 September, 1927, Moss Point, MS.

Simmons, Audrey died 1 October, 1926, age 2 yrs.

Simmons, Clementine (c) died 8 December, 1927, Escatawpa, MS. age 60.

Simmons, Ella (c) died 4 April, 1927, age 17, buried AL.

Simmons, John died 10 January, 1916, age 50. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Simmons, King Richard died 18 September, 1931, Atmore, AL. Married, Baptist. Buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

Sims, Albert J., Jr. died 7 December, 1921. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Sims, Georgia (c) born 5 Feb. 1854, Augusta, GA; died 27 July, 1918, buried Savannah, GA. Father: Ben Butts.

Sims, James Marion died 12 December, 1929, from gun shot wound, age 49, buried Grand Bay, AL.

Sims, Mary died 2 April, 1922, age 28. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Skinner, Geo W. born 12 December, 1853, England; died 31 December, 1935 Vancleave, MS. Father: George Skinner.

Slack, Alice born 12 July, 1893 New Augusta, MS; died 18 December, 1935.

Slack, Ephriam died 12 June, 1915, Married.

Slades, Jaqualin died 6 March, 1932, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Slater, Lucy born MS, died 3 Feb. 1924, age 87, wife of G. Slater.

Slaughter, Edward Jerome died 8 April, 1919, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Sheet metal worker.

Smith, Andrew died 18 April, 1917 (c) buried Pascagoula, MS.

Smith, Bettie (c) born 30 October, 1883, Camden, AL; died 25 July, 1935. Father: Charley Marshall born Canden, AL. Mother: Alice Sellers. born AL.

Smith, Cedile (c) born 14 October, 1887; died 5 October, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Bur St. Paul Cemetery. Informant: Henry Smith.

Smith, Delia died 6 Feb. 1916, age 14. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Smith, Ella Brooks born 4 September, 1867; died 6 May, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Thomas Brooks born MS. Mother: Frances Holman born SC.

Smith, Estelle Dunn born 20 November, 1881; died 5 December, 1930, Pascagoula, MS, buried Mobile, AL.

Smith, Eveline (c) died 16 April, 1916. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Smith, Flora Ann born 19 November, 1858; died 24 August, 1930. Buried Machpelah Cemetery, Informant: Robert C. Smith of Detroit, MI. Father: Alfred Coons born Canada.

Smith, Frank Charleston (c) age 72 yrs, died 12 July, 1920, Moss Point, MS. Informant: Rose Smith.

Smith, Gertrude (c) died 15 January, 1924, age 20. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Smith, Hannah born 12 March, 1895; died 1 May, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Mat Jones, Theodore, AL. Mother: Lottie Watkins born Newton, MS.

SMITH, Henry Bruce died 17 April, 1925, age 76. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

SMITH, Heyward born Carlton, AL; died 22 April, 1933, age 38.

SMITH, Jessie died 24 November, 1933, age 60, born Paulton, MS.

SMITH, Jacob M. born 30 April, 1866; died 15 August, 1931. Buried Orange Grove. Father: Henry Smith born PA. Mother: Susan Leedy born OH.

SMITH, Joel born 14 Feb. 1848, NY; died 1 Feb. 1914. Father: Peter Smith. Mother: Elvira Dewey born NY

SMITH, Laura B. born 20 July, 1860, MS; died 26 November, 1916, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Widow, Baptist. Father: James Denmark born GA. Mother: Elizabeth Ward born MS.

SMITH Lena Caine born 27 January, 1882, Mobile, AL; died 27 March, 1934, buried Bay Louis, MS. Father: Charley Beckham born Mobile, AL. Mother: Rebecca Carmon born Mobile, AL.

SMITH, Lillian born 29 June, 1873, LA; died 14 October, 1918, Pascagoula, MS. Father: L. W. Crow born LA.

SMITH, Louisa born 13 May, 1847; died; 16 March, 1930, age 82 yrs. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: John Lafarce.

SMITH, Lula Idell died 22 May, 1920. Father: Lewis Smith. SMITH, Mary died 16 December, 1864 Baldwin Co., AL; died 27 January, 1935. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John McManers. Mother: born SC. SMITH, Mary M. born 14 June, 1841 died 1 December, 1913 Escatawpa, MS. buried Ferrell Cemetery.

SMITH, Minnie L. born 18 March, 1867, died 11 November, 1936. Father: Ferrill Whatley. Mother: Lizzie Stephens.

SMITH, Nall (c) died 18 August, 1914, Meridian, MS, age 38.

SMITH, Robert Milton born 16 April, 1878, New Orleans, LA; died 14 March, 1935. Salesman. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

SMITH, Robert M. inf. died 25 October, 1918. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

SMITH, Rube died 7 April, 1935, auto accident; born AL.

SMITH, Ruth Elizabeth (c) born 1 January, 1901; died 28 December, 1930, Gautier, MS. Body shipped to Theodore, AL.

SMITH, Sarah Jane Lindo (c) died 6 January, 1914.

SMITH, Susie (c) born 30 September; died 26 November, 1929. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

SMITH, William Marion born 1866, AL; died 14 April, 1917. Buried Zion Cemetery.

SMITH, Wyley (c) died 31 December, 1927, age 42. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Snyder, James A. born 14 August, 1864 MI; died 6 Feb. 1937. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Father: Orin Snyder. Mother: Martha L. Allard born NY.

Snyder, Louis Alvin born 1890; died 10 Feb. 1936. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Father: James Al Snyder born Benton Harbor, MI. Mother: Hattie Stacy born IL.

Snyder, Pearl Eveline born AL; died 7 Feb. 1934, Gautier, MS. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Father: William Nelson born AL. Mother: Catherine Roberts born Arena, MS.

SODERMAN, Willie died 16 October, 1918, age 23. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

SODERSTROM, Adolph born 2 May, 18; died 2 August, 1924. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: born Sweden.

SPART, Virginia died 29 August, 1916, age 59. Buried St Paul Cemetery. SPICER, Richard born 5 December, 188;1 died 13 April, 1933. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Joe Spicer born England. Mother: Josephine Furno born Laurel, MS.

SPIER, Dennis (c) died 18 March, 1917, age 29. Buried Gabriel Cemetery. Father: Ellis Spies. Mother: Eugenia Wilson.

SPIKES, Sarah Ann born 1856, MS; died 1 September, 1922, George Co., MS. Widow. Father: John Rogers. Mother: Margaretta Agnes Crosby.

SPINKS, Cora (c) died 5 January, 1930, age 38. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

SPRATLEY, Grace Louise died 26 May, 1926. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

SPRATLEY, Mary Elvena born 17 April, 1856; died 11 August, 1929. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Clem Ladnier. Mother: Rose Dupont.

SPRIGGS, Dennis (c) died 22 June, 1926, age 55. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

STAFFORD, Abner (c) died 16 Feb. 1920, age 10 yrs.

STAFFORD, Tom (c) died 18 Feb. 1932, age 22. Father: Tom Stafford. Mother: Lucy Hall born Escatawpa, MS.

STALLWORTH, Hugh D. died 19 October, 1922, age 73, born TX. Father: Thomas Stallworth born SC. Mother: Martha Gladston born AL.

STALLWORTH, Ed (c) born 14 August, 1897; died 11 December, 1930, Moss Point, MS. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Caroline Stallworth born Pineville, AL. Mother: Clara Stallworth born Pineville, AL

STALLWORTH, Maggie (c) died 21 December, 1929. age 43. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

STALLWORTH, Patience M. (c) born 16 August, 1866; died 8 April, 1929, Buried St. Paul.

Stanley, Ben (c) died 25 July, 1920, age 85. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

STANLEY, Lang Dr. (c) born 13 May, 1892; died 25 November, 1926.

STANLEY, Sarah Isabell (c) born 28 October, 1894; died 13 April, 1925, from stab wounds. Father: Salem Stanley born AL. Mother: Mary Anderson.

STAPLETON, Vina (Dearman) Creel/Creal, died 11 August, 1929, Grand Bay, AL, age 63. Buried Theodore, AL.

STARR, Amos B. (c) died 24 January, 1918. Informant: Archie KENNEDY. Father: Amos Starr born SC.

STAUTER, Bessie Annie b. 25 October, 1934; died 24 January, 1935. Buried in Union Cemetery. Father: Otis Stauter. Mother: Bernice Allen born Escatawpa, MS.

STAUTER, Charley H. born 22 February, 1886; died 25 September, 1924. Buried Union Cemetery.

SRAWHITE, Malissa (c) died 5 August, 1924, age 78, buried Gautier, MS.

STEEDE, Abner C. born 19 March, 1859; died 8 January, 192,6 Pascagoula, MS. Buried Steede Cemetery. Father: A. C. Steede. Informant: Sadie Steede.

STEEDE, Earnie Carter born 15 April, 1900; died 8 October, 1931, East Side. Buried Goff Cemetery. Father: Print Carter born Americus, MS. Mother: Jennie Carter born Americus, MS.

STEEDE, Charlie G. born 1861 Jackson Co., MS; d. 6 Feb. 1931, George Co., MS. Married. Father: Abner Clayton Steede. Mother: Mary Steede.

STEEDE, Mary Bell born 2 April, 1865; died 10 April, 1918, Mobile, AL. Buried Oak Grove Cemetery.

STEEN, Eric died 24 Feb. 1924, age 2 yrs., 9 mo., 11 days. Father: John Steen born Sweden.

STEFFIN, George S. died 5 January, 1918, age 67. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Mrs. Augusta Steffin.

STEINER, Helen Georgia born 6 January, 1904; died 18 December, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Delmas Bosarge. Mother: Georgia Ellen Moody born Cedar Point, AL. Informant: Joseph Steiner.

STEMPER, Mary Amanda born 7 October, 1849, New Orleans, LA; died 18 May, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Widow. Father: Henry Thorne born England.

STEPHENS, John Thomas died 10 July, 1932, age 57. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

STEVENS, Anna M. died 6 January, 1929, age 75, buried Grand Bay, AL.

STEVENS, Mary Catherine born 2 March, 183;, died 16 June, 1929. Buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Nathan Evans. Mother: Sarah Ann Hester.

Stewart, Alexander (c) died 22 June, 1920, age 20.

Stewrat, Elisie (c) born 12 March, 1881; died 19 April, 1934, Father: Mose Webb born Ocean Springs, MS.

STEWART, Isaac (c) died 10 January, 1924, age 40.

STEWART, John W. born 9 June, 1855; died 24 August, 1918. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Wife, Katie Stewart, druggist. Father: Charles Stewart born Columbus, MS. Mother: Mary Stewart.

STEWART, Josephine (c) born 16 January, 1881; died 7 April, 1932. Father: Watt DeFlander.

STEWART, Julia (c) died 27 October, 1929, age 32. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

STEWART, Minnie died 20 April, 1935, age 42. Father: Daniel Brooks. Mother: Hannah Washington born AL.

STEWART, Minnie Julia born 5 March, 1882; died 18 October, 1926. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: F. A. Stewart. Mother: Minnie L. Baker born AL.

STEWART, Minnie Lucy born 27 May, 1858; died 1 November, 1932. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John W. Baker. Mother: Martha A. Watkins born AL.

STEWART, Rosa Lee (c) born 22 September, 1880; died 16 Feb. 1929.

STEWART, William Riley born 18 May, 1856, Calhoun, GA; died 23 December, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Stewart born Ireland. Mother: Frances Elizabeth Whiton born Tryon, GA.

STEWART, Willie Henry (c) died 19 November, 1931, age 35. Father: Calvin Henry. Mother: Julia HENRY.

STIGER, John died 18 April, 1922, Hurley, MS.

STIGLETS, baby b.&d. 2 April, 1927. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Stiglets, Louise born 16 September, 1839, MS; died 5 March, 1918, Pascagoula, MS, buried Biloxi, MS. Father: Smith YOUNG born MS. Mother: Louisa YOUNG born MS.

STOKES, Edgar Holbert born 13 December, 1872, MS; died 22 January, 1936. Laundryman, Methodist. Father: Willie Stokes born AL. Mother: Sallie Irene Olsen born Forrest Co., MS.

STOKES, Ollie L died 17 July, 1920, age 2 yrs.

STONE, Ella died 17 July, 1914. Father: Wesley Broadnax born AL. Mother: Mary Davis born AL.

STONE, Jessie Dallas born 30 March, 1875, Choctow Co. AL. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Carpenter foreman. Father: Joseph Thomas Stone born Meridian, MS. Mother: Jimmie Kelley born Meridian, MS. Informant: J. B. Stone.

Stork, Henry Simon died 12 May, 1926, Pecan, MS. age 70 yrs. Buried Grand Bay Cemetery. Informant: H. W. Stork.

Storm, Julian born IL died 12 January, 1936, age 24. Father: Orville Storm.

Strickler, Charles Albert born 15 August, 1856; died 28 December, 1926. Buried Big Point Cemetery.

Stringfield, Lizzie died 4 December, 1920, age 39.

Suirua, Sameul born 22 Feb. 1861, Finland; died 2 November, 1935. Buried Finish Luthern Cemetery. Father: Peter Suirua born Finland.

Sumeddinger, Trissa born 2 July, 1820; died 2 September, 1923. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Suree, Mary (c) died 31 December, 1927, Grand Bay, AL.

Suttoff, Edward b&d 24 April, 1914. Buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

Swam, Gustov Juliuss born 30 December, 1869, New Orleans, LA; died 21 January, 1933. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Fa; John Swam born Sweden. Mother: Mary Elizabeth Moak or Monk, born Denmark.

Swan, Mary E. d 14 October, 1923 age 77. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: Gus Swan.

Swindell, Emily born 21 March, 1850; died 3 December, 1923. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John Myers. Mother: Mary Cumbest. Informant: Henry Swidell of Mobile, AL.

Swidell, Robert H. d 27 March, 1914, age 52, married, Methodist. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Switzer, baby died 9 January, 1925, Kreole, MS. Father: L. Switzer.

Switzer, Louis born 13 November, 1918, buried Handsboro, MS.

Taconi, Edwena Dick born 11 October, 1903; died 13 Feb. 1932. Buried Seymour Cemetery. Father: Benjamin Dick. Mother: Louisa Seymour.

Tagart, George W. born 14 August, 1842, Mobile, AL; died 27 March, 1927. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John Tagart. Mother: Sarah Curtis.

Tagart, Lavena Ladnier born 16 January, 1843, died 24 April, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Geo W. Ladnier, Pascagoula. Father: William Ladnier born Pascagoula, MS. Mother: Nancy Ward born Americus, MS.

Taggart, Lawance Edward died 18 November, 1918, age 37. Greenwood.

Tanner, Dan (c) died 19 November, 1927 Biloxi, MS, age 80 yrs.

Tanner, Della age 36, died 1 September, 1928. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Tanner, Eloise (c) died 23 June, 1928, age 24 yrs.

Tanner, George. 11 April, 1926 Escatawpa, MS, age 46.

Tanner, Herbert died 12 March, 1928, age 51; born Mobile Co., AL. Father: Richard Tanner. Mother: Isabelle Collins born AL.

Tanner, Herman (c) died 17 December, 1931, Escatawpa, age 52.

Tanner, John W. born 22 April, 1847; died 13 March, 1922.

Tanner, Lewis b 13 November, 1864; died 22 August, 1933. Father: Valentine Tanner. Mother: Martha Walker.

Tanner, Louise died 16 March, 1917, Harleston, MS. wife of Arthur Tanner. Informant: Alvin Murphy.

Tanner, Martha born 4 August, 1831; died 24 March, 1916.

Tanner, Missouria J. born 26 October, 1859; died 22 March, 1918. Harleston, MS. Buried Tanner Cemetery.

Tanner, Mrs. M. P. died 24 October, 1915, Harleston, MS.

Tanner, Richard born Mobile Co., AL; died 13 September, 1932, age 63. Father: Richard Tanner born Jackson Co., MS. Mother: Isabelle Collins, born Mobile Co., AL.

Tanner, Richard B. born 27 March, 1852, died 3 January, 1923. Buried Tanner Williams Cemetery.

Tanner, Walter died 8 November, 1919, age 39. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Father: Jack Tanner born Agricola, AL.

Tanner, Willie (c) died 25 January, 1927, age 44. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Tanner, Winnie died 20 Feb. 1915, Biloxi, MS, age 75.

Tatum, Laura died 22 October, 1929, age 46. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Taylor, Alice born 25 December, 1865, MS. died 23 June, 1933. Father: Freeman Jones, born AL. Mother: Harriet Lewis, born GA.

Taylor, Annie born 1847, MS. died 22 Oct, 1927, widow.

Father: William Dunham. Mother: Rena Prine.

Taylor, Camelia Elizabeth born 3 July, 1876 Mobile, AL; died 16 December, 1937, Father: Joe Betkay?. Mother: Elizabeth Myers.

Taylor, Clara (c) died 23 January, 1920, age 52. Buried St. Paul.

Taylor, Jacob B. died 14 April, 1933 New Orleans, LA, age 76, married. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Taylor, James died 23 October, 1918. St Paul Cemetery.

Taylor, Jane (c) died 21 September, 1923, age 65. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Taylor, John born 1846; died 30 June, 1920. Father: Harry Taylor born Africa. Mother: Lizzie Taylor born SC.

Taylor, Louis (c) born 16 Feb. 1892; died 18 Feb. 1934. Father: Louis Taylor born VA. Mother: Susan Bender.

Taylor, Martha Elizabeth born 18 May, 1855, Covington, AL; died 8 November, 1935. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Rance Nobles born Pike Co. AL.

Taylor, Mary born 1860, MS; died 26 January, 1929, married. Father: Clem Mallett. Mother: Adeline Miller.

Taylor, Mary born 1842 MS; died 27 October, 1916. Father: James Courtney.

Taylor, Robert died 9 January, 1922, age 60. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Taylor, Seaman born 17 April, 1880, Theodore, AL; died 22 January, 1934, married, Baptist, farmer. Father: Pink Taylor. Mother: Nancy Courtley

Taylor, W. R. (c) died 9 October, 1920, Washington, D.C., age 33. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Thomas, America (c) died 20 March, 1920, age, 39. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Thomas, Cleo Patrick died 1 December, 1914, Moss Point, MS.

Thomas, Jerry (c) died 4 January, 1917, age 65.

Thomas, John S. died 11 April, 1926, age 57.

Thomas, Jordan (c) died 20 Feb, 1922, age 70.

Thomas, Levi (c) born 10 December, 1870, died 1 Feb. 1925.

Thomas, Lucy (c) died 1 January, 1926, Hurley, MS.

Thomas, Mary died 13 January, 1915, Biloxi, MS, age 38 yrs.

Thomas, Tom (c) died 19 April, 1917, age 57. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Father: Henry Thomas.

Thomas, William Henry (c) born 7 Feb. 1888; died 9 June, 1914.

Thomas, W. S. died 14 September, 1933, age 43, buried Martin Bluff.

Thompson, Annie L. (c) died 13 March, 1929, age 27. Buried St. Paul. Cemetery.

Thompson, Caroline (c) died 11 January, 1935, age 95, born VA. Mother: Matilda Wright.

Thompson, George died 20 November, 1919, age 84 yrs., married, Methodist. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Thompson, John H. died 31 October, 1923, age 72. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Thompson, Maggie died 20 March, 1921, age 78. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Thompson, Mary E. born 11 November, 1851; died 9 January, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Jesse W. Thompson.

Thompson, Ray died 4 September, 1931, buried Rome, GA.

Thompson, Robert (c) died 22 October, 1919, age 15. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Thompson, Robert William died 30 March, 1927. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Pascagoula, MS.

Thompson, Sibley died 14 March, 1928, Grand Bay, AL.

Thompson, Walter Rembert (Dr.) born 22 March, 1850; died 13 November, 1929. Father: Jessie Thompson born Marion Co., MS. Mother: Mary Rembret, born LA.

Tiggs, Carme (c) died 14 August, 1919, age 37 yrs.

Tiggs, Geo E. born 27 October, 1934, Walker Springs, AL; died 29 October, 1934. Father: Geo E. Tiggs, born SC.

Tillman, baby, born 14 April, 1930 died 15 April, 1930. Chg. to Julius Tillman. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Tillman, Dora born 10 March, 1883; died 17 November, 1934. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Joseph Sarinburg.

Tillman, John Dudley born 9 October, 1857; died 31 July, 1932. Buried Bayou La Batre Cemetery. Father: Richard Tillman, born Theodore, AL. Mother: Elizabeth Wheeler born Wheelerville, AL.

Tillman, Opal Christine age 3 yrs, died 21 July, 1930, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Julius Tillman born Bayou La Batre, AL. Mother: Olivia ?

Toolbert, Allen died 8 April, 1929, from pistol wound, buried Peterman, AL. Father: Leonard Tolbert born AL.

Tootle, Gladys born 13 June, 1911, died 8 August, 1931. Father: Joe Tootle, Vancleave, MS. Mother: Bell Wilkerson, Daisy, MS.

Torjusen, Elisabeth Helene born 28 June, 1837; died 29 July, 1924. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: born Norway.

Torris, Anthony J. died 31 December, 1935, New Orleans, LA, age 64 yrs., Catholic. Buried Griffin Cemetery.

Torris, Louise Helen died 29 May, 1928, Mobile, AL, age 48 yrs. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Townsend, M. born 2 December, 1850; died 16 October, 1927, Grand Bay, AL. Buried Grand Bay Cemetery.

Townsend, W. S. born December, 1850; died 16 October, 1927, buried Grand Bay, AL.

Trawick, Etta Fay died 8 August, 1935, age 16.

Trehern, Alston Ernest born 11 October, 1920; died 1 June, 1921. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Eugene E. Trehern. Mother: Callie Eiland Trehern.

Trehern, Carrie died 14 September, 1920, age 10. Buried Union Cemetery. Trehern, Edna Louise died 21 December, 1918, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Union Cemetery.

Trehern, Georgia born 25 August, 1885, Grand Bay, AL; died 18 May, 1935. Buried Machpelah. Father: John Lyons born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Eliza Jane Johnson.

Trehern, James born MS. died 21 August, 1915, age 52. Father: Richard Trehern. Mother: Mary Shepherd born England.

Trehern, Richard b 5 January, 1847 Jackson Co., MS; died 18 January, 1929, Harrison Co. MS. Buried Jefferson Davis Cemetery, Harrison Co., MS. Widow, Saraphene Ladnier.

Trehern, Robert born 30 October, 1860; died 4 November, 1924. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Robert L. Trehern.

Tridhell, Celeste Ely born 24 July, 1872; died 3 January, 1929, buried Campti, LA.

Trichell, William J. died 18 Feb. 1925, age 52, buried Campti, LA, Informant: Anie Trichell.

Trotter, Will (c) born 10 March, 1884; died 21 October, 1928.

Turner, Amelia Rosalie born 17 April, 1848, AL; died 12 December, 1916 Kreole, MS. Wife of John Turner. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Turner, baby b.&d. 24 October, 1926. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Turner, Fannie died 25 August, 1917, Mobile, AL. Buried Latimer Cemetery. Wife of Tom Turner. Baptist.

Turner, James W. (c) born 4 June, 1853; died 29 July, 1932, buried Mobile, AL. Father: Fielding Turner born PA. Mother: Caroline Wilson.

Turner, James Bernard born 23 Feb. 1873, Mobile, AL; died 18 June, 1933, St. Elmo, AL. Father: John H. Turner born Shreveport, LA. Mother: Amelia R. Tennis born Mobile, AL.

Turner, John H. died 18 Feb. 1925. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Turner, Matthew (c) died 22 February, 1917, age 70.

Turner, Russell born 26 March, 1854; died 30 September, 1918. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: born Canada.

Turpin, Lula born 16 July, 1872; died 18 October, 1918. Union Cemetery.

Ulmer, A. C. Mrs. died 3 April, 1917. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Husband, Dr. A. C. Ulmer.

Ulmer, Seley Cox, died 16 May, 1920, age 69. Buried St Paul Cemetery. Underwood, Ella Lee (c) died 28 January, 1921, age 42.

Urie, Cpt. H. C. born 16 April, 1847, Germany; died 19 August, 1915. Widow, Mary Urie. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Uston, Annie (c0 died 4 August, 1921 age 34. Buried St. Paul Cemetery

. Uston, Jerry Myers died 2 Feb. 1920. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Vaden, Melvin (c) died 22 May, 1924. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Vaidens, Elizabeth Burns born 22 October, 1875; died 21 August, 1931. Father: Cicero Burns. Mother: Mary Ann McFail.

Valetine, Henrietta born 9 November, 1864; died 27 June, 1926, Pascagoula, MS. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John N. Golding born Germany. Mother: Elizabeth Ryan born England.

Valverde, Annie Austin Braum born 15 Jan 1858; died 28 August, 1919. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Mike Valverde.

Valverde, Nora died 13 Feb. 1917, buried Catholic Cemetery.

Vanamburge, Margaret born 5 April, 1896, Grand Bay, AL; died 19 July, 1935. Father: L. A. Overstreet born Mobile, AL. Mother: Alabama Lyons born Mobile, AL.

Vanserwall, John A. born 12 December, 1854; died 15 April, 1922. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Charged to estate.

Vanderwall, Laura Clark born 10 February, 1848; died 29 December, 1931. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Ebenzer Clark born Three Rivers, MS. Mother: Sarah Burlison born Millegeville, GA.

Vaughan, Andrew born 29 March, 1852; died 31 January, 1913. Buried Johnson Cemetery.

Vaughn, Emma child of Wesley A., died 1 December, 1919.

Vaughn, Winnie died 20 June, 1935, Wade, MS, age 36. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Wife of Wesley Vaughan.

Vice, Benjamin N. born 11 June, 1900, Helena; d. 18 January, 1935, Biloxi, MS. Veteran Hospital. Buried Four Mile Creek. Father: Benjamin F. Vice born MS. Mother: Minnie Rogers born MS.

Vice, Margie died 21 January,1921, married. Buried Four Mile Creek.

Vice, Nancy L. born 12 Feb. 1866, Wade, MS; died 21 December, 1933 (heart failure) Helena. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Widower. Father: Joe F. Rogers born Perry Co., MS. Mother: Almeda Parker born Wade, MS.

Vice, Ruth Mae Storm died 4 April, 1920, age 19 yrs. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery.

Vigerauex, Louis died 6 April, 1927, Bayou La Batre, AL, age 88 yrs. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Vigerauex, Murley born 27 August, 1907; died 7 August, 1920. Father: Ed Vigeroues. Mother: Fannie Vigerauex.

Vigauroux, Joseph Clarence born 8 November, 1882; d. 12 May, 1929.

Veillon, Valetine born 22 December, 1853, New Orleans, LA; died 28 May, 1936. Father: Neuma Lambert born France. Mother: Julia Vanier born New Orleans, LA.

Verbeck, Lois Lillian born 14 July, 1897; died 17 October, 1937, Mobile, AL. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: John R. Grierson. Mother: Nancy Graham born Wade, MS. Informant: A. E. Verbeck.

Verbeck, Tammey died 2 July, 1915, Trenton, TN, train accident, age 17 yrs.

Wainright, General Lee born 21 August, 1876; died 20 Feb. 1936. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Fisherman. Father: Walton Wainright. Mother: Louise Jane Boone, born AL.

Wainright, Martha Clara born 13 August, 1882, Orange Grove, MS; died 18 March, 1936. Buried Orange Grove. Methodist. Father: Louis Jones. Mother: Elizabeth Murry born Grand Bay, AL.

Waldrup, Mrs. E. died 20 January, 1919, Laurel, MS, married, buried Catholic Cemetery.

Walker, Allen Cecil died 28 September, 1917, born MS, buried Catholic Cemetery.

Walker, Bessie died 3 June, 1935, buried, Iuka, MS. Father: Wiley M. Ellis. Mother: Catherine Henderson born MS.

Walker, Charity (c) died 24 August, 1920, Pascagoula, MS.

Walker, Ethel died 13 December, 1918, Chicago, IL. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Walker, James born 24 June, 1873; died 17 April, 1916, Port Arthur, TX. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Walker, Gertrude Green, born 21 July, 1892; died 4 August, 1915, Mobile AL. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Walker, Henry Anderson died 16 January, 1919, age 32, buried Catholic Cemetery. Widower. Father: Henry Clay Walker born Union Town, AL. Mother: E. Krebs born Mobile, AL.

Walker, Mattie born 25 December, 1886; died 23 July, 1918. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: J. C. Walker born Meridian, MS.

Walker, Placide Huggins died 8 March, 1928, buried Mobile, AL.

Walker, Rebecca Lee (c) born 13 September, 1871; died 17 September, 1928. Father: Griffin Bender born Monroeville, AL. Mother: Linda Bender, born Monroeville. Wife of Cephous Walker.

Walker, Robert W. (c) died 2 Feb. 1926, Moss Point, MS, age 68.

Walker, Ruth born 1868; died 28 October, 1918. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Wife of Howard Walker. Father: James Denmark. Mother: Eleanor Ward born Basin, MS.

Wallace, Celia born 7 Aug., 1866; died 21 April, 1932. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Luke Wilson born Civil Creek, MS. Mother: Harriet Wilson. MS.

Wallace, Martha (c) born 10 April, 1887; died 11 November, 1930; Moss Point, MS. (pneumonia) Father: Thacki?? Edwards born Turnell Springs, AL. Mother: Mary Davidson born Turnell Springs, MS. Informant: George Wallace.

Wallace, Willie Viola (c) died 9 November, 1917, New Orleans, LA, age 20.

Waller, Isabell born 17 September, 1842; died 27 Dec., 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: C. W. Quick.

Walters, Annie Dora born 10 September, 1874; died 13 December, 1917. Buried Union Cemetery. Married, Baptist. Father: Allie Ladnier born AL. Mother: Sadie Trehern born MS.

Walters, Dawson A. born 11 July, 1880; died 12 June, 1936, Birmingham, AL. Buried Union Cemetery. Wife, Rosa Walters. Father: Samuel Walters born Ireland. Mother: Elizabeth Alexander born MS.

Walters, James Wesley died 8 January, 1924, age 59. Buried Union Cemetery.

Walters, Laura died 27 January, 1926, Mobile, AL, age 36.

Waltman, Annie died 4 April, 1925, Wade, MS, age 17. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Carley Goff.

Waltman, Buricy Eveline born 14 July, 1865 Wade, MS; died 16 March, 1937 at home in Wade, MS. Methodist. Father: Joseph Parker. Mother: Sally Tiner born AL.

Waltman, Curtis Noll, Jr. born 30 August, 1937; died 6 October, 1939. Father: Curtis Waltman, Mother: Lillian Parker.

Waltman, Lillie Virginia Davis, born 16 September, 1885; died 4 March, 1928. Buried Johnson Cemetery, Wade, MS.

Waltman, Mary Jane (c) died 14 January, 1927, age 60 yrs. Informant: Will Waltman, Father: Elmo Bang.

Waltman, Rufus died September, 1919, (accidental falling of saw logs), married. Father: Billie Waltman. Mother: Nancy Goff. WAMSLEY, Ellen Augusta died 6 November, 1914, Hurley, MS.

Ward, Jackson Patrick born 16 August, 1835, Americus, MS; died 29 September, 1918, buried Wade, MS.

Ware, Clara born 1 April, 1900; died 24 March, 1925. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: J. D. Pounds.

Ware, Elizabeth born 25 November, 1837 Wade, MS; died 26 May, 1934, Vancleave, MS. Widow. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Father: Phil F. Williams born SC. Mother: Elizabeth Graham born Wade, MS. Washburn, James born 7 June 1863; died 27 March, 1918. Father: L. W. Washburn. Mother: ?? Rosenbrough born Canada.

Washington, Beatrice (c) died 9 Feb. 1928, age 8 yrs.

Washington, Hermenia born 26 May, 1919, 6 mo's. Buried McHenry, MS. Father: B. Washington born Lake, MS. Mother: Matilda Wilks born Ft. Bayou, MS.

Waters, Carrie born 20 July, 1882, Greenville, AL; died 10 July, 1918. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Charley Waters. Mother: Mattie Nelson.

Waters, Elizabeth died 28 January, 1929, age 76 yrs, widow, born MS. Father: W. F. Taylor. Mother: Pochohonatus Merritt.

Waters, Henry died 1 October, 1923, St. Andrews, FL, age 76 yrs. Buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Waters, Mattie died 10 May, 1922, age 65 yrs., born Greenville, AL. Father: Tom Nix. wife of Henry Waters.

Watkins, Annie born 13 April, 1863; died 11 November, 1932. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: M. H. Watkins born Prince Edwards Co., VA. Mother: Mary M. McInnis born Green Co., MS.

Watkins, Archie (c) died 12 December, 1914, age 60. St. Paul Cemetery. Watkins, Herman W. died 17 May, 1927, (drowning accident), Moss Point, MS, buried Hattiesburg, MS.

Watley, Wyche born 24 August, 1874; died 26 January, 1924. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

Watson, Eddy (c) died 2 Feb. 1921, age 43.

Watson, Fred (c) died 24 December, 1926, age 90 yrs.

Watson, James (c) died 20 August, 1925 Biloxi, MS, age 12.

Watson, Pratt died 14 July, 1933, age 22. Father: Johnie Watson.

Watson, Walter born 20 Dec. 1889; died 23 December, 1932. Father: Hardy Watson born NC. Mother: Laura McFail born AL.

Webb, Edward Carlos born 4 December, 1929. Father: Leo Webb. Mother: Levenia George. Informant: Leo & W. C. Webborn.

Webb, Enoch (c) died 19 June, 1920, age 49 yrs.

Webb, John G. born 10 September, 1854; died 14 April, 1926, Pascagoula, MS. buried Ocean Springs, MS. Father: Daniel Webb.

Webb, Moses (c) died 3 January, 1925, age 42.

Webster, Maggie (c) died 17 January, 1931, age 65 yrs. Born Grove Hill, AL. Widow.

Weeks, Leona died 24 Feb. 1935; age 57 yrs, married, born Smith Co., MS. Father: Adam Stringer.

Weems, William James, Chg. to L. C. Weems, Baton Rouge, LA. Service pay pension warrant & L. C. Weems, born 19 December, 1844; died 23 July, 1930. Father: Joseph Weems born SC. Mother: Josephine Mallard born Monticello, MS.

Welch, Lucy born 3 November, 1853, died 15 August, 1935, Miss. City, MS. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: William Welch born SC.

Wells, baby b.&d. 28 Mar., 1931, Kreole, MS. Father: Riley Eugene Wells born Theodore, AL. Mother: Florence Mae Jones born Orange Grove, MS.

Welford, Marie Elizabeth born 1853, Greene Co., MS; died 26 December, 1935, widow. Father: Edward Box born MS. Mother: H. Cooley born MS.

Wells, Fred born 1841, MS; died 10 November, 1913, Three Rivers, MS. Buried Davis Chapel Cemetery. farmer, widowed. Informant: Armare Wells.

Wells, J. E. (Mrs.) died 15 January, 1922 age 64 yrs., wife of Quitman Wells. Father: Leonidas Wells. Mother: Lucy Davis. Informant: Silas Jackson.

Wells, John Wiley born 3 June, 1860; died 22 Feb. 1932. Buried Magnolia Cemetery, Theodore, AL. Father: Jack Wells born Theodore, AL. Mother: Mary Coleman born Theodore, AL.

Wells, Katie (c) died 15 January, 1922, Three Rivers, MS, age 65. Buried Family Cemetery. Informant: Harris Wells. Widower, Quitman Wells. Father: Louis Davis.

Wells, Mathew (c) born 23 May, 1872; died 10 November, 1924, Informant: Henry, Joe & Annie Wells.

Wells, Minnie (c) died 1 October, 1920, Three Rivers, MS. Informant: Harris Wells.

Wells, Prentis (c) died 1937, from accidental discharge of dynamite blasting stumps. Father: Matthew Wells. Mother: Rosa Morris born Leaksville, MS.

Wells, Vance born 4 March, 1917, Three Rivers, MS; died 11 April, 1935. Buried Wells Cemetery. Father: Matthew Wells born Three Rivers, MS. Mother: Viola Fairley born Three Rivers, MS.

West, Charley died 14 December, 1928, age 52. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

West, Frances (c) died 16 November, 1924, age 59. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

West, Harriett (c) born 28 August, 1895 Moss Point, MS, married, Methodist. Father: Ned McInnis. Mother: Louise McInnis.

West, Homer died 28 January, 1936, age 70 yrs.

West, Johnny died 30 July, 1924, age 42. Buried St. Peters Cemetery.

Westbrook, Elliot J. born 18 April, 1883; died 7 November, 1927, Pascagoula, MS, buried Ocean Springs, MS.

Westfaul, Laura born 9 December, 1860, New Orleans, LA; died 16 September, 1937. Father: Fred Fischer.

Westfaul, Margaret Elizabeth born 8 January, 1869; died 6 March, 1935. Buried Machpelah. Father: John L. Davers born Canada. Mother: Mary Bang born Moss Point, MS.

Westfaul, Mary born 14 August, 1838 Thomasville, Georgia; died 17 October, 1934. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Wentworth, James H., b . 13 July, 1899; died 8 January, 1928 Pascagoula, MS, buried Vicksburg, MS. Father: James W. Wentworth. Mother: Catherine Daisy.

Whatley, Edna Ann born 16 January, 1858; died 3 November, 1929. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Arthur Danley.

Whatley, Hestel died 11 Feb. 1918, age 21. Father: Wash Whatley.

Whatley, Sarah born 24 May, 1840; single, died 28 Feb. 1930 Moss Point, MS. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Tifelle Whatley, born Lucedale, MS. Mother: Sallie Gill.

Wheatcraft, Alie Minerva born 15 June, 1866, Pike Co., PA; died 24 April, 1934, Grand Bay, AL, buried Grand Bay. Father: Andrew C. Crane. Mother: Martha Lake born Philadelphia, PA.

Wheatcraft, Lola Bates, born 8 June, 1889, Iowa; died 29 March, 1936. Father: Fred Bates born Iowa. Mother: Grace Russell born Iowa.

Wheeler, Harry born 16 July, 1878, MI; died 3 November, 1933, buried Saginaw, MI. Father: William Wheeler born MI. Mother: Stella Whitman born MI.

Wheeler, Joe born 4 July, 1868, Mobile, AL; died 26 November, 1933. Father: Joe Wheeler born Mobile, AL.

White, Adline died 26 Feb. 1925, age 47, buried Pritchard, AL.

White, George died 24 December, 1915, Chicasa, MS. brick mason, married, buried Pascagoula, MS.

White, Jimmie Morris born 1 March, 1905; died 22 April, 1931, East Side, buried Walker Springs, AL. Father: William Walter White born Alma, AL. Mother: Namie L. Morris born Sugsville, AL.

White, Mariah (c) born 10 March, 1874; died 6 October, 1931. Buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: Edward Williams born Warenton, AL.

White, William Watson died 11 July, 1931. Buried Union Cemetery.

White, Fanny (c) died 9 Feb. 1924, age 57. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Whitehead, Dean Winfield born 2 December, 1922; died 11 September, 1923.

Whitehead, Mary (c) died 27 March, 1922, age 65, born AL

Whitfield, Lucinda (c) died 25 September, 1919, Mobile, AL, age 26.

Whitfield, Quinderlen died 21 June, 1927, age 18 months.

Wier, J. H. died 29 October, 1934, age 60 yrs., buried Annapolis, MD.

Wilcox, Virginia May died 29 March, 1925, Gulfport, MS; age 57. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: H. B. Wilcox

Wilcox, W. L. died 24 November, 1916 Gulfport, MS. age 58.

Wildhagen, Fred died 19 April, 1932, age 60, heart failure.

Wilkerson, Joseph Wiley, born 6 July, 1868; died 8 March, 1929. Buried Union Cemetery. Informant: Charley Wilkerson.

Wilkerson, Harley Fay, born 1 January, 1874; died 1 July, 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Williams, Albert died 15 October, 1918, age 26. Father: Ben Williams born LA. Mother: Sarah Powe born LA.

Williams, Arthur G. died 13 Feb. 1924. Buried Union Cemetery.

Williams, Bettie (c) died 16 July, 1914, age 30.

Williams, Clarence died 5 September, 1917, born MS. Paul Cemetery.

Williams, Catherine (c) born 15 May, 1862; died 28 June, 1925.

Williams, Cleo Carolyn born 12 April, 1850, Pleasant Ridge, AL; died 5 April, 1935, buried Newton, MS. Father: John Ward born Edgefield Dist., SC. Mother: Louise Miles born Bullock Co. GA.

Williams, Edward (c) died 22 Feb. 1914, age 60, widow.

Williams, Eliza (c) died 13 October, 1929. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Williams, Frank died 4 June, 1922, age 67. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Farmer, married. Informant: Pere Williams.

Williams, George (c) died 14 October, 1927 buried St Paul Cemetery.

Williams, Henry died 8 April, 1933, County Home, Hurley, MS.

Williams, Ida born 5 May, 1894; died 25 January, 1914. Buried Latimer Cemetery.

Williams, Jim (c) died 11 August, 1925 age 69 yrs. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Williams, Joe (c) died 20 Feb. 1915 age 51. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Williams, John died 18 July, 1915, accidental drowning, age 38 yrs.

Williams, John Bailey died 11 October, 1841 Wade, MS; died 1 August, 1933. Helena, MS. Farmer, widower. Buried Pine Crest Cemetery. Father: P. F. Williams born SC. Mother: Elizabeth Graham born Wade, MS.

Williams, John E. (c) died 20 January, 1928, age 57. Buried St. Paul Cemetery, widow: Roberta, Father: Thomas Williams

Williams, Laura A. died 5 May, 1914, Vancleave, MS, age 20.

Williams, Lizzie (c) died 10 November, 1926, age 71 yrs.

Williams, Lucile (c) born 6 October, 1904; died 4 July, 1930. Informant: Caroline Rogers.

Williams, Lucy (c) died 9 August, 1922, age 50 yrs. Buried St. Paul.

Williams, Margaret J. died 4 July, 1930 Moss Point, MS. Informant: E. J. Williams. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Nathan King born Gautier, MS. Mother: Cathern Flurry born Vancleave, MS.

Williams, Marselete E. born 4 Feb. 1850; died 11 November, 1928, Helena, MS. Buried Big Point Cemetery. Father: William Cunningham born Three Rivers, MS. Mother: Mary Coleman born Harleston, MS. Inf. Claude Williams

Williams, Mary Ellen died 28 May, 1918, age 18. Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

Williams, Ophia died 3 October, 1916, age 37, buried Three Rivers, MS. Wife of Charley Williams of Big Point, MS.

Williams, Pattie died 20 March, 1915, age 30, heart problems.

Williams, Rosean died 19 March, 1916, age 42. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Williamson, Sarah J. (c) died 22 December, 1928, age 21 yrs.

Williamson, William H. born, 18 May, 1873; died 31 December, 1917, married. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Willis, Albert M. (c) died 30 September, 1923. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

Willis, Carrie Anna (c) born 27 April, 1890, Ocean Springs, MS; died 21 January, 1936. Father: Dennis Willis born Demopolis, AL. Mother: Rosella Williams

Wilson, Alex (c) died 28 June, 1929, age 86 yrs., born Jackson Co., MS, widow.

Wilson, Eva Bell died 22 August, 1919, Chattanooga, TN, in childbirth. Father: John LaCare.

Wilson, Evaline died 17 March, 1917, Pascagoula, MS, age 43.

Wilson, Frank died 25 June, 1925, Laurel, MS, age 14. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Informant: Jim Parker & Lum Oliver.

Wilson, Evaline died 17 March, 1917 Pascagoula, MS, age 43.

Wilson, Frank died 25 June, 1925, Laurel, MS; age 14. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Informant: Jim Parker & Lum Oliver.

Wilson, Harmon died 8 April, 1927, age 66, wife Eveline Byrd. Father: Seborn Wilson. Mother: Sabra Goff.

Wilson, Harriett (c) born 14 October, 1845 Bay St. Louis, MS; died 14 May, 1935. Methodist. Father: Bill Smith, born MS. Mother: Jamima Ford, born Bay St. Louis, MS.

Wilson, Harry born 22 December, 1870; died 23 Feb. 1929. Buried Machpelah Cemetery.

Wilson, Joseph born 2 March, 1872, Dauphine Island, AL; married, Baptist, buried Gautier, fisherman. Father: Harry Wilson born AL. Mother: Emiline Baker, born State Line, MS.

Wilson, Luke born 13 October, 183?;, died 20 December, 1920, Moss Point, MS. Buried St Paul Cemetery.

Wilson, Pearl Louise born 22 December, 1922; died 22 March, 1929, buried Gautier, MS. Father: Archie Wilson born Daphine, AL. Mother: Mary L. Wainright born Pascagoula, MS.

Wilson, Sabra born 15 September, 1872; died 8 May, 1925 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Informant: Lum Oliver & L. R. Cunningham.

Wilson, Seborn born 19 March, 1833, MS; died 27 August, 1918, farmer, Wuried Wilson Cemetery. Widower.

Wilson, Thomas died 1 August, 1925, accidental electrocuted.

Wilson, RW Daniel C. died 13 March, 1932, age 50.

Wimbish, Clarence born 31 December, 1854; died 4 April, 1932. Buried Union Cemetery. Father: Thomas Wimbish born GA. Mother: Mariah Engram born GA.

Wingate, Willie died 8 July, 1935, age 82, born Pearlington, MS. Father: Manauel Wingate.

Wink, Floyd Joseph died 15 December, 1933, age 37, single. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Father: G. J. Wink born WI. Mother: Minnie Miller born WI.

Wink, Godfrey J. born 11 June, 1871; died 23 July, 1932, Hurley, MS. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Informant: Lamar Baria & Hubbard Wink.

Wink, Minnie Dorcas, born 2 Feb. 1865; died 25 Feb. 1929, (heart failure), Big Point, MS. Buried Coleman Cemetery.

Winnego, Nancy born 23 April, 1867; died 16 January, 1915. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Married, Methodist. Informant: R. E. Winnego.

Wood, Charles Henry born 26 November, 1849, Marion Co. MS; died 9 April, 1937, Methodist, retired attorney. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: George Wood born CN. Mother: Maria Sage born MA.

Wood, Martion Ward, born 13 July, 1931, age 72, born Smith Co. MA. Father, born SC.

Wood, Mattie Reed born 22 August, 1853; died 28 March, 1932. Buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: C. H. Wood.

Woodham, Ethel died 24 July, 1917, accidental drowning. Buried Ferrell Cemetery, Escatawpa, MS.

Woodham, Henritta born 25 November, 1872; died 25 August, 1916, widow of R. A. Woodham. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: ? Ehlers.

Woodham, William W. born 21 April, 1878; died 28 January, 1919 (pneumonia). Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: H. E. Woodham, born New Orleans, LA. Mother: Mahaley Carter born Vancleave, MS.

Wooten, Millie died 26 January, 1934, married. Father: Nat Jones born Jackson, AL. Mother: Angeline Broadhead born AL.

Wright, Annie born 10 August, 1847; died 26 August, 1928, Hurley, MS. buried Colon, MI. Father: Thomas Worts born PA. Informant: Raymond Wright.

Wright, inf. died 26 September, 1919. Father: James Wright born Bridgeport, NJ. Mother: Katie Bilbo.

Wright, Joe A. born 22 Feb. 1863; died 22 Feb. 1929. Machpelah.

Wright, Justin (c) died 9 Feb. 1928, from gunshot wound in Chicago, IL. Buried St Peters Cemetery.

Wright, Merrill Alford, Jr. died 6 October, 1931, age 4.

Wright, Sam died 13 July, 1918, age 50. Father: Andrew Wright.

Wright, Thomas died 19 August, 1914, Harleston, MS, age 40. Father: Joe Wright.

Yates, Martha (c) died 15 March, 1926, age 33. Buried Gabriel.

Yawn, Seborn Jackson, born 27 November, 1886, Baxley, GA; died 6 October, 1929, Mobile, AL. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Widow, Mary Yawn. Father: Uriah Yan born Sallie, SC, Mother: Eliza Bullard born Baxley, GA.

Yawn Mary Catherine born 23 May, 1881; died 14 August, 1932. Buried Coleman Cemetery. Widow, Baptist. Father: William Lawson Nelson born Hurley, MS. Mother: Catherine Roberts born Wilmer, AL.

York, Milton, Jr. (c) died 23 May, 1932, Jackson Co., MS.

Young, Aaron (c) born 31 January, 1907; died 24 September, 1930, Moss Point, MS.

Father: Dock C. Young born Melvin, AL. Mother: Ida Brown born Melvin, AL.

YOUNG, Dolar born, 1891 died 20 March, 1918. Buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Wife of Harry YOUNG. Father: Ollie Vice. Mother: Minerva Rogers.

YOUNG, Fannie (c) born AL. died 14 December, 1916, age 44, buried AL.

YOUNG, Fennis Rose born 31 November, 1864; died 18 December, 1927, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Father: John Mills born Germany. Mother. Ellen Cunningham born Escatawpa, MS. Informant: Harry YOUNG.

YOUNG, Herman Edward, born 20 June, 1879; died 26 January, 1918 Escatawpa, MS, (pneumonia). Buried Latter Day Saints Cemetery, Escatawpa, MS. Saw mill laborer. Father: J. W. YOUNG born AL. Mother: Charlotte Parker.

YOUNG, Hiram b. KY; died 8 January, 1936, Grand Bay, AL, age 76.

YOUNG, John Wesley died 27 November, 1925, Helena, MS. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Informant: Harry YOUNG.

YOUNG, King (c) died 4 January, 1920, age 73. Buried Gabriel Cemetery.

YOUNG, Hayward (c) died 16 June, 1916, Kiln, MS; train accident, age 22, Buried St. Paul Cemetery.

YOUNG, Orey Clarence died 20 March, 1916, Helena, (typhoid fever), age 12 yrs.

YOUNG, Pricilla (c) died 15 August, 1928, age 26. Father: D. C. YOUNG. Mother: Ida Brown born Melvin, AL.

YOUNG, William Arthur born 18 October, 1884; died 23 January, 1919, Escatawpa, MS. Buried Locke Cemetery.

YOUNG, William Edward born 26 July, 1928; died 6 March, 1933. Buried Roberts Cemetery. Father: Morris Edward YOUNG. Mother: Clyde Pauline Waller born Chapman, AL

Zigler, Cesaird born 3 Feb. 1859; died 6 July, 1922, married, Catholic, buried Gautier Cemetery.

Zeigler, James died 1927, Grand Bay, AL. Inf. Pete Zeigler.

Zeigler, Peter Joseph born 14 March, 1857; died 14 November, 1929, buried Gautier Cemetery. Informant: Pete Zeigler.

Zumo, James died 17 Feb. 1919, age 32, buried AK.

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