St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery 1970 to 2006

Surveyed by Milton H. Copeland

St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery photo

This secluded and well maintained cemetery is located on Lee County Road 683 about two miles northeast of the Euclatubba Church and cemetery, and near the northern city limits of Saltillo.

I surveyed this cemetery on Feb. 3, 2006, digitally photographing all grave markers from 1980 to date. The older graves are included in the 1979 survey for the "Lee County Cemeteries" book.

Additional information and corrections are welcomed.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Notes
Allen Rose     see Rose Barrett
Anger Robert W. Sr. (Bob) 6-20-1925 1-13-2006 funeral marker
Barrett Virginia     see Virginia Bishop
Barrett Dorothy     see Dorothy Greenwood
Barrett J. C. (Neal) (Joseph) 6-26-1900 9-26-1981 s/s as Dorothy
Barrett Dorothy Church 2-4-1907 8-4-1978 s/s as J.C. Neal
Barrett Charles S. 7-11-1997 11-30-2001 s/s as Nancy & Dennis
Barrett Dennis E. 4-2-1969   s/s as Charles & Nancy
Barrett Nancy C. 7-12-1962   s/s as Charles & Dennis
Barrett John Thomas 1-15-1895 1-22-1967 s/s as Mary
Barrett Mary E. Falls 6-18-1898 6-5-1985 s/s as John Thomas
Barrett Rita Cooper 1-7-1930 12-26-1991  
Barrett John Robert Sr. 8-25-1924 7-24-2001  
Barrett Louis Hayes 9-2-1877 10-5-1937 s/s as Lucille
Barrett Lucille Bryson 12-1-1899 5-31-1983 s/s as Louis Hayes
Barrett Marie 6-14-1918 8-1-1992  
Barrett Lillian A. Hicks 2-16-1925   s/s as William James
Barrett William James 8-25-1924 4-26-2000 s/s as Lillian
Barrett Edmond Trammel 11-13-1889 11-4-1978 s/s as Rose Allen
Barrett Rose Allen 4-14-1897 3-20-1977 s/s as Edmond
Barrett James P. 11-16-1897 6-17-1977 s/s as Ruth
Barrett Ruth M. Means 9-28-1897 8-26-1971 s/s as James P.
Barrett Julia Lois     see Julia Gusmus
Barrett Lucy M.     see Lucy Greenwood
Bishop Virginia Barrett 9-14-1930   s/s as Herman Ray wed 12-27-1950
Bishop Herman Ray, Sr. 7-24-1925 9-29-2002 s/s as Virginia son of Tice & Carrie Coggin Bishop
Brown Theresa Agnes 10-6-1932 4-26-1976 s/s as Truman
Brown Truman W. 8-17-1926? 2-4-1991 s/s as Theresa
Bryson Lucille     see Lucille Barrett
Carr Julia     see Julia Dillard
Carr Frances Cecilia G. 3-15-1924 4-6-1978  
Church Dorothy     see Dorothy Barrett
Cooper Rita     see Rita Barrett
Dillard Julia Carr 12-15-1949 6-2-1998  
Dusa Mike Sr. 8-15-1910 3-6-1983  
Enfinger Elaine     see Elaine Poppelreiter
Falls Mary     see Mary Barrett
Fox Frances 6-9-1893 9-2-1976  
Greenwood Dorothy P. Barrett 5-2-1936 7-20-1995 s/s as George
Greenwood George Thomas 10-16-1932   s/s as Dorothy
Greenwood William Blaine 10-22-1962 12-5-1975 son of William Andrew & Lucy Barrett Greenwood
Greenwood William Andrew 2-15-1928 10-24-1977 s/s as Lucy
Greenwood Lucy M. Barrett (Mildred) 2-19-1930   s/s as William Andrew daughter of J. C. & Dorothy Barrett
Gusmus Julia Lois Barrett 5-1-1896 12-14-1977 s/s as Charlie T.
Gusmus Charlie Theodore 8-27-1895 12-29-1967 s/s as Julia Lois
Hicks Lillian     see Lillian Barrett
Hopson William E. 7-24-1928 11-14-2002 TSgt US Air Force
Humphries Charles Lee 10-19-1931   s/s as Charlotte
Humphries Charlotte Irene 2-27-1944   s/s as Charles Lee
Jaeger Leroy Joseph "Roy" 12-11-1942   s/s as Rebecca
Jaeger Rebecca Scott 11-20-1943 3-9-2005 s/s as Leroy daughter of Morris Fowler and Betty Gallman Silva
Lawlor Mary Jo     see Mary Jo White
Long Nobel L. 2-18-1903 2-24-1961 s/s as Hazel
Long Hazel W. 9-26-1914 1-19-1989 s/s as Nobel
Long Adrainna Grace 5-17-2002 5-17-2002  
Long Marvin J. 1-11-1906 7-18-1975  
Lopez Francisco Cobos 6-13-2006   Infant?
Means Ruth     see Ruth Barrett
Mesa Carmen Maria 3-10-1992 3-11-1992 daughter of Mr & Mrs Jesus Mesa
Murphree Tony Joe 9-29-1946 5-14-1993  
Nanney Lucille A. 12-26-1928 3-29-2003 s/s as James
Nanney James W. 2-25-1929   s/s as Lucille
Owen William Allen 4-9-1980 3-2-1998  
Poppelreiter Mary Ann 5-17-1892 4-20-1970 s/s as Simon
Poppelreiter Simon 11-1-1885 12-16-1980 s/s as Mary Ann
Poppelreiter John Allen Sr. 10-20-1929 5-19-2000 s/s as Elaine GMSN US Navy
Poppelreiter Elaine F. Enfinger 6-29-1935   s/s as John Allen wed 5-15-1953
Poppelreiter Star Marie 9-16-1960   s/s as George Eugene
Poppelreiter George Eugene 7-22-1958 7-13-2002 s/s as Star Marie
Poppelreiter Charles 10-8-1925 6-27-1998 S1 US Navy WW II
Sandborn Alica Joyce 5-1-1993 5-3-1993 s/s as Riley
Sandborn Riley Steven 10-11-1990 10-11-1990 s/s as Alica Joyce
Sandborn Infant daughters 1-19-1990 1-19-1990 of Steve & Rebecca Sandborn
Schreiner Robert G. "Bob" 6-28-1925 9-21-2003 LCDR US Navy WW II son of Alvin & Catherine Schreiner
Scott Rebecca     see Rebecca Jaeger
Scruggs Herman S. 8-13-1945 2-9-1974 SSG US Army Vietnam
White Robert Clyde (Bob) 1-5-1938 7-29-2005 s/s as Mary Jo
White Mary Jo (Lawlor) 9-5-1942   s/s as Robert wed 6-3-1961