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Jackson County Veterans Memorial

WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the War in Iraq.

Memorial Honors To Jackson County Soldiers
Location: the intersection of Main Street & Denny Street by the River Front. 
Created By: Moss Point Alderman John Welch, Dantzler Street, Moss Point, MS.

Medal Of Honor Recipients [Memorial]
Moss Point, Jackson County, MS
Denny Ave, on River Front.

Photo [USGenWeb Archives for Mississippi]

Submitted by Pat Creel Kendrick

Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Hwy. 90
Ocean Spring, Mississippi  39564

The main theme will be to highlight the physical beauty of the memorial and 
that which it represents. It will feature on-going events as well as highlight 
the continuing efforts toward expansion and final completion of the memorial. 
Purchase a Personalized Brick for $100.00. Insure a permanent place of honor 
for your veteran on the Mississippi All Veterans Walkway. From 1958 to 1973.

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Submitted by Brenda Waltman Knippers Bsknippers@aol.com

World War I Dead - Jackson County, Mississippi

Photo [USGenWeb Archives for Mississippi]

United States entered the war on April 6, 1917
  War ended on November 11, 1918
United States total war dead 116, 516
  Battle Deaths 63, 1114

Algeo, James McInnis
Byrd, George W.
Davis, Sam  Pvt. Army
Forbes, Clarence A.  Pvt. Army
Goff, Otis L.  Sgt. Army
Grant, Elmer  CPL Army
Joseph, Abrham  Pvt. Army
Ladnier, Emile  Pvt. Army
McInnis, Daniel K. Pvt. Army
McIntosh, John A.  LNS/M Army
Nye, Ernest  Pvt. Army
Robinson, George Jr.  Pvt. Army
Rouse, Willie B.  Pvt. Army
Seymour, Samuel H.  Pvt. Army
Tootle, Napaleon B.
Winters, George E. Pvt. Army
Whatley, Hestell V.
Yawn, William  Pvt. Army

Stone Family Military Newspaper Photos

submitted March 6, 2010 by: Greg & Terri Cole gtcole321@yahoo

James M. Stone and Charles D. Stone

  James M. Stone and Charles D. Stone, sons of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stone Sr.,  of Hurley, MS. Nineteen-year-old Jimmie, as he popularly called, has the rating of Seaman, First Class. After receiving his training at the United States Navel Training School in Illinois, he was sent to the Southwest Pacific last August where he took part in the invasion of Leyte. Accorting to the news received by his parents he was in sick bay for a while, but now back on duty. Charles, who is 18 years old, is a member of the U. S. Navel Reserve. He has been in the service since May, 1944, and is now somewhere on a ship at sea. He was home last Christmas. His rating is Saeman, second class.

Arnold Stone and Jesse Stone

Arnold Stone and Jesse Stone of Pascagoula, who are both enlisted men in the U.S. Navy. The former has the rating of Storekeeper Disburser and is at Camp Peary awaiting assignment to overseas duty. He has spent the greater part of the two years that he has been in the Navy at Tampa, Fla., but was at Boca Chica, in the same state, until a short time ago. He has had the pleasure ofspending Christmas with his wife and daughters at their home in Kreole. Jesse Stone has just completed a course at Chef's Steward's in Great Lakes and has the rating of Ship's Cook, First Class. He is stationed at Camp Bradford but has seen two years of service along the Pacific Coast. He was home on leave just before Christmas but left befoe his brother arrived.

 Jackson County Coordinator: Pat Creel Kendrick
Brenda Waltman Knippers and
Julius Redmond
Assistant County Coordinators

State Coordinator Jeff Kemp 
Assistant State Coordinators Ann Allen Geoghegan or Denise Wells
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