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Note -  most of the SARRAZIN stones were written in French and had French inscriptions below that were not transcribed in this listing. Some KREBS were also in French.

This cemetery listing was submitted by Cindy Snyder for your information only.  Any copying for commercial use is prohibited.
Notations in Italics are annotations to original material, 
submitted by Brenda Waltman Knippers
NameBirthdateDate of DeathNotes/Inscriptions
ALECH, Marie Cecile KrebsNov 21, 1783
July 12, 1860
Aged 77 years "Rest in Peace" (in french)
BROWNE, Allan MinorFeb 5, 1888Aug 13, 1978 
BROWNE, Condalaura "Flechas"Aug 3, 1908Jan 11, 2000 
CHAMBERLAIN, Julie ElizabethDec 13, 1968Oct 29, 1976 
CLARK, C. E. "Boots"19021950 
CLARK, Marguerite R.19051954 
COOPER, Mrs. Eugenie MurraySept 29, 1912Sept 30, 2000aged 87
COOPER, Joseph E.Set 24, 1925Apr 8, 1967Missouri CMM US Coast Guard WWII
CUDABEC, Hiram Dees19031952 
DELMAS, Armand H.Feb 9, 1825Dec 18, 1847Judge
buried with:
Louise Felicie
Marie Genevieve
Marie Josephine 
DELMAS, Fanny Mayer18971957 
DELMAS, James H.  Brother
a gift to serve God
DELMAS, James Harry19191976US Navy
DELMAS, Louise FelicieNov 1, 1868 burried with:
Armand H.
Marie Genevieve
Marie Josephine
DELMAS, Marie GenevieveFeb 15, 1859Feb 4, 1944burried with:
Armand H.
Louise Felicie
Marie Josephine
DELMAS, Marie JosephineDec 30, 1862Aug 31, 1888burried with:
Armand H.
Louise Felicie
Marie Genevieve
DELMAS, Marie Laura18271906 
DELMAS, Ralph Peter18891965 
DELMAS, Sophie "Bama"18521949Father, Mother, Daughter
and three de vis infants
DONOVAN, Josephine St FerolJune 23, 1836Nov 11, 1916 
DOSWELL, Marie WinkelsethSept 1, 1931May 22, 1982 
DUPONT, MarieOct 21, 1791Oct 20, 1881wife of Rene Krebs
DUPONT, Marie RoseJune 11, 1838 aged 6* years
ELLISON, Emilie Ellison18631958burried with:
Mary Josephine
Mary Ellison
ELLISON, Henriette18201882burried with:
William P.
ELLISON, Hermina18271907burried with:
ELLISON, Hermina Earnest18951991burried with:
James Perrine
Louise H.
ELLISON, James Perrine18541884burried with:
Louise H. Ellison
Hermina Ellison Earnest
ELLISON, Joseph18261877burried with:
ELLISON, Louise H.18551915burried with:
James Perrine
Hermina Ellison Earnest
ELLISON, Mary18521924burried with:
Mary Josephine
Emilie Ellison
ELLISON, Mary Josephine18561872burried with:
Mary Ellison
Emilie Ellison
ELLISON, William P.18171877burried with:
Henriette Ellison
EMMANUEL, Charles R.19021954burried with:
Emeda H.
Love the surviving gift of Heaven
EMMANUEL, Emeda H.18881953burried with:
Charles R.
Love the surviving gift of Heaven
FARRELL, Debra LynneNov 5, 1956Sept 11, 1974 
FARRELL, Mason GrayNov 8, 1926Feb 2, 1960Miss CM Sgt 3302 spport sq AF WWII
FILES, David Dec 3, 1851aged 53 years
Sacred the memory of David Files native of South Carolina
"* the midst of life, * we are in death"
FILES, Sarah Rebecca Sep 5, 1853aged 15 years 6 mon, and 23 days
Sacred to the memory of Sarah Rebecca, the second daughter of David and Charlotte B. Files
"she is not dead, but sleepth."
FLECHAS, Katherine FantNov 28, 1937Oct 7, 1974beloved wife of Miguel M. Flechas III
FLECHAS, Luise WalkerAug 24, 1878Sept 19, 1972 
FLECHAS, Miguel MartinFeb 25, 1879May 11, 1948 
FOLEY, Julius? Sept 10, **53County of Clare, Ireland 32 years Sept 10, **53
erected by his brother
(broken stone)
FORD, James IraAug 23, 1902Nov 1, 1963 
FOSTER, Mary Catherine March 24, 1991 
GAUTIER, EmmaAug 16, 1860Aug 12, 1939burried with:
JOHNSON, Charles G.
GAUTIER, EugeneSep 23, 1868July 29, 1944son of Fernando Gautier and Theresa Fayard
GAUTIER, Harold W. Jr.19211996 
GAUTIER, Harold WhiteNov. 17, 1893July 9, 1965son of Eugene Gautier and Palmyre White
GAUTIER, Pearl GessmanDec 5, 1895Nov 17,1984wife of Harold White Gautier Sr.
GESSMAN, Harry8-2-18663-8-1925 
HIGGINBOTHAM, Anirah Denise WhiteMay 23, 1884Feb 1, 1960wife of Jesse Higginbotham
HIGGINBOTHAM, Jesse JacksonJan 4, 1868
Elmwood, Il
Sept 22, 1943
Jackson County, Pascagoula, Ms.
son of Charles W. Higginbotham and Melissa Ann Bowling
wife: Anirah Denise [White] Higginbotham
HIGGINBOTHAM, Prieur JayJuly 1, 1913
Pascagoula, Jackson County, MS
July 14, 1998
Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK
s/o Jessie Higginbotham & Anirah Denise White
Wife: Vivian Inez Perez
HOLLEY, William HoseaJuly 19, 1912June 8, 1982CPL US Army World War II
HULL, Harry RourkeFeb 24, 1902Nov 30, 1970CPL US Army World War II
IRVING, Albert JosephNov 7, 1873Aug 22, 1959 
IRVING, Isabelle JohnsonMay 29, 1886Sept 5, 1948 
JOHNSON, Charles Herman18851966 
JOHNSON, Jules K.8-6-18882-3-1960 
JOHNSON, Cecile Krebs18541915 
JOHNSON, CharlesJune 17, 1888Sept 20, 1971 
JOHNSON, Charles G.Feb 15, 1857March 19, 1913burried with:
his wife Emma Gautier
JOHNSON, Eurania J.Nov 18, 1895Feb 8, 1990 
JOHNSON, Joseph Thomas18511922 
JOHNSON, Margie F.June 7, 1909July 8, 1996 
JOHNSON, Rira AnnaDec 10, 1891Apr. 30, 1977 
JOHNSON, Theresa AdelaideMay 2, 1894Sept 21, 1979 
JOHNSON, Theresa M. "Tess"Oct 15, 1927May 9, 1999 
KEATING, Jeanne WhiteMay 27, 1915Sept 20, 2000age 85 marker
KELL, Clara CloudNov 11, 1906Apr 12, 1907burried with:
Dr. Thomas Gaston
Laure Marie Delmas Kell
James Thomas Kell
KELL, James ThomasJan 14, 1911May 2, 1972MISSISSIPPI PHM1 USNR World War II
burried with:
Dr. Thomas Gaston
Laure Marie Delmas Kell
Clara Cloud Kell
KELL, Laure Marie DelmasSept 26, 1870June 6, 1972burried with:
Dr. Thomas Gaston
James Thomas Kell
Clara Cloud Kell
KELL, Dr. Thomas GastonSept 26, 1879Aug 18, 1934burried with:
Laure Marie Delmas Kell
James Thomas Kell
Clara Cloud Kell
KREBS, Agnes OryMay 19, 1893Jan 8, 1970wife of Preston Krebs
KREBS, AlechApr 6, 1857Oct 4, 1913 
KREBS, Almeda webbMay 3, 1906Jun 6, 1973 
KREBS, Artisides HilaireNov 1, 1841April 1, 1867Aristede H. Krebs
2nd Lieut CO L 27 MISS INF
Confederate States Army
Nov 1, 1841- Apr 1, 1867
KREBS, Bazil17951852 
KREBS, C. PrestonSept 2, 1889Sept 6, 1966 
KREBS, Catherine May 24, 1831aged 33 years old
spouse of Bazile Krebs
KREBS, Cecilia S.Jan 8, 1895Feb 1, 1997102 Years
KREBS, DelphineJan 25, 1883Nov 1, 1889burried with:
Eugenia Agnes
children of Mary E. Train and E. Alech Krebs
my beloved son George Stephen Train
KREBS, E.J. Capt. TackSept 12, 1882Dec 26, 1969 
KREBS, Edmond1836Nov 29, 1894age 34
son of Rene Krebs, Joseph Krebs
KREBS, Edward E.Aug 19, 1865Jan 8, 1948 
KREBS, Eugenia AgnesNov 3, 1886July 31, 1887burried with:
children of Mary E. Train and E. Alech Krebs
my beloved son George Stephen Train
KREBS, Helair MedardNov 19, 1823Nov 23, 1909Co H 15 Miss CAV Confederate States Army
KREBS, HilaireJan 13, 1788Apr 1881 
KREBS, Isabelle Mary LouiseNov 19, 1831
Pensacola, FL
June 25, 1893burried with:
KREBS, JeromeSep 30, 1852Feb 17, 1917Woodmen of World memorial
KREBS, Jesse E. DunawayFeb 27, 1909Apr 5, 1996burried with:
KREBS, Roy Mitchell
KREBS, John EdwardSept 19, 1916April 18, 1973 
KREBS, Joseph H.18361904PVT CO L 27 MISS INF
Confederate States Army
KREBS, Josephine C.18811951burried with:
Sidoine E. Krebs
Woodmen of the World Memorial
KREBS, Louise RabyMar 23, 1829Apr 26, 1913wife of Helair Medard Krebs, the son of Bazile Krebs
KREBS, Marie LouiseDec 10, 1764May 1, 1843 
KREBS, Mary AmandaNov 24, 1838July 3, 1928 
KREBS, Mary IreneJan 6, 1799
New Orleans
June 26, 1870
KREBS, Marie Josephe Simon De La Ponteb 1720 in Franced 07 Nov 1751 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS d/o Joseph Simon DELAPOINTE & Marie FOUCAULT
Husband: Hugo Ernestus Renet von Krebs
s/o Johann KREBS & Anna Charitas FRITSCH
KREBS, Pearl L.July 19, 1890Feb 21, 1976 
KREBS, Ray FlechasFeb 8, 1892March 6, 1972 
KREBS, ReneFeb 6, 1790Dec 6, 1851 
KREBS, Robert RabyNov 10, 1867Nov 17, 1911Woodmen of World Memorial
KREBS, Roy MitchellOct 23, 1905Oct 9, 1973burried with:
KREBS, Jesse E. Dunaway
KREBS, SidoineAug 28, 1816
Mobile, AL
Sep 2, 1884burried with:
Isabelle Mary Louise
KREBS, Sidoine E.18781951burried with:
Josephine C. Krebs
Woodmen of the World Memorial
KREBS, Sylvestor A.Jan 11, 1897May 18, 1949MISS Prv Coast Arty Corps WWI
KREBS, Troy DaleAug 5, 1968Aug 6, 1968 
KREBS, Victor RayOct 26, 1914Jun 29, 2000 
KREBS, Victoria A.Nov 3, 1868Jun 27, 1952 
LARSEN, Barth J.Apr 13, 1874May 16, 1949 
LARSEN, Marie GrantApr 8, 1878May 13, 1967 
LARSEN, Uranus V.Apr 6, 1876Dec 6, 1961MISS Prv 9 co, 1 Miss Infantry Spanish-American War
LOUGHRIDGE, Fannie Donovan18601947 
LOUGHRIDGE, Robert JamesNov 13, 1855Dec 28, 1912"At rest"
LYONS, Steven Miguel July 14, 1962 
MARTIN, Joe WattsAug 25 1911Feb 27 1998burried with:
MARTIN, Rose Emma Pugh
MARTIN, Mary G.Mar 7, 1854Sep 6, 1944 
MARTIN, Rose Emma PughJan 12, 1909Jan 3 1995burried with:
MARTIN, Joe Watts
MIXSON, Marie Beckham8-22, 1917May 8, 1949 
MOODY, Porter  brother of Pearl L. Krebs
MOONEY, Charles EdgarMar 25, 1882July 5, 1907Woodmen of World Memorial
MOORE, Lillian "Dootsie" WalkerJul 27, 1919Feb 28, 1999Oct 24, 1938 marital date
burried with:
MOORE, Vincent Edward Sr.
MOORE, Vincent Edward Sr.Sept 26, 1920Oct 23, 1989Oct 24, 1938 marital date
burried with:
MOORE, Lillian "Dootsie" Walker
MULLETT, Patrick Oct 11, 1878In memory of Patrick MULLETT, a resident of Lockney, NY died of yellow fever Oct 11, 1878 (Mullett stone broken)
MURPHY, Annie Mae Newbury18881982burried with:
MURPHY, John George
MURPHY, John George18891976burried with:
MURPHY, Annie Mae Newbury
MURRAY, Edward J.July 7, 1879Jun 10, 1950burried with:
MURPHY, Eugenie Krebs
MURRAY, Eugenie KrebsApr 12, 1878Aug 17, 1949burried with:
MURPHY, Edward J.
MURRAY, Helena CastanaraFeb 18, 1908Dec 14, 1994 
MURRAY, Ivan LewisFeb 14, 1911Dec 9, 1985he ere his longing who is lured by the sea
MURRAY, John FrancisDec 30, 1906Aug 2, 1983 
MURRAY, Richard Lee Jun 10, 1953Feb 28, 1987in God's care
MYERS  mauseleum
NOLAN, Winston A.June 2, 1908May 4, 1965 
OLSEN, Charles Ludwig3-16-19319-15-1987 
PALMES, Marced Aug 1886aged 88 years
PELHAM, Joseph HenryFeb 4, 1884March 27, 1964burried with:
PELHAM, Thelma Olsen
PELHAM, Thelma OlsenDec 7, 1900Feb 12, 1949burried with:
PELHAM, Joseph henry
PENOLA, Albert WilliamApr 8, 1911Dec 30, 1986 
PORTAS, Jesse E.Nov 5, 1931 no death date
married 43 years 10 mo
burried with:
PORTAS, William Robert
PORTAS, Nancy E. Oct 25, 1967 
PORTAS, William RobertSept 22, 1925Nov 9, 1995married 43 years 10 mo
burried with:
PORTAS, Jesse E.
REMY, Julia June 23, 1887aged 55 years
erected by her children
RICHARDS, John AlbertAug 1874Nov 6, 1958 burried with:
RICHARDS, Sarah Adelia
RICHARDS, Julius ArnoldSept 30, 1906Feb 22, 1963burried with:
RICHARDS, Ora IreneFeb 29, 1908Jan 18,1987burried with:
RICHARDS, Julius Arnold
RICHARDS, Sarah AdeliaNov 29, 1878 burried with:
RICHARDS, John Albert
RICHARDSON, Jean GautierAug 8, 1925Oct 19, 1996 
ROURKE, Henry A.Jan 16, 1872Jan 1, 1956 
ROURKE, Josephine S.May 31,1880May 29, 1950 
SARRAZIN, Angela LydiaOct 3, 1877March 1, 1878daughter of L. and M.M. Sarrazin
burried with:
SARRAZIN, Mary Macella nee Bilbo
SARRAZIN, C. (or G.) P.Nov 20, 1820Aug 25, 1888born in Bordeaux, France
SARRAZIN, Jacques ErnestMay 20, 1813Oct 26, 1876born in Bordeaux, France
SARRAZIN, Julie Zulime
Feb 10, 1824
Feb 24, 1903wife of Jacques Ernest Sarrazin
SARRAZIN, Leonard October 15, 1843aged 65 years
SARRAZIN, Marie CeciliaNov 27, 1853Jan 15, 1863 
SARRAZIN, Marie MecelNov 19, 1861Sept 18, 1875 
SARRAZIN, Marie VirginieFeb 7, 1859Oct 25, 1870 
SARRAZIN, Mary Macella
nee Bilbo
Apr 29, 1857Oct 9, 1878wife of Leonard Sarrazin
burried with:
SARRAZIN, Angela Lydia
SAUCIER, Cecilia Amanda Donovan18621935 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS   d/o James O. Donovan & Josephine Antoinette Frederic
Husband: Dr. Philippe Wallace Saucier
SAUCIER, Francis Anthony "Hermit"06 Jul 189718 Oct 1986 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS s/o Dr. Philippe Wallace Saucier & Cecelia Amanda Donovan
First Photogragher in Jackson County, MS
SCOTT, Christopher GrantDec 26, 1971Jan 29 1995 
SLATER, Ethel R.Sept 14 1903March 2 2000
burried with:
SLATER, Hillard W. Sr.
SLATER, Hillard W. Sr.July 17, 1894April 19, 1964
burried with:
SLATER, Ethel R.
SMITH, Ida MaeJan 30, 1897July 22, 1953 
SMITH, RobertSept 30, 1870May 25, 1963 
ST. FEROL, Emily Delmas FredricOct 22, 18131894 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS   d/o Valentine Delmas & Marie Josephine Krebs
Valentine Delmas s/o Juan Baptista Delmas
Husband: Louis Augustus Frederic St. Ferol
Military: Legion Of Honor " Corporal " By Napoleon
Daughter buried byside her:
Josephine A St Ferol Donovan
b  23 Jun 1836
d  11 Nov 1916 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS  USA
Husband: James O. Donovan
STOULIG, Theresa Christ18801974mother of Noellie Stoulig Sumedinger
SUMEDINGER, Frances H.18661948wife of Mathaus Sumedinger Sr.
SUMEDINGER, JosephJuly 16, 18889May 29, 1970 
SUMEDINGER, Mathaus Jr.18971980husband of Noellie Stoulig Sumedinger
SUMEDINGER, Mathaus Sr.18541939husband of Frances H. Sumedinger
SUMEDINGER, Noellie Stoulig19051995wife of Mathaus Sumedinger Jr.
SUMEDINGER, Theresa18301923mother of Mathaus Sumedinger Sr.
SWARD, Cora KrebsJuly 9, 1866Feb 26, 1915 
TROCHESSETT, Edwina J.Sept 27, 1920Nov 17, 1977 
TURPIN, NumaApr 5, 1813
New Orleans
Oct 23, 1828
age 15
VELLEY, Don G.Oct 15, 1937Jun 3, 1993US Navy Vietnam
VERMILLION, DennisDec 5, 1797Sept 15, 1848Here lies Dennis Vermillion 
born in Washington City. Dec 5, 1797,
departed this life Sept 15, 1848. 
Poem below says: 
"Enter in thy gentle shadow of endless rest,
Thy * * * * blest,
Sleep sweetly, sleep beneath this sod,
Till Angels wake thee to meet thy God."
WALKER, Bernard Boyleston Sr.July 23, 1914July 18, 1985
burried with:
WALKER, Elsie Jane
WALKER, Elsie JaneJul 12, 1915May 3, 1998
burried with:
WALKER, Bernard Boyleston Sr.
WALKER, Evelyn LoperNov 18, 1939July 14, 1988 
WAUGH, Tami Sherie Apr 27, 1980infant daughter of Clayton and Cathy
WHATLEY, Leslie Lyle ScooterJan 27, 1917July 7, 1992 
WHATLEY, Rita IrvingFeb 15, 1918Apr 7, 1987 
WHITE, D. PrieurSept 11, 1839March 24, 1889
burried with: his wife
WHITE, Jeanne F. Mercier
WHITE, Eugenia RenieckeNov 10, 1879Aug 2, 1964 
WHITE, George WinstonJan 27, 1875Aug 10, 1965 
WHITE, Jeanne F. MercierJuly 1, 1845July 5, 1939
burried with:
WHITE, D. Prieur
WHITE, Palmyre ElizabethNov 14, 1869Oct 26, 1948beloved wife of Eugene Gautier
WILKINSON, Joseph LeslieSep 18, Nov 14, 1951 
WINKELSETH, Harold JohnMarch 5, 1904Jul 13, 1984
burried with:
WINKELSETH, Marie Larsen
WINKELSETH, Marie LarsenFeb 20, 1909Sept 3, 1997
burried with:
WISENBURG, Denise HigginbothamNov 7, 1911Apr 2, 1982 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS wife of Otto Karl Wisenburg
d/o Jesse Jackson Higginbotham &Anirah Denise White
WISENBURG, Otto KarlAugust 01, 1911June 18, 1990 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, MS  Denise's Husband
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