Euclatubba Cemetery 1980 - 2004

Transcribed and submitted by Milton H. Copeland
This revision posted February 2006.

Euclatubba Cemetery is located on County Road 251 about one mile west of the Saltillo City Limits and US Hwy 45. I surveyed this cemetery in March 2004, taking digital photographs of all the markers in this listing. If you need a picture of your relative's grave, I will gladly email a copy. Also will be glad to do look-ups for earlier graves in this cemetery. All corrections and additional information appreciated. Milton H. Copeland

Euclatubba Cemetery Additions

Contributed by Georgia Hornbuckle

Wade grave at Euclatubba

Wade Graves at Euclatubba Cemetery

Henderson Wade, Jr. b: January 01, 1818 in Edgefield Dist. SC
d: March 21, 1885 in Birmingham, MS
Buried: Euclatubba Cemetery, Saltillo, MS

Wade Henderson confederate marker

Wade Henderson - Pvt Co E 2 Regt Miss Cav - Confederate States Army

.. +Rebecca Jane Shelton Wade b: June 28, 1832 in Morgan Co., AL
d: March 04, 1908 in Birmingham, Lee Co., MS
Buried: Euclatubba Cemetery, Saltillo, MS

Surname First Name Birth Death Notes
Archibal(d) William Charlie 4-15-1907 3-6-1987 PFC US Army WW II
Archibald Elizabeth Pardin 9-8-1911 3-10-1995 stone next to William
Bailey Ira Lee 10-15-1903 8-27-1991 s/s as Cora Lee wed 12-3-1924
Bailey Cora Lee 3-27-1906 7-23-1992 s/s as Ira Lee
Bailey Willie Ben 3-9-1915 6-27-1983  
Bailey Audie C. 3-19-1949 12-27-1999 Cpl US Marine Corps Vietnam
Berthay Guy 5-21-1911 6-7-1983 Mason Lodge 294 stone next to Susan son of James Lee & Lula Berthay
Berthay Susan Emoline 6-4-1915 2-7-2002 Wife of Guy
Berthay Herman 5-22-1919 4-2-2003 s/s as Kathleen son of Jim & Lula
Berthay Kathleen 9-17-1925   s/s as Herman
Berthay Quitman C. 2-17-1907 12-15-2003 funeral marker son of Jim & Lula
Berthay W. D. (William "Doll") 3-2-1905 3-14-1990 s/s as Jettie F. son of Jim & Lula
Berthay Jettie F. 1-3-1910 5-4-1983 s/s as W. D. wed 1-9-1925
Bishop John W. 10-14-1915 12-11-1987 s/s as Georgia M. son of Luther (luke) & Mary Evelyn "Eva" Graze Bishop
Bishop Georgia M. 11-6-1921 4-7-1974 s/s as John W.
Blaylock Olga Petty 3-29-1912 5-3-1988  
Blount Lelia Robinson 10-14-1907 4-1-1994 s/s as Mamie Parker Robinson Dau
Bolen Ernest L. 1887 1976 s/s as Essie M.
Bolen Essie M. 1892 1980 s/s as Ernest L.
Bolen Ruby S. 9-15-1913 5-21-1967 s/s as James L.
Bolen James L. 11-29-1917 3-6-1990 s/s as Ruby S.
Bolen Tim 12-2-1949 10-10-1985 s/s as Sandra
Bolen Sandra 6-14-1958   s/s as Tim
Bristow Frances V. 3-23-1932   s/s as Henry
Bristow Henry E. 7-5-1927 2-21-2002 s/s as Frances
Brown Jessie Thomas 3-18-1926 11-20-2004 Husband of Hazel son of Jessie & Mary Brown PFC US Army WW II
Brown Hazel Speck 11-24-1928 5-27-2005 dau of Lon & Bessie McBrayer Speck
Bryant Kathy "Missy" 3-6-1971 6-1-2004  
Campbell Elizabeth 9-2-1916 1-23-1991  
Collins Clara Mae 10-25-1935 7-6-1984  
Collins John Jr.   1987 "He Like to make furniture"
Collins Angel Gail 11-11-2004 1-21-2005 2 month old daughter of Lisa Collins & Douglas E. Davis
Cox Della 12-11-1906 10-30-1999 s/s as Dixon C.
Cox Dixon C. 5-7-1903 3-16-1986 s/s as Della
Cox Ora Inez 10-6-1919   s/s as Foster B. wed 5-8-1937
Cox Foster B. 10-18-1920 2-28-1988 s/s as Ora Inez
Cox Melvel     see Melvel Sides
Davis Myrtle     see Myrtle Whitten
Deering Elzie L. 9-25-1908 1-14-2000 s/s as Nellie Moore PFC US Army
Deering Nellie Moore 1905 1993 s/s as Elzie L.
Dunaway Joseph L. 7-9-1921 12-19-2000 Tec 5 US Army
Ellis Cecil M. 5-30-1938 1-26-1985  
Ellis Dora Lee 6-15-1914 12-13-1995  
Finger Robert Carpenter 10-30-1906 5-9-1995  
Francis J. P. "Johnny" 1-3-1930 2-6-1997 s/s as Sarah Hunter
Francis Sarah Hunter 1-4-1933   s/s as J.P. Johnny
George Garvis W. "Dick" 2-27-1922 12-2-2004 husband of Opal Louise son of Wiley & Betty Crowley George
Glover Cecil O. 11-9-1931 1-27-2006 husband of Sylvia Short son of Oscar & Delia Hill Glover funeral marker
Green Julia Pope Hughes 10-1-1901 1-23-1992  
Grisham Annie     see Annie Jones
Hall Roy Lee 7-6-1946   s/s as Leta Mae
Hall Leta Mae 10-2-1953 2-26-1998 s/s as Roy Lee
Harrelson Mamie Rue 7-5-1897 5-2-1987 s/s as Leonard
Harrelson Leonard 9-25-1901 4-25-1965 s/s as Mamie Rue
Harrelson       see F. Louise Rentschler
Harris Ella B. 8-20-1901 6-14-1991 stone next to James B.
Harris James B. 3-6-1911 1-29-1996 stone next to Ella B.
Homer Ed 11-22-1890 11-28-1935 s/s as Gracie
Homer Gracie 11-21-1900 5-17-1994 s/s as Ed
Hooper Eula Mae 10-5-1908 7-28-1995  
Hughes Julia     see Julia Green & Pope
Hunter Sarah     see Sarah Francis
Hutcheson Benton 9-5-1917 1-24-1988 s/s as Doris
Hutcheson Doris 9-23-1918 6-28-1964 s/s as Benton
Hutcheson Elbert D. 6-12-1911 3-14-1989 s/s as Earline
Hutcheson Earline (McBrayer) 6-14-1916 12-27-1991 s/s as Elbert daughter of Wm. J. "Bill" & Mittie Bell McBrayer
Hutcheson Rhoda Edna 12-20-1920 7-13-1995  
Jackson Michael J. 5-21-1958 2-10-1985  
Jackson Willa Dean 5-13-1946   s/s as Johnny Dale
Jackson Johnny Dale 6-20-1940 2-28-1994 s/s as Willa Dean
Johnson Cassie Lee 1-2-1905 2-13-1995 s/s as Dorothy Pearl Moore
Jones Annie Grisham 8-3-1901 7-18-1981 s/s as Jesse Pennington
Jones Jesse Pennington 8-4-1899 1-15-1976 s/s as Annie Grisham
Jones Mable Mott Watson 1919 7-5-2005 wife of Willard Watson & Buster Jones dau of Charles & Elsie Mae Pope Mott
Jones Annetra Miles 7-9-1941 4-22-1992  
Jourdan Jerry Don 7-15-1946 10-19-1998 s/s as Fanny Mae
Jourdan Fanny Mae 11-8-1951   s/s as Jerry wed 5-16-1969
Keck Richard Curtis 2-8-1927 6-10-1996 s/s as Jewell US Navy
Keck Jewell J. 12-3-1926 5-21-2000 s/s as Richard wed 7-14-1972
Lee C. H. 4-29-1912   s/s as Pauline McCostlin
Lee Pauline McCostlin 3-7-1917 6-27-1982 s/s as C. H.
Lyons Prentiss Elmo 11-17-1930 1-20-2004 Husband of Dorothy Jean "Dot" son of W. Tom & Annie Marie Hipps Lyons
Malone James H. 3-26-1924 8-28-1982 stone next to Leona F. Malone
Malone Leona F. 1930 1968 stone next to James H. Malone
May Todd L. 11-1-1967 7-18-1987  
McBrayer Aline     see Aline Raines Smith
McBrayer Earline     see Earline Hutcheson
McCarthy Frances L.     see Frances Morrow
McCostlin Pauline     see Pauline Lee
McDonald Angel M.   11-20-2002 Our Daughter
McKissick W. W. 1-8-1909 7-9-1996 s/s as Annie
McKissick Annie 10-28-1910 12-23-1991 s/s as W. W.
McNiel Alta Hack 12-28-1892 2-24-1980  
McNiel Dorothy     see Dorothy Wimberly
McNiell Bernice Sewell 1907 1990  
McNiell Estelle Sandlin 3-21-1916 5-14-2000 s/s as Thomas H. wed 5-14-1937
McNiell Thomas H. 12-12-1911 10-17-1987 s/s as Estelle
McNiell James F. 1909 2000  
McNiell Mary Lee 1914 2002  
McVay Gereed Moore 1911 1977 s/s as William Zadock
McVay William Zadock 1912 1982 s/s as Gereed Moore
Miles Annetra     see Annetra Jones
Moore Nellie     see Nellie Deering
Moore Dorothy Pearl 10-7-1936   s/s as Cassie Lee Johnson Loving Mother and Daughter
Moore Gereed     see Gereed McVay
Moore Foye T. 8-27-1912 5-26-1989  
Moore Hunter, Jr. 2-14-1927 10-9-1990  
Morrow Frances L. McCarthy 11-1-1913 8-24-2004 wife of Miles D. Parker & William Eugene Morrow dau of John Riley Jack & Julia Ann Haygood McCarthy
Mott Elzia Mae (Pope) 7-17-1899 8-23-1980 s/s as Charles E. wed 4-18-1918
Mott Charles E. 2-24-1886 5-14-1982 s/s as Elzia Mae
Mott Mable Watson Jones     see Mable Jones
Murphy Erma Lee 4-16-1906 1-15-2000 s/s as John Earl
Murphy John Earl 2-22-1905 5-2-1979 s/s as Erma Lee
Murphy John Flavus 11-17-1919 8-31-2005 husb of Doris Patterson Murphy son of Curtis & Edna Langston Murphy
Murphy Doris (Patterson) 4-25-1918   s/s as John Flavus wed 6-8-1945
Murphy Wm. Albert 4-12-1922 9-17-2002  
Neeley Myrtle L. 2-19-1909 7-27-1957 s/s as Alex B.
Neeley Alex B. 12-7-1906 12-28-1986 s/s as Myrtle L.
Neeley D. Louise     see D. Louise Wesson
Newcomb Shirley A.   4-28-1950 Our Precious Daughter
Newcomb D. Wayne 8-21-1943 12-6-1979 Our Precious Son
Owen Clara Mae 11-10-1912 2-3-1985 s/s as John W.
Owen John W. 5-18-1905 11-22-1967 s/s as Clara Mae
Owen Ronald O'Brian "Bo" 1-19-1973 4-24-2004 s/s as Melissa Ann
Owen Melissa Ann 1-7-1973   s/s as Ronald Bo wed 8-15-1992?
Palmer Bobby C. 2-15-1940 12-10-1988 s/s as Tommie M.
Palmer Tommie M. 3-6-1934   s/s as Bobby C.
Pardin Elizabeth     see Elizabeth Archibald
Parker Hoyle F. 5-8-1929 10-28-1994  
Parker Kern M. 7-1-1908 6-12-1984 s/s as Grace L.
Parker Grace L. (Russell) 7-31-1908 8-10-2001 s/s as Kern M. wed 7-22-1929
Parker Terry "Mac" 8-24-1945 12-4-2005 Husband of Glenda son of Kern & Grace Parker
Parker Ruth 10-11-1911 8-29-1980 s/s as Bilbo
Parker Bilbo 7-2-1910 3-5-1962 s/s as Ruth
Parker Mamie     see Mamie Robinson
Parker Frances L. McCarthy     see Frances L. Morrow
Patterson James Ervin 10-22-1937 7-1-1993  
Patterson Joseph E. 10-12-1892 4-26-1980 s/s as Julia M.
Patterson Julia M. 12-3-1897 8-8-1987 s/s as Joseph E.
Patterson Mary     see Mary Wesson
Patterson Phillip D. 12-7-1969   s/s as Mitzi
Patterson Mitzi L. Ray 6-24-1972 5-23-1997 s/s as Phillip wed 11-4-1994
Patterson Bobby Joe 8-25-1942 5-2-1987 s/s as Frances
Patterson Frances 6-1-1943   s/s as Bobby Joe wed 8-30-1963
Pearson Geneva 10-13-1922   s/s as John R.
Pearson John R. 10-12-1913 2-24-1982 s/s as Geneva
Petty Olga     see Olgta Blaylock
Pirkle William 11-24-1924 4 6 2005 s/s as Elizabeth
Pirkle Elizabeth (Putt) 7-25-1926 8-17-1987 s/s as William
Pope Julia     see Julia Green & Hughes
Pope Lucille T. 8-18-1907 12-20-2000  
Pope Elzia Mae     see Elzia Mae Mott
Putt Claude A. 10-26-1898 4-26-1949 s/s as Alma M.
Putt Alma M. 12-12-1902 1-1-1998 s/s as Claude A.
Putt Elizabeth     see Elizabeth Pirkle
Raines Aline     see Aline McBrayer Smith
Raines Charles W. 7-24-1937 7-27-1992 Father of Edmond Wayne Raines
Raines Jerry Harmon 6-4-1947 12-25-1991  
Raines Opal M. 8-9-1916   s/s as Joe wed 12-25-1931
Raines Joe 2-2-1900 2-3-1992 s/s as Opal M.
Raines Claude J. abt 1934 10-15-2005 son of Claude & Bessie Dean Raines
Raines John Wayne 7-17-1940 5-13-2003  
Ray Mitzi     see Mitzi Patterson
Reaves Nell 1912 1997 s/s as Homer A.
Reaves Homer A. 1910 1963 s/s as Nell
Rentschler F. Louise (Harrelson) 10-3-1928 6-24-1992  
Robinson Mamie Parker 10-15-1885 1-2-1976 s/s as Lelia Robinson Blount Mother
Robinson Lelia     see Lelia Blount
Robison Anna Rebecca   7-17-1990 infant
Rogers Deborah W. 1-10-1955   s/s as Dearl W. Rogers
Rogers Dearl W. 1-20-1935 7-30-1995 s/s as Deborah W.
Russell Grace     see Grace Parker
Ryan Pearl     see Pearl Wesson
Sanders Harvey H. 12-6-1898 8-16-1992  
Sanders Nola M. 5-12-1904 4-12-1987  
Sandlin Estelle     see Estelle McNiell
Scott Luther 9-1-1919 1-2-1979 s/s as Louise
Scott Louise 9-3-1924 7-12-1995 s/s as Luther
Scott Ruby 5-7-1916   s/s as Gene
Scott Gene 9-6-1909 1-7-1989 s/s as Ruby
Scott Cecil B., Sr. 12-28-1929 3-15-2005 age 75 son of Jack & Daisy Scott funeral marker
Sewell Bernice     see Bernice McNiell
Sides Melvel Cox 2-3-1902 2-10-1975 s/s as R.E. (Elihue)
Sides R. E. (Elihue) 12-15-1897 8-8-1983 s/s as Mevel Cox
Smith Aline McBrayer Raines 7-21-1917 11-9-2000 daughter of George W. & Laura Morris McBrayer
Speck Hazel     see Hazel Brown
Wages Hubert M. 9-7-1885 2-16-1977 s/s as Dollie M. wed 10-19-1920
Wages Dollie M. 1-8-1904 1-22-1981 s/s as Hubert M.
Watson Mable Mott Jones     see Mable Jones
Wesson E. Forrest 4-23-1923 7-12-1980  
Wesson Lawrence M., Sr. 11-10-1924 3-3-1999 s/s as D. Louise wed 9-20-1943
Wesson D. Louise Neeley 10-12-1926   s/s as Lawrence M. Sr.
Wesson Pearl Ryan 11-28-1906 7-5-1987  
Wesson William Ralph 6-20-1920 4-19-1996 s/s as Mary Patterson US Army WW II wed 12-27-1941
Wesson Mary Patterson 12-19-1920   s/s as William Ralph
Wesson Stephen Ray 5-16-1959 2-6-2006 son of Harold & Wilma Faye Wesson
Whatley Thomas B., Sr. 6-14-1953 10-16-1999 s/s as Barbara J.
Whatley Barbara J. 8-4-1953   s/s as Thomas
Whitten Vardaman Parker 1-6-1903 6-30-1980 s/s as Myrtle Davis wed 11-1-1925
Whitten Myrtle Davis 7-22-1905 10-31-1991 s/s as Vardaman Parker
Wimberly Dorothy McNiel 8-12-1908 4-24-1988  
Wood Annie 1932 2003 s/s as J.C.
Wood J. C. 1927 1973 s/s as Annie