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1850 Jasper County, Mississippi
Mortality Schedule
Contributed by Diane Payne
© 2009

Last Name First Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widow Place of Birth Month Died Profession Cause of Death # of days ill
Parker Jacob C. 22 M       Mississippi March Merchant Inflam of stomach unreadable
Sumerall Thomas 1/2 M       Mississippi August   unreadable unreadable
Rowell Martha A. 18 F     M Mississippi July   Scarlet Fever unreadable
Graham Jane 26 F     M Mississippi Feb   Consumption 2 years
  Lucy 19 F B Slave   Mississippi August   unreadable sudden
Graham Harriet 9 F       Mississippi March   epilepsy 1
Heidlberg Sarah 33 F     M South Carolina July   Dysentery 8
Rogers Thomas 78 M     M North Carolina October   unreadable unreadable
McDonald Mary 70 F     W Scotland July   unreadable 21
  Ned 6 M B Slave   Mississippi November   unreadable sudden
Moore Augustus L. or T. 23 M       Florida April Merchant Inflam of ___ (?) 25
Smith Rebecca 7 F       Georgia December   unreadable unreadable
Rankin Elizabeth 33 F     M Mississippi September   Congestive fever 13
Rankin Celia P. 3 F       Mississippi September   Fever 6
  Sam 40 M B Slave   Mississippi November   Con of ___ (?) 8
  Frank 65 M B Slave   Mississippi Feb   Diarrhea 6
Terrall Mary A. 32 F     M Mississippi April   Liver or Fever ___ (?) 4
  Joe 3 M B Slave   Mississippi March   unreadable 1
  Quash 50 M B Slave     Feb   Flux 2
Myrick James 37 M       Mississippi March Farmer Consumption 1 year
McCarty Alfred 60 M     M South Carolina November Farmer Fall sudden
Horn Alexander 2 M       Mississippi June   Scarlet Fever 2
Ball Mary A. 5 F       Mississippi Feb   Scarlet Fever 6
Carson Louisa W. 42 F     M Virginia Feb   Consumption unreadable
Busby Larkin 2 M       Mississippi Feb   Croup sudden
Crosby John 17 M       Mississippi October None Inflam Bowels 3
  Joe 3/12 M B Slave   Mississippi April   smothered sudden
Blackwell Joseph P. 5 M       Mississippi August   Fever 20
Ulmore Martha A. 9 F       Mississippi August   Scarlet Fever 4
Massa Isaac W. 3 M       Mississippi September   Scarlet Fever 4
Lyons Thomas Q. ? M       Mississippi September   Scarlet Fever 12
Lyons Mary L. ?? F       Mississippi September   Scarlet Fever 18
  Charlott 18 F B Slave   Mississippi September   Scarlet Fever 15
Reeves Mary A. H. 5 F       Mississippi July   Scarlet Fever 17
Meyly Anna 16 F       Mississippi June   Dropsy unreadable

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