Baldwyn Masonic Cemetery 1981-2003

Contributed: January 2007

Transcribed by Milton H. Copeland

Location: within the city limits of Baldwyn, a few blocks south of the Prentiss County line on Cemetery Street (Baldwyn, Friendship, Unity Road)

Transcriber's Note: This old cemetery was originally surveyed by my friend Maurene Crow in 1981 and included in her book "Cemeteries of Prentiss County". I have taken digital photographs of all stones from 1981 to date, which I will gladly share. My survey took place partly in the Winter of 2002 and partly in the Spring of 2003. Please inform me of any errors, and your comments and/or additional notes would be appreciated. Thanks.

Baldwyn Masonic Cemetery


Surname First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Abrams Blanche     See Blanche Stults
Adams Peggy 3-17-1889 7-16-1982 Daughter of J. W. & Flora
Adams Cleo Anglin 7-27-1921 3-1-1993 Wife of Earl Daughter of John & Effie
Adams Curtis E. 2-8-1903 10-25-1961 Same stone as Norma B. wed 12-24-1921
Adams Norma B. 9-27-1900 9-4-1987 Same stone as Curtis E.
Adams Earl Douglas 1-3-1916   Husb of Cleo, son of Abbie & Maggie
Adams Elizabeth S. 8-9-1911 6-8-1995  
Adams Maggie G. 10-1-1892 12-23-1983 Wife of Abbie
Anderson Joseph F. 11-26-1915 10-19-1988 US Marine Corps
Anderson Marjorie     See Marjorie Lampkin
Anglin Cleo     See Cleo Adams
Arnold Mary Louise Pettigrew 3-20-1919 12-7-1987 Wife of Col. Johnnie
Arnold Col. Johnnie (J. R.) 9-10-1918   Son of John F. & Myrtle Trannie
Arnold Betty Glenn Green 7-11-1945   Same stone as John Robert "Robin"
Arnold John Robert "Robin" 9-16-1942 12-29-1998 Same stone as Betty Glenn Green, Son of Col. Johnnie & Mary Louise wed 9-4-1964
Arnold Marcella 9-22-1890 5-1-1986  
Arnold Oscar H. "Bill" 10-29-1918 5-16-1992 CCS US Navy WW II
Arnold Laura     See Laura Duncan
Ashe Lavaida     See Lavaida Gower
Ashley Daisy     See Daisy Rowland
Baker James Bowen 9-6-1907 12-5-1983  
Baker Miriam S. 10-30-1914 12-17-1997  
Barber Emily Henry 8-7-1918 5-7-1989 PHM1 US Navy WW II
Barber Elizabeth Lee     See Elizabeth Blanton
Barnes Charles Herman 12-1-1931 7-2-1996 EN US Navy Korea
Barnett William Louis 10-16-1922 3-31-1984 S.F.C. US Army 1941 - 1961
Barnett Virginia     See Virginia Gordon
Barrett Lucille 2-27-1930   Same stone as Eugene
Barrett Eugene 6-12-1924 5-2-1996 Same stone as Lucille
Basden William Dewey 5-25-1898 6-23-1986 Same stone as Laura M. Holland
Basden Laura M. Holland 4-20-1901 10-22-1986 Same stone as William Dewey wed 2-26-1919
Bean Mary Sue     See Mary Sue Hassell
Bishop Bonner Ray 3-26-1933 3-31-1983 Same stone as Joan Whitaker
Bishop Joan Whitaker 10-20-1934   Same stone as Bonner Ray
Bishop Cleatus F. (Fleetwood) 6-23-1914 10-26-1983 Same stone as Mary Opal Son of Felix & Lester 
Bishop Mary Opal (Cruse) 2-17-1918   Same stone as Cleatus F. 
Bishop Judd Julian 4-21-1906 2-23-1999 Same stone as Ruby Files son of George Geter Sr. & Samantha (Ledbetter) Bishop
Bishop Ruby Files 6-10-1918 4-7-1998 Same stone as Judd Julian daughter of William Oscar & Gretta Files
Bishop Lela V. (Johnston) 9-5-1893 10-24-1981 Wife of Luther Lee daughter of Wyatt Franklin & Mary Jane Fields Johnston
Bishop Luther Lee 4-5-1892 11-1-1973 Husband of Lela son of William Edwin & Alice (Barrett) Bishop
Bishop Marqueta     See Marqueta Fortner
Blanton Cecil B. 12-12-1915 12-1-1982  
Blanton Elizabeth Lee Barber 3-3-1922 7-28-2002  
Blanton Byron Keith 1-17-1962 7-21-1995 Same stone as Robert B. Ward Grandson A1C US Air Force
Bludworth Loy Christy 8-23-1901 11-4-1989  
Bolton Lanie Ratliff 7-6-1911 1-23-2003  
Bolton Belton 10-10-1912 7-17-1982  
Bonds Julia 1895 1985 Daughter of Willie Thompson stone next to Billie Lamb
Bowden Eva B. Weldon 11-26-1926 1-24-2001 Same stone as Charles K.
Bowden Charles K. 7-14-1927   Same stone as Eva B. Weldon
Box Trannie     See Trannie Conlee
Bradley Grace W. 2-20-1912 10-1-1984 Same stone as Leroy
Bradley Leroy 7-15-1909   Same stone as Grace W.
Brewster Dorothy     See Dorothy McCarthy
Bryson Sarah Elizabeth 2-21-1907 1-12-1985  
Burress Roberta Fagin Smith 9-30-1920 8-2-1995  
Burress Susan Purvis 11-26-1910 12-26-1995  
Burress Sara     See Sara Plumme
Caldwell Mildred Kirk 3-25-1892 1-9-1983  
Caldwell Kathrine     See Kathrine Welford
Caldwell Lucius B. 10-6-1903 9-6-1995  
Caldwell A. Wilburn 4-4-1900 11-21-1988  
Caldwell Allen 9-6-1920 7-10-1985  
Caldwell Catherine Davis 2-16-1901 7-7-1985  
Canon Jewel     See Jewel Thomas
Carnes Linda     See Linda Harp
Carroll Edgar Lee 10-9-1939 3-7-1999  
Carroll Rada B. 9-29-1913 10-5-1962 Same stone as G. E.
Carroll G. E.  5-21-1906 10-28-1986 Same stone as Rada B.
Carson Maggie Laurie 1898 1984  
Caver Horace E. 9-22-1924 10-21-1983 S/Sgt US Army WW II
Caylor Juanita "Kitty" 5-19-1924 3-14-1999  
Cheatham Chester Edward 4-9-1931 10-23-1989 Same stone as Edna Jo Weldon
Cheatham Edna Jo Weldon 4-1-1934   Same stone as Chester Edward wed 8-2-1952
Chisholm Belvie 6-30-1894 1-28-1985  
Chism Nona Christine Putt 2-28-1910 11-30-1983  
Cochran Hettiemae     See Hettiemae Shellnut
Coggins Bernard H. 2-8-1920 5-3-2001 Maj US Army WW II son of Audie Lee & Ollie (Hill) Coggins
Coggins Evelyn Holley 9-28-1929 1-20-1997 Wife of Bernard daughter of Clarence L.V. & Estelle Gertrude Howell Holley
Cole Carrie Lee 11-23-1903 7-21-1984  
Cole Margaret Evelyn 6-10-1910 9-15-2001  
Conerly Betty     See Betty Rutherford
Conlee E. G. Jr.  6-10-1922 11-11-1994 Same stone as Ora Mae Pvt US Army WW II
Conlee Ora Mae 4-15-1923 1-31-1992 Same stone as E. G. Jr.
Conlee Gladys V. (Hendrix) 1-21-1893 1-6-1990 Same stone as E. Gordon
Conlee E. Gordon (Emoth Sr.) 1-7-1889 3-7-1982 Same stone as Gladys V.
Conlee Johnny W. (Washington) 6-20-1914 9-28-1988 Same stone as Trannie E. US Army Air Corps WW II son of Gordon & Gladys
Conlee Trannie E. (Box) 10-3-1918 2-14-1969 Same stone as Johnny W. daughter of Jesse & Susie Box
Cooper Luther 2-8-1908 9-22-1989 Same stone as Dollie son of Oliver Hicks & Savannah Copeland Cooper
Cooper Dollie (Patterson) 7-28-1908 10-18-1963 Same stone as Luther
Cowan William Llewellyn 6-7-1897 12-20-1982 Same stone as Sarah E. McGee
Cowan Sarah E. McGee 12-22-1903 7-16-1988 Same stone as William Llewellyn
Cox Anne Spencer 3-23-1894 8-10-1981 Daughter of William Michael & Forest Allen Cox
Cranfill Sherrill H. 12-18-1925 1-20-1984  
Cruse Mary Opal     See Mary Opal Bishop
Cunningham Orlander 5-14-1897 1-27-1969 Same stone as Evelyn
Cunningham Evelyn 1-25-1908 6-10-1987 Same stone as Orlander
Davidson James Monroe (Jim) 3-20-1894 7-26-1969 Husband of Jennie, son of Benjamin & Alice White Davidson
Davidson Jennie Elma Wallis 2-12-1906 9-10-1987 Wife of Jim daughter of Mack Oscar & Lillie Mae Hill Wallis
Davis Catherine     See Catherine Caldwell
Davis Clarice White 2-13-1902 9-24-1993  
Davis Irma Randolph 8-8-1897 12-3-1981  
Davis  Lessie     See Lessie White
Davis  Anna Lee     See Anna Lee Prather
DeVaughn Corrine 9-19-1909 12-27-1984  
DeVaughn Maude 2-23-1907 2-21-1995  
Dill Annie Jane     See Annie Jane Taylor
Dillard John H. 5-29-1903 12-9-1974 Same stone as Maude A. wed 12-23-1923
Dillard Maude A. 9-1-1901 9-16-1989 Same stone as John H.
Dillard William C. "Bill" 3-29-1935 12-6-1991  
Duncan Harmon E. Sr. 2-1-1912 4-1-1985  
Duncan Marjorie H. 12-18-1915 5-9-2002  
Duncan Rex 1891 1951 Same stone as Laura Arnold son of Charles Wesley & Irene
Duncan Laura Arnold (12-25)-1897 (7-31)-1988 Same stone as Rex daughter of Tommy & Lou Ella Mae Pitts Arnold
Duncan Sidney M. (Merle) 5-30-1926   Son of Rex & Laura
Easterling E. Rupert 1-28-1919   Same stone as Ruby Putt
Easterling Ruby Putt 2-22-1925 6-23-1986 Same stone as E. Rupert
Enis Bruce J. 1914 1989 stone next to Surena
Enis Surena Surratt 8-18-1917 11-19-1999 stone next to Bruce
Fagin Roberta     See Roberta Burress
Files Ruby     See Ruby Bishop
Floyd Hallie B.     See Hallie Key
Ford John Mitchell, Dr. 6-28-1923 11-27-1991 stone next to Ellen R.
Ford Ellen R. 11-27-1896 7-17-1984 stone next to Teresa Ford Roth
Ford Teresa      See Teresa Roth
Fortner Marqueta Bishop 5-28-1955   Daughter of Judd & Ruby
Franklin William Gordon 10-7-1912 9-23-1997 Same stone as Janie O. Sgt US Army WW II
Franklin Janie O. 3-11-1919   Same stone as William Gordon wed 9-21-1940
Franks Sallie B. Haygood 8-8-1896 7-12-1986 Wife of William Martin Franks
Garner Eugenia     See Eugenia Jones
Garrett Annie Lee 12-13-1924 9-13-1990  
Garrett Billy Ray 9-29-1931 1-11-1996 Cpl US Army Korea
Garrett Georgia Ellen 3-14-1897 4-30-1986  
Gentry Reginald Claude 7-25-1902 12-9-1992 Son of George A. & Leona
Gentry Gladys Hester 9-21-1903 7-27-1981 Wife of Reginald Claude
Gentry Murray 9-20-1910 1-4-1986 Son of George Arthur & Leona
Gentry Winnie Waters 1-26-1918   Same stone as J. P. daughter of Nick & Lorena McGee Waters wed 9-29-1936
Gentry J. P. (James Preston) 1-26-1914 3-15-1993 Same stone as Winnie Waters son of Thomas Dalton & Jennie May Moffitt Gentry
Glover Ada      See Ada McElyea
Goodson Bill Jack 5-2-1919 3-9-1986  
Gordon Virginia Barnett 8-18-1914 9-28-1997  
Gower Lavaida Ashe 4-11-1901 10-10-1990  
Green Betty Glenn     See Betty Glenn Arnold
Greene Louise     See Louise Phillips
Greene Myrle B. 3-15-1910 6-21-1988 stone near Louise Greene Phillips
Greenhaw Bernice 9-13-1891 4-22-1984  
Grisham Forrest 11-17-1910 8-18-1992  
Grisham Wesley Waters 7-24-1921 8-31-1993 Son of Wesley B. & Julia Pearl Waters Grisham
Grissom Kate S.   1-6-1988 No other dates
Hall Tice 6-25-1924 3-3-1997 Same stone as Charlene King
Hamblin Jack S. 1898 1961 Same stone as Gladys son of James & Lovenia
Hamblin Gladys 1909 1993 Same stone as Jack S.
Hardin Jane 1820 1884 stone next to Geo. A. B. Born in Tn.
Hardin Geo. A. B. 1815 c. 1855 Born in Warren Co., Ga.
Harp Linda Carnes 10-16-1949 6-9-1990  
Harrellson Etna     See Etna Lampkin
Harris Mallie     See Mallie McDonald
Hassell Morgan Monroe 1-13-1896 6-22-1953 Same stone as Flossy Ann
Hassell Flossy Ann 3-3-1901 4-9-1989 Same stone as Morgan Monroe
Hassell Thomas Allen Sr. 5-2-1923 6-8-2001 Same stone as Mary Sue Bean
Hassell Mary Sue Bean 4-1-1923   Same stone as Thomas Allen Sr.
Haygood Sallie     See Sallie Franks
Heflin Ethel Wood 12-3-1904 5-23-1996  
Hendrix Gladys     See Gladys Conlee
Hendrix Guy Banks 8-13-1916 10-24-1994 S1 US Navy WW II son of Jesse & Fannie Prather Hendrix
Henry Emily     See Emily Barber
Herring Ella W. 3-26-1906 3-4-1995 Same stone as Guy J. parents of Phyllis
Herring Guy J. 8-26-1908 10-17-1980 Same stone as Ella W.
Herring Orland (Cork) 2-5-1916   Same stone as Lema D. wed 10-6-1933
Herring Lema D. 5-4-1915   Same stone as Orland (Cork)
Hester Gladys     See Gladys Gentry
Hill Verdie E. 10-5-1921 7-11-1999 Same stone as Boyd C.
Hill Boyd C. (Cleston) 7-28-1916 6-4-1968 Same stone as Verdie E.
Hill Opal     See Opal Weatherford
Holley Evelyn     See Evelyn Coggins
Hopkins Ruth     See Ruth Palmer
Houston Effie B. 5-14-1907 11-21-2000  
Hunt Sara     See Sara Plumme
Johnson Dotty McCarthy 5-12-1924 5-7-1995  
Johnston Lela      See Lela Bishop
Jones Eugenia Garner 1-30-1899 8-14-1984  
Jones Virgil 8-13-1916 11-10-1984  
Joyner Etheleen 4-3-1926 11-29-1976 Same stone as Haston
Joyner Haston 12-25-1921 1-7-2000 Same stone as Etheleen Pvt US Army
Keeton Lillian     See Lillian Waters
Kent Viola     See Viola Williams
Kesler John Henry 7-3-1892 7-30-1967 Same stone as Alice A. Reynolds
Kesler Alice A. Reynolds 6-24-1900 8-8-1984 Same stone as John Henry
Key Hallie B. Strange Floyd 5-30-1925 2-8-1992  
Kimbrough Betsy Waters 1-23-1964 7-7-1991 Kayla's Mama
King Charlene  8-11-1941   Same stone as Tice Hall
Kirk Zana Stubbs 8-13-1898 8-6-1990  
Kirk Mildred     See Mildred Caldwell
Kirk Ruth     See Ruth Thomas
Lamb Billie Braden 1924 1987 Daughter of Julia Bonds and stone next to Julia
Lampkin Etna Lavona Harrellson 1-29-1899 8-24-1988  
Lampkin Marjorie Anderson 9-20-1924    
Lampkin Thomas A. Sr. 8-19-1925 10-14-1988 US Army WW II
Latimer Mary Hortense 11-8-1899 4-11-1986  
Lewellen Rebecca Maude 4-6-1896 5-30-1986  
Lindley James W. (Son) 7-4-1923 10-19-1990 Tec 4 US Army WW II
Little Hazel     See Hazel Strickland
Lockley Ervin P. Nov. 1907 May 1988  
Lytal Benson Conerly 3-17-1976 2-25-2002 Funeral Home Marker
Magers Earline V. 10-5-1907 7-5-2000  
Mauldin E. Eugenia 11-4-1916 10-1-1992  
McCalmon Thomas Andrew   3-13-1987 infant son of Tommy & Polly
McCarley Elton 11-10-1915 9-10-1981 Same stone as Sara
McCarley Sara 4-4-1917 4-8-1999 Same stone as Elton
McCarthy Janie Lee 8-7-1903 2-13-1995  
McCarthy Quana     See Quana Vandiver
McCarthy Dotty     See Dotty Johnson
McCarthy C. W. 11-27-1916 6-21-1984  
McCarthy Dorothy Brewster 3-18-1919 7-21-2001  
McCarthy Eugene P. 1-3-1921 6-16-1986  
McCarthy John Holland 10-12-1910 4-21-1987 US Army WW II
McCarthy Linda     See Linda Pendergest
McCary Faye U. 9-14-1917 12-7-1997  
McCay William N. 6-25-1844 11-20-1908 Pvt Co B 7 S.C. Cav CSA
McCay Lois Hoots 3-29-1914 10-10-1992  
McCay Mary Helen Rankin 1-10-1922 10-18-1997 Mother of Dorsey, Jimmy, Larry, Jerry, Richard & Stan
McCostlin James R. 6-27-1932 7-22-1985 Same stone as Irene O. PFC US Army
McCostlin Irene O. 11-1-1932   Same stone as James R. wed 11-11-1958
McDonald Mallie Harris 12-16-1895 1-11-1984  
McDonald Irlene Norred 1900 1989  
McDonald Annie Lee 4-2-1894 8-6-1988  
McDonald Ethel K. 8-30-1896 1-28-1992  
McDonald Marvin Leo 5-29-1924 5-1-1983 Pvt US Army WW II
McElhaney Ella P. Gardner 5-19-1922 1-18-1996  
McElroy Frances Caroline     See Frances Caroline Walker
McElroy Lula Randolph 9-22-1890 7-23-1984  
McElroy Margaret "Sis" Roth 11-20-1922 4-29-2001  
McElroy Archie A. 11-5-1898 12-28-1982  
McElroy Lucille 12-13-1906 8-4-1983  
McElyea W. E. 10-30-1903 5-20-1995 stone next to Ada
McElyea Ada Glover 2-9-1900 2-19-1985 stone next to W. E.
McGee Sarah     See Sarah Cowan
McVey Basil Adron 8-22-1923 11-3-1982 ARM1 US Navy WW II
McWhorter James P.  9-19-1916 8-11-2000 Funeral home marker
Milam Dorris     See Dorris Shirley
Miller Dovie Lee 7-17-1906 12-26-1989  
Milton Virginia M. 7-23-1904 2-7-1987  
Milton Helen Ryan 3-25-1912 10-21-1992  
Milton Robert M. 9-21-1901 5-6-1992  
Moore Margaret U. 7-30-1920 9-28-1997  
Moore Melvin Horace 6-11-1946 8-23-1995  
Moreland Steve 8-4-1954 6-2-1986  
Morgan Vester (Bud) Hughey 1-30-1903 3-21-1955 Same stone as Effie Lela Son of James H. & Cordelia
Morgan Effie Lela 6-30-1908 7-3-1993 Same stone as Vester (Bud) Hughey
Morris Ruth     See Ruth Wallis
Mullennix Maud R. 1-16-1900 3-4-1984 Same stone as William H.
Mullennix William H. 5-24-1888 2-1-1966 Same stone as Maud R.
Mullinix Leland Boyce 9-11-1908 2-14-1988 Same stone as Mary Ozelle
Mullinix Mary Ozelle 12-9-1908 6-27-1988 Same stone as Leland Boyce
Nanney Cecil R. 10-17-1914 1-5-1987  
Nanney Clara Faye 7-2-1910 1-22-1991  
Nanney Grady Allen 12-5-1905 2-25-1983  
Nanney James Dexter 3-17-1920   Same stone as Virginia Bingham
Nanney Virginia Bingham 5-13-1922   Same stone as James Dexter
Nanney James R. "J.R." 1-3-1949   Same stone as Lois A. White
Nanney Lois A. White 10-19-1950 7-8-1997 Same stone as James R. "J.R."
Nason Edna Vandiver 1909 1989  
Nason Sherwood Green 1906 1989  
Nelson William Oliver, II 3-19-1925 11-27-1997 Sgt US Army WW II
Nelson Jimmy 7-27-1923 12-22-1993  
Newman James Olen 2-24-1920 5-7-1999 Same stone as Eva May Sgt US Army WW II 
Newman Eva May 6-30-1926   Same stone as James Olen
Newman Tulon B. 4-23-1917 6-16-1998 Same stone as Anna S. wed 2-8-1947
Newman Anna S. 4-29-1922   Same stone as Tulon B.
Norman Charles Leo 11-8-1913 5-7-1987  
Norman Frank E. Sr. 5-17-1911 10-22-1989 Husband of Gwen, son of Herbert & Ethel Maye Boone Norman
Norman Monia Gwendolyn (Gwen Wallis) 7-3-1916 4-11-1989 Wife of Frank, daughter of Coleman Millard & Birdie Garner Wallis
Norred Irlene     See Irlene McDonald
Outlaw Lanny 3-16-1942 10-9-1990 Son of Elbert Husband of Harriett
Outlaw Elbert Lee 2-13-1911 1-1-1986 Husband of Mary Carter Landrum
Outlaw Bernice B. 7-30-1904 9-2-1993 Mother of Bobby, Henry & Betty
Outlaw Blanch L. 2-1-1905 5-1-1943 Same stone as Lelia P.
Outlaw Lelia P. 10-4-1908 4-24-1993 Same stone as Blanch L.
Outlaw Cecil K. 5-23-1914 12-15-1993 S Sgt US Army WW II
Outlaw Hazel Price 9-18-1886 10-7-1986 Wife of Will
Outlaw Nellie M. 4-17-1923 10-31-1992  
Palmer Haddon 4-27-1909 5-19-1993 Same stone as Ruth Hopkins
Palmer Ruth Hopkins 7-13-1915 7-27-2001 Same stone as Haddon
Patterson Dollie     See Dollie Cooper
Payne Inez     See Inez Wigginton
Pendergest Linda McCarthy 11-25-1941 4-4-1997  
Pettigrew Mary Louise     See Mary Louise Arnold
Petty Eugene Dudley 9-4-1911 1-24-1994  
Phillips Arthur M. 4-1-1903 9-30-1990  
Phillips Louise Greene 7-17-1910   stone next to Arthur
Plumme Sara Hunt Burress 8-4-1909 6-29-1997  
Plunk Arlie Everett 10-7-1903 5-9-2000  
Plunk Daisy R. 9-9-1902 9-27-1994  
Poe Jane     See Jane Wood
Prather Anna Lee Davis 5-16-1919   Wife of Robert Googe, daughter of Jack & Irma Randolph Davis
Prather Esker L.  1-31-1897 10-31-1980 Same stone as Jesker Williams
Prather Jesker Williams 1-7-1900 1-19-1989 Same stone as Esker, daughter of Robert L. & Mattie Larue Woods Williams
Prather Robert Googe 11-13-1915 4-17-1992 Husband of Anna Lee, son of Jim Ed & Lena
Price Mary Catherine (Khaki) 8-30-1921 11-24-1993  
Price Hazel     See Hazel Outlaw
Purvis Susan     See Susan Burress
Purvis Mary Lou 12-31-1899 3-7-1988 Same stone as Ernest F.
Purvis Ernest F. 12-31-1899 6-4-1973 Same stone as Mary Lou
Putt James Boyce 2-5-1927 5-20-1987 A1C US Air Force Korea
Putt Nona Christine     See Nona Chism
Putt Ruby     See Ruby Easterling
Randolph Lula     See Lula McElroy
Randolph Irma     See Irma Davis
Rankin Mary Helen     See Mary Helen McCay
Ratliff Lanie     See Lanie Bolton
Ratliff Olga Sue 3-9-1911 5-8-1990 Same stone as Willie Earl
Ratliff Willie Earl 3-25-1898 9-26-1990 Same stone as Olga Sue
Ratliff Cleo 10-27-1894 6-9-1983 Same stone as B. Roy
Ratliff B. Roy 1-18-1896 9-1-1966 Same stone as Cleo
Reynolds Alice     See Alice Kesler
Richey Amanda Clair   3-3-1983 Infant Daughter of Rothann McGee & Samuel Clark Richey, Great Grand Daughter of Bruce McElroy
Roberts Mary A. Williams 1-12-1930   Same stone as C. Truitt
Roberts C. Truitt 3-31-1930 4-6-1985 Same stone as Mary A. Williams
Roberts Waldon 9-11-1898 1-13-1990 Same stone as Gladys
Roberts Gladys 12-16-1903 11-14-1953 Same stone as Waldon
Roth Teresa Ford 9-16-1954 9-24-1984  
Roth Margaret "Sis"     See Margaret McElroy
Rowan Rozelle     See Rozelle Walker
Rowland Daisy Ashley     Same stone as Roy Telford no dates
Rowland Roy Telford 6-22-1911 5-26-1989 Same stone as Daisy Ashley
Rutherford Euel W. 7-31-1911 March 1965 Same stone as Angie M., son of Mark & Emma Copeland Rutherford
Rutherford Angie M. 7-24-1915 7-27-1993 Same stone as Euel W.
Rutherford Harless H. (Harmon) 8-28-1921 9-10-1990 Same stone as Betty, Sgt US Army WW II, son of Mark & Emma Copeland Rutherford
Rutherford Betty (Jane Conerly) 1-9-1926 5-28-1962 Same stone as Harless H.
Rutherford Mark, Jr. 7-25-1925 9-18-1991 son of Mark & Emma 
Ryan Helen     See Helen Milton
Sansom William Clanton 9-15-1893 10-2-1986 stone next to Annie Catherine
Sansom Annie Catherine 10-12-1907 1-31-1994 stone next to William Clanton
Schuh Thelma E. "Granny" 10-8-1910 2-26-1987  
Scott Andrew W. 7-17-1916 10-27-1986 Same stone as Mary L.
Scott Mary L. 2-16-1919   Same stone as Andrew W.
Shaw R. E. 3-19-1927 6-14-1995 Same stone as Dorothy L.
Shaw Dorothy L. 5-23-1931   Same stone as R. E.
Shellnut Hettiemae Cochran 7-30-1904 10-15-1986  
Shirley William Bryson, D.D.S. 4-26-1920 11-3-1990 stone next to Dorris
Shirley Dorris Milam 11-15-1920 2-10-2000 stone next to William Bryson
Shirley Pamela     See Pamela Stuart
Smith Roberta     See Roberta Burress
Smith Louise W. 1912 2001 Funeral marker
Spain Ardith Earline "Smiley" 5-17-1932 6-8-1995  
Spivey Sue Bess 6-22-1907 2-26-1985  
Stiles Glover Triplett 4-13-1914   Same stone as Flora Elizabeth
Stiles Flora Elizabeth 2-10-1914 7-18-1992 Same stone as Glover Triplett
Strange Mary White 9-27-1902 4-28-1985 Wife of Charles E.
Strange Hallie B.     See Hallie Key
Strange Ellis 9-7-1897 9-10-1974 Same stone as Mamie B.
Strange Mamie B. 8-9-1902 9-9-1991 Same stone as Ellis
Strickland Erma 10-20-1909 1-9-2001 Funeral marker
Strickland James Harry 10-4-1948 7-24-1988 Sgt US Air Force Vietnam
Strickland Troy W. 7-4-1919 7-20-1995 Same stone as Hazel Little, PFC US Army WW II 
Strickland Hazel Little 9-16-1918   Same stone as Troy W., daughter of Curtis & Louvena 
Stuart Pamela Shirley 9-30-1953 3-30-1994 stone next to Bryson & Dorris Shirley
Stubbs Zana     See Zana Kirk
Stults Blanche Abrams 5-23-1916 2-25-1999  
Surratt Surena     See Surena Enis
Surratt Minnie D. 1890 1982 stone next to Thomas A.
Surratt Thomas A. 1878 1966 stone next to Minnie D.
Surratt William H. 1914 1986 US Navy WW II
Tanner Margaret 8-23-1893 3-6-1981  
Tapp Maggie B. 10-9-1897 11-18-1986  
Taylor Herbert Roy 2-26-1916 10-25-1963 Same stone as Annie Jane Dill
Taylor Annie Jane Dill 6-3-1918 12-30-2000 Same stone as Herbert Roy
Thomas Ruth Kirk 7-27-1893 10-14-1997  
Thomas Georgie 1911 1983 Same stone as William L.
Thomas William L. 1910 1960 Same stone as Georgie
Thomas John Leland 6-18-1923   Same stone as Jewel Canon wed 9-10-1946
Thomas Jewel Canon 1-7-1930   Same stone as John Leland
Thomas Joseph B. "Joe" 7-10-1959 11-18-1990  
Tyra Catherine L. 11-20-1905 3-5-1988 Same stone as Clyde
Tyra Clyde 8-5-1911 12-17-1987 Same stone as Catherine L.
Vandiver Quana McCarthy 1-22-1917 2-29-2000 Wife of James Nelson, Daughter of Edd & Sister of "Babe" McCarthy
Vandiver James Nelson 7-31-1911 1-30-1985 Husband of Quana, Son of Dr. J.C. & Hallie Nelson Vandiver
Vandiver Edna     See Edna Nason
Walker Frances Caroline McElroy 3-1-1899 1-28-1998  
Walker Rozelle Rowan 1904 2002  
Wallis Monia Gwen     See Monia Gwen Norman
Wallis Ruth M. (Morris) 2-17-1911 6-29-1975 Same stone as Alton B., daughter of Wyona "Chunk" Roberts Morris
Wallis Alton Brooklyn (Shorty) 2-26-1905 4-30-1983 Same stone as Ruth M., son of Mack Oscar & Lillie Mae Hill Wallis
Ward Robert B. 1-16-1917   Same stone as Byron K. Blanton, Beloved Father of Joann Frye
Waters William L. 7-25-1916 2-3-1984  
Waters Betsy     See Betsy Kimbrough
Waters Winnie     See Winnie Gentry
Waters Eugene A. 1-24-1892 9-4-1972 Same stone as Lillian Keeton
Waters Lillian Keeton 12-14-1903 2-7-1981 Same stone as Eugene A.
Waters Nick 1894 (10-22) 1983 (Nov) Husband of Lorena, son of William Wesley & Betty Bryson Waters
Weatherford Elsie 7-9-1914 12-23-1996  
Weatherford Opal Hill 10-12-1908 11-29-1985 stone near W. T. Bill
Weatherford W. T. "Bill" 7-19-1908 12-17-1995 stone near Opal
Weldon Eva B.     See Eva Bowden
Weldon Edna Jo     See Edna Jo Cheatham
Weldon Eva S. 1-15-1906 5-19-1990 Same stone as Odell
Weldon Odell 2-7-1902 3-7-1975 Same stone as Eva S.
Welford Melvin Edward 6-22-1912 10-19-1986 M Sgt US Army WW II
Welford Kathrine Caldwell 11-29-1907 5-7-2001 stone next to Melvin
Weston Paul H., III 5-14-1928 11-24-1993 Same stone as M. Jean Tec 5 US Army WW II
Weston M. Jean Whitaker 11-11-1937   Same stone as Paul H., III
Whitaker Joan     See Joan Bishop
Whitaker M. Jean     See M. Jean Weston
Whitaker Avetta S. 1896 1983 Vet" & "Dock" in wedding bands
White Mary     See Mary Strange
White Lessie Davis 7-9-1904 9-21-1972 Same stone as W. Murry
White W. Murry 9-30-1898 5-28-1986 Same stone as Lessie Davis
White Clarice     See Clarice Davis
White Lois A.     See Lois A. Nanney
Whitlock Alice G. 8-14-1902 4-15-1987 Same stone as Luther E.
Whitlock Luther E. 2-2-1901 3-2-1976 Same stone as Alice G.
Wigginton Olin 10-9-1906 8-7-1986 Same stone as Inez Payne
Wigginton Inez Payne 11-8-1909 2-7-1998 Same stone as Olin
Williams Jesker     See Jesker Prather
Williams Mary A.     See Mary A. Roberts
Williams Author Duane "A. D." 1-5-1932 1-1-1999 Veteran of Korean War
Williams John Franklin 2-14-1888 9-11-1961 Same stone as Viola Kent
Williams Viola Kent 6-19-1894 4-22-1982 Same stone as John Franklin
Williams Waymond Ray 4-19-1912 3-25-1989  
Wood Ethel     See Ethel Heflin
Wood Houston G. Jr. 3-6-1917 6-15-1964 Same stone as Jane Poe
Wood Jane Poe 5-29-1919 3-6-1996 Same stone as Houston G. Jr.
Yarbrough Evelyn Lurlene 5-5-1921   Same stone as Paul Davis
Yarbrough Paul Davis 11-25-1943 9-22-1994 Same stone as Evelyn Lurlene
Young Josephine Louise 5-2-1904 5-31-1987 Daughter of Robert S. & Elizabeth O.
Last Updated: August 2009